NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

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The Yanks are looking silly. Their S. Korean lackeys are looking silly. And together they're all looking really silly right now.

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Silly egh? How big was the magnetic charge needed to sink that ship that way Fidel?

Or were they those thermite micro charges again?Undecided



It's not up to us to prove anything against their phony claims, Bec. It's up to the accusers to make their case, and so far not all UNSC nations are falling for the latest false flag. I think they over did it with the Gleiwitz incident on 9/11 and false accusations that Iraq had WMD after that. It appears that the Gladio gang have spent all their false flag cred.

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China and Russia are just dragging their feet and trying to protect NK... they have not rejected the claim as false.
China is between a rock and a hard place on this one.


Has China asked the U.S. to condemn the Israeli murderers' attack on the freedom flotilla yet?


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Wow, I'm surprised this thread was allowed to go past 100 posts.

A bit off subject but I honesty don't think China cares one way or the other about the freedom flotilla. It's not like they haven't crushed their own dissident movements before with military force.

In the end I think China's response to the situation in Korea will be allusive and marginalizing. They really just want this to go away.

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Closing for length. Feel free to start another thread!


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