Protest NATO/G8 Summit - May 2012 - Chicago

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I've read some of the biography of Nestor Makhno, he fought those who were simultaneously trying to stop atrocities of reactionary 'whites' and reactionary 'reds'.

"I didn't think we're striving here toward pure anarchist thought, to the extent that we need to draw up our denouncements lest people become confused or fearful of where we're going with it.  Ditto for Bolshevism. "

I agree we're not striving for ideologies here, however it is important that self-described anarchists, bolsheviks, and westerners today clarify they don't agree with atrocities of any names/leaders previous.


As far as westerners go, I think we've been clear over the past number of years on the board that we don't agree with atrocities that our leaders have implicated themselves in.  As tracking down for an opinion one way or another the supposed anarchists and bolsheviks hereabouts who fashion themselves after historical entities that have committed atrocities, good luck with rooting them out.


Just thought of a (not brilliant, but whatever) protest slogan: "Bomb NATO, Not Nations"

Anyway, closing for length.


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