Possible reason U.S. keeps Afghan "peace" negotiantions under wraps

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Possible reason U.S. keeps Afghan "peace" negotiantions under wraps

This is so potentially explosive, I just had to make a separate post for it:

Jeff Huber wrote:

Also acknowledged in the meeting, as Shahzad tells it, is that "Washington's political leadership, like the Pentagon, now accepts that the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan is best tackled with contact between the Pakistan armed forces and the Taliban, and not by the political governments of the region."

That statement is a tad funky. It implies that Hillary was acting in concert with the Pentagon, and that the Pentagon has thrown Gen. Stanley McChrystal's proposal to stage a full bull counterinsurgency operation on behalf of the Karzai regime under the Hummer.

Washington is ready, says Shahzad, to see Pakistan's President Zardari "sidelined." That would be a radical departure from the AfPak strategy the White House outlined in March, a major stated objective of which was "assisting efforts to enhance civilian control and stable constitutional government in Pakistan."...

... Shahzad would have us believe that our secretary of state, who is mostly known for being strident and abrasive, has, over a three-day period, managed to avert the demise of our republic by cutting the biggest dope deal ever with some of the biggest sleazebags ever.

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If Shahzad's story is true, then Hillary pulled some moves both smooth and fast. For starters, she cut through the red tape and dealt with the real power in the Pakistan, Pakistan's military. That's remarkable, if America's chief diplomat essentially recognized a shadow government. But hey, whatever works.

So Hillary is breaking ground with bypassing US shadow government and having US cosmetic government deal directly with US-backed shadow government in Pakistan? This really is a switch!