One Million Deaths Per Year

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G. Muffin

Lard Tunderin Jeezus wrote:

Certainly, but after MS, if you don't mind.

Morning sunshine?

Multiple sclerosis?


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Mike Stirner.

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Go ahead, G. Muffin. MS seems to have disengaged for now.

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Cool.  Glad to see G. Muffin now has LTJ's "permission" to post in this thread...

'Course, it may be too late now since, at any moment now, a mod is going to come swooping in with an infamous "Closed for length" post...


If you can blame "society" for whatever ails you, it makes it easier to wait for society to come to your rescue, rather than having to do anything yourself or to take resposibility for your own actions.


I used to hang around with a guy who did a lot of organisational work - some of it as a volunteer-  in the local health district, and was instrumental in  the creation of many of the clinics we have around town today.  Incidentally, this guy was an old CCF medicare warrior from the 50s, and hardly a free-enterpriser.

Out of nowhere one day he said to me, "Instead of waiting for the government to do things for them, people have to get involved and do things themselves."



Before this thread closes, and while individuals are still being blamed for allegedly freely choosing to live unhealthy lives, I thought George's pithy comment from last July was worth re-quoting and remembering:

George Victor wrote:

Libertarianism is so rational, so individualistic, so disconnected from social/psychological reality, so God-like in its certainties.



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