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Good one. I heard an interview last night on "As It Happens" of a Black woman who waited 10 hours to vote. That polling station was servicing a predominantly Black neighbourhood while those in more affluent neighbourhoods had no waiting lines at all. What was interesting is that local restaurants brought free drinks and snacks to the voters lined up for hours waiting to vote.


One polling district has waiting lines, and another one does not? I thought one of the ways to mitigate the spread of covid was to reduce the number of line-ups and have enough spaces to move people in and out quickly so you don't have large numbers hanging around in the same spot.

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And when did all the US States adopt such strict restrictions when Trump himself was at a rally last night. This is about voter suppression.


Obviously having more polling stations is important, specifically because that does help to keep numbers low in individual places, reduces line-ups, and large numbers of people aren't stuck in the same spot for long periods of time.  I agree that reducing polling stations in certain areas is tantamount to voter supression. I would think that with the current covid reality, that this adds a dimension to the importance of having more, easily accessible voting stations, especially when you consider which neighbourhoods have their voting access restricted.

Of course Trump is being irresponsible by holding rallies, but anybody not living under a rock knows that he's not taking covid seriously. If people still choose to attend his rallies knowing that, what can you realistically do?


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