Palestinian atheist blogger arrested

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Snert what law are you referring to?


The law that presumably gave the PA the right to stalk and detain this blogger.


Sorry, but I'm not buying Cueball's feeble speculations that he's really being detained for plotting to blow someone up or whatever. I'll chance the embarrassment should it turn out that he's being held for non-payment of parking tickets. And I'll point out again that the fact that he's being held without charge isn't actually a point in the PA's favour.


What do YOU suppose they're detaining him for, if not blasphemy? I'm not looking for loopy, wild speculations here, but do you have some reason to believe he's being held for something else?


Or heck, maybe there's a middle ground here. Maybe there's no formal blasphemy law on the books, and that's why he's being held without charge. Maybe they have to go pass a law before they can charge him with it. But it's really not plausible to me that this man, who's evidently known for blasphemy, is suddenly arrested, and his neighbours are calling for his head for blaspheming, but there's nothing to all of that and his real crime is driving without a licence or something.


Unionist wrote:

When it comes to lecturing others, however... I try to be very cautious and ensure that I am not just expressing my imaginary "superiority", and I am not preparing the groundwork for another kind of oppression and persecution.

That's why when Harper and his hired swine celebrate their role in excluding Iran from the U.N. human rights council on the grounds of the treatment of women, I have to reach for my nausea pills.

It was likewise when I used to hear white westerners tut-tutting the use of violence by black South Africans in their struggle for emancipation.

And so it is when I read this thread.



This is the kind of reasoning people of my political persuasion used - in all sincerity and good faith - to justify their non-criticism and even defence of the Stalinist U.S.S.R. We can see now that this was a very bad mistake. Although everyone seems to agree with this, no one else seems to have learned anything from it at all. It's never right to defend the indefensible, to defend oppression, because you are afraid someone will use your criticism to further a greater oppression. It might seem like a good idea but it's not. 

(And no, I am not saying the Palestinian Authority is as bad as Stalin. sigh.)


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Closing for lengthies.


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