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Sri Lanka VII

Continued from here, and thank you thirusuj, I do not comment, but I always read.


remind, you do such an awesome job of continuing threads.  Makes our work so easy. Thanks! :)


Permanent People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka: Final Report

Exiled journalists condemn state media abuse in presidential election campaign


Overwhelming turnout of voters in Germany, 99% mandate Tamil Eelam


Referendum conducted in exemplary way in Switzerland


99.2 percent voters consent Tamil Eelam in Holland

Court rejects issuing search warrants

Profile: General Sarath Fonseka


Profile: Mahinda Rajapaksa


Sri Lanka ex-president delivers poll blow to Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka's president hit by defection


Millions spent on election propaganda


London's Sri Lankans divided over presidential polls


Displaced Tamils demand a better life


Voter disenchantment clouds Sri Lanka's east

Surprise candidate leaves Sri Lankan poll wide open

The Space Between Politics and Reality: A Minority View of the Sri Lankan Elections


Richard Dixons - Can the new King of Sri Lanka bring deliverance to the Tamils?


'Conquerors feed language to the conquered'


Voting Mahinda or Fonseka is submission to Colombo-centric system

General Puts Up a Fight in Sri Lanka's Election


The contest for Sri Lanka's future


Ballots for Bullies: The Crimes Against Humanity Elections of 2010

Voters gear up for Sri Lanka's first post-war presidential poll


Sri Lankans braced for election battle between two victors of civil war


Video: Sri Lanka candidates trade barbs


War President versus War General in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's election gamble

Politics divides the men who brought peace to Sri Lanka

Star-gazers sway Sri Lanka election


Tensions rise on eve of Sri Lanka ballot


Tamils may hand power to general who crushed Tigers


Sri Lankan ruling party plans violence: opposition

Tamils have a vote, but little choice

Fears rise of Sri Lanka coup


Tense peace reigns as Sri Lanka heads to polls


S.Lanka president urges fair vote on election eve


Sri Lanka Vote Hinges on Tamils


Sri Lankan presidential election sparks fears of rising violence

Video: Sri Lanka refugees living in limbo


Sri Lanka locked in dirtiest election for years as poll violence rises

War crimes pressure on new S.Lanka chief: analysts

Canada: 2 Tamil Tiger backers sentenced to US prison


Genocide a national policy of Sri Lanka, says Tamil Nadu professor


Long queues as Sri Lankans cast votes


TNA parliamentarian's office attacked, bomb blasts heard, in Jaffna


Democratic elections, a mockery in Sri Lanka: Pandian

Close finish expected in Sri Lanka's presidential poll

Bitter rivals vie for Sri Lanka presidency

A fresh start for Sri Lanka?


In pictures: Sri Lanka votes


Violence and Harassment of Media Mark Sri Lanka Election Campaign

Sri Lanka elections: Former partners in war now battle in politics


Concern over missing journalist

Political reporter and cartoonist missing in Colombo on eve of election

As Sri Lanka election nears, pro-opposition writer vanishes


Jaffna reels in the changes under the shadow of war


Tamils to decide Sri Lanka election result


Out of war's shadow, Sri Lankans vote for president

Bomb blasts mar Sri Lanka elections as polls open


Sri Lanka's Tamils trudge to polls in first post-war election


Bomb blasts cast shadow over bitter Sri Lanka poll


Sri Lankans vote in knife-edge election

Top S.Lankan challenger 'ineligible': govt

Sri Lanka braces for post-election violence

TV actress 'kidnapped' for supporting Sri Lanka's presidential rival

Sri Lankans go to the polls

Sri Lankans go to the polls amid election violence


On Eve of Sri Lankan Election, UN's Ban Is Silent on Abductions, Grenades and Forced Pro-Rajapaksa Text Messages


Indonesia: Tamil asylum seeker to give birth on crowded ship

Australia: Australian of the Year demands release of refugees

Tamil Vote Could Be Key in Sri Lanka


Voter turnout 18 percent in Jaffna, 55 percent in Batticaloa


Cohn: Twist of fate for Tamils

Canadian-Tamils sentenced in U.S. terror case


Tamil-Canadians get 25 years in U.S. terror trial

Two Canadians sentenced in Tamil missile-buying case




The online Broadcast does go off Air when they are sleeping. Canada to Indonesia is almost 12 hours difference.


New video of Lanka war crimes - India Today (The video that started all this conversation on Rabble just got to the hands of Indian Media after almost 2 years, slow world.)

Defeated Tamils a force again


Troops surround presidential rival's hotel in Sri Lanka

Violence looms in aftermath of tense Sri Lankan election


Websites blocked just hours before poll results due to be announced

NE vote: few incidents but peaceful

US commends high turnout in Sri Lanka

Triumph could bode ill for Tamils

The race to rule Sri Lanka

Power struggle feared in Sri Lanka poll aftermath


Troops surround Sri Lanka opposition leader Sarath Fonseka's hotel

Sri Lanka opposition fears reprisals after Mahinda Rajapakse victory


Sri Lankan candidate alleges intimidation


Sri Lanka president wins re-election - state TV


Sri Lanka 're-elects' President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka president wins re-election


In pictures: Sri Lanka president wins election


Troops surround defeated Sri Lanka opposition leader


Election 'not free and fair'


Fonseka rejects Sri Lanka election win for Rajapaksa

Sri Lankan challenger rejects president's poll win

Sri Lankan leader scores landslide poll win

Tamils wait for President Rajapaksa to deliver

Abuse of power makes travesty of democracy in Sri Lanka elections


Democracy in Sri Lanka: new lessons added to old ones


Australia and Canada: Two Aussies detained for visiting asylum seeker boat


Australia and Canada: Refugee activists detained in Indonesia

Australia and Canada: Refugee Supporters Call For Release Of Advocates


January 27th, 2010
For Immediate Release
Three Refugee Advocates Detained by Indonesian Authorities for more than 11 hours
(Merak, Indonesia) - Tuesday afternoon three refugee advocates - Jessica Chandrashekar from Canada, Sara Nathan and Pamela Curr from Australia were detained by Indonesian authorities. After 11 hours the three individuals were released overnight but were taken in for questioning again today and still have not been released.
Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition said the three were in Indonesia to meet with Indonesian officials and arrange humanitarian supplies for the 254 Tamil refugees. 'We are extremely concerned for their welfare and are demanding their immediate release,' Mr Rintoul said. 'Sara, Pamela and Jessica have done nothing wrong. They were in Merak because of their concern for the welfare of the people on the boat. The conditions on the boat are deteriorating day by day, and there is an urgent need for humanitarian supplies. They represent the international concern among refugee supporters and the Tamil community for the plight of the Tamil refugees at Merak.'

The asylum seekers, who have been living on a boat for over 100 days, are under threat of deportation back to Sri Lanka.  One asylum seeker has died from having been denied medical care.  Another person is in need of immediate medical attention for injuries sustained during the war.  There are 31 children on the boat and one pregnant woman. All of the asylum seekers are suffering from lack of food and medicine and the denial of medical attention.
The boat Australia bound was intercepted by Indonesian Navy upon Australia's request. Australia, as a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, has a responsibility to protect these refugees. Human rights advocates around the world are condemning Australia and Indonesia for stalling the refugee boat for the past four months.
Through community outreach and media campaigns, Canadian HART seeks to raise awareness about the human rights abuses against the Tamil minority population in Sri Lanka. Working in collaboration with labour unions, student groups, faith-based organizations and community organizations, Canadian HART aims to draw Canadian and international attention to the situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka and to push for an international presence and monitoring of the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka.
For more information contact Canadian HART at (647) 836-6858.


Refugee activists detained in Indonesia


Luxury backdrop to Sri Lankan poll drama


Sri Lanka president's election win disappoints Tamil expats


UK: Tamils in Kingston set to vote in referendum

Sri Lanka: President's New Term Time for Accountability


Sri Lankan Opposition Journalist Still Missing after Three Days


On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Expresses Canned Relief as Opposition Candidate Surrounded


Sri Lanka's defeated presidential candidate in hiding

Sri Lanka opposition cries foul

S.Lanka president triumphant, despite challenges

After sweeping victory at polls, Sri Lanka's leader pledges reconciliation with Tamils


Tensions high as incumbent wins Sri Lankan presidential poll

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse claims unity

Sri Lankan election marred by propaganda

Australian asylum bid for Colombo general Sarath Fonseka

Presidential smiles hide Sri Lanka woes


Has Sri Lanka stumbled on path to democracy?


Sri Lanka: Hopes and fears after election


Build bridges to Tamils in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka president to dissolve parliament, call poll


Australians, Canadian held on human trafficking allegations

Canada & Australia: Australians, Canadian refugee advocates detained in Indonesian port

Canada & Australia: Aussie activists to be deported

Canada & Australia: Indonesia says Aussie activists trespassed


Canada: Resignation greets sentencing of Tamil men

Canada: Eezham artist presents heritage as everybody's property


Poll result shows up Sri Lanka's deep ethnic divide

SRI LANKA: Historic Election Results Dash Minority's Hopes

The loud and clear message from the voter turnout and the voters in the North and East
Sri Lanka's real human rights record: By Rajiva Wijesinha (Secretary of the ministry of disaster management and human rights)
The loud and clear message from the voter turnout and the voters in the North and East

Leading article: Sri Lanka's destructive feud

Victory for the Tiger-slayer


Danish Foreign Minister calls for Sri Lankan unity


SRI LANKA: Call for protection and prevention of abusive use of legal process for political revenge


Sri Lanka's Time for Choosing


Sri Lanka's 'free and fair' election in doubt


US urges Sri Lanka to probe charges of vote fraud


Fraud allegations taint Sri Lankan election


Sri Lanka expels Swiss reporter


World Agenda: troop movements ruined Sri Lanka's reputation, observers claim


Tory adviser masterminded Sri Lankan general's presidential bid

Sri Lanka election results: Your reaction

Hope springs from war's shadows in Tiger territory


An audience with the Sri Lankan general whose appetite for power is undimmed

Govt. to take action against Gen. Fonseka


Sri Lanka police raid losing candidate's office'

Sri Lanka special forces 'raid Fonseka campaign HQ'


War hero Sarath Fonseka exiled within Colombo


Australian asylum bid for Colombo general Sarath Fonseka

Where now for post-election Sri Lanka?


Video: Interview with Rohan Edrisinha on start Mahinda Rajapaksa's second term


UK: British Tamils embark upon significant referendum this weekend


UK: "Referendum on Eelam is our right and responsibility"


SRI LANKA: IDPs divided over election outcome

Colombo not answerable to UN for 80,000 IDPs remaining in Vavuniyaa camps - Minister

Resettled Vanni IDPs in Jaffna left to suffer

India 'working on' political solution


No change of heart in Sri Lanka

Where now for post-election Sri Lanka?


Fear and anxiety in battered Tamil city


Wife pleads for missing Sri Lanka journalist


S.Lanka editor 'detained' for backing opposition


Sri Lankan government 'settling scores' in media crackdown

Government moves against media raise fears for Sri Lankan democracy


S.Lanka premier targets army officers: source

Sri Lanka senior military officers dismissed

Sri Lankan government widens witch-hunt against opposition

Sri Lankan SEP condemns EPDP thuggery on Kayts


Behind Sri Lanka's political infighting: US-China rivalry


Sri Lankan Police Raid Defeated Opposition Candidate's Office


Opinion: Sri Lanka digs out


UK: UK referendum committee releases poll-procedure handbook

UK: British Politicians express support to Tamil referendum


Mother country means Tamil Eelam for 90-year-old Sathyabhama

UK: Eelam is the way for long-term success in political solution: British politician


UK: Largest possible turnout, 99.33 percent British Tamils aspire Tamil Eelam

UK: Tamils come out in rain to have their say


UK British-based Tamils vote for independent state in Sri Lanka


UK: Eelam is the way for long-term success in political solution: British politician


Canadian activist deported from Indonesia


Sri Lanka: End Indefinite Detention of Tamil Tiger Suspects


Rights group: Sri Lanka should charge Tamil Tiger suspects in its custody or let them go


Sri Lanka's chance to start again


Sri Lanka: End Harassment, Attacks on Journalists


Sri Lanka President Gets Extra Year In Power

Sri Lanka court extends President Rajapaksa's tenure


Sri Lanka experts silent, Wijesinha oblivious to forensic evidence


The story behind the Tamil executions video




CJA joins groups in expressing dismay about media crackdown in Sri Lanka


Amnesty International: Sri Lanka urged to end post-election clampdown on dissent

Amnesty urges S.Lanka to end post-poll 'clampdown'

'Remove seals' on Lanka newspaper


Mixed response from London Sri Lankans on Rajapaksa result


Norway: Solheim congratulates Sri Lanka's President on his re-election

Sri Lanka opposition complains of gov't pressure


Looking for the Pony in 2010


Post Election Challenge for Country


Australia: Trio sent $1m to Tamil fighters

Australia and Canada: Indonesia detains foreign refugee advocates

Australia and Canada: Deported refugee advocate swears off Indonesia


Heartbreak in Post-War Jaffna

In Sri Lanka, Tamil refugees fear permanent exile


As Tamil refugees resettle, their well-being could determine Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: War displaced start to pick up the pieces

India plays upon Buddhist emissary while monks colonize Tamil land

Joint opposition demonstrates against election fraud


Sri Lanka's Election Strife Worsens Post-War Woes

Sri Lanka imposes curbs on security-related news coverage+


Violence Isn't Slowing in Sri Lanka


Aide to Sri Lanka's General Fonseka arrested over journalist murder

A wave of post-election violence in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka settles scores with critics

Counting irregularities galore at Presidential polls

CaFFE Final Report on the Presidential Elections 2010 (Part 1)

Sri Lanka elections boss rejects fraud allegations


SRI LANKA: Gov't Defends Detention of Suspected Tamil Rebels


Mannar fishing restrictions 're-imposed'


Sri Lanka holds 37 over 'plot to assassinate president'


Australia: Calling for help 25 Catholic Tamil asylum seekers aboard a boat


New Zealand: No coercion on Tamils: NZ

Canadian HC opens visa application centre


SLA demolishes Liberation Tigers' Heroes' Resting Homes in Jaffna


Sri Lanka opposition protests at 'rigged' election

Sri Lankan opposition protests election results

Commonwealth takes centre stage in Colombo

I stand by the voting process - EC

Rajapaksa celebrates independence, the opposition boycotts the event,-the-opposition-boycotts-the-event-17531.html


Sri Lankan president calls for reconciliation

No self-rule for Tamils: Sri Lanka president

SLA constructs Maximum HSZ in Jaffna

Fractious Sri Lanka seeks unity


The Sri Lankan Dilemma


Sri Lanka Looks to the Future


Sri Lankan fighting leaves a gruesome legacy

Ki'linochchi to Paranthan: no human beings, ghost buildings, stray cattle


Gotabhaya outbursts against UN, International investigations


Gotabhaya opens door for UN investigations of Sri Lanka war crimes - Prof. Boyle


SL Independence Day observed in low key in Jaffna

UK: A watchdog exploited


EC's statements suspicious - UNP


VoA: Independence Day In Sri Lanka


Video: Sri Lanka still not at peace on independence day

Sri Lanka president vows to regain progress lost in war

Sore winners: How not to celebrate a victory

Sri Lanka: Post-election witch-hunt extends into workplaces

Indonesia: Long wait taking its toll for Sri Lankans in Indonesian port

Canada: Sri Lankan teen escapes immigration bureaucracy


SLA tightens fishing restrictions in Jaffna peninsula

Jaffna HRC attempts to close files of persons reported missing

EU to suspend Sri Lanka trading privileges over rights


Sri Lanka given 6 months to reverse EU GSP+ suspension


Sri Lanka's 'Eton' celebrates its 175th birthday

SL - Russia to sign $300 million loan

Child soldiers 'to be released soon'

Sri Lanka under fire after extends emergency rule

Time for national reconciliation, Obama tells Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka will appoint a dredging contractor to bring up three million cubic metres of sea sand


Kilinochchi 'not ready' for resettlement

SRI LANKA - Bishop's gets glimpse of Tamils' final battlefield

Is Sri Lanka done assaulting the media?

Cry for Self-Rule by Tamils Is Muffled by Reality

Sri Lanka launches offensive against army deserters

Peace dividend unlikely for Sri Lanka

Should India Bat for Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Visit of Major General (ret.) Patrick Cammaert, Special Envoy of the Special Representative for Children & Armed Conflict, to Sri Lanka


Journalists warn of 'further oppression'


Australian MP calls for independent investigations into Sri Lanka violations

Sri Lanka, acid test for International Law


Australia: 'Terror' arrest: police warned

Australia: ASIO rushed Oceanic Viking asylum checks


Fonseka to 'testify on war crimes'


Sri Lanka election loser Sarath Fonseka arrested

Sri Lankan general held in crackdown


Wife fears for jailed Sri Lanka general


Arrested Sri Lankan opposition leader being treated 'like an animal'

Arrested general "hell-bent" on betrayal: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's defeated presidential candidate cut off from family after arrest, wife says


Ban appeals for post-election restraint in Sri Lanka as challenger arrested

Arrest of Sri Lankan opposition leader escalates post-election repression

Amnesty blasts Sri Lanka for opposition leader arrest


Sri Lanka under fire over opponent's arrest

Sri Lanka's presidential loser faces court martial

US concerned on Sri Lanka arrest


The story of Sri Lanka, then and now


Arms dealer jailed for illegally supplying weapons to Israel and Sri Lanka


Russia lends $300 mn to Sri Lanka for arms


China's malign influence in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka Arrests Fonseca, Censors War Crimes and Calls Nambiar, UN Quiet


Central Bank chief upbeat on Sri Lanka economy


Academic exposes habitual collaboration of Chennai in bungling geopolitics

"Boycott Sri Lanka goods" campaign spreads to more US cities

Rajapaksa's political rival humiliated, but at what cost?


Why the Tamils want to flee
Audio (starts at 12:50 min):


Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa dissolves parliament

President Rajapaksa dissolves parliament as anger grows over Fonseka arrest

Sri Lanka, Gazprom Talk Oil Exploration


Military 'needs to be modified'


Illegal dealers jailed over weapons sold to Sri Lanka

Arrest stokes fears of repression across Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka opposition blasts ex-general's arrest, calls for protests

Wife's fears for general imprisoned in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka crackdown goes beyond arrest of Sarath Fonseka


Sri Lanka: UN chief urges due process for arrested opposition leader

UN chief alarmed by fate of Sri Lanka's Fonseka

Dragged and humiliated: The story of Fonseka's arrest


Sri Lankan Gen Sarath Fonseka's arrest to be challenged

SLA arrests TNA supporters in Jaffna


Sri Lanka clashes erupt over former army chief's arrest

Protesters clash in S Lanka capital

Violence erupts in protest against Fonseka arrest, police fire tear gas

Political mobs clash in Sri Lanka over arrest of opposition leader


In pictures: Sri Lanka protests


Political supporters clash in streets of Sri Lanka


Clashes erupt in Sri Lanka over general's arrest

Leaderless Sri Lankan opposition faces uphill task

Canada Ambassador opens Heart Treatment Complex in Jaffna

Canada: International countries should urge Sri Lanka to reveal proposal to solve ethnic issue


Documentary: Hell or High Water
Video :

Indonesia: Sri Lankan refugees in limbo at Indonesian port


Proving geopolitical strength, antidote to international injustice to Tamils


Sri Lanka Says UN's Ban "Congratulates" Rajapaksa After Arrest of Fonseka, Press Crackdown

Ban raises Fonseka arrest with Sri Lanka president

SRI LANKA: Stop military tribunals -- respect due process -- stop IGP from undermining the rule of law -- ensure credible inquiries into all allegations of human rights abuse


Rights group slams S.Lanka over Fonseka court martial


Catholic and Anglican bishops say Sri Lankan elections broke laws


Indian compensation for Fisherman's family


Protesters clash in S Lanka capital

SRI LANKA - Protesters demand journalists' freedom


Sarath Fonseka supporters clash with Sri Lanka police in Colombo


Defeated Sri Lankan candidate Sarath Fonseka urges calm

Arrested S.Lanka leader urges calm as protests mount


Sri Lanka police crack down on opposition protest

Leading article: An unjustified and disturbing arrest


Tamils opt for mainstream politics


SLA occupation of churches in Vadamaraadchi shocks Jaffna Bishop

Canada: Release Fonseka, establish democracy: Layton


Canadian Tamil film wins award in Norway festival


Sri Lanka's ripples go far beyond the island


Sri Lanka massacred up to 40,000 Tamil civilians - former UN official

Amid Tear Gas, UN Lets Stand Sri Lanka Claim of Its Congratulations, UN's "Good Journalism" Guide


U.S. denies bankrolling Sri Lanka's defeated candidate


Court blame police for falsifying evidence


Sri Lanka Supreme Court hears Fonseka arrest challenge


Sri Lanka steps up security in Colombo for court hearing on Sarath Fonseka


Sri Lanka's self-signed death warrant


Sri Lankan politics: Lock up the losers

Mahanayakes call for a crisis conference

Sri Lanka: Long-simmering suspicions led to Fonseka's arrest

Thin Line Between Politics and ‘Treason' in Sri Lanka


UK: To ask Her Majesty's Government what is their assessment of the treatment of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Government Misses Resettlement Deadline

Government does not reveal true number of Vanni IDPs yet to be resettled


Three-pronged Sinhala colonization in Mannaar

Explosion kills 2 children, injures 5 more in Jaffna

Sri Lanka blast kills two children in Jaffna peninsula

World bank grant to help Sri Lanka block websites?

Sinhalese direct Tamil education in East

EU punishes Sri Lanka for rights abuses

EU suspends Sri Lanka trade preferences

Sri Lanka loses EU preferential treatment


Report of the Commonwealth Expert Team SRI LANKA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 26 January 2010

Final report issued on Sri Lanka presidential election


SRI LANKA: Attacks on Peaceful Protest


India uneasy over Sri Lanka's slide


Lawyers criticise govt over crackdown SL police seize huge cash linked to Fonseka


S.Lanka lawyers criticise government over crackdown

CID will become comedians - Judge


Sri Lanka's president tightens his grip on power


Public rift among Sri Lanka's bishops over presidential election


UN rights chief says lack of progress in Sri Lanka investigations


War crimes probe call reiterated

Lies, responds Colombo, to accusations of "lying, misleading"

UN says Gordon Weiss's views does not represent the agency


'Declare' Fonseka president - petition


Sri Lanka monks call for release of arrested Fonseka


Sri Lanka's opposition appeals defeat in court


S.Lanka opposition file court challenge to premier


"Rajapaske is the cause, not the solution": Sydney Morning Herald


Sri Lanka slams EU on cutting trade benefits


A Missed Opportunity for Sri Lanka


U.S. Supreme Court to hear controversial terrorism case


Tragic triumphalism in Sri Lanka

Perception on ex-LTTE members must be revised: former Aussie diplomat

Crackdown Provokes Fears for Sri Lanka's Democracy

Sri Lanka monks put off meet fearing unrest


Buddhist conference postponed


Opposition journalist released


Arrest of Sri Lankan presidential challenger






The ‘Sinhala-Nationalist's Burden'


IDPs evicted from army HSZ in Valikaamam again asked to register their names

Tamil circles urge TNA to enunciate policy


Political complacency will hasten plunge into autocracy: Australian media


TNA shouldn't fail representing hearts of Tamils: Fr. Emmanuel


NGOs in Jaffna request government to increase dry food ration to resettled IDPs

Sri Lanka's debt crisis worsens


Sri Lanka eyes sports business for post-war role

Victory 'internationally overshadowed'

Quashing a conciliator


S.Lanka frees coup suspects linked to ex-army chief

Sarath Fonseka asks court to overturn election result

Paramilitary men lob grenade, demand ransom in Jaffna


China's Sri Lanka Port Raises Concern


Sri Lankan War victims assist Haitians


Sri Lanka Wins a War and Diminishes Democracy


Amnesty appeals for release of abducted Sri Lanka rights worker

Facilitating transnational government needs to be democratic: NCET


Anniversary of Murugathasan's death marked in Geneva

Murdered Sri Lankan journalist honored as 'hero'

Sri Lankan Army Chief warns of continuing terrorist threat


Australia: Asylum-seeker deported


thanks for the updates - a horrific tale



I don't think the drama is going to end any time soon....

49 women detainees arrested in Vavuniyaa camps

Rise of Sri Lankan President's son Namal Rajapaksa sparks concern


S.Lanka monks complain of government pressure

Govt. 'trying to destroy Buddhism'

Fundamentalism versus totalitarianism in Sri Lanka

Checkmate!: With Tamils in Sri Lanka beaten on all fronts, the time has come for India to intervene decisively


Missing Sri Lanka journalist's wife appeals for help

Sri Lankan opposition coalition splits

UK arrivals help Sri Lanka tourism boom

Sri Lanka enters Information dark age?

India to screen academics of Sri Lanka attending conferences

SLFP branch in Jaffna enlisting members using deceptive tactics

Rajapaksa Actions Politicse Sri Lanka Army

SRI LANKA: Post-Election Protests Fail to Get Wide Support


Pasadena firm assists in Alston's execution video analysis

Aftershocks of a civil war


Canada; Tamil newspaper vandalized after publisher warned of trouble


Canada: Tamil newspaper's Scarborough office attacked

Toronto's G20: The summit of all fears


Nine Year Old Girl Reped by Sri Lanka Army Soldiers


Myth of Sri Lankan state and the historic responsibility of Tamil leadership

NYT EDITORIAL: Terrorism and Free Speech


Sri Lanka: Last Chance for Lasting Peace


Ranil 'insulted' Buddhist monks


Fonseka to reamain in custody

General's wife 'enters' in to politics


MSF - Sri Lanka: Hundreds need reconstructive orthopedic surgery


Interview With BBC World News Robert O. Blake, Jr. Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs




US asks Sri Lanka to focus on reconciliation, power sharing


INTERVIEW-Sri Lanka may miss 2010 IMF deficit goal


A newspaper head gives collected money to the Sri Lankan war criminal head of state.

That state continues to rape and assault ethnic Tamils.

I'd be upset.


I wish the Canadian Media that covered the attack on the Tamil newspaper for giving money to the Sri Lankan dictator also covered the rape of the nine year old by 3 Sri Lankan soldiers that came out like 2 days ago and the serious violations of human rights abuses that the Canadian Tamils are concerned about. The news paper head and his buddies have lot of business interest in Colombo that the Tamil community here is well aware of, his paper has been running on loss for many years and the Tamil community is also aware of the source of funding he receives to maintain that newspaper. During the referendum vote the community held, his newspaper was instrumental in writing editorials to discourage people from voting by saying that the list of the voters will end up in the hands of the Sri Lankan government and it will be used to make sure that those who voted will never enter Sri Lanka and the relatives of those will be specifically targeted. The people I talked to were happy that there was a message sent to him but were sad that it had to be done this way. They are thinking about making sure he goes out of business for good or the Sri Lankan government wastes large of amount of money to maintain that paper with zero result. One of the reasons the Tamil community is holding elections and so on is to put an end to these self-appointed (Sri Lankan government sponsored) leaders of the Tamil community.


ICG: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora after the LTTE

ICG: Full Report - The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora after the LTTE

54 women detainees taken to Boosa prison from detention camps in Vavuniyaa

Betrayal of Trust assumes International Dimension

The dangers of triumphalism

Sri Lanka refugee crisis update

Court blocks defeated Sri Lanka candidate's release bid

Sri Lanka needs GSP+ trade benefits - Patrick Basham interview


Sri Lanka to start ocean survey in oil search

UK: Foreign Secretary David Miliband's Written Statement to the House of Commons on recent developments in the political and humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka.


UK: Miliband risks Sri Lanka's wrath to support Global Tamil Forum


US: High court weighs anti-terror material support law

US: Justices Wrestle With Terror Law


US Supreme Court hears constitutional challenge to anti-terrorism laws


Tamils Lobby MPs For Recognition After War


GTF launch well attended by British politicians

British PM meets Tamil delegates


British High Commissioner summoned over David Miliband's address to Tamil group

"No future for Tamil Eelam"

'Eezham Tamils to act for themselves'

No sign of Sri Lankan journalist Eknaligoda one month on

Vigil for missing Sri Lankan journalist

General Sarath Fonseka to stand in Sri Lanka election


Restored library in Sri Lanka signals hope for Tamil minority


Sri Lanka crackdown shreds hopes of reconciliation


IMF delays third tranche of $2.6 bln Sri Lanka loan


Sri Lankan government voices anger as UK MPs address Tamil group


Sri Lanka relations with West sour over rights abuses

The decay of parliamentary democracy in Sri Lanka

Instability in Sri Lanka makes waves


Kenya overtakes Sri Lanka as top tea exporter


Fonseka to be charged under civil laws


IMF says Lanka doing well


Fonseka supporters further detained


Where is the Anger Over Sri Lanka (and Somalia, and Kashmir)?


SBS Dateline Video: Sri Lanka's War Stories


Suresh Premachandran's office in Jaffna attacked again


17 persons reported missing since January


Sri Lanka soldiers remanded over rape of 9-year old Tamil girl


Sri Lanka's dissenting voices 'silenced'


Sri Lanka cricketer Jayasuriya criticised over election


Fonseka political prisoner - former CJ


Protest outside British embassy in Sri Lanka


Casey Remarks Read at Global Tamil Forum Event


Denmark silences detractors of Tamil referendum


Sri Lanka: After the "War on Terror"


SRI LANKA: Arulamma Thambiraja, "I have seen things I never thought I would, so much death"


Opinion: Reflecting between elections in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: ambitious plan to rebuild 'ground zero' in war with Tamil Tigers


Sri Lanka's human-rights and free-speech problems need international attention


General Sarath Fonseka to fight in Sri Lanka parliamentary elections


Australia: Tamils' spokesman 'Alex' jumps ship


DEVELOPMENT-SRI LANKA: NGOs Brace for Tighter Gov't Control


SRI LANKA: Halt in EU Tariff Scheme Gives Workers the Jitters


S Lanka extends emergency rule


S.Lanka probe army officers over editor's murder


1982 all over again


Lankans end hunger strike in Indonesia

100 Tamil youths taken to Boosa prison from Vavuniyaa detention camp


SLA systematically terrorises female detainees

China is Sri Lanka's top lender

Dissolved parliament to be reconvened March 9 to extend Emergency

SRI LANKA: Undermining of the judiciary and weakening of the Sri Lankan society

US honours displaced Sri Lankan Muslim woman


On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Was Lied To, But Pascoe Trip Delay, of Job Requests

U.N. Rights Chief Slams Abuses In Sri Lanka, Iran

Orchestrated efforts suspected in silencing war witnesses

Government engaged in setting up Sinhalese colonies in Vanni - Suresh Premachandran

China, India, compete helping Colombo's demographic onslaught of Tamils

Student journalist escapes Sri Lankan censorship

China selling MA60s to Myanmar and Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's elections likely to produce just one winner


"Opportunity for peace marred" says Navi Pillai

Wife's appeal for missing journalist

Germans arrest 6 suspected of rebel Tamil support

IMF Says "No Agreement" With Sri Lanka, Meets in Hungary, Omits Bulgaria, Angola and Chavez Questions

Q+A-Why are foreigners net sellers of Sri Lanka bourse

POLITICS: Sri Lanka, Britain Spar Again Over Tigers

China's "pearls" spook Indian observers

Battle to force electoral regulations

Araud of France Gives Economic Read of Iran Sanctions, Ban's Sri Lanka Inaction

More than 100,000 children traumatised: Norwegian aid worker

Swiss Tamils set benchmark in political organisation

Pilgrims to Paalaitheevu St. Antony's church annual festival asked to register with SLN

Rebuilding Sri Lanka "A perceptive and sensitive Sri Lankan has noted;"

Government continues to deceive IDPs in resettlement in HSZs in Valikaamam - President of IDP Welfare organizations


Unacknowledged suffering can return to haunt history, says NPR

Sri Lanka rejects call for war crimes investigation by the U.N.+

On Sri Lanka War Crimes, UN's Ban to Name Panel to Advise Only Him, No Pascoe, Nambiar Nepotism Follow Up

Experts to advise Ban Ki Moon on Sri Lanka's alleged war-crimes

Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa dismisses UN human rights panel

Sri Lanka calls U.N. rights panel 'unwarranted'

Time for International Criminal Tribunal on Sri Lanka, says Boyle

GTF resolution inspires Tamil polity

Sampanthan warns of ‘hidden agenda' of Sri Lanka government

India worked against Sri Lanka president: minister

Chinese 'pre-fabricated structures' in Kachchatheevu

Pilgrims to Paalaitheevu St. Antony's church suspect presence of Chinese navy

Sri Lanka commission bans election posters and cut-outs

Govt. 'to abolish' executive presidency

'Rebuild Sri Lanka' urges Australia

French UN comments wrong, misleading, says Prof. Boyle

US Supreme Court ruling on "sovereign immunity" key to war crimes litigation

‘Fonseka Damaged, Politicised The Army'

Fonseka 'tortured' army officers

General Sarath Fonseka on hunger strike after being refused a telephone

Sri Lanka voices: 'Fractured democracy'

ADB assists resettled IDPs in Jaffna peninsula

Australia: Refugee was Tigers `agent'

Australia: Call for Indonesian asylum solution


SLA harasses resettled IDPs in Vanni

Government suppresses protest demonstration of IDPs in Jaffna

Sri Lanka emergency laws extended ahead of election

S.Lanka's detained general 'ends hunger strike'

Soldiers 'victimised by government'

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Restates Concern on Lack of Progress, Unaware of Job Request

UN reiterates Sri Lanka concern

DEVELOPMENT-SRI LANKA: Water Woes Fall on Women's Shoulders

Colombo NGOs register complaint over threatening web report

Indonesia: Chickenpox threatens Merak asylum seekers

Indonesia won't be swayed by chickenpox threat


SLA consolidates its grip on Jaffna peninsula

Chinese involvement in Jaffna peninsula gains momentum

POLITICS: Sri Lanka Locks Horns with UN over Experts' Panel

China lends Sri Lanka cash

Third Mu'l'livaaykkaal in the name of 'development

Indonesia: Video: Sri Lanka asylum seekers in limbo

Australia: Fears Australia has forgotten boatful of Tamils


Nearly hundred thousand IDPs in camps


China to build new international airport in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka looks east to China for funding and support

UK's Hi Tech Miliband Is Asked of Somalia and Sri Lanka, by Twitter, Yes or No

Sri Lanka: End Witch Hunt Against the Media and NGOs

Sri Lankan attorney general assures exiled journalists

OHCHR's Damning Silence: It needs a new approach to speak out

SLanka's former army chief 'to face three charges'

UN investigation can serve as leverage to establish ICTSL, says Prof. Boyle

Family fears for missing Sri Lankan cartoonist

Indian team from Jaipur to help Sri Lanka amputees

Australia: Christmas Island detention centre riot charges vindictive, says refugee group


Sinhalese street vendors invade Jaffna town

Sri Lanka's General Fonseka goes on trial next week

Human Rights groups call to end'Witch Hunt'

Internet restrictions curtail human rights, says US

POLITICS: Sri Lanka Garners Support Against U.N. Probe

Transparency International calls for protection of civil society organisations in Sri Lanka

US 2009 Human Rights Report: Sri Lanka

US reports rights violations in Sri Lanka

Australia: UN changes may see detainees sent home

Australia: Tamil asylum seekers sent back


'No democracy' in S.Lanka, says Fonseka supporter

TNA releases election manifesto

Sri Lanka Tamil party drops statehood demand

Sri Lanka's main Tamil party vows civil disobedience

Sri Lankan Tamils drop demand for separate independent homeland

Government blamed for not helping resettled IDPs in Jaffna

Concern over Sigiriya's bees

US rights report adds to Colombo's woes over war-crime accusations

Demand US to reveal more inculpatory war crimes evidence, urges Boyle

Sri Lanka: A crises overlooked

The Diaspora

Lawyers alarmed over 'rights abuse' in Sri Lanka

Asian group faults UN rights chief for silence on Sri Lanka

Govt. 'first did politics' with Fonseka

Sri Lanka to request IMF waiver on deficit

US slams Lanka rights record

Sri Lanka slams U.S. rights report

Australia: Tamils say lives at risk if sent home

Indonesia: Merak refugees: global protests mark 150 days stuck on boat


Tamils aren't voting for change

Teenage student abducted for ransom in Thenmaraadchi

Colombo accuses Amnesty of bias

On Sri Lanka, UN Now Says Panel "Not Very Soon," Response to NAM, and by UK

Sri Lanka ex-judge criticises Fonseka court martial

UN raises Fonseka arrest with Sri Lanka president

Sri Lanka opposition leader Sarath Fonseka to face court martial today

General Fonseka appears before Sri Lanka military court

Tamils soften stance over power sharing

‘Vanni Mouse' wins best fiction award in international film festival


Sri Lanka denies 'hit list' charge

Sri Lanka's Fonseka: 'I will never give up'

The Lede: The New York Times News Blog: Jailed Sri Lankan Opposition Leader Calls Charges Against Him ‘Bogus'

Military trial for ex-army chief who took on President

IDPs accuse SLA soldiers of plundering their properties in Ki'linochchi

Election violence on the increase - CaFFe

EU in talks with Sri Lanka on maintaining trade privileges


At UN, Ban Says "No Delay" in Naming Sri Lanka Panel, Report Only to Him

UN chief defends plan for Sri Lanka rights panel

SLIDESHOW: Sri Lanka refugees face tough choices in India

Sri Lankan war-refugees in India face struggle to return home

They came to India in boats. And now?

SRI LANKA - CHINA - INDIA Chinese investments in Sri Lanka bring poverty and injustice


In Case You Missed It, featuring Sri Lanka

EPDP obstructs other parties campaigning in the islets of Jaffna

SL government begins to wipe out traces of Tigers in the North

Police assault father of two in Hatton

"A man who loves his country"

Rajapakse rejects early pardon for 'fool' Fonseka

Protest over arrest of Sri Lanka reporter

"1978 Constitution places me above the Law" - Sri Lanka's President

"Mahinda's Sinhala regime will swallow Eastern Province in 10 years" - Sampanthan

UK: Terrorist members can claim asylum in Britain


Full Text of tabled Statement - Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Stephen Smith, MP (Ministerial Statement on Sri Lanka)

Government engaged in Sinhalese colonization in Kokkavil - Suresh Premachandran

Election related violence escalating

Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC): Human rights situations in Sri Lanka and the Philippines require action by the Council

Colombo police reaches out to Tamil community

On Sri Lanka, UN Puts Spin on "No Delay," Jabs at NAM, Will Fonseka Meet Pascoe?

Sri Lanka's partnership with UN liable to go sour - SL Foreign Minister

Cutting UN ties will earn Sri Lanka rogue status, says Prof. Boyle

Tensions between UN and Sri Lanka over war crimes


Real war is just beginning, get involved: Brian Senewiratne

Prof. Boyle: PCIJ precedent brings GoSL's war-crimes within UN jurisdiction

Govt. 'on a witch hunt' against opposition

MTV attackers 'chased away'

Q&A: Sri Lanka Remains Defiant of U.N. Chief

SRI LANKA: Difficult homecoming for Muslim IDPs

On Sri Lanka, As UK Disagrees With NAM Letter, IMF, Pascoe and Panel After Election?

Women quota in parliament urged

Cricket for rehabilitation

Wedding bells in Welikada prison

Minister misled police; petition to court

SRI LANKA - Jaffna women want to change society

Sri lanka boycott draws Congressman's attention

Excise, police aiding 'kasippu' trade in Jaffna

UK: Annual Reports on Human Rights 2009

Britain names Sri Lanka as a country of concern

‘Engaging' Tamil diaspora to elude the cause


‘Sinhala Only' in a government office opening event in Jaffna

Stones hurled at Sri Lankan broadcaster's office; 4 hurt

Only 46000 IDPs registered to vote

Sinhalese soldiers, hooligans destroy Thileepan memorial in Jaffna

Italian Eezham Tamils conduct referendum, form country council

British MP trips paid by Sri Lanka

BBC: Fox and Love lobbied for Sri Lanka after junkets

Liam Fox MP: Foreign trips and rule breaches

Andrew Love MP: Foreign trips and rule breaches

Still waiting for justice in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Permanent military occupation of the North and East


Sri Lankan Tamil wins foreign journalist of year award

Sri Lanka: Pro-government thugs attack plantation workers

Sri Lanka bans American rapper Akon for 'defaming Buddhism'

Sri Lanka denies Akon visa for ‘defaming Buddhism'

Hunger-striker to sue over claims that he ate Big Macs

Australia: People smuggling boss escapes with fine

U.S. Government Provides 750 Scholarships to Youth in the East and North

DNA oppose Ban ki Moon's panel

India's genocide of its own tribal nations


For UN's Sri Lanka Panel, Nambiar Meets with Kohona, "Two Foxes," Sources Say

Government denies paying British MP's trips

Author held in book row

Tamil forum calls for boycott of Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: Former rebel capital struggles with returnee influx

Confederation of nations, manifesto option of TNPF

Cartoonist kidnapped two months ago still missing

Rights group: Police show no interest in finding missing Sri Lankan journalist alive

Hugs help heal wounds in divided Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: First Political Manifesto for Women Gets Good Reviews

Malaysia: Suaram calls for release of Sri Lankan refugees

Australia: Oceanic Viking deal will encourage other queue-jumpers: UN


Fate of 100 Vanni detainees taken away by SLA not known

Sri Lankan Muslim convert accused of being 'anti-state'

Students in hospital after poisoning

Sri Lanka, political industry at the service of a totalitarian regime,-political-industry-at-the-serv...

Analysis of the UN as the Institution of Global Governance

Tamil asylum seekers still need protection