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fa la la la la, la la la la.

George Victor

al-Qa'bong wrote:


You have to make some slimy little comment out of the blue at every post I make. AQ. In this case, you lied. Cut the innocent act. Your post says NOTHING about repetition of the link, only that I have a "newfound interest" in media control.

You know this is babble, the "news for the rest of us"place, right?


My guess is that most hereabouts were long past knowing that mass media engage is such disinformation tactics as omitting certain information long before they showed up here. I realise you think you're the only person on babble who has ever read a book, but do try to be less condescending when you post obvious information, please.

Only if you do not make yourself a pain in the ass by making prickish comments on my every post.Wink

I quote from books, Q. And I try to keep up with new publications. Sorry if you feel that's condecension on my part. And you will have seen from the other thread, that I came by this fella's name and googled him up as a result of listening to Radio One...just this morning.  Here I was, all ready to be thanked (at least, I had not seem him or his organization mentioned before, it was clearly not "obvious information.").  But nope, just another crappy followup.


Slumberjack wrote:

fa la la la la, la la la la.

At least SOMEONE's jolly. Happy Festivus, all!

wage zombie

George Victor wrote:

I've never once pushed the button on these clowns.

George Victor

wage zombie wrote:

George, I would agree with you about the school room level, but you seem to be totally unaware that you engage in it as much as anyone.


You have missed the ongoing show, WZ.  And don't you think that Military Media Industrialo Complex is just about right?  Some months ago I found a story which said that Ike had originally called it an Academic Military Industrial Complex but was urged not to alienae the almighty academic world in that way.


Here's the other character in the ongong performance...for about two years now

Slumberjack: "fa la la la la, la la la la."


How would you respond to a couple of years of such shit, WZ? I've never once pushed the button on these clowns. Is that what should be done with their routine? It's never one without the other.




George Victor

You find their performance acceptably  above board? 


Thanks for raising the level of discourse hereabouts, George.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture


Tried to read though this thread and I'm at a lose...

Anyways some friends and I have a diabolical plan... we're going to grit our teeth, hold our noses and register as Republicans, vote for Sarah Palin in their primary and hope she wins their nomination.

Then we're voting for Obama again... the Republicans deserve the fucking "tea party", may they lead them to ruin.


M. Spector M. Spector's picture

Just as you deserve Obama...

George Victor

Hey, you know that you are following the course of a neo-con who believed that a win by Obama would put the Repub licans in the catbird's seat. Strategic voting can have limitatiions, you know.  :)

But aren't you afraid that the Tea Party may lead ALL to ruin? If the Republicans are really determined to balance budget without adequate taxation, isn't it likely that folks will come down out of the hills shootin' , providing an excuse for general mobilization against insurrection and, presto, a president named by the Joint Chiefs of Staff? 

George Victor

M. Spector wrote:

Just as you deserve Obama...

Observe, WZ.

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