Robert Fisk on our collusion with torturers

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martin dufresne
Robert Fisk on our collusion with torturers

"I invited Abdullah Almalki to breakfast in Ottawa but he only took coffee. And while I wolfed down my all-English breakfast in the Chateau Laurier Hotel (beloved of Churchill and Karsh of Ottawa fame), he sipped gingerly at his cup with much on his mind. Snooped on by the Canadian secret service and then tortured in Syria while the Canadian authorities did nothing for him – save supplying his perverted torturers with questions – he had much to think about. A carbon copy of Binyam Mohamed, the British resident who had his penis cut up while the Brits sent questions to his perverted Moroccan torturers. (...)"

(The Independent, March 14)


British High Court Rejects US Cover-up of Torture Evidence

"The British are poised to reveal the brutal torture to which Binyam Mohamed was subjected.."