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Trudeau: 'Palestinians and Israelis have a right to live in peace'...


"The kind, caring Ramadan/rainbow flag-sock wearing face of Canada. We sell Israel weapons to murder your kids, publicly support its war crimes and then give you 'humanitarian' aid. What a sociopath."

But also a quintessential representation of much of the 2-faced virtue-signalling poseurs and shape-shifters that are the Canadian liberal left. Talk left but live right. The worst kind of dangerous deliberate hypocrites and bullshit con artists. Mendacity uber alles!



University of Toronto must take action to support free speech - particularly about Palestine, by UoT varsity


"Implications of the CAUT censure of the University of Toronto, following the university's failed efforts to dissipate the months-long hiring scandal at the Faculty of Law's International Human Rights Program (IHRP)."


Israel has blocked Gazans from entering for cancer treatments


"The apartheid regime is blocking Palestinian cancer patients from getting chemotherapy that is unavailable in Gaza. Is this what Justin Trudeau means by the 'shared values' of Israel and Canada?"

Let's Ask:

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Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel! Resist don't Collaborate!


Media hides Canadian support for Israeli apartheid


"...Jeffrey Monoghan details Canada's role in turning Palestinian security forces in the West Bank into an effective arm of Israel's occupation. A great deal of Canada's supposed 'assistance' to the Palestinians is in fact explicitly designed to aid Israel.

This is information Canadians need to know to judge what the government does with their taxes. But the dominant media largely ignores this and the other innumerable ways Canada supports Israeli apartheid..."

Every Canadian journalist should read this. Stop supporting Apartheid Israel!


Abby Martin talks about Gaza, Palestine, Israel, BDS and her film Gaza Fighting For Freedom


"Israel is predicated on the constant expulsion of the Native population of that land. You have to be okay with that colonial mindset of Zionism. The society continues to become increasingly fascistic..."

And yet we allow our representatives to continue to support the barbarism of Apartheid Israel and  promote this vicious, revolting and genocidal regime. Don't allow this revolting status quo to continue. Hold your politicians accountable. Apartheid Israel must fall just as Apartheid South Africa did. BDS Now!


'No one I met in Gaza is unaffected. The trauma is profound': Canada's rep.


"Relief is important. More important: stop Canada's diplomatic cover for Israel in the UN; demand equality and democracy for all between the river and the sea; stop trade with illegal Israeli settlements, end Canada/Israel military ties."


Another Twitter post by Rabbi David Mivasair:

An historic game-changing moment in Israel -- for the first time a predominantly Palestinian political party will be in the governing coalition. Still a long way to go, but a step in a very good direction.



Jewish Labour Movement: 'Mazel Tov to Isaac Herzog, Israel's 11th President


"Congrats to Isaac Herzog who called interracial marriages 'a plague' for which he vowed to 'find a solution' and said it's essential that his political party not be seen as 'Arab lovers' by the Israeli public to improve the polls. Anways congrats to this guy!"

Why do you let your politicians and their lobby continue to support a racist & genocidal Apartheid Israel?

Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel!



As her senior adviser smears the party’s activists and MPs, Annamie Paul has remained mum regarding Zatzman. 



From above:

"Please ask Green leadership to remove Noah Zatzman as senior adviser through this action alert..."

Please complete and forward to others to do the same.


Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel!


Palestinian Solidarity in Ireland (and vid)


 Will Europe follow Ireland's lead on Palestine? [Will Canada?]

Not until we make it so....

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"We have got to work harder to stop the apartheid regime in Palestine! The next PM of Israel might well be the neo-fascist Zionist Naftali Bennett."


"I've killed lots of Arabs in my life and have no problem with that."

Naftali Bennett

Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Supporting Apartheid Israel! An End to Canada's Pro-Israel Politics!


'Kahanists have a firm hold on Canadian politics'


"Liberal' Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays tribute to the new Israeli president Isaac Herzog and Herzog's fellow anti-miscegenation campaigner Tzipi Hotovely, parliamentary patron of anti-miscegenation terror squad Lehava." [Thread]

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Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Supporting Apartheid Israel!


ADL on antisemitism, Zionism and loyalty to Israel


"...The US state department which seeks to codify what antisemitism is, claims that stating that a particular Jewish person has more loyalty to Israel than they do to their own country, is necessarily an example of antisemitism, the truth is that is one of the fundamental premises of Zionism."


Just so we're clear about what it is our politicians continue to support:

It's Apartheid, Say Israeli Ambassadors to South Africa


"It is clearer than ever that the occupation is not temporary and there is not the political will in the Israeli government to bring about its end..."

They won't. It's up to us.

Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel! Stop normalizing Canadian support for Racist Genocide! BDS Now!


Green Party removes Zatzsman as senior advisor.




Children among those allegedly terrorised in Nazareth police 'torture room'


"Documents detail alleged torture of Palestinian citizens in Israel..."


How much longer do Canadians permit their politicians continued support of Apartheid Israel? For full Canadian BDS of Israel NOW!

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More Canadian Shame!


"The State of Israel welcomes the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism by the Government of Quebec..."

Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel! Resist don't Collaborate!


'The Canadian government must end complicity in violence and apartheid': LAAT


"39 labour organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of workers across Canada, have  signed an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging his government to immediately suspend bilateral trade of all arms and related materials with Israel."

And Saudi Arabia too please.


Lest you forget the awful Zionist apartheidists Canada supports and your duty to  stop it once and for all rather than avert your eyes from the brutal ethnic cleansing that can only worsen.

Disturbing Truth About Israel's New Government


"Abby Martin interviews Miko Peled. Netanyahu could be out. A more extreme right-winger is set to take his place, as a new ruling coalition is [wrongly] being heralded as a 'progressive step' and 'an opportunity for change.' Learn the shocking details."


'I will do everything in my power to fight against a Palestinian state being founded in the Land of Israel' - PM Naftali Bennett


"Congratulations on the formation of a new Israeli government, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett...Together, let's explore ways to further strengthen the relationship between Canada and Israel.' - Trudeau -

No more Canadian support for genocidal Apartheid Israel!

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Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel! BDS Now!