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For those in Toronto who are interested in learning more about what is happening now to Tamils in Sri Lanka, there is an event happening at Ryerson that you might be interested in attending:

The 180th Day: Sri Lanka's Failure to Close Internment Camps
A panel discussion focusing on Sri Lanka's treatment of Tamils and Canada's response
When: Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street at Gould, Room LIB 72

Sunanda Deshapriya, Sri Lankan journalist and founding member of Free Media Movement in Sri Lanka
Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada (English Speaking)
Craig Scott, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Director, Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security
Aparna Sundar, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Ryerson University
Moderated by Sharmini Peries, Journalist, The Real News Network

Preceded by a short performance of "Not by Our Tears," a selection of Tamil resistance poetry


'Norway finances humiliation of Tamils'


CID arrest heads of resettled IDP families - TNA parliamentarian


Attack on Tamil prisoners protested


Tamil rebels face doubtful future


Govt. condemns 'media harrassment'


Top UN envoy visits north


SRI LANKA: Migration dream remains, despite dangers


Sri Lankan refugee camp: pressure and a privilege


Australia: Rudd again denies boat deal


Australia: PM refuses to say who prepared refugee plan


Australia: Detainees' plea: what about us?


FEATURE - Who is Raj Rajaratnam? Don't ask in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka issues banknote to mark end of war


Will Bonapartist Foneska outgrow Sri Lankan democracy?


180 days after end of war, the much anticipated return of IDPs: An eyewitness account


Winners and losers in Sri Lanka's long war


Video: Sri Lankan asylum seekers and the response of New Zealand

Australia: No offer for Merak Tamils: Evans


Australia: Tamil women, children behind bars in Indonesia

UN confirms Tamil exodus from Sri Lanka refugee camps


When life's a minefield


As War Ends, Human Rights Violations Come to the Front



SRI LANKA: Plans to Release Tamils ‘Nothing But a Political Ploy'


58,000 homeless after Sri Lanka flash floods


Canada: Tamils recall tortured past


Document - Sri Lanka: Open letter to Heads of Government attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, November 23-26 2009, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago


Australia: Labor MP slates Rudd's asylum solution


Australia: Father of 'Alex' asks PM for sympathy


Sri Lanka approves $891 mln China loan for coal power


UN presses for freedom for Sri Lanka war-displaced

UN Humanitarian Chief concludes three-day visit to N. Sri Lanka


Honored for their work, threatened at home

Canada: Terrorism expert denies ties to Sri Lanka

Canada: Lawyers for Sri Lankan migrants grill terrorism expert


.Tamil activists' shock on return to Jaffna


Sri Lanka minorities hold talks in Switzerland

Sri Lanka pledges to release Tamil detainees from internment camps


Sri Lanka Tamil refugee camps 'to be opened next month'

'S.Lanka resettlement plan needed'


Sri Lanka to hold 'early presidential polls'


'Future bleak, but do not give up,' veteran Marxist reviewed

In Haiti, UN's Sri Lankan Peacekeepers Shoot Live Ammo at Crowd

Amnesty International Chief Blasts Australia's 'Panic' Over Asylum Seekers

Beware Of Lanka's Chi-Pak Axis

Tamils risk all to flee Sri Lanka


Australia: Afghans and Sri Lankans in riot

Australia: 'Special team' to assess Oceanic Viking Sri Lankan asylum-seekers

Australia: Inquiry launched into Christmas Island riot


Australia: Refugees pay $40,000 to come by plane


Canadians speak out against humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka


Canada: Tamils rally for war refugees


France jails Tamil Tigers for extortion


JVP student leader admits war silence

Sri Lanka website 'hacked'

In Sri Lanka, IDPs Given Passes, NGOs Told Not to Complain to UN, Election Games


SRI LANKA: Agencies raise concerns over IDP care once resettled


Sri Lanka detains asylum-seekers in high seas

Jaya's sarcasm on MK's 'silent pain'


I never blamed Prabakaran: MK


Sri Lankan president on brink of calling snap elections

Sri Lanka: Promise to free displaced must be followed by concrete action


IMF Loan Will Not Benefit Sri Lankan People or Help Resurrect Crisis Ridden Economy : Media Release by Centre for Social Democracy

Video: The Perth Tamils With Own Ideas On How To Stem Influx

Australia: Asylum-seeker tensions turn violence on vessel

Canada: Traces of explosives potential danger to Tamils' case


Canada: Cohn: Long arm of Sri Lanka's Toronto envoy


Credentials of IC challenged while widespread rape by SLA alleged in Vavuniyaa


Media, journalists in Jaffna issued with death threat again


"No need to reveal" journalists' sources


Malaysia: Sri Lankan refugees facing harassment


Rajaratnam denies insider charges, blasts wiretaps


Sri Lanka urged to move fast on Tamil reconciliation


HRW: Sri Lanka: Free All Unlawfully Detained


Canada: Three more traces of explosives found on Tamils' ship


Canada: Tamil group calls for global vote on independent state


Sri Lanka fully intends to destroy Tamil Homeland, says Boyle


'Free detainees' says HRW


INTERVIEW - Sri Lanka shrugs off Galleon divestment


IMF sells 10 tonnes of gold to Sri Lanka


A peace dividend Sri Lanka cannot squander,Authorised=false.html?


Political terrain shifts in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's promise to free displaced must be followed by concrete action


Canada: Video: The Agenda with Steve Paikin - The Interview: Bandula Jayasekara


Canada: Blog: The Agenda with Steve Paikin - Sri Lanka's Domestic Politics: Camp Closures and the Coming Election


Canada: GTA students protest Tamil camps in Sri Lanka


Presidential poll date announced

Vikramabahu Karunaratne invokes support among Tamils


Heroes' Day address highlights political formation for liberation

Manufacturing of a ‘Common Candidate' and Our Collective Political (Un)Conscious

SRI LANKA: The Long Road to Normalcy in War-Ravaged Zones

Gordon Brown will not back Sri Lanka's bid to host Commonwealth summit

S.Lanka opposition endorses ex-general for president


The power of the ballot : Suddenly, it matters what Tamils think


Sri Lanka: What Happens Next?


Canada: Canada won't support Sri Lankan bid

Canada: Canada opposes Sri Lanka's bid to host Commonwealth


Canada: Champion of Tamil Tigers booted out of Canada


Carter, Tutu: continued detention, clear violation of international law


World Elders appeal to Mahinda


SLA abductions of Tamil youth continue unabated in camps


'Resettled' by forced labour, without food or freedom to move


Commonwealth 'did itself some good' at summit

Commonwealth vetoes Sri Lanka bid to hold 2011 gathering

Former refugees call for facilities


General to 'replace dictator'

Rapp snubs Sri Lanka's comment to US's war crimes investigations

Thousands attend Heroes day remembrance at Excel Centre, London

Seeman - A new comet in the southern sky


Lankan church helps ‘despairing' Tamil Tigers


Sri Lankan campaigning opens with temple visits


Canada: Arson suspected in Toronto Buddhist temple fire

Canada: Scarborough students, local rally protest situation in Sri Lanka


Canada: Toronto-area Tamils observe 'Martyrs Day'


Sri Lanka Tamils: freed from camps, their votes may give them new clout

Amnesty International Calls on Sri Lankan Government to Permanently Release All Civilians


Fonseka promises Sri Lanka 'feeling of freedom'


Part 1: Cuba-ALBA Let Down Sri Lanka Tamils


Part 2: Tamil Eelam: Historical Right to Nationhood


Part 3: Equal Rights or Self-Determination


Part 4: The Terrorists: International Support for Sri Lanka's Racist Discrimination


Part 5: Post-War Internment Hell


A Rejoinder to Ron Ridenour's series on Sri Lanka and Ron Ridenour's Response


Facing offensive presidential election with self-respect


Total rejection of SL Constitution should be the demand - Sachithananthan


Australia: Australians slam 'Indonesian Solution'


Australia: Indonesian commandos attempt raid on refugee boat


Australia: Sri Lanka asylum boat 'threatened'

Australia: Sri Lankan asylum seekers caught in 'routine' Indonesian naval exercise


SRI LANKA: Long road to recovery, say returnees


Under Global Pressure, Sri Lanka Opens Camps,8599,1945235,00.html


Farah Mihlar: A welcome step, but crisis of displaced people is far from over


Tamils on the road as Sri Lanka opens refugee camps


Government demolishes Tiger monuments while erecting monuments for its soldiers

Global meet urged to discuss environmental genocide by Sri Lanka


Australian reveals "deplorable" conditions onboard Indonesian boat

Sri Lanka refugees found to have shrapnel wounds


UNHCR: Sri Lanka Humanitarian update

Sri Lanka: bulk of refugees still in transit camps

Media ban continues on war refugees,22606,26443362-5005962,00.html


Tamils flee from East by sea, SL Police says


Indian parliament expunges remarks on genocide in Sri Lanka

"Never Again? What the Holocaust can't teach us about modern-day genocide", Andrew Stroehlein in Foreign Policy


The president and the general (Sri Lanka)


U.S. Report on Sri Lanka Urges New Approach


Colombo's claims of free access a lie, says media, ICRC


Exclusive Interview: 'Tamil Eelam independence and Indian security is inseparable' - Eelaventhan


Sri Lankan soldiers kill asylum seeker

Australia: Merak Tamil refugees warn of deportation threat

Australia: Sri Lankan man pleads to stay with ailing mother


Australia: Monsoon fails to budge Tamils from sit-in at Indonesian port

Australia: Sri Lanka war crime allegations surface

Children among 11,000 Tamil ‘fighters' held in rehabilitation


New Tamil group People's Liberation Army vows to start a fresh war


Emergence of a new Tamil militant group was inevitable, a new insurgency is not

Tamil detainees enjoy taste of freedom - but it comes at a high price



US shouldn't 'lose' Sri Lanka: Senate


Former Sri Lankan general fears assassination


1,27,905 IDPs still held in Vavuniyaa camps


Palitha Kohona deserves prosecution by Australia: Professor of Law


York University Free Press: Sexual Violence and Sri Lankan State Sovereignty (Page 12)


Canada: Migrant links to Tamil Tigers ruled ‘probable'


US-SRI LANKA: Senate Report Urges Warmer Ties


U.S. envoy in Sri Lanka, Washington mulls change in ties


Indian MPs' concern for Sri Lanka a joke


ADB Signs New Trade Finance Pacts with Sri Lanka Banks


SRI LANKA Church attacked after Sunday Mass


Reporters Without Borders calls for calm amid pre-electoral tension,35277.html


Watchdog calls for media freedom in Sri Lanka


Candle-lit vigil to highlight the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils


Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils 'still denied freedom of movement'


Australia: Australia reassures Indonesia on Tamils


Power and Accountability in Sri Lanka


NZ supporting UN assistance for displaced Tamils


Statement by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake at the Colombo Press Conference.

US calls for more rights progress in Sri Lanka


Right violaters need to be accountable-Blake


President goes north


Text books, school uniform issue event conducted in Sinhalese in Jaffna


Australi: Sweden refuses to resettle Viking Tamils


Human Rights in Post-War Sri Lanka: Challenges and opportunities


Resettled IDPs in Jaffna ordered to register particulars with SLA, SLN

Australia: 78 Sri Lankans rescued from Oceanic Viking granted refugee status

Heavy floods in East, 3 killed, IDP camps under water


Report Calls for Sri Lanka to Urgently Address Governance Issues

Buddhist extremists brutally attack Catholic church in Sri Lanka


Rajapakse brothers, Brigadier Silva, presumptive war criminals, says Boyle


Why 3.6 million IDs Printed when only 1.9 million is the requirement: attempting election frauds


As Killing of Those Seeking to Surrender in Sri Lanka Is Alleged, Will UN Investigate?


Sri Lankan government killed surrendering Tamil Tigers, says general


Sri Lanka candidate denies Tiger rebels shot


Sri Lankan war crimes video is authentic, Times investigation finds

Sri Lankan execution video authentic, says newspaper

CNN Blog: My Daughter The Terrorist


CNN Blog: Webcast: 'My Daugther The Terrorist'


CNN: Sri Lankan diplomat denies abuses against Tamils


Sri Lanka Makes Journalism an Act of Terrorism


Cast the first vote to Bahu: Manickasothy


SLA, police extort money from passengers to Jaffna


David Miliband updated Parliament on the situation in Sri Lanka during a written ministerial statement on Tuesday 15 December

Tsunami victim who came back from the dead


Australia: Oceanic Viking Sri Lankans 'all refugees'

Australia: International deal to resettle 78 Tamils in several countries


Sri Lanka: Tsunami victim who came back from the dead


Permanent People's Tribunal on Sri-Lanka


Former Army Chief May Have Violated OSA: Sri Lanka 


Channel 4 Video: Sri Lanka execution video 'not fake'


Channel 4 article: Sri Lanka execution video 'not fake'


99% assent Tamil Eelam in overwhelming turn out of 31,000 in France


Activists accuse South Africa of ignoring Tamil genocide

Lanka formally informs India about Prabhakaran's death

Sri Lanka wants more players in oil race

Free Sri Lanka child soldiers: UN envoy

Navy in pursuit, Lankan vessel catches fire, sinks

"Boat destroyed in India", says fishermen

S.Lankan rebels killed in cold blood: ex-army chief


'Defence secretary ordered war crimes' say Fonseka

Fonseka names assassins of Nadesan, Puleedevan

Sri Lanka accuses General Sarath Fonseka of 'betrayal'


Sri Lanka denies "malicious" war crimes charges

Sri Lanka - war heroes and war crimes


Tigers begged me to broker surrender (An article from May 24, 2009 - related to the current context)

Official: Thais detain plane with weapons from North Korea


The Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka, Full Text of AI Testimony before Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission


Australia: Indonesia turns up heat on people-smugglers

Canada: Tamil migrant still in custody despite order


Canadian Tamils hit the polls on December 19


Govt. not opposed to Tissainayagam Bail


Record 22 candidates to contest Sri Lanka polls

Graft, violence hit Sri Lanka's recovery: watchdog


Australia: Norway and New Zealand to resettle Tamil boatpeople

U.S. Urged to Show Disapproval of Human Rights Council's Actions


EU to suspend trade concessions to Sri Lanka


EU gives six million euros to help Sri Lanka refugees


Referendum to speak for themselves - paper


Canadian: Tamils prepare for referendum vote on independence

Canadian Tamils hit the polls on Dec. 19


Yes or no to Tamil Eelam, referendum in Canada on Saturday


Campaign begins for presidency


IFJ Mission Identifies Key Challenges for Sri Lanka's Media after War's End

SRI LANKA: Landmine clearance a long-haul effort

Caritas: Where now for Sri Lanka's war refugees?


World Bank Assists Rehabilitation in Northern Sri Lanka,,contentMDK:22422342~menuPK:34463~pagePK:34370~piPK:34424~theSitePK:4607,00.html


Australia: Merak Tamil refugees demand fundamental right to health-care, safety

Australia: Viking Tamils given special treatment, Indonesian and Canadian officials say


Canada: Australia asks Canada to take in Tamil refugees


Canada: Ottawa fights order to free five more Tamil migrants


less than 7000 IDPs registered to vote

Sri Lanka refugees may lose voting rights -monitors

World Bank lends 182 million to Sri Lanka


"Plans afoot to kill me" - Sivajilingam

Buddhist monk accused of flogging a Vedda

Allegations of killing LTTE surrendees under UN probe


UN asks Sri Lanka to answer new war crime charges

Sri Lanka seizes Tiger rebel ship: navy


The Conquerors of the Tigers Now Battle for the Spoils,8599,1947807,00.html?xid=rss-world&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fworld+%28TIME%3A+Top+World+Stories%29

Ben Bradshaw spends Christmas in Sri Lanka despite human rights concerns

Minister's Sri Lanka holiday outrages rights campaigners


Sri Lanka's war heroes battle for a clean image


Sri Lanka still waiting for its peace dividend


Sri Lankan guards 'sexually abused girls' in Tamil refugee camp


Australia: First of Oceanic Viking's asylum seekers arrive

Australia: Viking deal 'to sway others': Sri Lanka

Canada: Tamil Nadu leaders wish well for referendum in Canada




Canada: Ballots trump bullets in latest bid for Tamils' independence

Canada: 99.8 percent say yes to Tamil Eelam in Canada referendum


Canada: Referendum calls for independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka


Canada: Resounding 99.8 % of the Canadian Tamil Vote Mandates Independent Tamil State

Canada: Tamils in Canada vote for independent homeland in Sri Lanka


Canada: Tamil-Canadians vote for independent state in Sri Lanka


Canada: Tamils vote on support for state within Sri Lanka


Canada: Refugees look to Canada


Canada: Government seeks closed-door hearings in 11 Tamil refugee cases on West Coast


Canada: Ottawa seeks secrecy in Tamil migrant case


On Sri Lankan Killings, As Alston Asks Rajapaksas, Why Not UN's Nambiar?

UN presses Sri Lanka over Tamil Tiger killings


SRI LANKA: Tsunami survivors still homeless after five years


Sri Lanka says UN wants explanation on Tiger deaths


Tamil activists protest at Kerry's office


Mobile billboard aids boycott campaign


British Virgin Islands: Sri Lankan detainees go on hunger strike to address frustration


Australia: Tamil Tigers `identified on asylum-seeker boat'

Australia: Three will plead guilty to funding Tamil Tigers


MSF Releases 12th Annual "Top Ten" List

Thousands Injured during the Final Stage of Sri Lanka's Decades-long War


Canada: Liberals release policy statement on current situation in Sri Lanka


UN Official's involvement in LTTE leaders' killing questioned


SLA constructs Buddhist temple in Jaffna without Municipality Council permission


Weapons-carrying plane headed for Sri Lanka

S.Lanka threatens legal action over war crimes claim

Australia: The Philippines and New Zealand drawn into Tamil asylum-seeker deal

Australia: Tamils and Afghans held in Indonesian Cages


'weapons were for Sri Lanka' says crew


Second chance for Tamil former child soldiers


Fonseka revelations mandate independent probe into UN's role, says Boyle


Sri Lanka war-displaced struggle to resume lives

Sri Lanka's tsunami recovery dogged by graft, delays

SRI LANKA: Five Years after Tsunami, Many Still without Shelter


Preserving the peace is next goal for Sri Lanka

President vs. General

Sri Lankan Military Intelligence Operatives planning a secret operation to execute Tamil Prisoners of War - HR Activist


Australia: Asylum seeker dies on Merak boat

Canada: Tamil migrants to be released


Sri Lanka tsunami aid misappropriated: watchdog

Sri Lanka's tsunami aid: Over $1 billion missing or misappropriated

In Sri Lanka, Tsunami Anniversary Inspires Mixed Reactions,8599,1949982,00.html?xid=rss-world


SRI LANKA: A Nation Struggles to Forget a Tragedy

Sri Lankans want to know where tsunami aid has gone

Sri Lanka: The Red Cross continues its livelihood assistance to tsunami victims in the South

Independent Appeal: Sri Lanka's bitter enemies learn to live in harmony

Sri Lankan aid projects investigated

How has Sri Lanka coped with the Asian tsunami and a civil war?,,5052050,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

Australia: Indonesia seeks 'deal' on asylum seekers

Australia: Jakarta puts Kevin Rudd on notice over asylum-seekers


Australia: Tamils leave Indonesia en route to Australia

Australia: Illness spreads on vessel as 16 Tamils head for Australia

Australia: Sri Lankans arrive to start new lives


Australia: Twist as Tamil refugees arrive today


Australia: Tamils set down in Australia

Australia: Land without checkpoints feels free to Tamil refugees


On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Be "Used" or Speak on Broken IDP Promises or Elections

Journalist name command officers involved in killing surrendering combatants in Sri Lanka


'Many civilians killed' in Lanka war

War crimes probe request 'referred'

S.Lanka takes more time to study war crime charges

Sri Lanka: Questions that will not go away


War-crime allegations piling up in Sri Lanka

'Political motive' in monk arrest

Around 800 persons including 50 women held in Boosa detention centre


Equality unlikely for Tamils now Tigers vanquished


Heritage genocide abetted by decades of Western funding


The Man Who Wired Silicon Valley


Sri Lanka to cut petrol price ahead of January poll

Gen. Fonseka sends letter of demand to The Sunday Leader'


A Christmas Message 2009 By: Brian Senewiratne

War-displaced struggle to get basic services

Sri Lanka's displaced Tamils: A market-based solution


Abductees unreleased even after payment of ransom, in Jaffna


Jaffna IDPs 'should be sent home'


IDP resettlement 'election gimmick'

Both main candidates 'foreign agents'


Fonseka accused of arms corruption

Choice between 'dictatorship and democracy'

Q+A - Key factors in Sri Lanka's presidential poll

Sri Lankan presidential contender woos Tamil voters

Sri Lanka president accused of illegal funding


Sri Lanka dismisses EU trade move

Sri Lanka's fragile peace


Govt. 'misled' world powers

2 January, 2009 Colombo Sri Lanka CMEV is deeply concerned by the escalation of violence and the violation of election laws.


Guardian UK 2009 in Review: The Tamil Tigers are defeated


Canada: More Tamil migrants set for release

Canada: Tamils held in B.C. to be released, lawyer says

Canada: Four more Tamils cleared for release


thanks for the updates, its interesting to see how it goes, even from the topics


Wars and disputed elections: The most dangerous stories for journalists


2009 a deadly year for journalists


Frontline - A Commemoration Issue: We will fight for our political objective' (Interview with V. Prabhakaran)

Not Quite Paradise

Election requires peaceful, rational dialogue


Fonseka campaigns in N. Sri Lanka, may be tried for war crimes

Election violence 'on the rise'


CaFFE charges plans to rig vote

Canada: Send bills to Tamils


Canada: Talking the beat: Toronto Police Chief and the Tamils


Malaysia: Police arrest 11 ilegal immigrants from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka candidate Gen Sarath Fonseka woos Tamils

General offers amnesty for LTTE

S.Lanka's main Tamil party backs ex-general


Tamil political prisoners in CRP, Magazine prisons on hunger strike

Sex Un-Sells: Provocative Videos Add Activism To Conventional Marketing Strategies; No Blood For Panties Urges Boycott Of Products Made In Sri Lanka




Canada: Tamil migrant routinely threatened in homeland, he reports


Plunder for business, double enterprise of Sri Lanka Army


More persons in Jaffna peninsula die of Dengue


'Restore media freedom' candidates urged


IDPs 'resettled' to another camp

Sri Lanka - I will never merge North and East - President

TNA backs Gen Fonseka


Sri Lanka's ex-army chief gains poll edge

Sri Lanka port built with Chinese help

EU Plans Temporarily Stop on Sri Lanka's Duty Free Export Status

Australia: Exclusive: On board the Tamil asylum boat

Australia: Tamils boycott gym over processing times

Canada: Fate of Tamils being decided in closed hearings


Alternative world to hold tribunal on Sri Lanka's war crimes


LTTE leader Pirapaharan's father passes away in SLA custody

SRI LANKA: Political Patronage for murder and abysmal lawlessness

SRI LANKA: Executive Presidential System - A Constitutional Development Based on Distrust

Sri Lanka general guns for economy in presidential run


UN's Ban Mute on Sri Lanka's Election Request, Impunity and Fraud Implicitly Accepted, UN Sources Say

U.N. rejects request to observe Sri Lanka elections

'Kingmaker' status in elections brings concessions for Sri Lanka's war-scarred ethnic Tamils,0,4744425.story


Tamils throw weight behind general who crushed them


Suren Surendiran: These candidates are largely to blame for destroying our people


World Agenda: will the hammer of the Tamils nail the President?


Tamil political prisoners on hunger strike in Trincomalee


Tamil political detainees in Batticaloa on hunger strike


3 Tamil political prisoners on hunger strike admitted to Jaffna hospital

Indonesia: Tamil refugees 'questioned by Sri Lankan officials'

Indonesia: Sri Lanka grills Tamils in Jakarta


Australia: Tamils not receiving medical help, doctor says


Video: Sri Lanka video 'appears authentic'

Sri Lanka execution video authentic - UN envoy

Tamil Tiger video killing is genuine, declares the UN




UN rapporteur urges independent war crimes probe in Sri Lanka,un-rapporteur-urges-independent-war-crimes-probe-in-sri-lanka.html


UN expert cites video in call for Sri Lankan probe


Video authentic, Alston calls for wider war crimes probe


Sri Lanka rejects UN execution video claims

Sri Lanka rejects UN conclusion on execution video


Sri Lanka faces new pressure over war crimes

CPJ: One year later in Sri Lanka, little has changed

Lasantha's anniversary highlights state complicity

What chance of a change for Sri Lanka? -A year after my uncle's murder, the freedoms he died for have not come to pass in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's human rights disaster

Trampled Tamils lack election appetite

S.Lanka presidential challenger vows press freedom

Fonseka declares ten point plan

On Sri Lankan War Crimes, UN Discloses Ban Expert Panel Idea, Election Snub Questioned

Canada: Sri Lankan detained despite release order; Government suspects man is member of Tamil Tigers, a terrorist organization


Remains of Pirapaharan's father cremated in VVT

Presidential candidate's envoy 'arrested'

Sri Lanka: After Lasantha

U.N. investigator says video of executions appears to be authentic -

The battle for evidence of ‘war without witnesses'

Sri Lanka frees over 700 ex-militants: military

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger suspects 'won't be freed soon'

Brian Senewiratne respods to a silly question - "What if we had won the war?" (Opinion)

British Minister calls for independent war-crimes probe
Sri Lankan editor JS Tissainayagam gets bail
Sri Lanka court frees Tamil editor on bail

Journalist J.S. Tissainayagam released on bail: Implications for freedom of expression

"Believable Change" with unbelievable contradictions: Sarath Fonseka's manifesto

Australia: ASIO rejects four Viking Tamils


On Sri Lanka, Last Act of UN's Ban Was Three Months Ago, Despite War Crimes

Plea for a Change in New Delhi's Neighbourhood Policy


Wartime allies now rivals

President launches extended manifesto

Rajapaksa woos minority Tamils as Sri Lanka presidential vote nears


Canadians to be sentenced for trying to buy missiles


Two Tamil-Canadians face sentencing in New York


Sri Lankan Election: Tamil Politicians Line Up Behind Warmongers


Separation of Andhra / Telangana and Non-Separation of Sri Lanka / Tamil Eelam


Sri Lanka pre-poll attack leaves one person dead

Gunman opens fire on Fonseka supporters, woman killed, 10 wounded

Sri Lankan election: Tamil politicians line up behind warmongers

Australia: ASIO knew Tamil asylum seekers were a threat to national security before they were transferred to Christmas Island

Australia: Govt defending decision to block Tamils

Australia: ASIO warning ignored for deal on Tamil refugees

Australia: Refugee family faces indefinite detention

Australia: Australia urged to assess refugee claims without external influence


On War Crimes, UN's Ban Listens to Sri Lanka President over Alston's Views


Sri Lanka: A Bitter Peace

Sri Lanka: A Bitter Peace (Full Report)$File/full_report.pdf


$5.6b pledge to rebuild war zone


Presidential elections to give a new direction to Sri Lanka


M.I.A. Lashes Out, Via Twitter, at NY Times


SRI LANKA: Concern grows over IDP voting rights


Sri Lanka president offers pre-vote concessions

Sri Lankan journalist Jeyaprakash Tissainayagam is freed on bail


NYT Opinion: Sri Lanka's Choice, and the World's Responsibility


Canada: Canadian backers of Tigers may get longer penalties


Canada: Sentencing delayed for Tamil-Canadians


BBC reporter in Polonnaruwa assaulted


Govt. 'aware of' Lasantha killers


140 Tamil students 'missing'


Sri Lankan editor is granted bail

One freed, but what about the others silenced in Sri Lanka?


Australia: Asylum seeker fly-in an 'outrageous special deal'


Australia: ASIO warning ignored for deal on Tamil refugees


Australia: Jakarta set to force refugees off boat


Violence escalates in Sri Lanka amid political tension


Sri Lankan Presidential elections - winners and losers - national and international


M.I.A. Lashes Out, Via Twitter, at NY Times

M.I.A.: "Fuck the New York Times" For Saying Sri Lanka is 2010's #1 Tourist Destination

SRI LANKA: Severe overcrowding at Bogambara Prisons


At UN, Sri Lanka Shooting of Opposition Draws No Comment, No Probe


Canada to assist election monitoring for Presidential Polls


Sentencing of 2 Tamil-Canadians held over


SRI LANKA: Will the coming 12 days become another period of terror? An early warning

Should Tamils vote for the General who crushed them?


Dublin analysis complements Alston's findings on execution-video

Tamil journalist's release on bail hailed as first step towards acquittal


Journalists under threat as Sri Lanka elections near

S.Lanka govt 'helped' India's ruling party in poll

Refugees: the blood of more than 30,000 Tamils taint Sri Lanka's elections,000-Tamils-taint-Sri-Lanka%e2%80%99s-elections-17335.html

Indonesia: Asylum-seekers threatened with gunpoint evacuation


Indonesia: Tamils say they won't resist removal


Indonesia: Tamils safe to return home, says Sri Lanka

Indonesia to force Sri Lankans off boat


Dublin verdict: Sri Lanka guilty of War Crimes

Sri Lanka 'guilty' of war crimes


Satellite imagery evidence of Hospital attack recorded in Dublin


Sri Lanka pre-poll clash kills opposition supporter


Detained Sri Lankan Tamil MP is released


Opp says Sri Lanka lied to UN over heavy weapons


‘Sri Lanka lied to UN over heavy weapons'


S.Lanka govt 'helped' India's ruling party in poll


Weeratunge statement proves India's complicity in Sri Lanka's genocide, says Prof. Boyle


Sri Lanka's Tamils wary of election spotlight

Video: Tamil votes crucial in Sri Lanka poll


Australia: Tamil asylum seekers keep trying for Australian

Australia: Sri Lankan refugee missing in Melbourne


Australia: Indonesian standoff must stop: Greens


Sri Lanka vote raises hopes in Washington


US, Norway deny favoring opposition


Sri Lanka's war chiefs fight for the spoils of peace

Sri Lanka: Presidential elections: the land issue and refugees

Sri Lankan warrior has president in his sights

Sri Lanka's warhorses fail at peace


Trinco executions added to Sri Lanka's war crimes record in Dublin


Competent Authority withdrawn


Petition to arrest Weerawansa


SRI LANKA: Electoral violence and the sovereignty of the people


SRI LANKA: Amid Furore, Central Bank Drops Plan to Relax Forex Rules


Court orders release of Vanni doctors

Australia: NZ about-face on accepting Viking Tamil refugees


Boycott Sri Lanka Releases Second Video in Series "No Blood for Panties"; innovative marketing strategy proves popular, effective


SRI LANKA: The crisis of the Electoral Commission


War refugess struggle to rebuild in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka election candidates must end rights violations




As UN and US Work With Sri Lankan Soldiers in Haiti, UK Funded Study Downplays Carnage in Lanka and Congo


RSF: State media turned into presidential propaganda outlets


Shattered Tamil city braces for crucial poll

Sri Lanka prepares to vote

Sri Lanka: Ban concerned over rising violence ahead of presidential polls


United Nations concern over Sri Lanka poll violence

EU's Ashton 'deeply concerned' by Sri Lanka political violence,eus-ashton-deeply-concerned-by-sri-lanka-political-violence.html

Sri Lanka heading for flawed election: report

S.Lanka opposition alleges post-poll coup plan


‘Fifty-fifty' in Sri Lanka

Lasting peace should be sought in Sri Lanka

Lanka Prez, ex-general bring Eelam into battle,-ex-general-bring-eelam-into-battle-.aspx


Swords crossed in Sri Lanka


British Virgin Island: Migrants get refugee status


Australia: Sri Lankans push to grab absconders

Australia: Not all Sri Lankan refugees 'deserving'


Australia: Tamil protesters 'Indonesia's problem''Indonesia's-problem'


Uncovering Sri Lanka's war crimes

SLA harass relatives, friends visiting resettled IDPs in Ki'linochchi

Sri Lanka prepares for the polls


The gloves are off in Sri Lanka's election

Sri Lankan Police harass Wickramabahu supporters in Jaffna

Mahanayake thera warns president

Blast targets Sri Lanka opposition activist in Colombo

Bomb attack targets Sri Lanka opposition ahead of vote


Both candidates are ignoring what should be their priority: national reconciliation


Tamil émigrés follow the election campaign with jaundiced eyes

Sri Lankan poll may be decided by Tamil vote


Tamils of Switzerland, Germany, Holland vote on independence this weekend


Indonesia: Sri Lankan Immigrants Finally Off To Third Countries

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