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The other was getting long


'Released' IDPs still in camps

Documentation of Norwegian Tamil mandate released


Plantation unrest following pay deal


BBC has obtained video, apparently of a Sri Lankan refugee camp, for the first time since the civil war ended in May


Starvation, rape, killings, torture in Sri Lanka camps, Murphy tells Australia parliament

Speaker concerned on visa refusals


Hounslow Tamils ‘terrified to speak out'

Sri Lanka's war on aid workers

Australia gives more for Sri Lanka resettlement

ANALYSIS - Sri Lankan president's political-military shuffle


Harrassed Tamils languish in prison-like camps in Sri Lanka

Tamils rail under Sri Lanka's heel


I hear Tamils are really really being mistreated in Malaysia now by majority, but now not over language, but religion

Thiru, do you follwo this also?


Yes, I was following it. Not sure what stage that is at right now. The organization that was representing the "Indian" section (which makes up majority of Tamils) of the Malaysian population in the protest (Hindu Rights Action Force or Hindraf in short) was demanding compensation from the British Government (if I remember correctly) and brought forward an Indictment Against Malaysia; because when they were brought for labors in Malaysia and were promised many things which the British Empire did not fulfill. Instead they were left stranded (after the British granted independence) with Malaysia being dominated by Bumiputra Laws (Sons of soils Law) which gives exclusive rights for the Malay population over the Indian and Chinese population. The Chinese population of Malaysia has protested decades and decades ago which is one of the reasons why I consider Singapore being granted the permission to leave Malaysia (if that did not happen, Malaysia would have been destroyed by a similar conflict as in Sri Lanka). Singapore however learned from the mistake of Malaysia and Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and has built a state that I consider is delivering equality to the best of its abilities. Because of the Bumiputra Laws the Indian section of the population is finding it hard to compete with the Malays (who are politically powerful as well as economically) and to the less extent the Chinese (who are economically well off).

I remember an episode where there was many protests by the Indian section of the Malaysian population where the picture of Gandhi was being it intensified picture of Velupillai Prabhakaran started emerging in the sent shockwaves through the Malaysian government.......and many of the leaders of the protest were arrested on the accusation of suspected links with the LTTE.... I stopped following or didn't follow it thoroughly with the Malaysian protest as the Sri Lankan Army started bombing Tamil Eelam .....


"Angry ethnic Indians who marched in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to protest race-based discrimination in Malaysia carried portraits of Mahatma Gandhi as a symbol of their non-violent struggle.

"But if their genuine grievances continue to be ignored, (Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers leader) Velupillai Prabakaran could soon replace Gandhi as their inspiration," warns P. Ramasamy, former professor of history at University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

In an interview to DNA from Singapore, Ramasamy, who was appointed by the LTTE to its Constitutional Affairs Committee in 2003, connected the dots that link the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia (which accounts for most of the Indian population there) to the Tamil Eelam movement in Sri Lanka.

The chilling picture that emerges is one that holds serious foreign policy implications for India, quite similar to what it faced in Sri Lanka in the early 1980s." - Tamils will be radicalised if discrimination continues, Daily News & Analysis, 29 November 2007

Here is a source that you can get more info:


Tamils in Malaysia Protest Against Discrimination by Malaysian Government




Colombo's paranoid secrecy

SL Government intends to detain IDPs in camps indefinitely

Rights group appeals for accountability for victims of disappearances, detainees


M K Narayanan declares war on Tamil diaspora


UN holds 'urgent' Sri Lanka talks

UN sends special envoy to Sri Lanka

Protestors push boycott of Sri Lankan products


Tamil exiles to form 'government'

A Booklet on the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam

Fears for human rights in Sri Lanka


How Sri Lanka governs through detentions

Tamil refugees going home to an open prison


UN's Gaza Report Favors EU Cases on Geneva Conventions, Sri Lanka Raised, Pascoe Waits

Sri Lanka: Bishops say all must be allowed home

EU sanctions on Sri Lanka to hit 'cheap' clothing over human rights abuses


Denial and rage in Sri Lanka

'As the shells fell, we tried to save lives with no blood or medicine'


Tamil medic describes camp conditions

UN envoy touring Sri Lanka camps


"Grant amnesty" for political prisoners


In Sri Lanka, Speed Up All Removals from IDP Camps, UN's Holmes Says, of Due Process and Dolphin Vans Dismissed


Top UN official in Sri Lanka to push for rights probe


Al Jazeera Video: UN presses Sri Lanka to release Tamil civilians

Sri Lanka should permit an impartial investigation into the 'Channel 4 videotape', says UN expert


Let's help Sri Lanka win the peace

Canadian stuck in 'limbo' of Sri Lankan terror law

Sri Lanka's released refugees moved to new camps


UN warning over displaced Tamils


Report and statement of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General On Children in Armed Conflict


Tourism gather momentum - Tourist Board


UN official expresses concern over Sri Lanka war refugees

After Bloodbath on the Beach, Sri Lanka Offers Fish Balls with a View of UN

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Speaks But No Questions Allowed, Pascoe Spin

As Rajapaksa Says Pascoe Praises His Actions, UN Refuses Questions, Shuts for Weekend


Colombo risks squandering Sri Lanka's hard-won peace

Sri Lanka raises 23 mln dollars for ex-combatants

UN rep says execution investigators close to SLanka government

Tamils for Obama: Mr. Rogers, if you invest in Sri Lanka, you will share the anger for Sri Lankan behavior


UN refugee envoy to visit Sri Lanka: official


Sri Lanka makes resettlement vow


Sri Lanka should permit an impartial investigation into the 'Channel 4 videotape', says UN expert

UN official presses S. Lanka to free war-displaced

Video investigation by Colombo not impartial - Alston


VICTIMS OF WAR: A long, long wait for Sri Lanka's IDPs


Sri Lanka's unrule of law

Sri Lanka's Tamil "internment" camps

CBC Radio MP3: Sri Lanka UN Ambassador Palitha Kohona on expelling UN officials


Colombo 'continuing detentions'


Sri Lanka under fire for lack of Tamil reconciliation


'Tamil heritage for sale in Colombo'


PTA detainees 'not political prisoners'


SLN constructs new internment camps in the islets of Jaffna


UN Population Fund opens family health clinics in Manik Farm

IMF warns Sri Lanka over borrowing


The Archbishop of Colombo: Europe must continue aids to Sri Lanka


"IDPs can't wait " - Indian MPs


IMF warns Sri Lanka over borrowing

Rajiv Gandhi assassin ends fast

Sri Lanka: World Leaders Should Demand End to Detention Camps


Civilians clash with SLA in Vavuniyaa internment camp

U.S. Faces Doubts About Leadership on Human Rights


On Sri Lanka, Australia's Rudd Says He's Watching, UN Silent on Immunity, Miliband at UN


Detainee 'seriously injured' AI



Life as a Sri Lankan war refugee



Election monitoring group's website blocked in Sri Lanka


Court case mooted against India's internment camps for Eezham Tamils

Tamil technologist feared extra-judicially executed in Colombo

Sri Lankan leader skips meeting in US

At UN, Miliband and Kouchner in Sri Lankan Meeting Friday, Japan Says It's Resolved

As If at UN, Sri Lankan PM at Asia Society Faces Pre-Screened Softball Questions

"no crimes were committed by the army." - Sri Lanka Prime Minsiter in NY



SRI LANKA: Coastal Village Rises Up from Ravages of War, Disaster

Sri Lanka: ICRC deplores misleading public use of its confidential findings on disappearances

ICJ Intervention under Item 4 on Human Rights Situations that require the Human Rights Council's Attention - UN Human Rights Council 12th Session

India Looks for Bigger Sri Lanka Role

Time Running Out for Sri Lanka's IDPs

Why peace seems elusive in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Health situation in Vavuniya district

UN envoy visits Sri Lanka over war refugees

Tamil detainees in Sri Lanka: "Almost living in hell"


Unrest in Menik Farm Camp


Ranil denies GSP+ allegations


'Home grown solution' for conflict


Eezham Tamils in Norway launch move for democratically elected council

At UN, Sri Lanka's Speech in Near Empty Hall Cheered by Defense Minister, UK Silent

Sri Lanka recruits Tamil police in former war zone

Sri Lanka vows anew to resettle displaced Tamils quickly

Tamils shot by army after attempting to ‘escape' from internment camp

Sri Lanka: After the war
Part 1:

Part 2:


EPRLF-P Gen. Sec. Sritharan to Diaspora: This is No Joke, Battlefront Not on Toronto Streets


The government of Tamil Nadu to offer citizenship to 100,000 Tamil refugees


Sri Lanka seeks US lessons over rebel suspects


Sri Lanka recruits Tamil police


UN chief urges Sri Lanka to resettle Tamils

The Tamil Nadu fishermen issue - Delhi and Colombo melodramatic charade


As Sri Lankan IDPs Shot, UN's Pascoe Says Camps To Be "Thinned Out," Council Should Meet

Sri Lankan Government Must Reverse Anti-Media Actions

Australia urged to pressure Sri Lanka on displaced Tamils


Sri Lanka unlikely to lose EU trade scheme yet-diplomats


UN in Tamil 'bitterness' warning

At UN, Ban Cannot Stop Sri Lanka's Shooting, Blake's Visit, Report Mid-October


Lanka rules out unregulated access to IDP camps


Melting pot of Eezham-Tamil democratic politics


Two testimonies from families released from Menik Camp

UN ratchets up criticism of Sri Lankan camps


UN wants probe into Sri Lanka camp shooting


Pressure for Sri Lanka to resettle camp dwellers


Tamil, Muslim party leaders call for end to forced detention


SRI LANKA: Concerns growing over pace of IDP resettlement


US Supreme Court to decide terrorism support law


UN Security Council Calls for Appointment of Special Representative on Sexual Violence


Sri Lanka accepts UN criticism of camps: minister


A political dynasty rises in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan nine forced to go home


McDonagh on Sri Lanka: ‘Watch Channel 4 News'


SRI LANKA: Opposition demands dismantling of war time security measures

'Sri Lanka discharges nearly 25,000 deserters'

A view framed by barbed wire

SL Govt. welcome UN recommendations

Explosion in Sri Lanka injures 13: military

Many injured in Sri Lanka blast

Supreme Court to Take Up PATRIOT Act with Review of Case on Humanitarian Assistance to Groups on Terror List


IDPs: Detainees and Escapees


Indian Govt. regrets attack


'MPs and Journalists attacked'

Minority parties search common ground

'Publish IDP details'- CMC


Testimony by Andrew Stroehlein, International Crisis Group's Communications Director, to the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights, 1 October 2009.

Sri Lanka's internment camps for Tamils: experience of an inmate


Wife of jailed SLankan reporter accepts award

Sri Lanka's religious to President: Free the Tamil refugees

Sri Lanka protest Clinton's rape remark


US responds to Sri Lanka protest over Clinton remark


'Winds destroy shelters for S.Lanka war-displaced'


Sri Lanka refugees plead for freedom


'Dire conditions' at Sri Lanka camp

At UN, Questions of Rain and Sri Lanka's Camps, of Elections and Interruptions


UK to cut Sri Lanka camp funding

Hillary's claim withdrawn


Sri Lanka delays budget ahead of elections

Sri Lanka's double tragedy


'The Sinhalese don't object to Tamils leaving Lanka'

Britain tells Sri Lanka to free Tamil prisoners before disease kills them


World Agenda: West finally gets tough over Sri Lankan camps


Letter: Sri Lanka is ducking human rights issues

Demand the release of Tamil detainees in Sri Lanka

Neither Sri Lanka nor Israel should have impunity in their 'wars on terror'

Sri Lankan displaced trapped between the military and the impending monsoon

'India follows Sri Lanka in waging civil war'

Shirking a moral duty to Sri Lanka

Amnesty Int'l wants Sri Lanka war refugees freed

FACTBOX-Five political risks to watch in Sri Lanka


The Power of Political Comics (PAGE 13)

Truth alone can change Sri Lanka's image

With early polls on way, Sri Lanka's budget to wait


Tamils facing "cultural annihaliation" by SL Government: Australian Senator


Sri Lanka seeks extra 20pct for '09 defence budget


Sri Lanka military budget raised 


Sri Lanka rules out sabotage in island-wide power failure


Govt. urged to secure fishermen's release


In pictures: Inside Sri Lanka's vast refugee camp


Vanni doctors back at work


Legal action against Tamil MPs calculated, partial - Defence Attorney


Behind The Sri Lankan Bloodbath

Indian strategic analyst writes on 'lost leverage'


Video: "If any country accepts us, we will be happy to go" (Malaysia's Crackdown)


Aljazeera Free Tamil Eelam is the only solution for the injustice caused 2009


Lankan migrants in Indonesia 'very ill'

Lankaenews journalists 'not guilty'


Australia PM seeks migrant help

Sri Lanka: Tensions Mount as Camp Conditions Deteriorate


Tiger suspects on trial in Paris 


Sri Lanka's president scores new election win


Monsoon threatens Sri Lankan refugees with 'humanitarian disaster', warns UN

Toronto Tamils: 'We are people asking for help'

Sri Lanka asks expats help rebuild war-hit regions

Support for government fades in Sri Lankan election

Sri Lanka defends internment camps


Video: Sri Lanka camps in crisis

Sri Lanka to hold early elections: state radio

Sri Lanka angry over Clinton's rape comment


Don't ignore militarised sexual violence


Sri Lanka to hold early elections


Indian MP 'insults' Vavuniya GA

Sri Lankans threaten to blow up boat in Indonesia,25197,26207428-25837,00.html


Tamil boat people fleeing 'genocide'

Sri Lankan asylum seekers threaten to blow up boat (VIDEO UPDATED)

UK engagement in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in $500 mln, 5-yr bond sale - sources

Sri Lankan president invents an "international conspiracy"

SRI LANKA: Gov't on a Roll Hints at Early National Elections

The long suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka (Le long calvaire des Tamouls du Sri Lanka)
French (Original):


Stop transferring IDPs from Vavuniyaa to camps in other areas - Bishop urges govt.

Sri Lanka Jaffna post restarted

Postal bags sent in passenger buses from Jaffna to Vavuniyaa


UNP 'ready' for national elections


Sri Lanka president raps int'l financial institutions


Lanka visit a U-turn for TN MPs?

Girl, 9, begs for asylum as hundreds held in Indonesia: report

Plight of conflict-displaced children deserves greater attention, says top UN official

Tamil Nadu: Pretentious Nonsense

Tamil Nadu : Another Scene in The Drama


Asylum seekers declare hunger strike


UN human rights chief criticizes Sri Lankan government


Aid given to Sri Lanka to stem people smuggling


Misleading the immigration courts


Australia PM unmoved by refugees


Video: Nine Year Old Tamil Girl Beseeches The World To Help


Sri Lanka's interned Tamils: Winners and losers

States financing Tamil internment, UN, complicit in Crimes against Humanity - Boyle

West should bear burden - Sri Lankan President


UNDP Reports on Clark's Kiwi Concerns, Doss Probe In Limbo, Ryan on Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: Newly Reopened IMF Office Launches Budget Probe

Sri Lanka fines US embassy

A Precarious Peace: Harassed NGOs, stifled journalists and a self congratulatory government-something smells fishy in Sri Lanka

Canadian Conservative MPs Denied Visa to Sri Lanka


Four years, Many deaths: Good Bye Sri Lanka


UK Lanka deportations 'under review'

Hedge funds face insider trading scrutiny

Fraud case hits Sri Lankan shares

Officials Say Investor's Donations Wound Up With Sri Lanka Rebels


Hedge Fund Executive Is Charged With Insider Trading


Rains in Sri Lanka, once a blessing, now a curse


Rudd needs to talk tough to Sri Lanka,27574,26221927-5007146,00.html


Canada checks boat migrants' case


Forensic analysis confirms execution-video authentic, says US-group

Australian customs intercepts 79 boat-people near Christmas Island

We should accept Tamils

Unknown ship seized by RCMP in Canadian waters


Would-be migrants from seized ship sent to Vancouver

Migrants said to be Tamils

Tamil Canadians to offer seized migrants legal help

30,000 Tamils march in London over Sri Lanka's internment camps

India offers Sri Lanka funding to speed Tamils' return home

India offers $100 million to help Sri Lanka refugees

Tamils flee genocide - refugees should be welcomed!

Sri Lanka arrests editor over military rift story

Legacy of Abuse in Sri Lanka


Young Tamils swap bombs for BlackBerrys


Unnecessary suffering


HRW: Sri Lanka: Government Breaks Promises That Displaced Can Go Home


Former Tamil castaways build new lives here


Canada to take hard line with would-be migrants


Canada now part of smuggling pipeline


Tissa's publisher 'to be released'

Stop Sri Lanka, not its refugees


At UN, Delayed Read-out of Ban's Meeting with Sri Lankan Minister, NGO Deadline for Internment, Cammaert Postponed?

EU Commission: Sri Lanka fails to meet Rights thresholds for GSP+

Abuses may hit EU-Sri Lanka ties

EU may end Sri Lanka trade deal over human rights


Sri Lanka agrees to study critical EU report



Sri Lanka Stocks Fall Most in 4 Months on Rajaratnam Arrest

Time to support the Tamils, say British Conservatives

Phoney Indian concern about Tamil detainees in Sri Lanka

SBS Dateline Video: The Tiger Trap


'Thousands more' Tamils to come

It's deja vu as 'those people' still cry for help


I continue to be appalled at how little attention this ongoing atrocity receives. Did hear the Tamil Congress representative speaking on CBC last night but mostly its silence from MSM. Thanks for continuing to bring us this Thirusuj.


Well, we still have a lot of work to do to get coverage/awareness and be politically influential in Canada.

Mahmoud asked about the agitation of Tamils in Malaysia earlier in this thread (comment #4). Here is a SBS Dateline documentary.

Malaysia's Indian Uprising


Losing GSP+ can be 'very negative'

Sri Lanka says EU trade loss won't hurt exports

Sri Lanka shares continue falling

Indonesia agrees to asylum deal


No solution if the past is repeated

New Zealand: Refugee's status to be revisited

Australia: Asylum Seekers' Plight Demands Action on Human Rights of Tamil Detainees

United Kingdom: Sri Lanka protest: Shut down the prison camps!

Canada: Board retains two migrants out of fear they wouldn't reappear


Canada: Sri Lankan migrants reach out to Canadian Tamils

Canada: Treat Tamil asylum seekers by the book

Canada: Close the camps in Sri Lanka


U.S. forfeits international responsibility to Sri Lankan state

Sri Lanka dismisses allegations in US Congressional report

Sri Lanka says US report on civil war's end "unsubstantiated"

29 year old Tamil youth is under detention for 15 years in Welikada

EU snubs Sri Lanka over its human rights record,,4813161,00.html


Insecurity, jobs drive Sri Lanka's boat people


Thousands leave Sri Lankan camp

Sri Lanka releases 4,300 from detention camps

Australia: Asylum seekers arrive at Christmas Island

Canada: Don't treat Ocean Lady passengers as criminals: watchdog group

Canada: Hearings begin for migrants arrested off Canada

Canada: RCMP works with Sri Lanka to ID Tamil migrants

Canada: Sri Lankan migrants suffered gruelling journey


How Canada can prevent human smuggling


UNCLASSIFED US Department of State Report to Congress on Incidents During the Recent Conflict in Sri Lanka (2009)

SRI LANKA: U.S. Govt Report Adds to Pressure for War Crimes Probe

Sri Lanka blasts US report on human rights abuses

US Calls on Sri Lanka to Investigate Alleged War Crimes in Tamil Conflict

HRW: US War Crimes Report Details Extensive Abuses in Sri Lanka

HRW: Joint Letter to Japanese Foreign Minister on Sri Lanka

HRW: Japan: Break Silence on Sri Lanka Rights Abuses


Tamil Tigers Terror Victims Sue Galleon's Rajaratnam

Sri Lanka war victims sue Rajaratnam in U.S. court

EU human rights report could cost Sri Lanka $100 million

Sri Lanka an the EU: Plus and minuses

Canada: We Must Protect the Rights of Refugees - Office of Alexandra Mendès, M.P.


Canada: Men aboard migrant ship may get hearing today


Canada: Tamil migrants are legitimate refugees: lawyer

Canada: Ship of fleeing Tamils stir fears of hidden Tigers

Canada: Migrant's arrival relieves Canadian relatives


European Parliament resolution of 22 October 2009 on Sri Lanka


'Released' IDPs re-arrested


Australian Green seeks sanctions

Gaza-style inquiry needed - UN

UN 'will help' rebuild Sri Lanka

Rights group opposes GSP+ benefits to Sri Lanka

In defence of accused hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam

The Sri Lankan government's "resettlement" of Tamil detainees

Stop Sri Lanka's crimes

Sri Lanka invites Russia for oil exploration

Local Sri Lankans protest ill treatment of Tamils in refugee camps, lobby government for U.S. support

78 asylum seekers detained

Risky boat beats hell on earth

Free speech at risk as Sri Lanka intimidates press

Tamil Tigers join race for asylum,24897,26259186-601,00.html

On Sri Lanka, UN Inaction on Torture, Refugees, Peacekeepers' War Crimes and Sexual Abuse

Canada: Keeping peace locked up

Canada: Man from migrant ship ordered released

Canada: Canadian Tamil community in crisis

Great Power Confrontation in the Indian Ocean: The Geo-Politics of the Sri Lankan Civil War


Our Failure to Act: Sri Lanka's Humantarian Crisis and International Law


Detained Tamil publisher is freed


Sri Lanka to probe U.S. charges of possible war crimes

SRI LANKA: Human rights record could cost textile concession


Joe Leahy reports from a Sri Lanka village rebuilt for tsunami victims by Raj Rajaratnam and Galleon

Editor visits campus, opens dialogue on Sri Lankan genocide

Reporters Without Borders: New threats to privately-owned print media

UK: Hindus and Tamils join forces to highlight crisis


Australia: Tuckey's terrorist claims 'vindicated'

Australia: Asylum seekers in limbo off Indonesia


Canada: Let's get a grip and let the refugee process unfold

Canada: Sri Lankan asylum-seekers plead for release from detention

Audio: Dr Brian Senewiratne and the Sri Lankan crisis


Tamils herded into disease-ridden camps seek any escape,25197,26251506-25837,00.html

Russia interested in 'Sri Lanka oil'

Migrants seek UN intervention

Malaysia releases 66 Sri Lankan refugees from camp


On Sri Lanka, UN's Alston Probes Execution Video, Kaelin Says His Praise Was Misquoted

Australia: There are Tigers among boatpeople,25197,26268752-7583,00.html

Australia refuses Tamil refugees

Australia: Sri Lankans won't set foot in Australia

Australia: PM Kevin Rudd's Indonesia plan all at sea as boatpeople threaten suicide,24897,26270389-601,00.html

Australia: Sri Lankan asylum seekers 'refuse to leave boat'

Australia: We won't use force to end Oceanic Viking stand-off, say Indonesian officials,24897,26273358-601,00.html


Sri Lanka facing mounting challenges

US report tarnishes Sri Lanka victory

EDITORIAL: Undermining Sri Lanka

EU presses Sri Lanka over human rights

Holding on to hope for Sri Lanka's missing


Canada: Boot Tigers, but migrants deserve a hearing

Canada: Advocates call for release of Sri Lankan immigrants


Action not words will count over detained Tamils


Sri Lanka: Domestic Inquiry into Abuses a Smokescreen


Sri Lanka outcry over police brutality

Why are children kept in concentration camps, asks Prof. Peter Schalk


UK - Private Members' Debate: Detention of civilians in internally displaced persons camps in Sri Lanka - Joan Ryan


UK: Sri Lankan camps are 'crime against humanity' 


Amnesty, CPJ, RSF call for probe into Channel-4 video death threats

S.Lanka orders probe into journalist death threats

Australia: Indonesia 'might expel' refugees

Australia: INTERVIEW - Indonesia pledges no force on asylum seekers

Australia: Heat on to end asylum seeker impasse


Canada: CIDA, P.E.I. company in legal fight over tsunami aid

Canada: Flee First, Ask Questions Later


Australia: Pacific solution better for detainees,25197,26279302-7583,00.html


Australia: PM's boat policy drifts rudderless,25197,26277993-7583,00.html


Australia: Kids destined for detention: Jakarta,25197,26279372-5013871,00.html

Australia: Send in the army to evict boat people: Tuckey


Australia: Tamils' horrific treatment makes them desperate to leave

Australia: Indonesia gives Australia a week to remove asylum seekers


Australia: Rudd can't budge on asylum-seekers,25197,26282995-7583,00.html

U.S. Government helps former fighters gain a new start in the East

Rights group wants international inquiry in Sri Lanka


Galleon's Rajaratnam Asks Cut in Bail to $25 Million (Update3)

British MPs call for suspension of GSP+, Sri Lanka's removal from Commonwealth

Time to stand up for human rights in Sri Lanka - at last


Sri Lanka: it's only business as usual so why the fuss?

Noam Chomsky at SOAS answering a Question on Sri Lanka


Video: Spectator video captures SL Police, SLA kill mentally ill Tamil youth


Tamils ride their luck

What executions? What genocide?

When the warehoused don't cooperate


Tamils' horrific treatment makes them desperate to leave


Tibetans and Tamils join hands against Hindu'biased'+%3Ci%3EHindu%3C%2Fi%3E&t=1&c=1


Boat with 40 people sinks near remote Cocos Islands


Rescue, search for missing under way after boat sinks far off Australian coast


One confirmed dead in Cocos Is search


Sri Lanka's Ex-Ambassador: "I blocked UN rights council from investigating our war"


US to question Sri Lanka army chief over war crimes allegations


'Indonesia solution' is immoral

US 'to quiz Sri Lanka army chief'

US asked to drop war-crimes interview

Fonseka, Gotabhaya entangle in US legal net


Tamils send a message to Rudd

Chinese Navy involved in attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen - FMOA


If war crimes charges are brought against Defence Secretary the U.S. will learn an unforgettable lesson - JHU


For Galleon Executive, Swagger in the Spotlight

Sri Lanka steps up Tamil releases

Fiji bars NZ and Australia envoys

Tamil MPs acquitted on terror charges

US tightlipped on Sri Lanka army chief

Why Does the U.S. Want to Talk to Sri Lanka's Tiger Tamer?,8599,1934060,00.html?xid=rss-world

Sri Lanka's opposition unites to face snap polls

The Case of Tissainayagam: Who is on Trial?

SL Tamil IDP's houses unlawfully occupied by Sinhalese: Report

At UN, As Climate Refugees Draw Oral Support, Tamil Asylum Seekers Still UN-Helped


Australia: Distraught families in Sri Lanka desperate to know if relatives are am

Australia: Hope fades for finding boat survivors

Australia Sri Lankan asylum seekers our responsibility: Barnett

Canada: Sri Lanka wants access to men on migrant ship

Canada: Explosive residue on migrants' clothing

Canada: Trace explosives found on Tamils' ship, clothing, affidavits say


Australia and NZ expel Fijians

Australia: Death toll rises from boat tragedy

Australia: Closing the sea route the only way to stem refugee tide

Australia: Boat survivors taken to Christmas Island

S Lanka opposition forms alliance

Tamils welcome plans to question top Sri Lanka general


Sri Lanka police fire water cannon at protesters

Sri Lanka: Tamil refugees sent home, but villages are worse than refugee camps


British MPs hail US initiative on Sri Lanka warcrimes


Fonseka flees US


Canada: Tamil Tigers look to regroup in Canada: expert


Whenever a comment has been needed about al-Qaeda or terrorism, Rohan Gunaratna has been there to supply it. Who is he? Gary Hughes reports. (An Article from July 20, 2003 about whom the CBC/Canadian Government consider an expert)


Canada: Political pawns or possible terrorists?


Canada: Tamil migrant held over possible ties to terror group


Sri Lanka's top general leaves U.S. unquestioned

Australia: Asylum seekers are genuine, says UN

Australia Puts Its Refugee Problem on a Remote Island, Behind Razor Wire


On Sri Lanka, UN's Cammaert's Visit Now December 5, Council Lauds Basement Meetings

Refugees celebrate All Souls' Day behind barbed wire'-Day-behind-barbed-wire

US House pressures Sri Lanka on camps

Canada: Our refugee system does not need Prof.Gunaratna


Video: Vanguard Journalism: Notes from a War on Terror // Current


"Sri Lanka: Notes From A War On Terror"


Sri Lankan government resettles Tamil detainees in prison-like conditions

Lanka's displaced return home - time to honour funding pledges says World Vision

UNHCR demining machines to arrive in Sri Lanka


Australia: Sri Lanka boat people leader 'a known trafficker'

Fleeing an Indian call centre instead

Sri Lanka responds to EU rights probe concerns


US Legislators urge rapid release of interned Tamil civilians


Sri Lankan doctors defended at Toronto event

EU and India must work together at UN to protect human rights

Poll: Tamils Embrace Idea of a Transnational Government


Sri Lanka president announces wage hike for troops


After the peace comes the pay war


UN High Commissioner: Diplomacy key to securing human rights

Australia, Sri Lanka to discuss refugees


Asylum seekers on Ocean Viking make 'final decision'

Q+A-EU's GSP+ trade concession and Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka faces EU tariff deadline

To which victor the spoils?


FBI charge 14 over alleged Galleon insider trading


End the persecution of Sri Lankan Tamils


Canada: Two Tamil migrants named as 'terrorists'


Canada: Lawyers for B.C. migrants challenge expert's allegations


Sri Lanka admits rights violations


IMF approves second portion of loan

General 'to contest' presidential poll

Vanni doctors Bail conditions relaxed

France asks Sri Lanka to end emergency, probe war crimes

Sri Lanka confirms first H1N1 flu death


Australia: World hits Rudd over boat people stand-off 


Australia: Minister heads to Sri Lanka for asylum crisis talks


Australia urges Sri Lanka reforms, reconciliation


Australia: Regional left groups: ‘Support Tamil refugees'


Australia: Sri Lankans using civil war as excuse to seek asylum, says envoy,,26321146-5005962,00.html 


Australia: 300,000 reasons for Tamil solidarity

Australia: Finally, the real Alex steps forward

Australia: Green Party asks government to accept Sri Lankan asylum seekers

SRI LANKA: Gov't, EU in Back-channel Talks Over Fate of Trade Pact

IMF warns Sri Lanka against borrowing

Rajaratnam: a 'living buddha' under suspicion

Crisis, what crisis? India stays calm as refugees keep coming


NZ urged to take rescued Sri Lankan refugees


End Sri Lanka's genocide behavior to end flow of Asylum seekers


Allow the Tamil Refugee in: Joint Statement from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia




Australia to help Sri Lankan provinces

Australia: The unreasoning fearmongers


Auatralia: Philippines solution to Sri Lankan asylum-seeker crisis


Australia: Ban Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka urges


Australia: Smell of appeasement surrounds asylum-seeker deal


Australia: Brother speaks up for 'Alex'

SRI LANKA: IMF's 2.6-B Dollar Loan Deal in Peril if Opposition Wins

IOM Works with Government of Sri Lanka, Partners to Return IDPs

Sri Lankan government attempts to dupe voters by delaying budget

Sri Lanka's top general emerges as possible presidential candidate


Trouble at the top in Sri Lanka?


Eight migrants 'ready' to disembark


Sri Lanka schemes ‘legal reform' to negate identity and grab land


Sri Lanka state-sector unions to work to rule


US Ambassador Launches New Ice Cream Project Benefiting Eastern Farmers


Editorial: Softly, softly on Sri Lankan boat-people


Should NZ offer refuge to 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers?


New Zealand says no, next stop Philippines for asylum seeker solution,23739,26334742-954,00.html


Australian diplomat urges Sri Lanka to resettle Tamils

Tamils economic refugees: Sri Lanka

'Get off boat and you'll go to Australia'


Warnings more Tamils will flee Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's boat people: Dying to strike it rich

Canada: People smugglers are watching Canada 


Sri Lanka's post-war scenario


In Sri Lanka, anger over detainees' fate


Norway Eezham Tamils enfranchise all above 16


Sri Lanka military chief resigns

Pope calls for reconciliation


Sri Lanka's top general resigns, may run for president


Australia: Govt under pressure over asylum seekers


Australia: Australia offers deal to end boatpeople standoff

Australia: Sri Lankans wary of promised deals


Australia: Tamils reject deal to disembark


Australia: Sit-in that paid off and made PM change his policy]

Australia: 20 asylum-seekers about to leave Oceanic Viking


As Sri Lanka Announces UN Holmes To Visit, Is UN's Silence the Silent Deal?

Group Urges Diaspora Tamils Not to Invest in Sri Lanka


Canada: Expert claims migrants are Tamil Tigers


Australia: Rudd's new Sri Lankan 'solution'


Homesick thousands in a state of limbo


When it's easier to flee than return home

What gain in stopping the boats?


Sri Lanka's UN representative joins Lateline


UN 'perplexed' by Lanka reluctance


Transcript of a Press Conference Call with IMF Resident Representative for Sri Lanka, Koshy Mathai

Myanmar junta leader 'thrilled' to be in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka to resettle Tamils within months


Coup fears led to crisis: Sri Lanka's top general


The United Nations and the Rape of Haiti

UN humanitarian chief to visit Sri Lanka next week


A testing time for Tamil refugees

Sri Lankan navy 'forcing refugees further afield'


Australia: Tamils say take the deal

Australia: Some Sri Lankan asylum seekers leave Australia ship


Australia: Twenty-two Sri Lankans leave Oceanic Viking,21598,26344089-948,00.html

Inside the broken land


Sri Lankan general behind Tigers defeat may stand for president

General who beat Tamil Tigers quits to challenge the President


Natives of Norway, Tamil Nadu, among 37 contesting NCET elections

Voter turnout endorses NCET, 15 members elected


Full Text: Sarath Fonseka letter of resignation and confidential annexure

Why Lankan war hero Fonseka and Rajapaksa broke up

Unease at Sri Lankan general's presidential ambitions

Sri Lanka's President Rajapaksa ‘feared coup' after defeat of Tamil Tigers


Sri Lanka protest at Burma visit

S Lanka army head leaves abruptly


Sinhala families 'settled in Govt. lands'


Sinhala speakers socially fail in moral responsibility: Peter Schalk


Sri Lanka: Mannar, the drama of 2 thousand widows with no means to survive

Australia-Sri Lanka deal for joint crackdown on Tamil asylum seekers


Sri Lankan president postpones poll announcement

Rajapaksa faces first challenge at Sri Lanka polls


Sri Lanka's African slave families fade away

SRI LANKA: Demands for economic and social rights outlawed in the country


Australia: Indonesia says Sri Lanka refugees can stay for three months

Australia: Indonesia draws up plan to force Sri Lankans home


Australia: Let the Refugees Into Australia

Australia: Sri Lanka asylum seekers sent home


Australia: Rudd staff were involved in Oceanic Viking deal


Australia: Kevin Rudd loses on Oceanic Viking standoff in latest Newspoll


Australia: Test of stamina


Speak out about crisis in Sri Lanka


Canada: An interview with Toronto-Tamil Magesh Ananth

Canada: Trail of tears: Sri Lanka's civil war, told through poetry


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