Rogue Scientists and Climategate

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What did you say about speading false facts about the crisis on our fragile planet.

Attitudes like yours will be responsible for cutting short the lives of many people in the future. 

You, Harper, Ignatieff, Bush, and Obama are the guilty ones.


Kaspar Hauser


Brian White

Chester, when Nixon did watergate, who was the bad guy? Was it the democrats in convention or was it the snooping president?  And I bet the democrats said a few colourful things there too.  But poor nixon got hounded for spying.  Go figure!

They stole 12 years of emails and the thieves only found 5 or 6 things!  and even then  90% of the naughty stuff was taken out of context.   To be quite frank, thats effing amazing.  Those climate scientists are practically saints!

(By the way, all scientists destroy data.  There is always one or 2 whacko out of range readings, especially where plants and animals are involved) In some places it is standard practice to remove the highest and the lowest reading when you take results.

Why do you not read the real story on wikipedia?  

Sir black? Are you talking about the crook who is in prison in the usa?

Chester Drawers wrote:

Who has committed a crime?  Just wanting to know peoples opinions.

The scientists who conspired to delete emails and documents to avoid access to information legislation requests or the people who hacked the info?

The scientists who destroyed their data and admitted falsefying records or the people who hacked the info?

These are similar acts to Enron, Livent and Sir Black where the parties involved suffered the consequences of the law.

I beleive all are guilty.  It is just sad to see that it took a criminal act to reveal a criminal act.  Who can we trust?

Chester Drawers

All I was asking; were these criminal acts?  And of course it goes off topic. As for the the existance of the data, no one has released this data when presented with access to information requests.  Not one request has been granted in the hundreds or requests.  Why?
Way more than 5 or 6 things.
These are all the emails and documents that were hacked as admitted by CRU.

Kaspar Hauser

So, no, you didn't read the links I provided that address the exact point you raised.  Typical.

George Victor

"Boomers now risk being unwelcome at grandchildren't birthday parties" James Travers writes today. "After inheriting wealth, knowledge and health, after being spared the horrors of world wars and a great depression, history's most privileged cohorts are rolling the dice on someone else's future. Those edging toward the door are leaving behind their garbage for thos they say they love.

"It's a foolish gamble and a selfish indulgence. Even if the science is imperfect, the evidence is too compelling to prudently ignore. Falling back on doubts, or pointing to carefully pruned e-mails as proof of a grassy knoll conspiracy, won't lift excuses into explanations or transform blame into foregiveness."

For Edmund Burke, the "social contract 'becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but betwen those who are living, those who are dead and those who are to be born'."

And presumably the prime minister "doesn't believe that putting a price on carbon, or curbing our excesses, is a generational task more difficult than, say, defeating fascism," says Travers. "Presumably he grasps that someday we will all have to tell grandchildren that by the turn of this century the social contract was no more binding than an election promise."

And why will this bloody program not allow one to post, this morning?



Long thread.

George Victor

And way off course ... perhaps there is room somewhere for discussion of the hedonism that seems to have been passed down to the flower children, the boomers to be, a thought flowing from Travers' column? Was "doing your own thing" just a youthful libertarianism? Is that why so many today have trouble with the concept "libertarian"... want to somehow meld it with their "socialism" and "egalitarianism"?

Chester Drawers

I'm all for reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy and any other product.  I'm against the hysteria, and the massive increase in taxes and transfer of funds.   Example, every dollar in carbon tax or credit trade should stay in the juridiction that paid it.  That way the jurisdiction can use the money for research and development of alternatives and new technologies.  Money taxed from Sask. and Alta. stays in those provinces for their use.   Not shipped to other jurisdictions whether Canadian or Global.  That would be an easier sell than what warmists are promoting.


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