Saudi troops enter Bahrain to help crush the protests

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[url= protests mar Bahrain Grand Prix[/url]

Al Jazeera wrote:
But regardless of how Salah died, the claim of many Shia protesters that Formula One is racing on their blood becomes harder to argue against.

Bahrain's crown prince took a tour of the F1 paddock on Friday, and insisted the event would go ahead.

According to Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa "political parties across the whole spectrum, both conservative and opposition, have welcomed the race." Cancelling it, he said, would only empower "extremists".

Almost anywhere you go in Bahrain this weekend, the official message looks down at you from billboards and hoardings: the word "Unified", with the F1 logo making up the "f" and the "i" of that slogan.

But other sights belie the branding.

Razor wire has been laid out around many of Manama's satellite Shia villages, scorch marks on the roads are evidence of nights of violent clashes, and armed police are everywhere....


Further protests from Bahrain's restive Shia population are planned this weekend, including one near the Sakhir race track on Sunday.

Violence will almost certainly accompany them. Bernie Ecclestone, F1's ruling king, has insisted from the get-go that Bahrain is a safe country to race in.

If Salah could still speak, he would probably tell you it's not such a safe country to live in.


NDPP wrote:
wow honest journalist admits truth - if only the corrupt know-nothings at CBC would admit the obvious here.

They state the obvious in so many headlines, with emphasis depending on the situation.  There is a certain consistency that might not be obvious for some however.

Bahrain struggles to contain unrest as F1 returns

The everyday brutality that is Assad's Syria

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Anonymous has hacked the Formula One website:


'Muslims Worldwide Will Not Put Up With KSA-Bahrain Merger Bid

"...The senior Iranian cleric further called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) to end the silence of world bodies and atone for the previous disregard of the atrocities committed in Bahrain.."


[url=]... of Bahrain Centre for Human Rights gets 3 months in prison for "insulting" tweet[/url]


Rajab, who has been a major figure in organising demonstrations during the country's 16-month protest movement, spent three weeks in jail in June under investigation after suggesting in a tweet that residents of the Muharraq district had made a recent show of support for Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman, the country's prime minister, only for financial gain. 

"A group of people from Muharraq lodged a complaint against the defendant for slandering them with insulting expressions (via publication)," the Bahrain News Agency said, citing chief prosecutor Nayef Yusuf Mahmoud.

It also said that Rajab's statements made on the social media site Twitter had cast doubt on their patriotism.

Mohammed al-Jishi, Rajab's lawyer, said the complaint was raised by a group of around 50 people, including retired army and security officers.


Good CAW wages paid to build those Canadian-built protest-crushers too..


Where are the protests from western government officials? Western hypocrisy at its worst as usual.

<a href="">Denise Savoie</a> wrote:
Canadian arms-export permits to Saudi Arabia jumped from an average of around $100 million per year to $4 billion in 2011. During the Arab awakening of that year, the [color=red]Saudi army drove Canadian-built light armoured vehicles into neighbouring Bahrain to brutally crush unarmed protests.[/color]

Preventing arms from falling into the wrong hands should be uncontroversial. Canada should show leadership during the negotiations of both the arms-trade treaty and by finally ratifying the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions.

$4B? WTF? Is this what Canadian veterans fought goddamned WW II for - so that Canada could aid imperialists in their brutal crackdowns on pro democracy protests in Bahrain? Harper is as big a hypocrite as they come.


N-no, we should place full blame for this vicious toadying squarely on Harper's shoulders. I think international law since Nuremberg says that heads of state are directly responsible for crimes of the state. Harper would not be able to pin this one on CAW workers. At least I don't think so.


Here's another dictatorship Canada befriends and whose oppression is ignored...

Anniversary of Bahrain's 2011 Uprising

George Galloway and his viewers discuss the anniversary of Bahrain's 2011 uprising against Ali Khalifa's oppressive colonialist rule and the continuing struggle they continue to wage, day after day, mostly without notice or support from outside.


'Bahraini-Canadian Relations Lauded' as Canada's Abu-Dhabi-based military attache visits, meets with Defence Affairs Minister and Bahrain Defence Forces commander.


'Listen To Police Telling Embassy Staff To Stop the Murder.' (and vid)

"This is a REGIME OF DESPOTS who execute people for protesting. The only reason they are allowed to exist is because of their strategic position in relation to OIL and balance of power in the Middle East. Useful Dogs of War. So much for the ARAB SPRING. The workers were crushed."


"The UK, US, Canadian & French regimes are the guarantors of Saudi occupation and Al Khalifa atrocities in Bahrain. This will not last much longer, as the region is moving towards enormous change. When the volcano erupts, western cruelty across the region will be remembered."