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April 21 emergency and solidarity meeting- toronto:


The tiger in the eye of the storm


Arundhati Roy : "Colossal humanitarian tragedy" (video)



Nirmala Rajasingam has a history with the LTTE (in the earlier years) where she didn't get what she wanted from the LTTE. Her views of Women liberation was different from the rest of the LTTE's view which ended up in internal debate which forced her out of the organization. This is far as I know from the back of my head, I will give you more information when I have time, if I forget please remind me.


In Ottawa, protest part of the landscape


Nirmala Rajasingam is a Sri Lankan Tamil activist who lives in exile in London. She is a member of the steering committee of the Sri Lanka Democracy Forum (SLDF: www., an international network of progressive diaspora voices. She was the first woman to be detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the early 1980s, survived the government-engineered Welikade prison massacre, and was subsequently freed from prison by LTTE guerrillas. She left the LTTE as a result of the lack of internal democracy within the movement and its serious human-rights abuses.

I offer her views merely for information, as a different voice from within the Tamil diasporic community. 


Sri Lanka: Tigers' Issue Ending?

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