The Race For the US Presidency 2012 - 2

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The biggest losers are actually the less fortunate US citizens who had to endure the obscene spending by the Democrats and the Republicans

The biggest losers (pundit edition)

Blown calls and misread tea leaves: We round up the biggest losers of punditry in 2012



University Of Mississippi Students Riot Over Obama Victory

President's reelection greeted with anger at Deep South college campus.



4. Labor ain’t dead

Unions have had a rough period over the past few years, culminating in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in a recall election into which labor leaders poured their hearts. They have been on the losing end of battles in Ohio about collective bargaining rights. And New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie has famously done battle with them.

Their brand at a time of national recession and shared sacrifice has not shone. But this election was also a reminder at how effective labor is at political organizing — and winning.

Labor played a big role in helping Obama in Nevada and Wisconsin, as well as in Ohio. The popularity of the auto bailout in the Buckeye State with unionized manufacturers is hard to overstate. What’s more, the Citizens United ruling allowed unions to pool resources in a much different way this cycle.

Obama’s relationship with labor has not always been sanguine. But in the end, he owes a lot to unions, which proved their muscle remains strong.


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Obama will win 332 Electoral College votes even bettering Nate Silver's forecast - so much for all those clowns like Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Tea Party activists, Trump, Fox News, Noonan, Rove, the Wall Street Journal who enjoy attacking science.  Jeesh!

I'm glad Michelle Bachmann got re-elected as she will now become a huge thorn in the side of the GOP.