Preliminary talk on the right of impeaching President Clinton in advance.

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Preliminary talk on the right of impeaching President Clinton in advance.




Nervous about recent changes in polls? As usual, don’t pay attention to single surveys. However, it is true that the Presidential race has narrowed by a few percentage points; the median of national polls taken over the last week is Clinton +2%. PEC’s state poll-based analysis will probably continue to move toward Trump for at least a week as it catches up with national surveys.

There is a great way for you to redirect your tension – to downticket races. Current polls favor the Democrats to not only win the Presidency, but also take control of the Senate – with an outside chance of taking the House as well. These outcomes have major consequences for legislative and political action in 2017-2018. Under these conditions, where should you put your energy?

The first answer is: close Senate races. PEC calculates the influence that an individual voter can have (see The Power Of One Vote on the right), based on close polling margins and highlighting states of smaller population. In the top states, shoe-leather get-out-the-vote makes the largest impact. The closest races can also be found by clicking the ActBlue site at left (the Republican site, the NRSC, lacks this capability).

The second answer is: the House of Representatives. Republicans are highly likely to lose seats. But will they retain their majority? If they do, there is preliminary talk on the right of impeaching President Clinton in advance. Such a remarkable act of polarization would probably slow down legislative progress, to put it mildly.

I have previously estimated that to have a chance at taking the majority, Democrats would need to win the national popular vote by 6-8 percentage points. This is hard but not impossible. It will come down to close Congressional races such as New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, which trends about 4 percentage points Republican compared with the rest of the nation. It would be cool to have a web application where one types in a ZIP code, then gets back information about the nearest close Congressional race as defined by the Cook Political Report. Anyone?


National Review Author Not Waiting for Hillary Clinton to Take Office to Start Impeachment

National Review writer Andrew McCarthy, the author of such esteemed books as How Obama Embraces Islam’s Sharia Agenda andHow the Obama Administration Has Politicized Justice, is a frequent writer on the subjects of why various Democrats should be impeached and why he, Andrew McCarthy, is not crazy (or, sometimes, both). McCarthy has moved on from advocating the impeachment of President Obama toadvocating the impeachment of Hillary Clinton.

I know what you’re thinking: You can’t impeach Hillary Clinton — she isn’t even president yet! McCarthy has thought of that problem, and he has a considered reply. “The proceeding against Clinton would not be a presidential impeachment; it would be an impeachment based on her abuses of power as secretary of state, which would have the constitutional effect of disqualifying her for the presidency,” he argues, also noting that “The Constitution does not limit impeachment to incumbent officials.”

It’s really unfair that a charlatan like Donald Trump has soaked up so much attention and distracted us from the arguments of the sober constitutional conservatives.

Mr. Magoo

I guess you can't just demand to see her birth certificate any more.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.


USA is the land of the real crazies so anything could happen. Impeach her on what grounds? Her emails probably. These nuts still have control of Congress so they will probably try to do it. The one thing that could hold them back is that the voters might be so repulsed that the GOP gets absolutely decimated in  the Congress in November Today I would not be raving how great the US constitution is as it is several hundreds of years out of date and it leaves a lot to be desired in the 21st century.

 But if they succeeded who would replace Clinton as the Democratic candidate? Biden? Sanders? Obama? Chelsea?

Now I totally understand what Trump means when he says the election is rigged. The only part I didn't get before is that he was going to rig it. Got to give him credit as he is right up there with Putin's dirty tricks. No wonder they like each other

Timebandit Timebandit's picture

That's ridiculous. The FBI has already determined there is nothing prosecutable.

Mr. Magoo

Then we must impeach the FBI.


Did Congress check with the FBI when they impeached Bill Clinton?

What presvents a candidate from running even if they are impeached?

Evern if someone is impeached so what?