New Zealand's Prime Minister Is One of the Most Effective Leaders on Planet Earth

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New Zealand's Prime Minister Is One of the Most Effective Leaders on Planet Earth

Check the date Canadians and weep!

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern bans entry of Indian travellers due to COVID-19 surge

The suspension will start from 1600 local time on April 11 and will be in place until April 28, Ardern said in a news conference

twitter-logoReuters | April 8, 2021 | Updated 09:21 IST


What a white supremacist anti-Asian view of the world. Look!! A woman who looks like me is making the same decisions that brown people are being successful with, so she must be the best leader in the world. All hail the white savior.


New Zealand's Prime Minister may be the most effective leader on the planet


New Zealand pauses travel bubble with Western Australia after virus case


I think that many countries are doing well at fighting the pandemic. It is only places like Canada where we keep insisting half measures are good enough. Our pandemic response is consistent with our responses to climate change over the last thirty years. Talk and talk and talk and then praise a photogenic young white women for showing us the way, while doing nothing that they suggest. Here are some well thought out rules on the treatment of foreigners that should be applied to those who want to come to Canada.

Quarantining in China

Passengers (whether or not you have the COVID-19 vaccine) are required to be quarantined for 14 days at an assembly site.

Upon arrival, you will fill out a Declaration of Health, have your body temperature measured, and have a nucleic acid test at the airport.

You will be sent to a hotel assigned by the government directly from the airport.

The expenses during the quarantine period are normally about CN¥400–600 (for board and lodging) per day in the hotel and at your own cost.

Can I Choose the Hotel for Quarantine?

The quarantined hotels are assigned by the government. In general, you can't choose among the designated quarantined hotels.

If you're traveling with family or a partner, you could ask the staff to help arrange your quarantine in the same hotel.

Can Couples Stay in One Room?

It depends on each hotel’s requirements. Some hotels allow couples or families to live in one room, while some require each person to stay in a single room. (In general, children under the age of 14 can be quarantined with a parent.)

You can only know the specific requirements when you arrive at the hotel.

What if the City I Enter is not My Final Destination?

Passengers are required to be quarantined in their entry city.

For example, if you enter China at Guangzhou from Sydney on your way to Beijing, you should quarantine in Guangzhou for 14 days. After your 14-day quarantine in Guangzhou (if your quarantine test results are normal), you could then head to Beijing.

When you arrive in Beijing, usually you wouldn’t need to carry out a 14-day quarantine again, but 7-day home quarantine and 7-day health monitoring (a total of 14 days) may be required. Every city has slightly different requiremets.

  • Home quarantine means staying at home and not being able to go out.
  • Health monitoring means you can go out to work, but not to join in parties and other group activities.

Can I Travel Around When the 14-Day Quarantine Ends?

When the quarantine is over and all test results are normal, you will receive a negative nucleic acid test result and a certificate of release from centralized quarantine.

Then you could go on to your residence or another hotel. You would need to report to the community/hotel and follow their quarantine requirements (normally home quarantine or health monitoring) for a further 7 days.

Inter-area/province travel may require extra quarantining, depending on local infection rates.

After finishing all quarantine requirements and being based in a certain area, you may live, work, and travel normally.

China’s Domestic Travel Restrictions

Foreign people now in China can travel in China as long as they have the required documents including ID (usually passport) and a green health code.

Now all areas in China are in low risk.You don't need to be quarantined for an inter-area/province travel in China.


Which Countries Have Responded Best to Covid-19?

The world should learn from the most successful strategies for testing, quarantine, public communication and economic support.


The Wall Street Journal is one of the main organs of the US establishment. Its good of you to come on this left leaning discussion forum to amplify the oligarchy's message, its not like its readily available anywhere else. This biased opinion piece is written by Dr. Frieden  a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C. Its membership, which numbers 5,103, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

CFR meetings convene government officials, global business leaders and prominent members of the intelligence and foreign-policy community to discuss international issues. CFR has published the bi-monthly journal Foreign Affairs since 1922, and runs the David Rockefeller Studies Program, which influences foreign policy by making recommendations to the presidential administration and diplomatic community, testifying before Congress, interacting with the media, and publishing on foreign policy issues.

voice of the damned


Which viewpoints of the US oligarchy do you think are being promoted in that article? Just for starters, Taiwan and South Korea come in for high praise, and I know you yourself have commended both those nations for their approach to covid-19.

And I would assume that most progressives would agree with the writer that governments should cover the wages of economically disadvantaged private-sector workers, as was apparently done in Denmark.

And FWIW, the only place in the USA that gets praised is American Samoa, and that praise is only relative to the rest of the US.

voice of the damned

And then there's this...

A successful response to Covid-19 turned out to depend on more than a country’s wealth, scientific prowess and history of public health successes. The U.S. enjoys all of these advantages but mounted one of the worst responses to the pandemic: 1 in every 990 Americans has died from Covid-19 since the pandemic began. Bad politics, quite simply, can trump good public health.

Other developed countries that did well initially, such as Canada and some European nations, have faltered during the second or third surge of infections, because their governments and people grew tired of implementing effective strategies. In many Asian countries, it has long been common for people to wear masks when feeling ill, so they adopted masks early and widely.

Best at early action: Taiwan

So, no. Hardly unqualified praise for the USA and its white-majority western allies.


voice of the damned

It is that North Report posted it directly in response to my pointing out the Chinese response. His response to actual factual information about what a country was doing, that is now essentially back to normal, was to post a report from a US author, paid by the regime change industry, that doesn't mention China. His gushing belief that because this American shill says these are the most successful strategies in the world they are is why I pointed out the source. NR posted it to prove that China is irrelevant in the conversation about best practices because the WSJ says its so.

Propaganda is often as much about what is highlighted and what is omitted in a piece as much as whether or not the basic facts are true.


New Zealand's Ardern Says Differences With China Becoming Harder to Reconcile


NorthReport wrote:

New Zealand's Ardern Says Differences With China Becoming Harder to Reconcile

For those that like to read more than headlines, this is an interesting piece. New Zealand is between a rock and its biggest trading partner.

The comments come as New Zealand faces pressure from some elements among Western allies over its reluctance to use the Five Eyes intelligence and security alliance, which includes Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States as well as New Zealand, to criticize Beijing.
Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta said last month she was uncomfortable expanding the role of Five Eyes.
China, New Zealand's largest trading partner, has accused the Five Eyes of ganging up on China by issuing statements on Hong Kong and the treatment of ethnic Muslim Uyhgurs in Xinjiang.
Ardern said New Zealand would continue to speak about these issues individually as well as through its partners. Managing the relationship with China is not always going to be easy and "there can be no guarantees", Ardern added.


New Zealand says it will set China policy not US-led Five Eyes

"New Zealand will not let the United States led Five Eyes alliance dictate its dealings with China, the Pacific nation's foreign minister said on Monday, adding that Wellington is 'uncomfortable' with expanding the remit of the intelligence grouping, which also includes the UK, Australia and Canada. 'We don't favour that type of approach and have expressed this to Five Eyes partners..."


Five Eyes Today's Axis of White Supremacy

"Canada, the UK and Australia, three members of the Five Eyes Alliance, have recently taken action to put pressure on China. They have formed a US-centered, racist and mafia-styled community...trying to consolidate their hegemony as all ganstgers do. They are becoming a racist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 b Chinese..."

Good for NZ. Perhaps Five Eyes has at least one member that still has a brain and can stand up to US domination unlike Canada who licks and slobbers over the American boot at every opportunity (especially if it's a Democrat one), and where some deluded Canadian 'leftists' actually cheer this on.