Oh Bush! Obama! Oh, my.

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George Victor

And the quotations continue to pour in...completely free of alternative solutions to a rabid, racist right wing out there in the political wings.  That vacuity is so very helpful, so comforting, reassuring, coming as it does from the growing legions of me-too punditry.    



So start a thread on the topic of solutions, oh wise one.

Cueball Cueball's picture

Yes George and what bad things can these evil right wingers do? Invade countries, occupy them and slaughter their people? Operate secret prisons beyong the reach of the constitution? Order assassination of political opponents without trial?

How am I doing?

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George won't be doing that, Al. He's allowed himself to become completely terrorized by the rabid racist minority in the US - remember, the ones who lost the last presidential election? You'd never know they lost, however, since George and his cothinkers in the US continue to act as if they had won!

George is at a loss for solutions. God forbid Obama should do anything without the bipartisan consensus of the rabid racist minority!


Apparently George remains unconvinced of the suggestion that corporate Amerika's project of continuous advancement toward a totalitarian police society was reinvigorated as never before with the election of Obama, courtesy of his subsequent inclusion of a fresh team of Wall Street cronies into his administration. Not only have they retained and introduced another changing of the guard from finance Capital to assist Amerika's CEO with the wholesale fleecing of the commoners, they've all but ensured the success of their A team, the Rethuglicans-in-waiting, for the next Presidential election.


What George is insinuating is that criticizm of Obama and his rabid right-wing agenda (all the while desperately hand-wringing about "consensus" and "reality") is nothing more than thinly disguised racism. 

George Victor

What I am hearing is that Obama is only making it easier for the really bad guys toi come to power.

But you fellas are not about to describe the American polity in all its variegated, dumbed down glory.  Yours is the black and white world of cartoons, simplified for the juvenile reader. If you begin to evaluate what  the pres. is really up against, your cardboard cutout of America is just the tiresome stuff that you are handed by a MSM. There IS racism at work (and I have not seen you admit that in the last godawful number of postings). There IS an opposition whose criticism of Obama is the stuff of Bedlam...and it is eaten up by the public. There ARE conditions in the U.S. that you fellas NEVER mention, particularly in Congress, because it's so much easier to settle on a single individual as the source of all faults. There's not even leeway given for the faults of a finance capitalism gone berserk...its all too big to fail.

That, my friends, is a juvenile, personality-dependent politics.

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George Victor wrote:

What I am hearing is that Obama is only making it easier for the really bad guys toi come to power.

Nope. What you are mishearing is that people are saying that you can't seem to come up with definable terms that show tangible differences between your "really bad guys" and the "bad guy". In fact, they seem so indistinguishable in terms of real policy results.

George Victor

Which only means that you are further divorced from reality than I had feared.

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Not really. You read what has been said as "that Obama is only making it easier for the really bad guys to come to power", when no one said anything like that at all. You made that up, or imagined it, or perhaps it is the argument that wanted to take up. Whichever, the fact is that you completely misread what was said.

It seems to me that you someone who has that much trouble reading what is directly in front of your face, suggests that anything else you might deduce based on the evidence is highly suspect.

George Victor


Perhaps it was your now-edited effort, Cue. You are well known for second-thought editorial work. Laughing


Anyway, let's not go completely juvenile and revert to your normal bullying stance, eh?

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And...closing for my favourite reason.


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