Obama Touches 3rd Rail - Poll shocker: Scott Brown surges ahead in Senate race

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You're 100% right.

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I hear you Unionist.


This discussion reminds me of a famous deleted scene from the Simpsons episode "Bart Gets An Elephant", where the titular pachyderm walks through two political conventions, first the Democratic (to boos) and then the Republican (to cheers).

The banners at the Republican Convention read "We Want What's Worst For You" and "We're Just Plain Evil".

The banners at the Democratic Convention read "We Hate Life and Ourselves" and "We Can't Govern".

Spot on, I'd say.


Sven wrote:


One of my favorite Senators from Minnesota (a Republican from the 1970s and 1980s) was a very independent thinker and was a constant thorn in the Reagan administration's side.

I respect that independent thinking.  He wasn't a Republican sheep.

Just curious - are you referring to David Durenberger or Rudy Boschwitz? Neither has a particularly distinguished record in my view. 


I agree with Unionist.  There really isn't much at stake anyhow, except a sucky health care bill that doesn't really deserve to see the light of day anyhow now that it's been completely screwed over by wimpy democrats who have been bought and sold by insurance companies.

So...that said, long thread!  Closing!  (Feel free to start a new one to continue.) Smile


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