Pirates' strict code of conduct

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Pirates' strict code of conduct
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"I have never seen gangs that have rules like these. They avoid many of the things that are all too common with other militias," said Mohammad Sheikh Issa, an elder in the Eyl region.

"They don't rape, and they don't rob the hostages and they don't kill them. They just wait for the ransom and always try to do it peacefully," he said.

Somalia's complex system of clan justice is often rendered obsolete by the armed chaos that has prevailed in the country for two decades, but the pirates have adapted it effectively.


I can relate. A nest of these scoundrels have been holding my garage hostage for over a month.

"No rules, no cares, no giving up."

Destiny will be determined this weekend.

Yo ho ho


What's more they sound like pirates of the 1700's Black Bart Was a teetotaler and didn't allow his mates to get drunk while at sea. They also were highly democratic in that that they had elections for positions. They also did not discriminate between black and whites. Everyone was a freeman with an equal right and share of the booty. They also got compensation for any loss of limb or injury. On the whole a lot more civilized than the ruling class of that time or this. Strange we have to learn life lessons from "pirates".