The pure folly of waiting for the TPP to fail in the USA

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The pure folly of waiting for the TPP to fail in the USA


Every government that signs on to TPP flushes its sovereignty down the toilet. Corporations are transformed into Global Emperors against whom mere citizens and mere governments have no recourse.

                         -Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, American economist and activist 


From comments I have been reading and hearing a lot of Canadians are sitting backing and assuming we don’t have to worry about the TPP because it will not be ratified in the USA and our good old Canadian bacon will be saved.

As it stands now I can guarantee you it will be passed. Here are obvious reasons why:

  • The USA is the sponsoring nation and you can be sure it is not going to humiliate itself by not ratifying it.
  • It is by far the largest “partner” with the most to gain and not an opportunity to be passed over.
  • The US Congress and Senate will rubber stamp the TPP as the US is a corporatist oligarchy where legislatures are subordinate to the corporatocracy. The vote will be whipped and whipped hard as necessary!  It will be a career ender for politicians who don’t support it.  
  • The world’s largest economy will never say no to a “free trade” deal that mercilessly exploits smaller satellite economies.
  • The public interest is not an issue in its ratification as it has been savaged since the neoliberal corporatocracy took over the country decades ago.   

Or course all three leading US presidential contenders claim to oppose the TPP but it would be political suicide not to. Once the election is over it will be a different story.  Like Barack Obama, the new president will become a cheerleader for the TPP.

Our duplicitous trade minister claims that we have the protection of full consultation, openness and transparency. The integrity of these consultations is highly contentious.

 The consultations mean nothing when the TPP goes back to Parliament for ratification. The government’s majority insures it can be bulldozed through the House.

Like the USA there will be no consideration of the public interest as governments everywhere have abandoned their populations in service to the corporatocracy.

The fix is in. The decision has already been made.  These consultations are no more than window dressing leading up to a time of its choosing when the government will simply bulldoze ratification through Parliament.  

It remains for Canadians to hijack this wicked agenda by insisting on direct and incorruptible democracy in the form of a binding national referendum. Anything less insures passage and national ruin. 

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