Roman Polanski just might get what's been coming to him!

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Pogo wrote:

I am having trouble with POC stuff.  In situations where colour is irrelevant is it necessary to make sure that our examples are not POC.

I could understand if someone provided a series of examples, but when there is one example used is using a POC in a negative light necessarily wrong in every discussion.  Sorry in advance for continuing the drift.  Clearly Kobe is a very recent case of someone who looked like they escaped justice.


It happened 6 years ago.


The reason I point the POC issue out is it makes it so easy to see how the MSM conditions us when Kobe Bryant is used as some comparator.  I don't enjoy when I see it happen repeatedly at babble.


Sometimes, it's good to remember the initiatives of rabble/babble.


Long thread - continue in a new one if you like.


Hey all, I'm still getting complaints about the trolls in this thread like jonathanjohansen and someone else (can't remember the name).  I mentioned it above, but I banned them earlier today, so it's taken care of.  Just letting you know.


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