Racist/xenophobic migration policies? Or just exercise of sovereign power?

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Of course nothing he is saying makes any sense. That isn't the point. They are just arguments, ripped right out of thin air intended to demonstrate the falacy of the "ideal" and therefore the notion of any kind of progress, through endless circular rhetorical arguments in the abstract.

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My personal opinion can be summed up by Cueball's characteristically concise post at #42:

Cueball wrote:
Ideals are never achievable, but they are expressions of a standard upon which we can critique reality.

So, obviously the ultimate and ideal immigration policy is no immigration policy at all. One that is entirely open in an ideal sense. This standard can now be applied to the reality and we can easily see that the more open an immigration policy is, the closer it is to the ideal, and all immigration policies can be judged by that standard.


I have actually come to think that Sven is earnestly thinking through these ideas, it's just that he is coming from a position so entirely removed from most Canadian's cultural understanding of political positions so as to seem disingenuous--perhaps that's naive of me, but I think there's a reason Sven has lasted as long as he has on a website like babble. Maybe that's not proper for a babble moderator to speculate on, but I've been drinking Belgain ale all night so let's call this an informal analysis. That's not to say I disagree with Cueball's prediction that Sven's "observations" would go the way they would--indeed, that was inevitable.

But that's neither here nor there. One thing that even Belgian ale cannot occlude is that this thread is being closed for length.


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