Obama one year later

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George Victor

How those progressive Republicans can stand to be in the same vicinity with such a fellow is beyond comprehension.


Walled in By Myth and Deceit:


"...American watches in utter disbelief and dismay the demise of the President of Change and Hope into an obsequious and obedient Golem of Israel, subservient to Netanyahu and Lieberman.."

Obama's War Whoop: "Let the Blood Bath Begin!"


"...So what exactly is the difference between George Bush and Barack Obama..?"

How Bad in the 'Fuck You Act'?


"...the monstrosity that will finally emerge from Congress in the name of 'health care reform' is very, very bad indeed.."


here is where the real battle lies for his reform presidency,

and he may well win it before Christmas:



as the politics are looking somewhat better:




Kaspar Hauser

Chris Hedges has a good piece over on Common Dreams:




"I am not disappointed in Obama. I don't feel betrayed. I don't wonder when he is going to be Obama. I did not vote for the man. I vote socialist, which in my case meant Ralph Nader, but could have meant Cynthia McKinney. How can an organization with the oxymoronic title Progressives for Obama even exist? Liberal groups like these make political satire obsolete. Obama was and is a brand. He is a product of the Chicago political machine. He has been skillfully packaged as the new face of the corporate state. I don't dislike Obama-I would much rather listen to him than his smug and venal predecessor-though I expected nothing but a continuation of the corporate rape of the country. And that is what he has delivered."


"Liberals are the defeated, self-absorbed Mouse Man in Dostoevsky's "Notes From Underground." They embrace cynicism, a cloak for their cowardice and impotence. They, like Dostoevsky's depraved character, have come to believe that the "conscious inertia" of the underground surpasses all other forms of existence. They too use inaction and empty moral posturing, not to affect change but to engage in an orgy of self-adulation and self-pity. They too refuse to act or engage with anyone not cowering in the underground. This choice does not satisfy the Mouse Man, as it does not satisfy our liberal class, but neither has the strength to change. The gravest danger we face as a nation is not from the far right, although it may well inherit power, but from a bankrupt liberal class that has lost the will to fight and the moral courage to stand up for what it espouses."

George Victor

But, by golly, he kept the bizarre, the obscenely ignorant, and the warped Christian element at bay, giving us a few more years, anyway. You see, there are folks out there, voters,  who fall under one of those descriptors (or all of them) who make reform really difficult, and our continued existence quite problematic.

And, of course, Hedges has got the liberal quite right. But like all Utopian scenarios, the question is how to get from here to there.


What utopian scenarios?  Obama is really happening (despite being a hologram....or merely a brand).

George Victor

I'm talking about the movement from Here to Hedgeian society as you're aware, Al Smile Gosh, it would be nice...just don't confuse me with the mainstream, wealthy liberal south of the 49th, or with the average African American anywhere, like those who joyfully high-fived with me this time last year.


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