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Who is the Court of Arbitration for Sport? 

Bach to Continue Push for Olympic Doping Bans

Mr. Magoo

Perhaps we should all reconsider the idea of an "augmented Olympics".  Blood doping, Stanazolol, or mechanical aids all permitted, and let the best science win.

I'm sure it was originally suggested facetiously, but who wouldn't tune in to see someone deadlift 2042 pounds, or run the hundred metre in 7.461 seconds?

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Sometimes it is more useful to have a friend in the enemy’s camp than a doubtful and unstable ally in one’s own.

Alexander Mercouris: Here's what happened at the Putin-Erdogan Summit.

Mercouris notes the improvements, e.g., especially in economic activities, trade, etc. Syria is a harder issue as the two sides are still very far apart.

Of course the US and its vassals in NATO  are very unhappy at this turn of events. For example, a former CIA Director even said, publicly, that the US should (covertly) kill Iranians and Russians in Syria to "make a point".

Magoo, if you are reading this thread, then there's your answer to the question: where is the US calling for Russians to die?


Maybe that will teach the Russians to not cheat at the Olympics

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NorthReport wrote:
Maybe that will teach the Russians to not cheat at the Olympics

Supporting calls for the death of a national group violates lots of babble policies.


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