Nobel Peace Prize to Obama!

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I suspect Obama's generals are pissed off by the award, especially the one who wants 40,000 more troops for Afganistan (McChrystal?). Laughing  And right wingnut Rush Limburgh's head probably exploded. LaughingLaughing

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in the NYT comments section after announcement today of Economics Nobel:


Gee, I'm surprised by these nominations. If they have nominated Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize, why not nominate Bernanke, Geithner, Ken Lewis or Madoff for the Economics Nobel Prize? One makes as much sense as the other and they're all equally worthy of it



George Victor

Well, almost, unless you are after balanced opinion in a world where "One in five adults is convinced that the sun revolves around the earth" (Susan Jacoby, The Age of American Unreason). Obama really has to live and deal with that, and the fact that "Americans are alone in the developed world in their view of natural selection as 'controversial', rather than settled mainstream science."

One must move carefully in such surroundings, not all being smartass writers of letters to the NYTimes - a journal I once considered reactionary, but which now looks positively liberal because all the other journals have passed it on the way to the reactionary summit. Republicans read the Wall Street Journal - have a boo at comments there. The average American voter would have no idea of what was being said in either one, and hopefully they will still keep the faith.

p.s.  I see they have named a woman as Nobel economics laureate - first time ever.


Although President Hamid Karzai sent Obama a congratulatory note, others in Afghanistan were dismayed he was given the prize.
"What is this for? Please show me which peace?" asked Roshanak Wardak, a member of parliament from Wardak province. "The Americans are killing 75 Pashtuns a day in Afghanistan. For this they give a prize to Obama? They should call him a criminal."

War is peace, silly


October Surprise:  Peace Prize to a War Criminal

Depraved, Obscene Absurdities:

"Almost no one will acknowledge the single, fundamental truth about Barack Obama, the truth of greatest and most terrifying consequence: Barack Obama is a war criminal..."

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NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

October Surprise:  Peace Prize to a War Criminal

Two years ago, when Al Gore won the prize, Stephen Lendman wrote a [url=]comprehensive review[/url] of the shameful history of the Peace Prize and the war mongers who have won it. 


And this time around [url=]Paul Street[/url] counts the ways that Obama doesn't deserve any kind of peace prize:

Paul Street wrote:

They should have granted their prize to the great anti-imperial U.S. intellectual Noam Chomsky, who has spent more than five decades brilliantly and exhaustively chronicling, contextualizing, criticizing, and resisting the policies, structures, and crimes (not just the "mistakes" and strategic missteps)  of American Empire, from Vietnam and Cambodia to East Timor to Central America to both Iraq invasions and the current criminal war in Afghanistan, undergoing escalation and expansion under the Obama administration. 

Instead, the Nobel committee updated Orwell (and Kafka, Heller, and Vonnegut) by giving the ultimate "peace" honor to an imperial chief executive who has:

* escalated terrorist, civilian-slaughtering war in South Asia, dangerously expanding the war theater (now called "Af-Pak")to include nuclear Pakistan.

* Responded coldly to Afghanistan president's early request that the U.S. stop killing Afghani civilians.

* Promoted a notorious assassin and death-squad leader to the position of Commander of U.S. Forces in "Af-Pak." Lt. General Stanley A McChrystal, former chief of the military's special Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq, was involved in a prisoner abuse scandal in Baghdad's Camp Nana and played a key role in covering up the "friendly fire" death of professional football star and Army Ranger Pat Tllman.  According to U.S. empire-critic Tom Engelhardt, McChrystal is "a legacy figure from the worst days of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld era" who "comes from a world where killing by any means is the norm and a blanket of secrecy provides the necessary protection."

* Indefinitely continued the disastrous Iraq occupation, pressuring the Iraqi government not to permit the popular referendum required by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) - the withdrawal document forced on the Bush administration by the Iraqi resistance.

* Refused to once acknowledge the criminal, immoral, and illegal nature of the Iraq War or of any other U.S. war, including Vietnam and, of course, Afghanistan ("Obama's Vietnam").

* Sustained the large-scale use of expansive, largely unaccountable corporate-mercenary fighting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* Increased the U.S. "defense" (empire) budget (itself responsible for half the world's military spending and the maintenance of more than 760 military bases spread across more than 130 countries), consistent with his advance dismissal (as leading Bush-Obama bailout recipient Morgan Stanley reported last November) of a "peace dividend")

* Refused to rule out approval for an Israel attack on Iran.

* Consistently raised bogus alarms about "Iran's nuclear program" even as he moves forward (as the Inter-Press Service recently reported) with efforts to reconstitute U.S. nuclear weapons

* Refused to in any serious way against Israel's brutal and criminal occupation of Palestine.

* Refused to move in any significant way against a right-wing coup against a democratically elected president in Honduras.

* Repeatedly crafted and advanced arrogant nationally narcissistic "American exceptionalist" rhetoric on the United States' supposed special moral and historical qualifications and duty to run the world's affairs by force when "necessary."

* Repeatedly claimed that the U.S. must not apologize for any of its actions (the worst ones considered well-intentioned "mistakes," never imperial crimes) since it is on the whole "an enormous force for good in the world."

* Repackaged and reproduced essential core aspects of Bush's "counterterrorist" assault on basic human and civil rights at home and abroad.  According to Jack Goldsmith, a former Assistant Attorney General in the Bush II administration, Dick Cheney's premise "that the Obama administration has reversed Bush-era [counterterrorism] policies is largely wrong. The truth is closer to the opposite: The new administration has copied most of the Bush program, has expanded some of it, and has narrowed only a bit. Almost all of the Obama changes have been at the level of packaging, argumentation, symbol, and rhetoric.... The main difference between the Obama and Bush administrations concerns not the substance of terrorism policy, but rather its packaging."

ETA: If the links I posted above don't work the first time (due to automatic redirection at the ZNet website) try again.

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Ghislaine wrote:

Ok, What?!?!? I seriously thought this was a complete joke and didn't click on it, but I just the story on cbc. Wow. Even if he had not been so intent on changing nothing from the previous administration...he has been there nine months and accomplished nothing! Just goes to show that the Nobel Peace Prize is still a complete and utter joke.

I intend to write a great book one day.   Nobel Prize for literature please.

Among other issues I have with this, awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Obama for nothing takes away from the prestige.  I used to be able to quote Nobel Peace Laureate Amnesty International.  Now that title means less.

Also, how can someone win a Nobel Peace prize when they work to block efforts to hold war criminals responsible for their crimes?


  "The United States won Israel a reprieve on the Goldstone report, so now it must ensure that Israel genuinely investigates allegations of abuse," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. "If this doesn't happen by March, then the US should endorse the Goldstone report's call for international mechanisms of accountability."

I doubt the US will ever support efforts to bring Israeli war criminals to justice. 

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Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving someone the literature prize because you hope he writes some good books.

He doesn’t even have to be an aspiring writer. To say Obama aspires to peace is to ignore his escalation of the occupation of Afghanistan.

It may be a joke, but the Norwegians have told more morbid ones: Roosevelt in 1906 and Kissinger in 1973 both had records far more blood-soaked than anything Obama has had time for.

But he has had time to make an impact on people such as Awal Khan, who might want to weigh in on Obama’s prize.


All this silliness reminds me of a certain golfer who won Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year in 1996, despite only winning two tournaments, missing the cut at The Masters, finishing 82nd at the U.S. Open, 22nd at The Open Championship (British Open) and not even playing the PGA Championship.

George Victor

And, of course, Obama is right there in your mind's eye, turning from his own daughters to put another round or two into those twitching bodies.

But what about we who are also guilty of living off the proceeds of the economy that is dependent on war (well, living off the U.S. economy that is dependent on military spending that...well you know).

And there must be some other kinky, gratuitous connection to all that blood if we just slosh around a bit.


yes,  the Tiger nomination reflected the excitement about his potential, rather than actual achievements,

but at the same time was restricted to a single calendar year, unlike an (eternal) Nobel ....

George Victor

The fundamental point about the Nobel committee's award is what it tells us about the critical state of the world, and the abject FEAR felt by those still capable of balanced reasoning that has prompted them to put all hope in the one individual who is in a position to rectify the human situation. The reactions from petty bourgeois political positions only go to underline the severity of the situation, the absence of the goodwill that will clearly be necessary to bring it off.


Yeah, Tiger's another under achiever. Great analogy Surprised. Tigers should have asked SI to retract the award. Perhaps this would be the appropriate time to denounce Martin Luther King as an over-rated, imperial stooge and sell-out. 

George Victor

Why not. Anything goes hereabouts.  And perhaps another explanation for the actions of the Nobel committee is forthcoming?

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Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz: A Nobel Prize for Evo

Comrade Fidel wrote:
In our press and in CubaDebate, honest revolutionary comrades have expressed their criticism. One of them wrote: "The same week in which Obama was granted the Nobel Peace Prize, the US Senate passed the largest military budget in its history: 626 billion dollars."...


I shall only say that Evo has prevailed over the wicked and slanderous imperialist campaigns, its coups and interference in the internal affairs of that country and defended Bolivia's sovereignty and the right of its thousand-year-old people to have their traditions respected. "Coca is not cocaine," he blurted out to the largest marihuana producer and drug consumer in the world, whose market has sustained the organized crime that is taking thousands of lives in Mexico every year. Two of the countries where the Yankee troops and their military bases are stationed are the largest drug producers on the planet.

The deadly trap of drug-trafficking has failed to catch Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, revolutionary countries members of ALBA like Cuba which are aware of what they can and should do to bring healthcare, education and wellbeing to their peoples. They do not need foreign troops to combat drug-trafficking.

Bolivia is fostering a wonderful program under the leadership of an Aymara president with the support of his people. Illiteracy was eradicated in less than three years: 824,101 Bolivian learned how to read and write; 24,699 did so also in Aymara and 13,599 in Quechua. Bolivia is the third country free of illiteracy, following Cuba and Venezuela.

It provides free healthcare to millions of people who had never had it before. It is one of the seven countries in the world with the largest reduction of infant mortality rate in the last five years and with a real possibility to meet the Millennium Goals before the year 2015, with a similar accomplishment regarding maternal deaths. It has conducted eye surgery on 454,161 persons, 75,974 of them Brazilians, Argentineans, Peruvians and Paraguayans.

Bolivia has set forth an ambitious social program: every child attending school from first to eighth grade is receiving an annual grant to pay for the school material. This benefits nearly two million students.

More than 700,000 persons over 60 years of age are receiving a bonus equivalent to some 342 dollars annually.

Every pregnant woman and child under two years of age is receiving an additional benefit of approximately 257 dollars.

Bolivia, one of the three poorest nations in the hemisphere, has brought under state control the country's most important energy and mineral resources while respecting and compensating every single affected interest. It is advancing carefully because it does not want to take a step backward. Its hard currency reserves have been growing, and now they are no less than three times higher than they were at the beginning of Evo's mandate. It is one of the countries making a better use of external cooperation and it is a strong advocate of the environment.

In a very short time, Bolivia has been able to establish the Biometric Electoral Register and approximately 4.7 million voters have registered, that is, nearly a million more than in the last electoral roll that in January 2009 included 3.8 million.

There will be elections on December 6. Surely, the people's support for their President will increase. Nothing has stopped his growing prestige and popularity.

Why is he not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

I understand his great disadvantage: he is not the President of the United States of America.

a lonely worker

N Beltov: that is an excellent article and I was about to post it as well.


I couldn't think of a clearer example of a person who actually makes change versus a person who makes speeches about change.


Considering his roots and the adversity he's faced, Evo Morales remains the most incredible leader in our Hemisphere. No wonder our media ignores him and will do whatever it takes to ensure Canadians don't hear about the improvements taking place in Bolivia.


War is Peace: Ignorance is Strength

"Obama the smooth operator from Chicago via Harvard, was enlisted to restore what he calls "leadership" throughout the world. The Nobel Prize Committee's decision is the kind of cloying reverse racism that has beatified the man for no reason other than he is a member of a minority and attractive to liberal sensibilities, if not to the Afghan children he kills.

This is the call of Obama. It is not unlike a dog whistle, inaudible to most, irresistable to the besotted and boneheaded. "When Obama walks into a room," gushed George Clooney, "you want to follow him somewhere, anywhere..."

George Victor

"Liberal sensibilities."  

Sure wish there were more folks with that trait down thataway.  (Up thisaway too, as a matter of fact.) We may need them in the coming crunch which will be about heading of fascism as much as pondering the loss of "liberal sensibilities".

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Oh yes! Obomba's going to save us all from fascism... [IMG][/IMG]

George Victor

Ah, the Obomba author. Bet you haven't read Deer Hunting With Jesus yet, MS.  Don't really know what's happenin' with the huntin' fraternity - despite Sarah's attempt at an end run.  Well, I guess making fun of an African-American name is something by way of comment - if short on analytical punch. You really live in hope, eh?


Closing this for length.


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