"Safe in Our Cages"

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"Safe in Our Cages"



What are the chances that Harper has NOT made Canada one of the 60 countries that uses this Siemens system? (Siemens will not disclose the purchasers)


Safe in our cages

Proposals to monitor all our communications are an intolerable assault on liberty in the name of security
by AC Grayling guardian.co.uk,
Tuesday August 26 2008 10:00 BST

In the Queen's speech this autumn Gordon Brown's government will announce a scheme to institute a database of every telephone call, email, and act of online usage by every resident of the UK. It will propose that this information will be gathered, stored, and "made accessible" to the security and law enforcement agencies, local councils, and "other public bodies".

Two things have made this ghastly development possible: the technology, and politicians. The technology is way ahead of the game: Siemens of Germany are already supplying 60 countries with a device that monitors and integrates data from phone, email and internet activity; its software establishes patterns of uses and alerts monitoring staff to deviations from the patterns. As New Scientist reports, the system is already known to throw up huge numbers of false positives; that could have been predicted by a rudimentary acquaintance with human nature and human life....

[url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/aug/26/civilliberties.labou... Grayling[/url]


George Orwell called and said it wasn't about communism but about totalitarianism.

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