Obama: Still not worth the support of progressive voters

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Originally posted by Boom Boom:
[b]I'm now hoping for an Obama victory, especially after listening to nonsense from McCain and Palin all this week. I listened to several speeches from Obama (and from Bill Clinton late last night) and while Obama has serious flaws in his foreign policy positions, it seems to me he's overall a hell of a better choice than McCain. And, it's due time that an African American took the highest office in that country![/b]

I listened to Obama alot this week on CNN..he is a very inspiring and hopeful candidate..

and than i came back to reality and did a little research , thanks to m. Spector 's link...I am now fully supportive of Nadar and Gonzalez, Gonzalez seems like an excellent and intelligent candidate.

Obama is the lesser of 2 evil, but not less evil enough for me.

Like Obama said, enough is enough, this is the time for real change.

If Obama has real integrity, he would fly to California right now and make just a tiny effort to fight against Prop 8, or even use one tiny amount of money out of the 150 million he raised this month to push an ad to help stop the ban on equal marriage.

Americans suffering under Bush for ther past 8 years need to be told the truth , and time and time again, Obama shows that he is more interested in winning above all else, i am not interested in him winning, or what position he *must take politically to be non offensive*, i am interested in a candidate that will treat the audience like an adult who can hear the truth and be educated on it.

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Originally posted by babblerwannabe:
Obama is the lesser of 2 evil, but not less evil enough for me.

Yeah, but Obama at least has a chance to win this thing, whereas none of the 'protest vote' candidates will achieve anything.

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If Obama is a socialist, what does that make Eisenhower and Nixon?




Originally posted by Boom Boom:

Yeah, but Obama at least has a chance to win this thing, whereas none of the 'protest vote' candidates will achieve anything.[/b]

working class americans are suffering because of not just the failed Bush policies, but also because of the support democrats were giving Bush in the past 8 years and also because of the economic polices of the Clinton years. The current economic crisis and the war in iraq are the faults of both the democrats and the republicans.

Obama is so cautious! so cautious, his administration, i believe, would not make much, if any, difference to the american who is suffering..

i would rather keep working on my advocacy and work for who i believe in and vote for who i believe in, meh.

Now i am not hoping for a Mccain presidency, but i am hoping that more people would vote for Nadar! [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] and that Prop 8 would fail in California, similar measure would fail also in Florida and Arizona

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Ken Burch

babblerwannabe, I encourage you to keep working on your advocacy. You don't have to vote for Ralph to do that. In fact, it will be HARDER for you to be an advocate or an activist if McCain were to win.

No resistance could be successful in a McCain administration.

No place could become a "liberated zone". Homeland Security makes that impossible.

We have to get these guys out and open the door.

Electing Obama doesn't create paradise, and no progressive Obama supporter has ever claimed it would. It creates space for activism and gains. There can't be any such space if McCain is sworn in. "It has to get worse before it gets better" doesn't work anywhere.

I remember the Eighties. We weren't able to stop Reagan on much of anything. That era is what a McCain Administration would have to be exactly like.

You can't win in the streets alone. And armed struggle is only possible in non-North American countries.

Ken Burch

At least, if nothing else, check to see whether you're in a safe state or not.

It's one thing to vote Nader or McKinney there. But there's no excuse for doing it in a marginal state. There, vote third-party in down-ticket races.

That's not asking too much. And really, it isn't giving up anything.

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