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The EU-Gazprom War -  by Pepe Escobar

"The European Commission is slapping anti-trust charges against Russia's Gazprom under the pretext the energy giant is blocking competition in Central and Eastern Europe. This is yet another example of the extreme politicization involving what should have been Europe's energy policy.

The argument that Gazprom is 'dominant' and prevents competition is bogus..."


Russia Accuses Canada of Bringing Ukraine Issues to Arctic Forum

"Regrettably, driven by domestic policy agendas, the Canadian side attempted to promote its misjudged approach to the current intra-Ukrainian conflict, which is alien to the Arctic Council as an international consensus forum."

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Critical remarks about the Putin gov - but since the critics are Communists, there will be dead silence in the Western MSM. Ain't it grand to know that one revolting prejudice can be trumped by a stronger prejudice?

The Russian Communist Party strongly opposed the plans to up the minimum at which citizens can apply for state pensions and said that such moves should first be tested on government ministers.

The Russian Labor Ministry has repeatedly proposed increasing the retirement age from the current 55 years for women and 60 years for men to a universal 65 years.

Russian Communists oppose raising the retirement age.

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The chief of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has suggested amending Article 15 of the Russian Constitution to remove from it the supremacy of international law over national legislation. He voiced the proposal in an interview to the government-published Rossiiskaya Gazeta, published on the daily’s website.

There is no such debate in the USA and never will be. The hegemon is the only "indispensable country" (Barak Obama) and, therefore, domestic law supersedes international law and always shall. 

Russia's chief investigator stands for canceling supremacy of international law

What's also remarkable for its temerity is that the USA is the country that "advised" Russia to have this clause in the first place. The USA, so concerned that other countries obey international law. bwa ha ha ha.

Doug Woodard
Doug Woodard

CrossTalk: Putin's 15 Years (and vid)

"Widely popular at home and demonized* in the West, Putin has presided over Russia's transformation from a country on its knees to a renewed global power.

CrossTalking with Edward Lozansky, John Laughland and Mary Dejevsky

*Billionaire George Soros' 'Open Democracy' is one of these powerful Western demonizers


Carter: Return of the Crimea to Russia Was Inevitable

"...Carter also says he is pleased with Russia's commitment to implement the Minsk agreement. He added that the Elders were also pleased with Russia's allegiance to the Minsk agreement.

'There's not any doubt in our minds that the Russians genuinely want to see all the aspects of that concluded. I think that the only ball game in town, as far as resolving the problems with Ukraine, is to get the Minsk agreement implemented..."


UNSC Resolution 2201 (2015) 'Minsk Agreements'{65BFCF9B-6D27-4E9C-8CD3-CF6E4FF96FF9}/s_res_2202.pdf

"Calls on all parties to fully implement the 'Package of Measures' including a comprehensive ceasefire as provided for therein;.."

The troop deployments of USA, Canada and UK are arguably breaches of the Package of Measures, article 10, in which Ukraine has agreed to the 'withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, as well as mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine.."

These deployments of 'foreign armed formations, military equipment', and relative silence about the Minsk breaches they constitute, occur because the intention is to refurbish Ukraine's military for a renewed attempt to defeat 'rebel' forces and retake lost territories.

Doug Woodard

Doug Woodard wrote:

Russian soldiers quit over Ukraine:


"Reuters could not independently verify Krivenko's account."


Russia Daily Brief For May 11, 2015

"Merkel to Putin: 'I came to say to the Russian people: I bow my head before the millions of casualties of the war, which was caused by Germany.'


Doug Woodard

Nemtsov Report Counts Hundredds of Russian Dead in Ukraine:



Nemtsov Report: Russian Opposition Releases Report Containing Nemtsov's 'Data' on Ukraine

"A digest of media articles, social media posts and subjective opinion with no real sources."


No More Regurgitation From the Moscow Times

"John Hellevig, a Finnish national and Moscow-based lawyer and financial advisor has commented that it's good riddance to Sanoma. Finland's rabidly anti-Russian propaganda media group - calling for sanctions and war against Russia is losing readers and advertisers and making heavier and heavier losses.

Many say they have stopped subscribing because they cannot stand to open the paper to a fresh load of hate propaganda every day..."

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The response to the so-called Nemtsov Report is very instructive. Social media posts, unsourced quotes (from themselves, literally!), subjective opinions, re-gurgitated falsehoods, like the US government "leaking" info that they then quoted from the NYT to justify their disgusting war crimes in Iraq, on and on it goes. The Empire has no end of lies.

And then the RT host remarks, "Don't believe us? check it out for yourself".

In the Now - rips them a new one.

The Western MSM is absolutely getting thrashed. Horse-whipped. Beaten to a pulp. And it's damn entertaining to watch, never mind that RT and independent media provide such a useful public service.


Here's the story:


Although the report uncovers little new information, it is perhaps the most extensive compilation yet of evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement in the eastern Ukraine conflict, which has killed more than 6,200 people since April 2014. Besides the human cost, the war has resulted in sanctions that have isolated Russia politically and created a refugee crisis, the authors said. In the first 10 months of the war, Russia spent 53bn roubles on deploying troops, sending military equipment and paying the salaries of “mercenaries” fighting on the side of separatists, according to the publication.

And there is evidence (including Putin's own admission of Russian soldiers being in Ukraine without identification). And this:


War of Words: West Jumps on Twitter to Hype Up Nemtsov Report

"As Western journalists are quickly running out of ideas on how to finally prove 'the presence of Russian troops' in Ukraine, they've started to flood social media with anti-Russian rhetoric, accusing Russian President Valdimir Putin of sending troops to eastern Ukraine.

Nemtsov couldn't finish the document, titled 'Putin.War.' but a group comprised of anti-Putin opposition journalists, economists and political figures published his work posthumously.

The Atlantic Council, a US-based think tank in the field of international relations, will feature the report for the first time in English, under the title 'Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine', on May 28 in Washington DC. The Atlantic Council has close ties with the US State Department.

The current board of directors is filled with former high-ranking US officials including Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Robert Gates, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice..."

And promoting America's new Ukrainian Nazi puppet-state is one of their longstanding pet projects. No surprise to find among these compradors CANADA's Lenna Koszarny, Advisory Chair of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, as well as her longtime business partner, Natalie Jaresko, now Ukraine's Minister of Finance.

'Atlantic Council and Ukrainian World Congress Partner to Advance a European, Democratic and United Ukraine'



Again, Putin admitted he had soldiers in Ukraine covertly. As for evidence, I just posted some. And they caught those Russian soldiers who claimed they didn't know where they were.

As was reported, this report doesn't have new information, but what it does is collect all the evidence there is into one package as a challenge to Putin's narrative.



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What a fraud. Evidence? Yeah, I've got some photos of Nessie, the Lock Ness Monster, the real "submarine" in the Baltic that the Swedish regime "mistook" for a Russian submarine, etc., etc.

Let's be honest. If the jackboot US Empire, or it's Candian lapdog Harper fundamentalist regime, or the cabal of Nazi and fascist and other political zombies had any REAL evidence, then the US regime would be all over it with State Department briefings, UN press conferences, tub-thumping McCarthyite speeches from Drone President Obama, and Secretary of State Kerry smearing axle grease on his fingers and calling it "Russian tank juice" in dour tones in front of incredulous Security Council Members.

Instead, social media and all the other crock of shite. Pathetic. They probably killed Nemtsov just to get sympathy, just like they shot down that civilian airliner with 300 passenger aboard, etc..

It's a pity these Nazis don't wind up like their hero did, in a Berlin bunker ...

I see Kerry had his meeting with Lavrov and Putin. The Yanqui regime has, quietly, prepared to move on. They lost their attempt to turn Ukraine into a beachhead for an attack on Russia. The best they can do is a failed state.

An Empire in decline. I wish it would just crash and burn already. The world is tired of this shit.


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They quote themselves and call that evidence, just as you do. I call bullshit.

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John Kerry's public warning to the Chocolate-stan President Poroshenko to think twice before using force in the Dobass is the Master telling the lapdog to pay attention.

The little Nazi experiment is over. Maybe they should go back to finding a Hitlerite clone living somewhere in Argentina. My apologies to Argentinians and lovers of the tango.

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Buh-bye! to the UKrNazi regime. The Empire has other fish to fry.


Those babblers who really believe all this steaming pile of animal droppings about "Russian invasion", "Russian batallions", etc., really ought to give their heads a shake. If the Empire was as convinced as some babblers were, then the enormous State Department delegation , along with Sec of State Kerry, would never have even gone to Sochi.

It's over.  The Empire has said as much.

The rest is just barking dogs. The caravan moves on and the new Silk Road between Russian and China is on. ooh rah.

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Guess who just blinked?

Kerry in Sochi a Huge Win For Russia as US Backs Minsk 2, Warns Kiev

Unless you read Russian or monitor the free blogosphere, you might not have noticed this, but something big just happened in Russia: Kerry, Nuland and a large State Department delegation have traveled to Sochi were they met with Foreign Minister Lavrov and then with President Putin. With the latter they spent over 4 hours. Not only that, but Kerry made a few rather interesting remarks, saying that the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A) was the only way forward and that he would strongly caution Poroshenko against the idea of renewing military operations.

To say that this is a stunning development would be an understatement.

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Game Theory: Russia has all the cards in Ukraine.

A Mercouris wrote:

Leonid Bershidsky elegantly summarises a paper that applies game theory to the Ukrainian conflict.

Briefly, the paper says that Russia can destabilise Ukraine indefinitely, creating a “frozen conflict” there, and that the West cannot prevent it from doing so. 

The West can in theory respond by: (1) military escalation; (2) sanctions; and (3) returning to business as usual with Russia.

The authors of the paper, and Bershidsky himself, appear to think the most likely outcome in the short term is (2) (sanctions), but with a measure of (3) (returning to business as usual), and with (3) prevailing over the long term.  Option (1) (military escalation) is not ultimately viable.


Presumably you don't agree with Mercouris though because you have said you think Russia has no involvement here, and that you also think he U.S is preparing to start world war three.

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Lt. Commander Worf: Minsk, Minsk, and more Minsk.

Kerry’s joint press conference with Sergey Lavrov was more notable for what he didn’t say than what he did mention. The Secretary of State spoke about the Middle East and the Minsk agreement. He didn’t refer to Crimea, nor did he bluster about “Russian troops” in Donbas. Indeed, Kerry made it clear that the only solution to Ukraine crisis is Minsk, Minsk and more Minsk. Moreover, he mentioned the Belarusian capital so frequently that an uninformed viewer might have assumed he was in Sochi to participate in a tongue-twister contest. “Max thinks that Minsk is close to Pinsk. That’s Pinsk near Minsk says mixed-up Max,” was the entry I doodled for the putative showdown.

Minsk is close to Pinsk. A box of Minsk. A box of mixed Minsk. And a biscuit Minsk. or Pinsk. Whatever.

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6079_Smith_W wrote:

Presumably you don't agree with Mercouris though because you have said you think Russia has no involvement here, and that you also think he U.S is preparing to start world war three.

Russia wants a stable, prosperous Ukraine that has positive relations with Russia, as well as Europe, isn't part of an aggressive military alliance, and isn't a means for EU and US goods to be dumped into Russian markets.

Presumably, anything less than an Israeli style wall is unacceptable  "interference" by Russia in your eyes. But that's not how Russia looks at their Ukrainian brothers or cousins, even if the Ukr PM wants to blow the latest IMF tranche on weapons and walls.



Supplemental: US Foreign Policy is, to put it generously, a lot of checks and balances. Personally, I think it's better to theorize it as a mixture of predatory and extremely predatory policies. The neo-cons have not gone away, they still want war, along with the theo-cons like Harper and the cabal of pro-Israel Dominionists in Canada and the US. There will be a zig to the current zag, as the Saker puts it, but he is of the opinion that Kerry's trip is proof that a more realistic foreign policy is underway, the US have finally tired of Poroshenko's failed adventures, and don't believe a quick victory is possible, even if they still send troops to "train" the Ukr National Guard, and weapons, etc.

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It's quite remarkable cognitive dissonance for the US Empire, and those babblers who "happen to" completely agree with that Empire, that US, Canadian and NATO troops, weapons and "advisors" in Ukraine are not things EVEN WORTH COMMENTING UPON [meaning, presumably, that what the Empire does is beyond reproach and simply unquestioned] , nor the fact that the "Ukrainian National Guard" is simply these rightist fascist-drenched militias that are benefitting from the training, nor the brutal ethnic cleansing in Donbass in that regard, nor the slaughter in Odessa, Mariupol, nor the million displaced persons fleeing to Russia (the alleged aggressor), [u]but the unsubstantiated claims of a "Russian invasion", "Russian troops", etc. are treated as factual and, of course, utterly abhorrent. What the Empire does is unquestionably just, right, and probably garners the blessings of God, while the spurious and cognitively impaired Russophobic ravings clearly show the work of the Devil whose name, today, is Putin. [/u]

Now we see that the Empire is, gradually, giving up the pretense. There will be face-saving gestures, the "strong policy" of the Empire, and its various vassals like Canada, will be credited with "getting the Russians to agree to Minsk-2" and on and on with the farce.



Is Washington Coming To its Senses?

"Having failed with force against Russia, the West is now employing seduction...

the United States is where regime change is most badly needed."


What if Putin is Telling the Truth?

"...What Putin only hinted at in his remarks, I have documented in detail from non-Russian sources. The report has enormous implications to reveal the long-standing agenda to destroy Russia as a functioning sovereign state. An agenda that includes the neo-nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine and severe financial sanction warfare."





: US Foreign Policy is, to put it generously, a lot of checks and balances.






 More cheques less balances now. Stakes couldn't be higher. Major transitions ahead ready or not - even here. So below as above.

Doug Woodard

Ukraine captures Russian soldiers:



Russian Soldiers Captured in Ukraine Say They 'Were Lost' in Kiev-Released Video (and vid)

"...Sources in Russia's Defense Ministry earlier told Interfax News Agency that the soldiers had been on a routine patrol, which accidentally strayed into foreign territory. The Defense Ministry source emphasized that by not showing any resistance, the paratroopers had acted in accordance with the law.

The source also referred to numerous cases of incursions into Russian territory by Ukrainian soldiers at times in small detachments, and other times in big groups, 500 in total..."


Are Legal Dominoes About to Fall Over Russia Sanctions? (and audio)

"According to Russian business correspondent John Helmer, the dynamics of Russia's relations with the West may be about to take an unexpected twist, which in his view could lead to the unraveling of the current Western imposed sanctions against Russia."


US Envoy Victoria Nuland To Hold Talks with Russia on Peace Deal For Ukraine

"...Ms Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, is expected to meet primarily with Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. The US, which has repeatedly accused Russia of arming and training the separatists, is evidently impatient to test Moscow's commitment to the peace plan.

'In Sochi, President Putin told Secretary Kerry that he is fully committed to Minsk implementation,' Ms Nuland said. 'It's now important that all sides walk the walk, not just talk the talk.'


Kiev's Capture of 2 Russian Ex-Military a 'Show', Torture Must Stop - Moscow

"Ukraine's detention of two 'Russian troops' is nothing but a show, Russia's Defense Ministry said, adding that neither was serving in the Russian Armed Forces at the time of their arrest. It called on Kiev to stop the alleged torture of the men.

Kiev must put an end to its tactic of torturing detainees in order to force confessions, the ministry said. It also passed on a request made by the Veterans Association of Special Forces, urging Kiev 'to stop SBU's abuse of the wounded to get favorable testimony.'

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops have been detained in Russia during the course of the Ukrainian civil war, noted Igor Konashenkov of the Russian Defense Ministry, stressing that all were treated according to international norms, received medical help, and were allowed to return home to their families..."

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America thought it could bring Putin down by military and economic power. It tried through sanctions and backing the Ukranian regime. Then the Minsk deal gets done. There is just no way that the West could land 2,000,000 troops in Ukraine, as their military planners finally calculated, or after they read the history books on Napoleon, Stalingrad, etc.

The other deal was the sanctions, which was kind of dodgy because Russia is still the world's largest oil producer. Russia supplies China and Europe with many hydrocarbons, and the US getting in there to fuck things up was just not on.

Russia's dominance of the oil market was recently proved. US "Energy Security" itself depends on a high oil price, so the Nulands of the world probably finally got an earful from ExxonMobil Corp, whose say on matters is final.

Obama and Kerry also need Putin's cooperation with Iran and other matters further south.

The other thing is that this now totally isolates the Ukranian regime.


Yes, another Western souffle is collapsing. A great bargain is perhaps being struck, hence the absolute dome of silence over all of the negotiations. Nobody can afford the great sucking swamp, Ukraine, where the rats in the Rada and the oligarchial regime have already begun to bite each other and scurry about in panic looking for a place to hide.  Unfortunately I predict the Canadian stupidos will be among the last to get it and the last to leave. What a mess. And once again, Canada did some 'heavy lifting' to help make it so. Few protested.


Mother Goose Has Cooked Her Goose...  -  by John Helmer

"How Angela Merkel has been abandoned by John Kerry, Victoria Nuland and Vladimir Putin.

If there is to be a settlement of the Ukraine conflict, it will be trilateral, according to the US, one between the US, Russia and Ukraine. From the Russian point of view, it's plain this means a deal between Russia and the US, with Nuland to keep the Ukrainian government in line..."


Kerry in Sochi: Better Relations Between Moscow and Washington But No Peace in Ukraine  -  by Alexander Mercouris

"...The realists in Washington have accepted what we have always said, that in Ukraine, Russia holds the high cards and that the geopolitical objectives of the Washington hardliners who are behind the Maidan coup are unachievable.

Since the policy followed throughout 2014 has clearly failed, it is no surprise that as realists they are now pragmatically looking for a way out. Beyond that, no one should harbor any illusions this means peace in Ukraine.

As we have said many times, peace in Ukraine is impossible whilst the present government remains in power in Kiev."


Why the US is Finally Talking To Russia  -  by Pepe Escobar

"...Thus, beyond all the talking, the next step to watch is whether the Obama administration will really refrain from weaponizing Kiev. Ukraine for all practical purposes is now a massively indebted failed state turned into an IMF colony. The EU does not want it - although NATO does.

For Moscow, the -ghastly-show will only be over when Ukraine with or without the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk is neutral and not part of a NATO strategic threat..."


Russia, or to be more precise, the Putin regime is playing a waiting game. Waiting for Kiev to collapse under the weight of its own corruption and financial and military mismanagement. Waiting for the productive corporate economic sector of the EU/Germany to get its act together and assert some political effort to the end of informing the Empire that in Europe the Imperium's plans are a failure. In the meantime Putin has turned his economic pursuits eastward and with his vision of an EEU and coupled with a growing BRICS reality the Russian economic future looks hopeful if managed correctly; something the west cannot claim.. The west is playing a game that no one else wants to play and which is best ignored. The west will try and insist therir game is played by roughing up smaller players trying to intice Putin and China to play the west's game. Short of a NATO attack against Russian interests Putin will wait for the collapse....

Doug Woodard
Doug Woodard

'Poisoned' Russian whistleblower was fatalistic over death threats:



Russian Embassy Attack: Terrorism or Act of War?  -  by Christopher Black

"This attack was not just the work of rogue 'extremists'. Like the NATO attack on the Chinese embassy in its aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999, it is an act of war and is meant as a message to Russia to give up its support of Syria or suffer worse.

Doug Woodard

Russian civil society targeted:'undesirable'



Doug Woodard

The death of Novorussia; why the Kremlin abandoned its Ukrainian separatist project:


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When you quote the foreign dominated and hostile Moscow Times for stories about Russia you're as much admitting that your views and the views of the US State Department are the same. That paper is more anti-Russian than the worst McCarthyite.



US Scholar Scolds Obama For Letting Neocons Run Wild..

"...The latter stages of the enterprise called for the defamation of Vladimir Putin, which went into high gear with the 2014 Sochi Olympics and has not yet abated. We have witnessed 18 months of relentless, unwarranted Russia-bashing in the corporate media."

Here in Canada, Russia-bashing is not at all the exclusive province of neocons, but is enthusiastically pursued also by liberals and self-styled 'progressives' and their party of choice the NDP. Canadian academia is similarly collaborationist, being highly subservient to power.


Russia begins massive air force exercise

Doug Woodard

Russian official severeely beaten after reporting electoral fraud:



NATO Begins Anti-Russia Air Drill in Arctic


"More than 4,000 troops from six NATO countries and three non-member states began a major air exercise over far northern Europe Monday in one of the largest military mobilizations of the year.

On the eve of the Arctic Challenge exercise, NATO defense chiefs from all 28 member countries met in Washington to discuss 'challenges from Russia and from non-state actors,' according to a Pentagon press release.

Danish General Knud Bartels, who chaired the May 22 gathering, said the NATO powers 'are implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.'


Obama Accuses Russia of Adopting 'Aggressive' Posture on Ukraine

"Barack Obama accuses Russia of adopting an 'increasingly aggressive' stance on Ukraine, during a meeting with NATO's chief in the White House. RTs Gayane Chichakyan has the details."

Doug Woodard

Vladimir Putin declares all Russian military deaths state secrets:

You'd almost think he wanted to hide something.


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