Should Canada promote the creation of a world military force?

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Should Canada promote the creation of a world military force?

Considering how much money indivicual countries spend on their military forces, and that even the poorest of countries have no choice but to spend large sums of money on their military in the absence of any alternative, do you think it would be a good idea for Canada to promote the creation of a world military force of, let's say, a maximum of 100,000 well-trained and equipped men with the mandate of enforcing international laws?

 I believe that such a force could allow some nations to reduce their national military spending considerably, and perhaps some nations even completely, by relying either in whole or in part on this common force.

What would be your thoughts on this?


Don't we already have NATO ? Seriously, who would command this World Army ? Whose interests would it serve ? Some World Government with a President of the World ? Sounds very totalitarian and Orwellian to me.

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The U.S. has already done this. The results ain't pretty.


i can't seriously believe people are discussing this.


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LeighT! Thank you! My brain has been on vacation. Sorry, everyone.

Machjo, this is a progressive website. We don't discuss, theoretically or hypothetically, the creation of a world military force.

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