South Africa votes - 2009

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Wilf Day
South Africa votes - 2009

In the no-surprise victory of the ANC, the only real news is in the nine provinces.

In the provincial house of KwaZula - Natal, King Buthelezi and his Inkatha party, which have run it since the end of apartheid, are out. The ANC controls it, on the coattails of Jacob Zuma, a Zulu.

The new Congress of the People is the Official Opposition in five of the nine provinces. The old opposition, the Democratic Alliance, governs Western Cape but is the largest opposition party only in Gauteng, and in Mpumalanga where COPE is oddly weak. Inkatha is the opposition in KwaZulu - Natal, and the ANC is the opposition in Western Cape.


aka Mycroft

However, the ANC has fallen below the 66% threshold for the first time. That is the supermajority level needed to be able to unilaterally amend the constitution.