Op-Ed: What Obama can learn from Canada

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Op-Ed: What Obama can learn from Canada

What Obama Can Learn On His Trip To Canada Today


Canada's banks are ranked first in world.

Canada's health care system works better than ours, at one third the cost.

And Canada recruits the best and brightest workers from around the world, while the U.S. turns them away.




Interesting factoids:

The Canadian government pays for the health care of the workers, saving auto companies, like GM, more than $2,000 on every car produced.


In 2007 Microsoft --- frustrated by its inability to get H 1B visas for foreign high-tech Indian and Chinese programmers --- decided to park its overseas brains in Canada, a short two-hour drive from its Redmond, Wash. headquarters.

George Victor

We're good, Saga, but old Blake Fleetwood does not know the extent to which the PhD immigrants are driven to driving taxi, the MDs not allowed to practise, and our health system is going over to privatization because of the Canadian electorate's propensity to vote for lower taxes, the American disease.

And one could only wish that the very wealthy from the far east would also bring jobs - to Vancouver, if not to Whistler, eh?

Obama knows this - it's his Haggard, born-again non-followers up in the hills that have to be convnced that they can enjoy more than the neo-con's residual social slag heap. Canada does, still, promise more than that.

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Just out of curiousity, does anyone here know if there is an American equivalent to our CMHC?  I obtained a delicious low interest mortgage from CMHC a few years ago, and now I'm applying for a CMHC-backed provincial renovation grant (not loan) available to low income people.