Shut down all nuclear plants!

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Shut down all nuclear plants!

Half-Life of Memory: Unforgetting the ‘American Chernobyl’

but now comes the trick in this trick extended lede: All of this happened in the United States, just outside of Denver, Colorado, at the Rocky Flats Plant. Between 1952 and 1989, Rocky Flats was the U.S. government’s main factory for building thermonuclear weapons. As current Colorado Gov. Jared Polis testified before Congress, in 1969, Rocky Flats “nearly became America’s own Chernobyl,” with Denver rendered a radioactive forbidden zone—”[t]he day they almost lost Denver,” as journalist Len Ackland wrote in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Sean in Ottawa

I hate clickbait titles for threads. If you think your topic is interestesting put a title that makes it clear what the subject is.


Amen to that.


New, better designed nuclear reactors are a CO2-free source of energy and are finally begining to replace the coal-burner in Chinese power plants, an enormous source of climate-warming CO2


Without fossil fuels its a given that power generation will be water, solar, wind and nuclear. Saying anything else is BS like Germany saying they don't have nuclear power when they buy power from nuclear plants in nearby countries

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Most of the analysis I've seen concludes that nuclear will be required at least as a bridge from fossil fuel energy to fully renewable sources. Also, newer reactor designs are more efficient and safer than the current generation.



Without fossil fuels its a given that power generation will be water, solar, wind and nuclear......

..all of which have questionable dangerous effects on the planet, and certainly as seen in the case of Bolivia, over the war over Lithium, ongoing support for the capitalist elites.....

No the solution lies not in technics, so much in social reorganization to drastically limit our energy needs, limiting transport needs, freight needs, relince on chemical inputs into industrial agriculture...etc.