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"This analysis by veteran Canadian journalist Fred Weir is probably the best you will find on Russia's attitude to what's happening in Belarus. Contrary to Western assertions, Weir says there's no evidence that Putin has a problem with democracy on Russia's borders..."


'Navalny's Condition is Stable, But His Life is in Danger and We are Working to Save it' - Doctor

"A team of doctors are 'engaged in saving the life' of anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny, a lead medic has said. He remains in 'stable but serious' condition, although no exact diagnosis has been made so far. Dr Anatoly Kalinichenko, the deputy head of the emergency hospital in Omsk, said Navalny's 'life is in danger.' He earlier remarked that 'there is no certainty that the cause of Navalny's condition is poisoning.

Meanwhile, news agency TASS, quoting a source, said the notion that Navalny may have been deliberately poisoned is not the main focus of the police investigation at present. 'The theory is not being considered now,' the source revealed. 'It is not ruled out that he drank or took something yesterday himself.' When Navalny was admitted to hospital, he was diagnosed with 'acute poisoning with psychedelics,' he noted.

The Baza Telegram channel reported that police have interviewed an employee at the Viennese Coffee House cafe, who'd served tea to the activist before his flight. Earlier Yarmysh reported that this was his only drink of the day, and he did not eat any food. The shift manager also said that she did not remember who'd served tea to Navalny, but it could be either herself or the barista. According to her, she had never heard of Navalny before and found out more about him only after the latest turn of events..."


Airport CCTV Footage Shows Navalny Being Handed Allegedly 'Poisonous' Drink by His Aide (and vid)

"Earlier in the day, Kira Yarmysh, a spokeswoman for Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, suggested that he, who fell into a coma after a suspected poisoning, could have consumed a poisonous substance that had been mixed into his tea..."


josh wrote:

Putin is not a far right nationalist?  Racist, I don't know.  But he's certainly anti-gay.


Both men fitting the description of a far right, racist and nationalist leader might be valid. Navalny wants to end Putin's corruption but he seems to be surrounded by Western cronies. The last time Russia let Western backed cronies take over is still fresh in the memory of voters so he like other CIA puppets actually couldn't win in an unrigged election although he is not allowed to try anymore.

In Canada WE like our corruption to be less noticeable although the international gold standard is SNC Lavalin.


"In Russia the right wing, racist nutter Alexei Navalny apparently overdosed on whatever he is taking. This triggered a number of 'experts' who call him Russia's 'opposition leader.' Navalny polls at 1-2%. Even the Communist party leader Zyuganov polls much higher."

 Incidentally, Navalny has also supported incorporation of Ukraine, Crimea and Belarus into Russia. But when you form views based exclusively on Western msm cartoon news you tend to miss such rather important details and nuance . In Russia by the way, Putin is considered somewhat of a moderate prone to endlessly rebuffed western peace-feelers and dithering, who doesn't act decisively enough to avert the wide spectrum of ever-increasing threats and belligerence against Russia  from a malevolent and ever encroaching West.  Canada already spends quite a lot of your money baiting and bearding Russia, arming/training Neo-Nazi Ukrainians etc, . And Trudeau has promised Washington we'll spend quite a bit more on these dangerous and provocative activities.

Perhaps more attention should be paid to questioning that or  something equally  productive such as Canada's  growing  unseemly collaboration with the Apartheid state of Israel, - now well known and  an international disgrace. I'm sure the Palestinians would appreciate more Canadian left efforts in that regard, or South American friends our getting our government to cease their malign collaborations with Washington in Bolivia or Venezuela etc, far more than Russians our ill-informed dog-whistle reactions designed to elicit support for US geopolitical designs and making Russia even more of an enemy. And how about that continuing Canadian union made contribution to the Saudi genocide of Yemenis?


Moscow Protest Leader Navalny Transferred Out of Siberian Hospital, Airlifted to Germany

"Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who remains in an artificially induced coma, has been transferred from a Siberian hospital to be airlifted for treatment in Germany, at his family's request..."

Where he really may die and 'evidence' of poison turn up on cue. Remember Sergei Skripal's 'novichok' doornob? [What ever happened to the Skripals by the by - anybody know?] Or Assad's 'chemical weapons'?  He was much safer in Russia. What Russian president wouldn't want to keep alive and well such an 'opposition' leader guaranteed to never win? Now he's in NATO-land where he could be worth far more dead than he ever was alive.


NDPP is here for those who like their Russian propaganda straight.  Without a chaser.


How fortunate then for an American Democratic Party partisan like yourself to correct us here with your redeeming messages of the yanqui intelligence agencies, Russophobic incitement and US imperialism.


Decline of US Provides a Chance to Reshape International Law...

"As the world order evolves, there should be an opportunity for countries to  build relationships. But as long as Western powers follow the tired US narrative that 'Russia equals bad', there will be no significant change. Great powers such as China and Russia have few incentives to be restrained by international law that does not constrain the West..."


Navalny Was Not Poisoned [Likely a case of diabetic shock]

"...The 'Western media also try to connect the 'poisoning' of Navalny to Russia's President Vladimir Putin. That makes no sense at all. Navalny was in no danger to Putin and is actually    for him as he keeps other 'liberals' many with nonsensical ideas. During the last years Navalny has made some enemies by uncovering corruption cases. His last one was about the local governor of Tomsk. It was also the reason he had flown there. Should Navalny become the victim of a crime the suspects should be sought there."


Berlin Doctors Treating Navalny Expected to Make Statement on Monday

"The first statement by physicians treating Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny at the Charite Hospital is expected to be issued on Monday, hospital spokeswoman Manuela Zingl said on Saturday..."


Statement By Charite: Clinical Findings Indicate Alexei Navalny Was Poisoned

"Clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific substance involved remains unknown and a further series of comprehensive testing has been initiated. The effect of the poison - namely the inhibition of cholinesterase in the body - was confirmed by multiple tests in independent laboratories..."

Cui bono?


German Clinical Statement Suggests Moscow Protest Leader Alexei Navalny was Poisoned - Hospital Statement

"...Following the announcement, there will now be scrutiny of the results found by the hospital in Omsk, where test results from two laboratories found no toxic chemical substances. On Thursday, the Kremlin vowed that an investigation would follow if Navalny's poisoning were to be confirmed."


Press Review: Navalny May Run Efforts From Berlin and Lukashenko Eyes Army to Quash Unrest

"Top stories from the Russian press on Monday, August 24...."


The Back and Forth About Navalny's 'Poisoning'

""The case of the alleged 'poisoning' of the Russian rabble-rouser Alexei Navalny is becoming more curious..."


"Poisoned' Kremlin Critic Flown to Germany as German-Russian Nord Stream 2 Nears Completion

"The perfectly timed poisoning of unpopular, ineffective Russian rabble rouser Alexey Navalny and the involvement of Germany comes as Washington sought to place maximum pressure on Berlin to cancel the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline..."


German government says Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent


Navalny Gets Skripaled

"Yawn! was my first reaction when I read this. Couldn't they come up with a more believable fairy tale? Funny how Novichok, the 'military-grade', 'most deadly' poison, never kills anyone. Where are, by the way, the Skripals? Will Navalny now get vanished just like they were? Other questions one might ask (and will never get answered)..."


Novichock Claims: Russia Ready to Cooperate with Germany on Navalny Poisoning - Moscow

"RT's Murad Gazdiev digs deeper into the allegations being thrown Moscow's way."


George Galloway: German 'Novichock Poisoning' Claims Over Navalny Will Prompt Familar Circus of Sanctions and Russia Demonisation. But Who Benefits?

"Wearisome though it may be to point out the bleeding obvious, I must do so. What conceivable gain would the Kremlin stand to make in the killing by Novichok of Alexey Navalny?"


President Trump said there is “not any proof yet” of Kremlin involvement in the poisoning of corruption fighter Alexei Navalny and urged reporters to focus their criticism on China instead, the Daily Beast reports.

Said Trump: “It is interesting that everyone’s always mentioning Russia… but I think probably China at this point is a nation you should be talking about much more so than Russia.”


Craig Murray: Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense

"Once Navalny was in Berlin it was only a matter of time before it was declared that he was poisoned with Novichok. The Russophobes are delighted. This of course eliminates all vestiges of doubt about what happened to the Skripals, and proves that Russia must be isolated and sanctioned to death and we must spend untold billions on weapons and security services.

We must also increase domestic surveillance and crack down on dissenting online opinion. It also proves that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet and Brexit is a Russian plot. I am going to prove beyond all doubt that I am a Russian troll by asking the question Cui Bono?, brilliantly identified by the Integrity Initiative's Ben Nimmo as a sure sign of Russian influence..."


On Navalny

"i cried in his office because people in his mayoral campaign were talking about the need to make  moscow more slavic. i appreciate his anti-corruption stuff but he is quite fash." [fascist]

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

I think most of us were already aware that Navalny was an extreme nationalist, and also presented no political threat to Putin. If anything, he helped Putin by drawing supporters who might otherwise have gone to more dangerous rivals. So, Putin had nothing to gain by poisoning him.

Nonetheless, it does appear that Navalny was poisoned by someone, and a U.S. or allied intelligence agency seems like a pretty strong possibility. Still, questions remain.

Did the perps actually use novichok to poison him, or something else, and simply had the Germans falsify their analysis to claim that it was novichok?

If one of the objectives was to stop the nordstream pipeline, why would the Merkel government cooperate with that, since they still seem committed to the project?

Does this mean that Germany is now all in on the "isolate and strangle Russia" strategy? It didn't seem to be buying that plan over the last decade or so, when did that change?


Good questions. We shall see.


Greyzone: In Navalny Poisoning, Rush to Judgement Threatens New Russia-NATO Crisis

"Claims that Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok are threatening a new standoff between Russia and NATO states. Navalny's opposition action is 'marginal in Russian politics - it's not currently a threat to the Kremlin,' says Fred Weir, a [Canadian] veteran correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor..."


In Navalny Poisoning, Rush to Judgement Threatens New Russia-NATO Crisis

"Claims that Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok are threatening a new standoff between Russia and NATO states. Navalny's opposition activism is 'marginal in Russian politics - it's not currently a threat to the Kremlin,' says Fred Weir, a [Canadian] veteran correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor..."


Navalny Case/Kremlin Urges Data Exchange, Says it Has Not Seen Poison Proof

"Moscow is urging Berlin to share information about the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny as international pressure over the case mounts."


The Great Navalny Novichok Poison Plot Unravels...

"The Navalny poison plot spread to Paris on Monday, compelling President Emmanuel Macron to telephone President Vladimir Putin to explain what a French chemical laboratory has just done with evidence sent from Berlin by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Macron told Putin he agreed 'German specialists must send to Russia the biomaterials and an official statement on the test results of the samples collected from Alexei Navalny, and must start working together with Russian doctors.'

Macron also  agreed 'to contribute towards determining the parameters of possible interaction withy European partners.' This wording of the Kremlin communique meant that Macron and Putin decided to discuss with German Chancellor Angela Merkel how the Chancellor can extricate herself from the Novichok fabrications they now believe were initiated by Navalny's staff and a British agent..."


EU Tries Not to Lag Behind US in Its Attempts to 'Punish' Russia - Lavrov

"...Unfortunately, the EU has chosen the path of sacrificing its own geopolitical and strategic interests for the sake of immediate wishes not to lag behind the US in what is called 'punishing Russia.' We have got accustomed to this,' Lavrov said.

Speaking on Russia's possible response to the new Western sanctions, the top diplomat noted that Moscow would not leave these steps unanswered, stressing that 'no one abandoned the principle of reciprocity in international affairs..."


Kremlin calls intercepted!  (audio)

"A bombshell intercepted phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally, conclusively proved every claim the CIA and its unpaid interns in the mainstream corporate media have made about the dastardly Kremlin."


A look at the relationship between Putin and the United Russia Party:

Over the years, United Russia has experienced many challenges: pension reform, regional elections, the Moscow City Duma elections of 2019. Alliance with United Russia created more of a negative reputation then the help it used to be. Therefore, a deep crisis of the “official” party system in Russia is evident. The primary reason for that is not so much the way the systemic parties comported themselves during the election, but rather that this entire arrangement as such has lost any meaning. It was created in the middle of the previous decade when the situation in the country was altogether different. Putin broke with United Russia when he launched his latest presidential bid after being affiliated with the party since 2001, and the candidates endorsed by United Russia lost in almost half of the Moscow districts in the September 2019 parliamentary elections. The September 2018 gubernatorial elections in Russia’s regions produced a crisis for the party, too. But unlike the elections themselves, this crisis is far from being regional. It presents a vivid illustration of the rapidly progressing degradation of the highest echelon of Russia’s system of power, including the office of the country’s president.

Putin recognized the damage done to the party by public perceptions and corruption: “United Russia is a ruling party. Yes, to an extent this is the way it really is. But this does not mean at all that the party fully identifies itself with every official in power or with each level of the executive branch,” he said. “Loudmouths and opportunists who have been clinging to the ruling party status can betray not just the party itself but our country as well,” Putin added. “This has happened more than once in our history, including the most recent one.”

The way United Russia exists today has no political future, no other instruments for electoral victory or sustainability, just as there is no need for them in the current political climate in Russia. It is much more likely that in such a reality the Kremlin is engaged not in a search for a way to transition power down the road, but for exactly the opposite—developing plans for avoiding the transition of power and strengthening the regime with United Russia or without it.

For years, there have been no new faces, no new content, and no change either at the Congress itself or in United Russia. People are tired of the same faces and the same lies. Every year, the party threatens to launch some projects that sound like “help people,” “promote youth,” or “deploy the party facing the people.” Last year, it gave money for the Clean Country and Digital Party projects. This year, it will give to “political multifunctional centers.” I can’t say that all these initiatives are completely pointless: maybe they can help someone somewhere, but they are a cherry on a cardboard cake.

Furthermore, by supporting the myth of Putin’s infallibility, the party has painted itself into a corner. After so many years of funneling all power and authority for all aspects of running the country to the very top of the hierarchy—Putin himself—the party no longer reserves any authority for itself. The actors in the system of government are losing the ability and the will to resolve any issues, at least in the absence of direct involvement by Mr. Putin himself. The disconnect between the Russian government and the people is growing ever larger.


From above:

Maj. Gen Charles Dunlap, David Eisenhower, Brig Gen Thomas V Draude, Robert McFarlane, Robert D Kaplan etc. Nothing like an American 'national security' stink-tank to bring us up to speed on Russia.


Although it is clear that the world must move off fossil fuels, this does not mean that there are no risks to the environment in carrying out this process, as the following example of extensive pollution in Russia by Nornickel's (one of the world's largest Arctic polluters) mining of nickel for electric car motors for Tesla and other companies illustrates. 

Every year in August and September, the people of Ust’-Avam, a remote indigenous community located in the Taimyr region of the Russian Arctic, toss nets into the Avam River to catch tugunok fish, an important traditional food. This year, the community stopped fishing early, around the start of the month. There were no tugunok to be found. Nor could locals find the fish at other common sites along the river basin fed by Lake Pyasino, which lies just a few miles north of the industrial city of Norilsk.

Gennady Shchukin, a member of the Dolgan ethnic group, has little doubt about the culprit: In late May, a reserve fuel tank at a power plant near Norilsk burst open, flooding local waterways with an estimated 23,000 tons of diesel oil. The spilled oil drifted for miles, turning part of the Ambarnaya River that feeds Lake Pyasino bright red. Norilsk Nickel, the Russian nickel mining company responsible for the spill, says it acted swiftly to contain the pollution. But Shchukin worries the contamination is far more widespread than the company claims, and that his people will be living with the consequences for years. ...

Last month, Aborigen Forum, a group of Russian indigenous activists and leaders that Shchukin heads up, launched a campaign to raise awareness of Norilsk Nickel’s impacts on their communities and to demand restitution. Rather than focus on an obscure Arctic mining company, Aborigen Forum is appealing to someone more likely to grab international headlines: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.

Nickel is a key ingredient in the cathodes of electric car batteries, allowing them to store more energy more cheaply. Tesla, and other EV makers, need lots of it. ...

“We don’t want the next industrial revolution of electric cars and clean energy developed for the price of indigenous peoples’ rights and traditional lands,” said Dmitry Berezhkov, a member of the Aborigen Forum network and the coordinator of a social media campaign to get Musk’s attention. ...

Aborigen Forum’s appeal to Musk was inspired by an appeal from the Tesla CEO himself. In a second-quarter earnings call in July, Musk was asked what are the biggest constraints to Tesla’s battery production capabilities. His response: nickel.

“Any mining companies out there: Please mine more nickel,” Musk said on the call. “Tesla will give you a giant contract, for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.”

Norilsk Nickel, also known as Nornickel, is one of the largest nickel producers on Earth. It claims to be the largest producer of so-called class 1 or high-purity nickel, the type coveted by battery manufacturers. Demand for high-purity nickel is predicted to surge as the electric car market grows. ...

Even before this year’s oil spill, Nornickel was one of the biggest polluters in the entire Arctic. Its nickel production sites on the Taimyr Peninsula and its refineries on the Kola Peninsula are both enormous sources of regional air pollution; the Taimyr operations alone are responsible for roughly double the annual sulfur dioxide emissions of the entire United States, according to a figure Greenpeace Russia attributes to The Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. Discharges of contaminated wastewater from Nornickel’s industrial facilities have resulted in severe heavy metal pollution in nearby water bodies and soils. Locals, Shchukin says, call the area around the city of Norilsk — a vast wasteland of dead trees and mud — “poison territory.”


Nuclear Extortion: Trump Admin Stalls US-Russia Treaty Talks

"The Trump administration is on the verge of killing New START, the last remaining treaty limiting the nuclear arsenals of US & Russia. A failure to extend it will likely trigger a new arms race. This should be getting exponentially more attention."


Putin participates in the plenary session on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club


Putin on the role of the state in the economy

"...An important task is abandoning the practice of unrestrained and unlimited consumption - over consumption - in favour of judicious and reasonable sufficiency, when you do not live just for today but also think about tomorrow."


Putin: Russia-China military alliance can't be ruled out

"Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday there is no need for a Russia-China military alliance now, but noted it could be forged in the future. Asked during a video conference with international foreign policy experts whether a military union between Moscow and Beijing was possible, Putin replied that 'we don't need it, but, theoretically it's quite possible to imagine it.'

Russia and China have hailed their 'strategic partnership' but so far rejected any talk about the possibility of their forming a military alliance. 'The time will show how it will develop,' the Russian president said, adding that 'we won't exclude it.' Putin on Thursday emphasized the importance of extending the New START treaty that expires in February, Russia's last arms control pact with the United States. Former vice president Joe Biden's campaign has accused Trump of being soft on Russia..."