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EI: Israel Lobby Pressures U of T to Rescind Scholar Hire


"Interference by a Canadian tax court judge - affiliated with a major Israel lobby group - highlights the ways outside individuals and Zionist orgs aim to shape academic instruction to shield Israel from criticism and accessibility. My newest."

Zionization continues apace.


Canadian Defenders For Human Rights: CD4HR


"Abuse of the Jewish religion to promote war, ethnic cleansing and Apartheid Israel."

Why are these disgusting Zionist organizations permitted to continue? Why do Canadians permit their politicians to support/ attend their awful racist, warmongering events? Stop supporting Zionism. Stop supporting Apartheid Israel!


Canadians Should Not Be Recruited To Fight For the Israeli Army


"...This is the backdrop to a legal complaint and open letter delivered today to Justice Minister David Lametti opposing the recruitment of Canadians for the Israeli military. Signed by Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, former MP Jim Manly, filmmaker Ken Loach as well as poet El Jones, author Yann Martel and more than 50 others, it calls on the federal government to apply the Foreign Enlistment Act to those recruiting Canadians to fight in the Israeli military.

But the Trudeau government has shown little interest in potential violations of Canadian law. As the letter notes, Canada's ambassador in Tel Aviv, Deborah Lyons invited 78 Canadians in the IDF to her residence in January for a pizza party. She praised the soldiers as 'a particularly special group' and told her guests 'we at the embassy are very proud of what you're doing.'

A Canadian ambassador celebrating Canadians fighting for another country's military is bizarre. As the open letter points out, the IDF has shot a number of Canadians in recent years. It is clear that Canadians should not be recruited to enforce Israel's occupation. The letter calls for 'a thorough investigation to be undertaken of those who have facilitated this recruiting for the IDF, and if warranted that charges be laid against all those involved in recruiting and encouraging recruiting in Canada for the IDF.' The ball is now in Lametti's court."

Minister of Justice David Lametti

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Clearly Canada's ambassador to Israel Deborah Lyons would be a good place to start in the investigation. Those here with Green or  NDP MP connections  should insist that this matter be raised in the House of Commons, if there's anyone left there who's up to it. A thoroughly disgusting state of affairs this continuing appalling subservience to Apartheid Israel and its lobby.


Controversies at U of T Law, York University Highlight Escalating Suppression of Moderate Voices Criticizing Israel


"...While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long been a flashpoint on campuses across Canada, legal experts and advocacy groups are raising concerns that these recent incidents suggest an escalation of silencing even moderate critiques of Israel, and not just in the halls of academia, but in the media, the political sphere and social interactions. In a recent article on 'pro-Israel cancel culture' Professor Emeritus Larry Haiven of St Mary's University in Halifax listed more than two dozen examples of campaigns against those who critique Israel or support Palestinian rights here."


Canadian Zionization continues apace. A now well established and deeply entrenched Apartheid Israel lobby must be tracked, traced isolated and destroyed just as Apartheid South Africa's was here. It is a developmental task for the Canadian left to begin to take this much more seriously. Things have deteriorated to such a degree that even the word 'Palestine' cannot be spoken on our own national broadcaster the CBC, while Canadian IDF members can be publicly feted and openly congratulated by our ambassador to Israel. Our shameful official servility to Israel is now known and flagged worldwide. We lost a UN Security Council seat largely because of it, and it's long past time Canadians demand this disgraceful state of affairs be ended.  Israel's lobby and fund-raising organizations, pro-Israel representatives and friends in political parties and the government is a good place to start. Down with Apartheid Israel. Free Palestine!


Israel Is A Racist Endeavour


"Now the Ford Tories have adopted [ Order in Council] the anti-Palestinian IHRA definition of antisemitism we might as well start as we mean to go."

Zionization continues apace. 'But Russia!' 'But China!'


New Tory Leader Pledges Close Ties to Jewish Community


"Erin O'Toole says that he will refuse 'to take part in LGBTQ+ Pride parades that admit floats from BDS supporters.' Ahaha okay sure."

Attn: BDS don't miss any of those parades. Let him 'Walk with Israel' instead.


Write Letter to the Ontario NDP Regarding IHRA


"...To vote in favour of a Bill that silences people is problematic. Please write to ONDP leader Horwath and her caucus, as well as the  ONDP executive and ask them to publicly condemn the IHRA definition and revoke the Order in Council.



Please tell the ONDP to resist, not collaborate with Zionist silencing and Israeli Apartheid. Israel is a racist endeavour!


When will @theJagmeetSingh and @NDP finally act on @r_garrison shameful support for IHRA def'n of anti-semitism? Anti-semitism must be fought hard like all hate speech but not by silencing solidarity with Palestinians. Where does @NDP stand?



Good for him to ask. Unfortunately, we already know the answer as does Svend. They don't stand. They kneel.


"The IHRA's flawed definition of antisemitism poses a direct threat to freedom of expression, and now Doug Ford's government has approved it for Ontario."


Zionism advances apace.


Gone Viral: Moral Panic over Palestinian Content in Ontario Schools


"Education Minister Stephen Lecce's recent suppression of a student video critical of the Israeli occupation of Palestine."

 'We stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel'


Just another Canadian politician working for Israel.

[email protected]


Justin Trudeau Taps Top Israel Lobbyist to Police Speech in Canada


"Justin Trudeau taps Irwin Cotler, the Canadian version of Alan Dershowitz, as de facto anti-Palestinian czar. Cotler will lead the center-left government's assault on free speech and policing of Palestinian solidarity organizing."

Zionist power advances apace.


Israel's Growing Strategic Threat to our Freedom of Speech


There is an old saying that you should not put the fox in charge of the chicken house. It makes perfect sense, and yet that's exactly what Western governments are increasingly starting to do...Not only is Israel a military dictatorship and a Jewish supremacist state. In fact that is the reality of Zionism...(see also #113)


The Quebec National Assembly has adopted a resolution that
Reaffirms the immutable support of Quebec for a negociated solution between the two parties which includes the self-determination of Palestinians and the creation of a viable state and the necessity for Israel to live in peace inside recognized borders.
Adopted Nov 29 without débate. Proposed by Raba Ghazel of the Quebec Solidaire Party


"Seventy-six Canadian MPs are members of the Canada-Israel Friendship Group. The Vice-Chairs of the group are David Sweet of the Conservative Party and Randall Garrison of the NDP. The Group's noble mission is to promote deeper ties between Canada and an apartheid state."


Zionized from sea to shining sea.


Stop Illegal Israeli Military Recruiting in Canada


The campaign to stop illegal Israeli military recruitment in Canada is ramping up and on February 3, we are co-sponsoring a webinar featuring MP Mario Beaulieu, AL-Haq's Aseel al Bajeh, lawyer John Philpot and Rabbi David Mivasair. Check out this newly released video detailing Israeli military recruitment in Canada. Join 600 others who have already sent a letter to the RCMP Commissioner to demand an investigation into illegal Israeli military recruitment."


"Over 80 British parliamentarians have called on Israel to stop the dispossession of Palestinian familes in East Jerusalem, or face diplomatic consequences, in a letter to Foregn Secretary Dominic Raab."


Forward to your own MP suggesting Canada do the same.


"Global Affairs Canada acknowledges that Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights (Syria) are illegal, but Foreign Minister Marc Garneau has not denounced these annexations. Rather, Mr Garneau limits himself to 'unequivocally condemning' America's official enemies."


Sounds like some babblers we know.


CIJA: Breaking News - Press Release: Jewish Groups Appalled...


"The Board of Deputies of British Jews and CIJA appalled that disgraced former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn invited to spread toxicity in Canada."

Perhaps Stephen Bronfman, Bob Rae, Irwin Cotler, Tony Housefather etc. can have a word with Justin 'Canada will always have Israel's back' Trudeau,  to see if there's anything he can do. After all, Canada successfully kept George Galloway out of Canada for his Palestinian advocacy a few years ago after a few phone calls from the JDL to Tory minister friends.

PS Any word from Jagmeet Singh about this yet or is he in hiding hoping to avoid the obnoxious unpleasantness this extensive and pernicious lobby is so well known for. What would Hill & Knowlton suggest I wonder? Let's see if we can smoke him out to stand for Jeremy shall we?

Free Palestine! Fuck Israel!

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