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Colombo hails UN 'diplomatic win'


Sri Lanka: State of emergency to remain after war


UN rejects calls for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry


Sri Lanka forces West to retreat over ‘war crimes' with victory at UN


Scale of Sri Lanka aid effort ‘huge,' says UN humanitarian wing


In Sri Lanka, Red Cross Barred from "Interment" Camps Despite UN's Rosy Picture

Sri Lanka: UN Rights Council Fails Victims

Military massacre in Sri Lanka does not end Tamil struggle


Agony, uncertainty for Sri Lanka's war displaced

Rights diplomats fail to find Sri Lanka compromise

Pakistan and S.Lanka conflicts 'erode human rights'

Pak claims key role in SL victory over LTTE


UN vote on Sri Lanka under attack

Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka stoned


Ottawa denounces Sri Lanka embassy attack


I am glad there is opposition to the UN 'Human Rights' Council's outrageous stand.

Thanks for ongoing updates on this.


Unprincipled, shameless, "Orwellian" UN resolution ever - Prof. Boyle


Can The United States Rescue the Human Rights Council?

SRI LANKA: Aid agencies call for unfettered access to IDP camps

Wrong Lesson From Sri Lanka


End of war can spark instability in SL's Tamil areas: CSM

Tamils escape the horrors of war to internment behind razor wire

EU expresses regret as Sri Lanka avoids war crimes probe

At UN, Sri Lanka Sinks Lower than the Basement, Ban Criticized on Human Rights

UN rights chief presses for Sri Lanka probe

Aid groups blocked from former Sri Lanka war zone


UN condemns 'unacceptably high' Sri Lanka death toll

Aid Slowly Reaching Sri Lanka's War Refugees

A peace requiring more soldiers than the war itself

UN praise for Sri Lanka criticised

A disgraceful vote which discredits the UN Human Rights Council

Praise for Sri Lanka raises questions of how effective UN really is

Sri Lankan Army and Tamil Tigers had vast stocks of weapons

Bunkers and carnage: picture that shows how Tamil refugees were caught in conflict

Slaughter in Sri Lanka

Photographs show destruction and despair of Sri Lanka's no-fire zone

Times photographs expose Sri Lanka's lie on civilian deaths at beach

Calls for war crimes inquiry over 20,000 civilian deaths in Sri Lanka

The hidden massacre: Sri Lanka's final offensive against Tamil Tigers

Sri Lanka's sacrifice of life may sow seeds of a new conflict

Sri Lankan army accused of massacring 20,000 Tamil civilians in final assault

Sri Lanka rejects deaths report


thanks for those items.

its good the UN Human Rights Chief continues to call for a war crimes inquiry, as at the google article in #3 above, but i don't like the spin that is in that article, nor others, which seems to pit 'the West' against Russia, China, India, and 'Islamic countries', implying 'the West' wants accountability vs. others who don't.  that's simplistic, seeing as a rabble article on the subject last week, which you've linked in the last thread, noted documentation of US military advisors months before [under Bush] helping the Sri Lankan state plan the assault on Tamils.

and the UN can only function as well as the 192 countries making it up.  people around the world need to create real democracy, and accountability.



UN Concealed Carnage to Keep Sri Lanka Goodwill - Le Monde


Call to free British medic held in Sri Lanka war zone


UN Officials complicit in aiding, abetting GoSL's Nazi-type crimes - Prof. Boyle


Government buries 47 IDP bodies in 14 days in Mannaar


Evidence points to Colombo culpability to Tamil massacre - Washington Post


On Sri Lanka, UN's Dodging Comes Home to Roost, UK Could Have Put on Council Agenda


INTERVIEW-World may never know Sri Lanka death toll - UN


Colombo detains three doctors, witnesses of the war on Tamil rebels


The UN has failed the Tamils


Silicon Valley's gift to Sri Lanka is in shambles, damaged by the civil war


Sri Lankan government prepares broad attack on democratic rights


Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe


Fresh Reports, Imagery Contradict Sri Lanka on Civilian No-Fire Zone


Sri Lanka's death toll much higher, groups say


Amnesty International urges UN to release Sri Lankan civilian death toll

UN chief knew Tamil civilian toll had reached 20,000


Dining with Terrorists - Part 1

Dining with Terrorists - Part 2

Dining with Terrorists - Part 3

Dining with Terrorists - Part 4


Witness to disaster


Sri Lanka rules out outside probe


Sri Lanka Tamils 'facing misery'


Defeat of Tamil Tigers not the end of the struggle

Lankan Tamil's plight getting on screen by Bharathiraja's hand


India failed to do enough to protect civilian lives in Lankan war - Human Rights Groups


UN can investigate Sri Lanka's actions - war crimes judge


Disease outbreak in Sri Lankan camps imminent, says Christian Aid


SLA officials accused of taking bribes from Vanni detainees


SLanka seeks to dismantle Tigers' global network


Tamils fear bout of ethnic cleansing,25197,25564955-25837,00.html


Sri Lanka's crucial role in Indian Ocean power struggle


Time for Witness


India 'complicit' in killing of 20,000 civilians in Sri Lanka


India accused of complicity in deaths of Sri Lankan Tamils


UN-based estimates put Sri Lankan civilian death toll at 20,000


Missing Tiger spy chief spells trouble


Margolis: An End to Sri Lanka's Nightmare


from above: "we condemn the vandalism, Canada is a symbol of hope, peace and equality for millions around the world and we, Tamil Canadians, see this as an attack on these principles," said Canadian Tamil Congress leader and spokesman David Poopalapillai

"[U.S.] Deputy Assistant Secretary Scher said the US government was pleased that Sri Lanka had defeated the LTTE terrorists, and asked Ambassador Wickramasuriya to extend congratulations to the government and military of Sri Lanka": US Officials Congratulate Sri Lanka -

One doesn't know what to make of the statement of the CTC above. Surely he is aware that in all such matters Canada acts vis a vis the US as satan's little helper? Make no mistake, the position of Ottawa does not differ from that of Washington, despite the fervent hopes of Tamils or Canadians.



Sri Lanka 'to send Briton home'

UN rejects S Lanka toll cover-up


Working in Sri Lanka's camps calls for creative thinking

High Casualties From Use of Banned Arms

Tamil Refugees in India: the world must not forget the crimes of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka rebels condemn UN over human rights inaction


Sri Lanka 13,130 Missing IDPs Reported But Downplayed By UN, Journalist Beaten


Press freedom campaigner beaten as Sri Lanka tries to silence the media


Britain sold weapons to help Sri Lankan army defeat Tamil Tigers


Sri Lankan war victims' stories untold


Bloggingheads: Sri Lanka Aftermath

(Mark Leon Goldberg, left, of UN Dispatch and Matthew Lee of Inner City Press discuss post-conflict Sri Lanka)


Sri Lanka on guard for separatist revival - minister


Stark warnings for those seen traitors in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Sees Foreign Investment Quadrupling as Civil War Ends


Sri Lanka president thanks allies

Access to Displaced Tamils Better, But Still Limited


Sri Lanka: Tamil detainees kept in appalling conditions

On Sri Lanka, Ban Will Brief in UN Basement June 5, Of "Missing" IDPs and Ms. Butenis



Sri Lanka Says It Will Find Home-Grown Solution to Tamil Issue

UPDATE:Sri Lanka Trade Min:IMF Emergency Loan Approval Close


SLanka holds victory parade to mark Tigers' defeat

Tamil protest bound for Hill


More disruptions expected downtown as Tamil protests to resume


Aid workers forced to leave Sri Lanka under strict new visa rules

Vavuniya district, Sri Lanka: Treating the wounded and medical emergencies remains a priority


Sri Lankan rights group receives threatening letter

Washington Lobbyists Cash In On War in Sri Lanka


The Tamil struggle and the challenges of solidarity


When Pigs Fly -- and Scold: Brits Lecturing Sri Lanka! - By Gary Brecher

Ken Burch

jimbabwe, I'm fairly sure that's a hate site you've linked to.




D.C. District Court grants time extension for IMF case

Vanni IDPs live under appalling condition: Sri Lankan Chief Justice

Sri Lanka: Avoid a Postwar Witch Hunt


Tamils protest on Parliament Hill

President Rajapaksa proclaims himself father of the nation

'Sinhalese hate us, we won't return to Lanka'

19 Sri Lankan refugees rescued


India concerned about displaced Tamils, might send special envoy to SL

Sri Lanka May Sell Rupee as Post-War Inflows Increase

Sri Lanka: A 'Quite Indescribable' Scene After War Ends

Gwynne Dyer: Sri Lanka needs to address Tamil grievances

Statement from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on the Tamil demonstration in Ottawa today

China to help rebuild Lankan economy after LTTE war

Sri Lankan minister seeks Japanese aid, rejects rights probe


Tamils rally on Hill in plea for civilians

Protest shines light on plight of post-war Tamils


Investigating War Crimes in Sri Lanka Illusion and Reality


CBC The Current show today on Jaffna Library burning 28 years (Part 3: Jaffna Tamil Library - Cheran)


13,130 IDPs, UN says 'not missing, just double counting'


Last hours in the battle front; what's next, explains S.Pathmanathan


UN's Legal Threats to Press


The link I provided is an interesting perspective on the hypocrisy of some Western observers who moralize about the recent turn of events in the Sri Lankan civil war.  I don't know why the site would be considered a hate site any more than, say, the Onion would be.

Ken Burch

What about the line about the religious/ethnic identity of "studio owners".  What the hell was that?


UPDATE 1-U.N. ready to support Sri Lanka war inquiry-Pillay


SLanka seizes ship with supplies for war-hit civilians


Sri Lanka Aims to Increase Tourist Arrivals by 20% as War Ends


Too many heroes


Sri Lanka doctors 'to be tried'


Sri Lanka holds 'Tamil aid ship'


Sri Lanka team targeted by protests over government's Tamil policies


Australians in Sri Lanka refugee camps


U.N. ready to support Sri Lanka war inquiry - Pillay


Sri Lanka War Wounded in Factory, Makeshift Clinics


U.N. Security Council Must Demand Immediate Access and Accountability in Sri Lanka, Says Amnesty International


Sri Lanka says up to 5,000 civilians died in Tigers battle


Sri Lanka and India seek to patch up relations


Sri Lanka : Ten Myths


Why Doctors from Sri Lanka's Combat Zone May Face Jail,8599,1903022,00.html


Singer Hits Out At 'Concentration Camps'


Is it the end of the LTTE?


The neglect of Sri Lanka's tent people


Sri Lankan president's speech: another warning to working people


Tamils for Obama: Tamil Tigers Defunct, Should be Taken Off Terrorist List

Tamil doctors, who served inside safe zone placed on trial


US Senator asks Lankan Prez to address needs of Tamils


Sri Lanka: A Suppressed Nation


Human rights vs. state sovereignty


Ban asks Sri Lanka to heed calls for accountability, transparency

Aussies in for long haul as Sri Lanka stands firm,25197,25594964-25837,00.html

UN chief warns Sri Lanka against 'triumphalism'

UN chief urges war crimes probe in Sri Lanka


Ban Ki Moon to address Security Council on Sri Lanka 'war crimes'


Sarath Nanda Silva condemns 'internment' of Sri Lankan Tamils


UN chief urges Sri Lanka inquiry

Canadian Council for Refugess Resolution May 2009

SRI LANKA: Growing concern over nutrition of displaced children


Doctors who braved bombs in Sri Lanka imprisoned


SLankan FM denies 20,000 Tamils killed in onslaught

Do not approve IMF loan, Senators tell Clinton


Largest ammunition dump explodes in SLA Vavuniyaa camp


Sri Lanka rejects British Tamil aid ship

In Sri Lanka, Nambiar Believed President, Ban's Briefing Unnoticed, UN Studies Prosecution of Press


In Sri Lanka, UN Pays for Camps But No Legal Protections, Nor for NGOs, Will Council Hear?

More Sri Lankan displaced go home

'Our hands are tainted with blood,' admits Suryanarayan


Boyle, Fein charge Sri Lanka of Genocide in Chennai seminar


Slide shows of Tamil protests around the world


Sri Lanka Extends Anti-Terror Laws Despite Defeat Of Tigers


Grief and despondency in Sri Lanka's camps


China aided Sri Lanka bloodbath


Sri Lanka gets US$500 mln Chinese loan for low-cost housing


Tamil candidate comes third in Harrow EU poll


Tamil campaigner Euro vote boost


WMA Urges Sri Lankan President To Intervene On Behalf Of Government Doctors


Sri Lanka extends emergency laws


so still no aid to camps, no access to conflict zones, no war crimes tribunal, dissenters jailed and killed... 


Bob Rae denied entry into Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka turns Bob Rae away


Guilty plea in Tamil Tiger trial


On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Anti-Terror Law, Ban's Freetown Rep Not Worried By Protest


India blasts rivals' role in Sri Lanka


Fears for relatives' survival


CSIS beefs up screening for Tamil Tigers


INTERVIEW-S.Lanka sees $1.9 bln IMF deal end June


Pressure grows on UN for investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka


'Sri Lanka is afraid of dialogue'

Bob Rae issues statement after entry denied to Sri Lanka


thanks wrote:

so still no aid to camps, no access to conflict zones, no war crimes tribunal, dissenters jailed and killed... 

exactly, I don't see anything in favour of the Tamils in the near future as well (or the distant future), unless the Tigers come back.


Neelson accuses NGO of supporting "dictatorship masquerading as democracy"


UN concern over Sri Lanka camps


Sri Lanka Targets Tamil Tigers' Overseas Support Network


As Sri Lanka Deports Canadian MP, UN Has No Comment, Controls Questions To Be Asked

With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, Swiss Amb. Maurer on Violations of International Law, IMF Loan, Internment Camps, UN Budget

SRI LANKA: Crimes, dengue fever, attacks on journalists, problems of toilets and food and euphoric celebrations

Injustice fuels Sri Lanka's cycle of abuse and impunity


Major post-war aid to Sri Lanka will take time-Japan


Sri Lanka: JVP vehemently opposes any concessions to Tamils


Sri Lanka and Tiananmen: Time to accept the truth

Where next for Sri Lanka's Tamils?


Only peace can bring Tamils back to Sri Lanka

Probe war crimes

Sri Lanka: New Amnesty report reveals inability of Sri Lankan government to deliver justice

Amnesty says Sri Lanka fails to probe abuses


Surrendering Tamils were massacred by Sri Lankan army, says rights group


Bob Rae's Sri Lanka nightmare

Sri Lanka discredits itself

Sri Lanka chooses wrong target in Rae


Tories express 'displeasure' with Sri Lanka


How do you feel about Bob Rae's ejection from Sri Lanka?


India's seabed claim may lead to dispute with Sri Lanka


Release Sri Lankan displaced plea


SRI LANKA: "Too many people" at huge IDP camp - UN


On Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Contradicts His Colleague's Caution, Sudan Double Standard?


Sri Lanka Begins Painful Reconciliation


Yes, it's Toronto the good

Sri Lanka won't beg for aid: central bank chief


Humanity failed in Sri Lanka


UN's Ban Questioned on Record, on Sri Lanka, Half Time Pep Talk


Was expat behind Bob Rae's woes?


Tiger prisoner describes end of the war

Post-LTTE, Sri Lankan Tamil party warms up to India

Sri Lankan police interrogate doctors who witnessed war crimes


The disappeared


Sri Lankan war: the disappeared (16 pictures)


Media repression in Sri Lanka exposed


Camp disappearances reach alarming levels - Rights advocate

Tamils languishing in Sri Lankan Death Camps


the article at #39 says Sri Lanka is exploring for oil with various int'l partners in waters that were offshore from Tamil lands.

this is probably one of the most disgusting and blatant slaughters for oil in recent years, along with Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.



thanks wrote:
the article at #39 says Sri Lanka is exploring for oil with various int'l partners in waters that were offshore from Tamil lands.

this is probably one of the most disgusting and blatant slaughters for oil in recent years, along with Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.


There was/is speculation of another resource in the island other then oil (right in the one of the main domain of Tamil Eelam) that many countries would like to get a hold on specially India. Oil is another resource (mostly offshore from Tamil Eelam). Military/economic strategic importance of Trincomalee harbor is another big problem (the exact reason the Tigers crowned it as the capital of Tamil Eelam). The importance of the shipping lane is another problem that really has China worried (has to do with who will get the support of the Sinhalese as the shipping routes run mostly around the Sinhalese nation). As far as I know the Tigers were well aware of these and taken many actions to put it boldly that no one will have access to any of Tamil Eelam's natural resources as long as they are active (or until a Tamil government is able to take control of the resources).


'New government' for Tamil Tigers


Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, US Permanent Representative, on the UN Security Council and the Responsibility to Protect, at the International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar, June 15, 2009


As UN's Georgia Mission Faces Russian Axe, Selective Sovereignty

S.Lanka bourse up on IMF loan hopes, cbank buys dlrs

Youth 'disappear' from IDP camps

SRI LANKA: Registers on entry and leaving of internally displaced persons needs to be created urgently to prevent forced disappearances


On Sri Lanka, Norway Worried by Camps, WHO by Doctors, Bill Clinton on Tsunami

Canada to remain 'involved' with Sri Lanka on Tamils despite visa denial

Independent body needed to investigate Sri Lankan abuses - Amnesty

Sri Lanka abandons wartime human rights probe


Hard Talk: Erik Solheim - Minister of International Development, Norway


A Tamil Reflection


Families grateful for peaceful new lives

Sri Lankan government threatens Tamil parliamentarians


As Sri Lanka Cancels Its Self-Investigation, Ghoulish IDP Services for Fee, Where's UN?

World Vision: $3 million needed to prevent monsoon season catastrophe in Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger rebels' chance to keep the nationalist dream alive

Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers say struggle for separate state will continue from exile

Tamil Tigers herald new 'government in exile' in continued fight for homeland in Sri Lanka

Special Report: Journalists in Exile 2009

Uprooted Sri Lankans still face `tough time'

US nominee says Sri Lanka must help Tamils


Australian Tamils detained in Sri Lanka


Commonwealth should pressure Sri Lanka on crisis


Fresh Claims over Tamil Casualties


Tamil protest ends after 73 days

New call for S Lanka rights probe

Human rights groups call for probe of Sri Lanka war

Australia supports UN Population Fund in providing health care for displaced Sri Lankan women

Sri Lanka scoffs at new Tamil exiled government

Cancelled festival unsettles Tamils

Sri Lanka casts wider donor net

Leading article: Protests that do Britain proud

UN's Ban Protested for Inaction on Sri Lanka Ethnic Cleansing

UN's Ban Tips Hat to Protesters from High Above NY, Claims He Met With Tamils

Further signs of Sri Lanka's shift into China's orbit

Sri Lanka: International Investigation Needed


Sri Lanka May Become ‘Hong Kong of India' After War (Update2)

Wrong priorities in Sri Lanka

The Price of Sri Lanka's Victory

Tamil group issues warning about people-finding service

Channel 4 Video: Fresh claims over Tamil casualties


Sri Lanka war on words continues

Israeli humanitarian aid dispatched to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka fighting over, but much work remains, says Ban


Sri Lankan Tamils Ponder Future

Sri Lankans face tough time ahead

After the rout, fears for Sri-Lanka's Tamils

Tiger Under the Bed

Two UN staff reported missing in Vavuniyaa

UN's Ban Says Sri Lanka Was Not Initially In His Speech, As UNDP Goes Off the Record on Sexual Violence

Abuses In Sri Lanka Worry Human Rights Groups

Persuade Lanka to allow unloading of aid ship, Karunanidhi tells SM Krishna

The tragedy of refugees in Sri Lanka, hidden from the eyes of the world


IDPs 'suffering from eye diseases'


Sri Lanka's forgotten displaced Muslims


President to be in power 'for ever'


Sri Lankan president dissolves human rights investigations


As Sri Lanka Arrests Two UN Staff, UNHCR Offers Praise After Staying Silent


HSBC Gushed About Sri Lanka Though IMF Loan for Ethnic Cleansing Delayed, Citi on Blood Bonds

Sikhs join Tamils in London protest rally

Sri Lankan president seeks extended term without elections

Sounds good to me,0,2368794,full.story


'Malnourished children' in IDP camps


Tamil issue a big problem for Sri Lanka


World Bank Approves $24 Million More To Improve Health Care in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Tamil detainees give eye-witness accounts

Stranded MV Ali's crew pleads for help


Sri Lankan Government Used Plainclothes Men in Unmarked Cars to Grab UN Staff

Letter to UN Security Council Regarding the Debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict


S Lanka 'accepts' Tamil aid ship


Colombo reporters decry new body


Fears for press freedom in Sri Lanka


Revival of press council seen as step to control media


ICJ Vice Chairman urges governments of free people to protect Eezham Tamils


Ex-UN's Jan Egeland Describes "Horror" In Sri Lanka, Says R2P Has Failed, UN Silent


Six priests held prisoner and in solitary confinement in refugee camps

ANALYSIS-Solving inequality Sri Lanka's next challenge


Sri Lanka astrologer is arrested


Post-war Sri Lanka vote date set


Sri Lankan reporter 'kidnapped'

Not a pretty sight: the row over Sri Lanka's camp toilets

Sri Lankan Media Groups Ask Government Not to Re-establish Powerful Media Council


On Sri Lanka, UK Says IMF Loan's Not Moving, UN Silent Amid Claims of Myanmar

Sri Lanka - The World Has Moved On


Popular Sri Lankan astrologer arrested


On the hunt for Tamil Tigers' new leader


S Lanka camp young 'malnourished'


Sri Lanka's expanding peacetime army

Dark tales of Tamil ex-child soldiers

'Tamil regiment' in Sri Lanka army


Beaches, Palm Trees, Displacement - Welcome to Sri Lanka's War Zone


Sri Lanka accuses IMF of playing politics


With press council, Sri Lanka revives a repressive tool


US warns travellers of S.Lanka terror attack risk

UN Runs Scared of Sri Lanka, Says National Staff Not Immune -- But Genocide Suspects Are

Tamil plight: 'More than a humanitarian crisis'

Sri Lankan military maintains fishing restrictions in the north


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