The Rwanda hit list: revisionism, denial and the genocide conspiracy

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The Rwanda hit list: revisionism, denial and the genocide conspiracy

The Rwanda Hit List: Revisionism, Denial and the Genocide Conspiracy by Keith Harmon Snow

"For the last 15 years, I have been investigating multinational criminal rackets and propaganda about Central Africa. I investigated massacres, assassinations, torture, rape as a weapon of war, and disappearance, individuals and groups, multinational corporations, state and non state actors, Africans and non-Africans...the backers, partners, allies and propagandists of the Kagame and Museveni regimes who are from the US, UK, Canada and Europe..."

Issues Pages: 

Rwanda Accuses Hotel Rwanda Hero of 'Double Genocide Theory'

" - a million people died,

  - the vast majority of those who died were not Tutsi but Hutu,

 - American, French and Belgian leaders, including Bill Clinton and the CIA knew what was happening every day as the massacres continued,

- current Rwandan President Paul Kagame a US ally trained at Ft Leavenworth Kansas, is guility of war crimes of an extraordinary scale."

And Canada and her brave General were not as depicted in the movie versions either...


[url=]Lawyers Who Reveal the Truth: The Arrest and Threats to the Life of Attorney Professor Peter Erlinder[/url]

The Arrest and Threats to the Life of Attorney Professor Peter Erlinder for producing relevant UN records before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

The arrest of attorney Professor Peter Erlinder by the government of Rwanda headed by President Paul Kagame, his deteriorating medical condition and the false information given by the Chief of Police Rwanda that Professor Peter Erlinder,

Lead Defense Counsel before the Security Council appointed Special International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda , President of the Association des Advocats de La Defense before the ICTR, earlier a Judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan at Tokyo, attempted to commit suicide while in jail, by taking 50 tablets of prescribed blood pressure tablets and tranquilizers which his daughter Sarah Erlinder , an attorney in Arizona has described as an attempt on his life, by laying the ground work to kill him and pass it off as suicide; has outraged prominent associations of Lawyers the world over including Counsel for Defense at the ICTR and the ICC , many of whom are considering withdrawing from all proceedings of the Security Council appointed Special Tribunals, in view of the witch hunt to which Professor Peter Erlinder is being subjected ,for bringing forth documentary evidence from UN and US records during the course of the trials that exposed the Rwanda Patriotic Front of President Paul Kagame, a military officer trained at Fort Leavenworth in the United States, for being responsible for the special military operation against the then Rwandan government and a major role in the killings in Rwanda, of both Tutsis and Hutus, in which the RPF was a key player which was subsequently passed off by international propaganda through the global media as a genocide only against one group, the Tutsis, to camouflage the role of the RPF led by President Kagame in the assassinations of then President of Rwanda Habyarimana and the President of Burundi for the take over of Rwanda and the subsequent aggression into Central Africa for the control of the region for the "blood diamonds" , " blood casserite ( tin) and "blood colten"(cellphones) of the Eastern Congo in which already 6 million have been killed, with the government of Rwanda acting as a surrogate for outside powers, in the "Great Game " for Africa



Hey FIdel Just posted the same piece to the African affairs western agendas thread - Good, it certainly warrants repetition.

People like Romeo Dallaire and Louise Arbour have a lot of explaining to do - lucky for them there seems to be no MSM journalists here up to the task of doing anything but puff pieces on either of them and continue the great lie of 'peacekeeper' or 'esteemed jurist'. Just imagine, the whole central thesis of the Rwanda genocide has been overturned and toppled by the outstanding work of the ICTR Defense Team, under the worst possible conditions, and Kagame can still throw an international lawyer of this stature in jail - and hardly anybody knows or cares. It's an awful country with awful contradictions and awful blindnesses.




[url=]U.S./U.N. cover-up of Kagame’s genocide in Rwanda and Congo[/url]

A long-standing code of silence inside the U.N. is coming to an end regarding what is probably the largest genocide ever since the U.N. founding: the genocide committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front since 1990

On Aug. 27, the French daily Le Monde leaked the news that a long [url=]report by U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay[/url](pdf) [3] of South Africa calls the “systematic, methodical and pre-meditated crimes perpetrated against the Hutu” by the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) in Zaire in 1996-1997 “crimes against humanity, war crimes, and even genocide crimes.” The report has not yet been officially released but is already circulating freely. 

The victims were “mostly children, women, the elderly and the sick.” The investigation looks at the crimes perpetrated in Zaire/Congo throughout the decade 1993-2003. Rwanda is not the only country incriminated. But, according to Le Monde’s Jean-Philippe Rémy, the RPF’s systematic extermination of Rwandan Hutu refugees and other Congolese Hutu – either by violent force or by systematically blocking food supplies sent especially to them – could be considered “the crux of the report.” At any rate, it is clear this extensive report is “devastating, especially for Rwanda,” as Christophe Châtelot, in turn, points out in the excellent cover article [4].

Nevertheless, both articles end by reaching the same major erroneous conclusion stated by most of the press articles that have appeared since the report was leaked: the need, they say, to establish a tribunal with jurisdictional authority over these crimes. Not only does such a court already exist but, on Feb. 6, 2008, it already issued arrest warrants against 40 RPF top officials who are allegedly responsible for the crimes in Congo referred to in the new U.N. report....

[url= Le Monde article[/url] (en Francais)

[url=Rwanda"> Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide[/url]  


Top Secret: Rwanda War Crimes Cover Up

"There is strong direct and circumstantial evidence that the Belgian and Canadian contingents of the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda in 1993-94, known as UNAMIR were also involved in the shootdown and assisted the RPF in their final offensive that was launched with the decapitation strike on the [Presidential] plane. It was the Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, Force Commander of UNAMIR who arranged for one axis of the runway at the airport to be closed at the request of the RPF, making it easier to shoot down the plane as it tried to land..."

Gives a whole new meaning to 'shake hands with the devil'. Looks like he really did. And more.


Engler: Why Do Raptors Associate With Blood-Stained Dictator?

"It's time to call a technical foul on Toronto Raptors' General Manager Masai Ujiri for his ties to one of the world's most ruthless dictators..."


Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Yves Engler, 2018 Year Ender (podcast)

Two devils shook hands: Canada, Rwanda and the myth of Canadian beneficence....


"Another political aide to Opposition Leader Victoire Ingabine has been murdered in Paul Kagame's Rwanda. Syridon Dusabumureymi was brutally stabbed tonight. The latest assassination in a country run by criminals."

Criminals installed and supported with Canadian help.