Refugees entering the US

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Refugees entering the US

Has Canada offered to take in some of the refugees entering the US? If not, why not?


Whatever reason there is I doubt you're going to like it.  Do you have some sort of plague in mind?


Western Wars and Imperial Exploitation Uproot Millions

"The demise of the peace movement allowed the US and EU to launch and prolong - serial wars which led to massive immigration - the so-called refugee crisis and the flight to Europe. There is a direct connection between the conversion of the liberal and social democrats to war-parties and the forced flight of immigrants..."


Political Theater and the Immigration Crisis: A Two-Party Problem

"The so-called immigration crisis is really the product of a bipartisan consensus in the US imperial apparatus that has been  in the making for several decades. Neither the Democrats nor their corporate media allies offer any alternative to Trump's crackdown at the border..."