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Solidarity Callout to All Canadians to Join:
Uyirthezhuvom (Uprising After Rebirth) Rally

Place: Queens Park
Date: Saturday July 4, 2009
Time: 4:00PM - 8:00PM


Canadians are rallying to urge the Canadian Government to:

  • Pressure the Sri Lankan Government to resettle civilians in concentration camps back to their lands
  • Bring the Sri Lankan Government to international courts for committing war crimes
  • Recognize the Tamil people's right to self-determination

Government in Exile the Gateway to a Global Community


Ploy of Buddhism in nullifying Tamil nationalism


Tougher screening for Tamils over fears of an influx of ex-Tigers fleeing Sri Lanka,,25710557-2702,00.html?from=public_rss


Chile on ICC and "Nationalist" Guerrillas in Sri Lanka, UN Mum on Camps It Funds But Claims To Not Control


'Lanka not doing enough to rehabilitate displaced Tamils'

SRI LANKA: Journalists Laying Aside Pens Once Again



Around the World, Young Tamil Voices Not Quieted By War's End

Around the World, Young Tamil Voices Not Quieted By War's End,8599,1907849,00.html?xid=rss-fullworld-yahoo


Sri Lanka's ethnic conundrum


Sri Lanka - camps, media...genocide?


US travel advice upsets Sri Lanka

Death threats to Sri Lanka paper

Elie Wiesel: Sri Lanka's victimization of Tamil people must stop


Axe to fall on APRC

Sri Lanka's Judiciary: Politicised Courts, Compromised Rights


Repugnant fillip (Sri Lanka)

SRI LANKA: Rains raise fears of malaria setback


"Separate country unrealistic" - Karunanidhi


Sri Lanka grants economic zone to China


Lawyers put Sri Lanka in the dock


Tamil refugees forced into sex rackets,25197,25721366-25837,00.html


Sri Lanka Urged to Probe the Murder of Tamil MPs

Sri Lanka revives draconian law to gag media

In Sri Lanka, UN Hires Lawyer for Arrested Staff, But Will It Protect Anyone?


UPDATE 1-Sri Lanka foreign reserves rise 23 pct to $1.6 bln

IMF loan delay drives Sri Lanka shares down; rupee flat

Churchill statue converted to extermination camp


Man faces acid burns charges after attack on Sri Lankan students,25197,25720924-5006784,00.html


Foreign minister-in-waiting


Tigers 'may cause incidents'


Lanka 'getting closer' to China


Sri Lanka's need for IMF wanes: Central Bank


Sri Lanka: Presidential Secretary calls for spy units throughout public sector


Sri Lanka: Tens of thousands of people homeless and landless


Tamils' transit to Australia, 'land of freedom'

To Catch a Tiger

Sri Lankan ministers accuse US of delaying IMF loan


Tamil refugees may end up in permanent camps, say aid workers


Rajapaksa's actions speak louder than words for sceptical Tamils


Victims of Tamil Tiger war hit by Sri Lanka tax on aid workers

No welfare for Sri Lanka's Tamils

War refugees kept in Sri Lanka "welfare camps"


Sri Lanka rejects refugee camp allegations


Security in the east relaxed


Sri Lanka editor is commemorated

Sri Lanka dengue eradication push

Lanka government revenue hit by global downturn


As UK's Malloch Brown Again Seeks Cash, Sri Lanka and IMF Loan Questions, UN Scandals

Sri Lankan all-party forum joins hands with Rajapakse regime


Put Sri Lanka on the agenda

Sri Lanka won't let Ottawa see detained Canadian


Sri Lankan doctors say they exaggerated war deaths


Sri Lanka doctors who gave civilian death figures recant


"The island allows 100 percent ownership to foreign investors in all businesses and places no restriction on repatriation of earnings"- from the Bloomberg article at #15.

aftermath of a massacre

massaged with platitudes

the soft slick approach

from afar

coming to your doorstep



-thanks for the reply in #42- what was the other resource speculated to be?

-on #57, the recanting reminds me of all the people in other places and times put in impossible situations, and what is it they do in US and other bases now - confessions under torture...


Red Cross scales back in S Lanka

Sri Lanka orders Red Cross to 'scale down' operations


S Lanka medics recant on deaths

Scepticism as Sri Lankan doctors backtrack over mass deaths by army shelling


Sri Lanka new CJ 'ready for reform'


SRI LANKA Free detained Tamils for Marian feast, bishop urges


Sri Lankan Tamil parties participate in sham local elections


Sri Lanka - Canada offers to partner Sri Lanka in Post Conflict Development


Concern for older people in Sri Lanka camps


Canadian Tamils still demanding humanitarian aid for Sri Lanka


NEWS FLASH: Sri Lanka Navy detains MV CAP COLORADO


Prabhakaran will start the fifth war of independence'


Emerging Powers turning into blood sucking leeches


As Sri Lanka Taxes and Cuts NGOs, Parades the Detained Doctors, UN Has Nothing to Say


Signs, Symbols And Arguments


Ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Statements by detained doctors underline need for independent inquiry

Sri Lankan government wants to hide what it's done

'Thousands dying' in Sri Lanka camp for Tamil refugees,25197,25760123-2703,00.html

World Agenda: ‘Confessions' by Sri Lankan doctors raise doubts over lasting peace


Doctors' orders


Tamil death toll ‘is 1,400 a week' at Manik Farm camp in Sri Lanka


These internment camps are further implementing the genocide upon the Tamils that Sri Lanka left unfinished. Monstrous that this should be going on with the full knowledge of the international community. Thanks for documenting this. The Tamil people are brave, strong and love each other very much. Even this dark time will be overcome. Freedom for the Tamil people and their homeland!

"about 1,400 people are dying every week at the giant Manik Farm internment camp set up in Sri Lanka to detain Tamil refugees...the death toll will add to concerns that the Sri Lankan Government, which has termed the internment sites "welfare villages" has actually constructed concentration camps to house 300,000 people...

"There are allegations that the Government is attempting to change the ethnic balance of the area. Influential people close to the Government have argued for such a solution.."

that would be genocide of course, just as all those people marching daily in Toronto said it was and would be



"Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada...observed that the IDP facilities are fulfilling the needs.."    -(from the ISRIA item at #60)

needs of whom is the question, as the article also states Canada will be doing bilateral deals with Sri Lanka (on par if not worse than doing a bilateral deal with Colombia) and do 'infrastructure' and 'de-mining', which reminds us of Afghanistan, and other places where our corporations ransack and steal, building highways for pipelines and mining corporations, stairways to hell.



Website blocking condemned


Access to independent news website blocked


Power before peace in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka rights probe hampered, commission's head says

Sri Lankan export zone workers hit by job and pay cuts

Anger brews among Tamil civilians held 'like animals' in Sri Lanka


Fear of influence


Sri Lanka: The Attack On Lawyers


SRI LANKA: Aid Organisations Struggle to Operate in Post-war Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: War-Wounded and Displaced Patients Flood MSF Hospitals


SRI LANKA Caritas aids wounded soldiers after the war


SRI LANKA Government to rebuild worship venues

After influx of wounded, Sri Lanka's hospitals are overflowing with patients


Sri Lanka cancels $200 mln China, Pakistan weapons buy

UN's Staff Union Slams Sri Lanka Detentions, Cites Immunity as UN Claims in Sudan



Transcript: U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon On Nukes, Reform, His Image


US Congress places Rights barriers on Sri Lanka IMF loan


International call to end impunity


UK aid for Lanka IDPs


IBA 'alarmed' by MoD article


Update: ADRA Commences Water Operations in Sri Lanka

A debate on the rule of law and the independence of the legal profession in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Serbia appreciates Sri Lankan support on Kosovo issue

UN Speaks on Pakistan IDPs Return, Silent on Sri Lanka Internment and ACF Whitewash

Retraining Tiger cubs

Elections arouse little enthusiasm in northern Sri Lanka

‘No plan to send refugees to Lanka'

Sri Lanka Poised to Raise Incomes as War Ends, World Bank Says

SRI LANKA: Island Faces Key Test in Upcoming Elections

What really happened in Sri Lanka?


Hospital refuses to admit IDP child

ACF calls for international probe

Charity seeks wide probe of S.Lanka staff massacre

Sri Lankan top diplomat 'sacked'


Tamils look for leadership after Tigers


Liberals call for conditions on any IMF loan to Sri Lanka


US lobbyists making a killing of killings in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan president postpones "political solution" with Tamil elite

Justifying a Costly War in Sri Lanka


UPDATE 1-S.Lanka says accepts IMF loan in LOI-minister

UN workers in Sri Lanka examined for signs of torture

War refugees interned in camps built by donors

Sri Lanka's dangerous silence

SRI LANKA: Defeated, friendless Tamils face annihilation


Sri Lanka doctors further detained


ICRC cuts back S.Lanka operations after govt order


In 2012, Europe Gives Up IMF to Take Ban's UN Place, China Gets World Bank?


SRI LANKA: Clinching a Crucial IMF Lifeline

Sri Lanka welcomes IMF bailout


With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, IMF Staff Urge $2.5 Billion Loan, Will Views Be Heard?

Sri Lankan war criminals should be charged locally and Internationally


Colombo denies visa extension to AP's Sri Lanka bureau chief


At UN, R to P Confusion on Somalia and Sri Lanka, Even on Funding of Early Warning Office

Sri Lanka: IMF Should Not Condone Abuses

At UN, Chomsky Calls Sri Lanka A Rwanda-like "Atrocity," IMF and Oil Explanations


Wary peace as war-torn island recovers from 26-year conflict

Sri Lanka Needs More Time to Resettle Tamils, Minister Says

Selvarasa Pathmanathan named new leader by Tamil Tigers survivors

Tamil Tiger supporters to bring war crimes case against Sri Lanka

Sweden to close one embassy and four consulates-general

Eelam war IV: The Real Defeat is for Indian Diplomacy !

A Lankan Lament


IMF to agree £1.5bn loan to Sri Lanka despite alleged mistreatment of Tamils


IMF lends $2.5bn to Sri Lanka despite concerns for Tamil refugees

The aftermath of war


The above are excellent. Thanks for this continuing chronology thirusuj,  and may the beautiful flag of a beautiful people fly over your beautiful land again soon..."in the end it seemed that very few did anything to halt the huge numbers of civilian casualties and the world seemed to stand aside as the refugee camps of barbed wire, no food, no water and no medical aid, went of the worst genocides of the 21st century.." (from the blog)





Here is the latest blow.


IMF grants Sri Lanka $2.6bn loan


A9 highway open or not?


Sri Lanka 'pressure' over murders


Why do we need a political and diplomatic path?


Sri Lanka: Letter of Intent (IMF)

After IMF Vote, Sri Lanka Releases Letter, Drops IDP Release from 80 to 60%

EDITORIAL: Boat people: Labor's policy backfires


The IMF asks Sri Lanka for economic reforms and national reconciliation

Sri Lankan prime minister denounces newspaper lawyers as "traitors"


Thanks for the article from the dissidentvoice.


So Gaza was disproportionate - The Jewish Chronicle


Sri Lanka: Free Civilians From Detention Camps


IMF defends Sri Lanka loan amid human rights worries

India: A billion aspirations


Sri Lanka: End of conflict brings no respite to children from human rights abuses


Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa's "Final Resolution" of the Tamil Problem and India's Options

Remembering Black July


External probe sought for massacre


Sri Lanka 'facing aid shortfall'


The scars of a 30-year civil war


SC 'cannot overrule' previous rulings


Sri Lanka: The urgency of bearing witness


David Begg on Sri Lanka (Irish Congress of Trade Unions): Support Amnesty International's call for an independent inquiry into war crimes


Sri Lankan government stalls on release of Tamil detainees


Sri Lanka: Adopt International Inquiry for Aid Worker Killings


S.Lanka to raise $150 mln from dollar bonds-cenbank


As the danger of epidemics rises in refugee camps, a vaccination campaign gets underway

Caritas boosts food aid in former war zone

S.Lanka shares down on earnings, IMF conditions woes

Sri Lanka's Ethnic Cleansing Bonds Touted by StanChart and HSBC, IMF Silence on Vote Is "Policy"

Tale of Two Chinas, Protest by Tamils, Artist Feted at UN for Big Paintings and Parents


IDP Site Locations and Capacity as of 17 July 2009 DISTRICT : Vavuniya

Aid and access in Sri Lanka


Report comparison between a Tamil media and two internatioanal Medias on the so called release of IDPs in a ceremony.


Tamilnet: 3112 Vanni IDPs in Jaffna camps released


AFP: Sri Lanka begins resettling war displaced;_ylt=AnaHXlUfnzf8y0hFbj5lT9SQOrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJrYjg0a3I1BGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDA5MDgwNS9zcmlsYW5rYXVucmVzdHJlZnVnZWVzBHBvcwMyMwRzZWMDeW5fc3ViY2F0X2xpc3QEc2xrA3NyaWxhbmthYmVnaQ--


BBC: Tamil refugees are allowed home



Just a day before the Tamil media and the AP reported widely of the lack of access and the control the government has enforced in a much stricter manner because of the election.


Sri Lanka bars media from covering northern elections, 1st since Tamil rebels? defeat


Reporters barred from Jaffna, Vavuniyaa during elections


Details emerge on Tamil media workers killed in Vanni


Picking up the pieces in Sri Lanka


TNA outlines political formula


As Fighting Stops, Sri Lanka Hopes to Woo Back Tourists


Sri Lanka slammed over polls media blackout

SLanka arrests 32 migrants heading for New Zealand

Canada can do more to protect Tamil survivors

INTERVIEW - Update Geneva Conventions, Red Cross says


[url=][color=green]New Tamil Tiger leader "arrested"[/color][/url]


The Tamil Tiger rebels' new leader, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, has been arrested, Sri Lankan officials say.

Sri Lanka's defence minister told the BBC that Mr Pathmanathan, better known as KP, was detained in Thailand, where he had been residing for many years.

He took over the leadership of the remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) after their defeat in May by Sri Lankan security forces.

Mr Pathmanathan was wanted on two Interpol warrants. [...]

As the new rebel leader, Mr Pathmanathan said the LTTE had decided to silence their guns and would try non-violent methods to achieve their goal of a separate state for the Tamil minority.

If Mr Pathmanathan's arrest is independently confirmed, it would be another significant blow for the LTTE.

He is also wanted in India in connection with the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, by a suspected Tamil female suicide bomber, in 1991.


New Tamil Tiger head is arrested


New Tamil Tiger leader Selvaras Pathmanathan arrested

Sri Lankans question new Tamil Tigers leader after arrest

Selvarasa Pathmanathan abducted in Kuala Lumpur, by SL Military Intelligence (Video interview to the channel 4)

The Govt. death squad kill the arrested Tamil Tiger leaders in the prisons - Sri lanka Guardian


Emergency extended to deal with underworld-PM


Northern cities vote in first polls since Tigers' fall

Behind the Rajapaksa brothers' smiles

Sri Lanka: MSF Ready to Help Fill Huge Gaps in Medical Services

‘We Will Become A Power Centre'


GUEST BLOG - Behind the Barbed Wire: Civilian Suffering in Sri Lanka's IDP Camps


Tamil Tigers seek arrest inquiry


'Unlock' IDP camps, urges AI


Upset in Sri Lanka post-war polls


Govt. denies 'election malpractices'


Sri Lanka: Amnesty calls for detention camps to be unlocked


Sri Lanka under pressure to clarify circumstances of Tamil Tiger leader capture


At UN, No Answers on Sri Lanka Killings or Burma Bombs, Honduras and Niger Elections


i appreciate the updates here, thanks.


Assistant Secretary Blake and Chargé d'Affaires Moore Discuss the Humanitarian Situation and Prospects for Political Reconciliation in Sri Lanka with Tamil Diaspora Groups


AAAS Satellite Image Analysis Points to New Graves, Shelling, and Human Displacement in Sri Lanka

Amnesty: Satellite images show Sri Lanka graves

MEDIAWATCH: Is Sri Lanka "careering back to where it was" after election?


MSF: The war in Sri Lanka has ended but the suffering continues

MSF: ‘Sri Lankan government has an obligation to release civilians and provide adequate assistance'

Sri Lanka, China sign $350 mln oil, highway deals

Tamils confined against their will - US


Voting in the empty Tigers' lair

Buddha's Savage Peace


UK dealers 'sold ex-Soviet arms'

India likely to demand LTTE chief's extradition

Interview With Anbarasan Ethirajan of BBC World Service South Asia


With UN Silent on Flooding of Sri Lankan Camps, Aid Groups Plead for Release of IDPs

SRI LANKA: New roles for NGOs in conflict-hit north?

UK arms used against civilians in Sri Lanka and Gaza

Arms review urged over fears British weapons were used against Tamils

Canada missed opportunity to right Sri Lanka's wrongs


Uproar over planned restrictions on naming of Sri Lankan political parties


Czechs to send CZK 3.4m worth of aid to Taiwan, Sri Lanka


Czech Republic sold arms to Sri Lanka in 2007


Sri Lankan army in refugee call


LTTE trying to regroup-President

Many flock to Kallady grave in search of 'dissapeared'


UK agency adds to calls for Tamil resettlement


Oblate center helps ease war widows' plight'-plight


SLanka to keep defence budget despite rebel defeat


Refugee Issues: Eric P. Schwartz


'UN, the fence that ate the crop'


India plans naval base on Maldives to contain Chinese influence


Top Sri Lanka academic threatened


A trip to Sri Lanka's Tamil country


Tamil doctors released on bail


Cashing in on the IDPs


No charges against 'Sinhala Tigers'


Sri Lanka ranks South Asia's No.1 human rights violator - Asian Center for Human Rights


Monsoon misery for Sri Lanka's weary war refugees

Sri Lanka eyes peace dividend after crushing Tigers

A New Battle for Ceylon

In Sri Lanka, Death Threats Over Speaking on EU's GSP Plus Tariff Treatment, Silence at UN


U.S. Government funds Sinhala and Tamil language training for eastern government officials


Sri Lanka remembers Fr. Brown and aid workers disappeared into thin air during the war

Rebellion or mass suicide only outcome if this continues'


SRI LANKA: Warning over Sphere standards in IDP camps as monsoon looms

'Exhume' estate workers bodies


Media 'responsible' for police abuses


Boyle: India a moral failure, Colombo's monstrosity matched only by Nazis


UN Says Lankan President's Nephew was Murdered in Tanzania, Genocide Theory Offered


Sri Lankan human rights leader receives death threat


SF Court Upholds Law Allowing President to Designate Groups as Terrorist Organizations


IDP clergy 'to be released'

Sri Lanka frees priests from war camps


Call for action on Tamils


Sri Lanka: India's latest security nightmare

Growing Chinese influence in Sri Lanka


Confined Sri Lankan Doctors Acted in Accordance with Medical Ethics


At UN, A Call for An Envoy for Sri Lanka, Murder as Diagnosis, Footage Emerges

Video shows style of extra-judicial killings in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka rejects accuracy of footage showing 'execution' of Tamils by troops


Naked, bound and shot: how ‘Tamil rebel' was killed by Sri Lankan soldier

Sri Lanka accused of war crimes after 'Tamil execution' videos emerge


S Lanka video prompts probe calls

Sri Lanka denies execution claim

As UN Mulls Sri Lankan Murder Video, Report on Camps Withheld, UK Passes Buck

Video that reveals truth of Sri Lankan 'war crimes'


James Ross: Abuses on both sides must be investigated

Death threat against activist sign of ongoing post-war repression


Sri Lanka: Execution Video Shows Need for International Inquiry

New allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka

Video Sparks Calls for Sri Lankan War-Crimes Inquiry

Execution video sparks Tamil outrage


Video evidence of Sri Lankan government war crimes


"We Don't Want Development, We Want Our Rights!"


J.S. Tissainayagam, journalist lauded by Obama, is jailed in Sri Lanka

The unacceptable face of Tamil nationalism

European Racists Close In

U.N. Chief's 'Quiet' Outreach To Autocrats Causing Discord




Award for jailed S Lankan editor


Executions by Sri Lankan Army To Be Raised to UN's Ban in Norway, a Post Mona Juul Memo "Moral Authority" Test


At UN, Tortured Concern about Sri Lanka Killing Video But Not Reporter's Term of 20 Years

UN Official calls for Sri Lanka investigation


US raps Sri Lanka over journalist's jail sentence


Pulmodai IDPs 'ignored'



Topic locked