South African Awaits Ruling to Take Bank(s) to Trial

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South African Awaits Ruling to Take Bank(s) to Trial

My first thread here at rabble and a story with the potential for far reaching repercussions.

There does not appear to be much, if any, in the way of news reporting on it but the fellow is easily found by doing a standard search.

His name is Michael Tellinger and he is awaiting a ruling on summary judgement brought by  Standard Bank of South Africa

Those familiar with the concept of fractional reserves and modern banking practices of creating "money" through the monetization and securitization of our signatures on promissory notes, etc...will find this case fascinating.

Those unfamiliar with the concepts would do well to do a little research and follow along.

If the judge denies summary judgement this fellow claims that he will take the bank to trial and call "expert" witnesses, along with, I believe, gov officials, the head of the central bank, etc... to testify as to the fraudulent practices of modern banking.

As I say, the implications are far reaching to say the least.

The hearing is available in an audio recording and I think Mr. Tellinger handles himself admirably.

Although...I'm astonished that he never mentioned fractional reserves until very near the end. I'm really, really surprised he didn't talk about that more.

The judge is clearly confused as to how "money" is created...out of debt...and the role of the central banks. Hopefully he is sufficiently confused to push this over to trial.

I think he did a very good job, otherwise. The opposing attorney had very little to say...and the judge was very generous in the time he gave.

I wish him the best of luck and will be anxiously awaiting the judge's ruling.

You can find a bit more about the story and the audio HERE Be warned, tho. It's just over 2 hours long and quite engrossing :)

This appears to be a report of a previous hearing