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Pro-Imperialist Global Tamil Forum Inaugurated at British Parliament

"The GTF, as its eager pursuit of the favor of US and British imperialism attests, speaks not for the Tamil masses, but for the corrupt and servile Tamil bourgeoisie, which is always ready to impose unlimited sacrifices upon the people in order to further its own venal interests..'


Appoint Prof. Boyle to UN advisory panel, Tamil Groups urge Ban Ki Moon

Jaffna readers interested in local issues

Upcoming Parliamentary Elections and the Future of Sri Lanka

Uprooted Champoor families undergo hardships in welfare centres

Resettled families in Vanni suffer in unrelenting rain

"Current International law trumps archaic doctrine of state sovereignty"

Brigadier 'involved' in Lasantha murder

Arrest of Muslim author 'illegal'

Mother's fight for missing son

Switzerland: 30 members elected for Swiss Council of Eezham Tamils

Australia: For Ravi, the boredom of immigration detention was too much

Australia: Rudd's hard line on asylum rejects

Thailand: Hiding away, young men wait on UN

Indonesia: Sri Lankans spend six months in a leaky boat

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very interesting article on Sri Lanka's new women's manifesto from post #49


They have seen and know our demands," Samuel said of the manifesto's creators. "In preparing this document, they have looked closely at these issues, which are in many ways a lot of what the women's movement has been saying over the years."

"It is something that can be done and is doable," said Nimalka Fernando, a women's rights campaigner. "These are issues we have been pushing for a while and I'm impressed by the document and the research that has gone into it."

At the very least, activists say, the manifesto reflects the depth of contribution women make to Sri Lanka. Noting that more than half of Sri Lanka's 20.5 million people are women, the document goes on to reel off relevant statistics, including the fact that 54 percent of the country's professionals are female, as are 58 percent of the university population, and 95 percent of garment industry workers.

About 65 percent of Sri Lankan workers in the Middle East are also women, while the tea sector also comprises a majority of women, the document points out. Sri Lanka's economy is dependent largely on garments and tea exports, as well as on remittances from migrant workers.

"Women are the backbone of the economy but we are a long way from securing equal rights for them," said Fernando, who is president of the Tokyo-based International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism and the Women's Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka.

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thirusuj, what do you think about the called for boycott?


These are my personal view.

The article on the women's manifesto is an election gimmick from the ruling party (from my point of view), once the election is done, more women will be packed to be sent to the Middle East to be maids and exploited; so don't get too excited about it. I feel pity for International media for not being able to do any investigative journalism because of the media restriction and the BBC Sinhala service is still in business trying to cover this kind of news which they know is election gimmick.

As for the call for boycott, it was initiated long before the idea of Global Tamil Forum even took to the public by country specific Tamil organizations that make up Global Tamil Forum. Global Tamil Forum is picking it up as it is an international organization that is capable of carrying out an international campaign. The aim of the boycott call is to drain any financial venue that Sri Lanka has or will have to finance the military or to maintain a functional state structure. Already, Sri Lanka is unable to do that, forcing them to go for loans that are given as development aid from countries like China/India/Pakistan with conditions (the Sinhalese people don't even realize how much they are selling themselves and how much they are plunging themselves into the geo-political influence game that is being played by China and India because the government has a blackout on information going to the public). The Tamil people are not gaining anything from the state and as for the historical records suggest, they never will either, so it will have pretty much no impact on the Tamils. Tamils are still able to survive because of the handouts from NGO's and the Tamil Diaspora that is able to send money to their relatives/friends and initiatives such as Project "Connecting Families" ( Another aim is to hit the Sinhalese from the bottom; certainly it will increase poverty and bring suffering (a perfect ingredients for revolution). A successful boycott on playing cricket with Sri Lanka could send huge awareness campaign to the Sinhalese people and what more to come if they don't address the Tamil issues on the terms that the Tamils expects.

Laughing politicians - non stop

SRI LANKA: Housing tops returnees' wish-list

Sri Lanka's ex-army chief could die in custody: wife

Rajiv Gandhi assassin release plea rejected

Why welcome and caution to Transnational Government



Q+A-Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections

Belated regret by UK for arms deal with Sri Lanka

Where to Buy a Land Mine in Sri Lanka,8599,1976399,00.html

Australia: Sri Lanka stymied investigation

Australia: Judge raps federal police for 'high-handed' arrest

Australia: Raising hackles

Australia: No jail for trio who funded Tamil Tigers

Australia: Tamil trio accused of terrorism free on bonds

Australia: Tormenting the Tamils with our terror laws


Tamil refugees told to get out of Sri Lanka or suffer persecution


Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa visits Tamil city Jaffna

Minority rights in Sri Lanka a must- Millband

Internationalising Lanka


Tamil Nadu government blocks protest march against Eezham Tamil Woman refugee's suicide

Douglas Devananda intimidates Yarl Thinakural editor, manager in Jaffna

Political will required

Sri Lanka's traitorous politics

Aid rows in Sri Lanka - Imperfect peace

Indonesia: Tamil asylum seekers battle rat plague

UK: Tamil OAP faces arrest over launch of terror-link political party

Australia: Navy patrol boats provide refugee taxi service

Australia: Charity used as front to finance Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers


Archaeology sparks new conflict between Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese

After the Tigers, a new Tamil struggle

Sri Lanka elections: Will Tamil rights be upheld?

Landmine ladies - clearing Sri Lanka's deadly harvest

Sri Lanka arrests Buddhist monks over Fonseka protest

President with Sri Lanka in his grip braves resentment in search of votes

RI LANKA: Ragavan Sinnathurai, "We have to move on"

Tamils want an end to Sri Lanka discrimination after election

Sri Lanka general trial adjourned

Sri Lanka's Tamils freed - but future bleak for those who backed Tigers

Tortured Jaffna undergrad commits suicide

Lawyer denies detained Sri Lankan author linked to Islamist militants, blames religious bias

Sri Lanka says to renegotiate IMF budget targets

Sri Lanka 'economy poised for faster growth'

Sri Lanka poll campaigning ends

Tamil party expected to win majority of Jaffna's seats

TNPF manifesto cannot be faulted: Brian Senewiratne

Opposition candidate arrested

Sri Lanka opposition vows to stop leader's poll plan

Sri Lankan government campaigns to entrench autocratic powers

Welcome, Sinhala brother!

USA aids, awards Colombo supplier

Elections for ‘Asian' model of dictatorship

Peter Popham: Thirst for revenge did not die with the Tigers

Sri Lankan war zone doctor stands for election

Tamil Nadu police alleged of harassing Eezham Tamil refugees

Australia & US: Cuban refugees from US arriving here in exchange for Tamils


Sri Lanka elections not free and fair: opposition

High ranking Tiger officials in SLA custody feared assassinated

Uprooted civilians sell dry food rations on streets in Vavuniyaa

Rajapaksa's coalition expected to do well in general election

Rajapaksas out in force for Sri Lanka election

Sri Lankan president eyes new political dynast

Sri Lanka polls to decide depth of Rajapaksa's power

Eezham fishermen not responsible for attack on Tamil Nadu fishermen

Sri Lankans rally for Fonseka's freedom

Who is scoring at Galle?

State of emergency extended

Indonesia: Six-month asylum stand-off to end 'in five days'

Indonesia moves to end asylum seeker stand-off

Australia: Another asylum seeker boat intercepted as immigration debate rages

Australia: Even Jesus Christ would not accept every asylum-seeker, says Opposition Leader


Fears of Rajapaksa dynasty as Sri Lanka votes

Sri Lanka's first post-war parliamentary polls close

Voting ends in Sri Lanka polls

Sri Lankan voting ends amidst more polls violations, violence

Sri Lanka boosts UN peacekeeping contingent

UNP says Elections Commissioner unable to ensure free, fair election

Sri Lanka leader's bloc is the favorite

Reports of violence, intimidation in Sri Lanka election

Thousands of uprooted civilians denied voting: CaFFE election monitors

Low turnout of voting, people disinterested in election in Jaffna

Voters cast ballot in poll expected to consolidate president's power

Incidents of violence mark Election Day

Self-organised democracy of Tamils receives global attention

Indonesia pushes asylum seekers for deal

Indonesia: Merak asylum seeker to be moved within days

Indonesian asylum seeker standoff continues


Turnout Low at Sri Lanka Parliamentary Elections

"Turn out very low" - Election monitors

Ruling alliance wins parliamentary majority

Sri Lankan president allies proclaim victory in election

Lowest number of votes registered in Jaffna electoral district

Clashes reported in the wake of election all over the country

Overwhelming Tamil majority rejects elections under Sri Lankan State

M.I.A. blasts Sri Lanka after return to U.K.

Tamils face return in UN review

Australia becoming 'breeding ground' for Tamil rebels

Australia Failed asylum-seeker 'got it from both sides'

Australia blocks Afghan and Sri Lankan refugees

Australia halts Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum claims

Australia suspends Afghan, Sri Lankan asylum-seeker claims

Australia: Rudd bows to pressure on boatpeople

Australia: Asylum-seeker clampdown 'an election fix', says Abbott

Australia: Refugee groups, Opposition condemn Australia's suspension of asylum applications

Australia: Asylum freeze 'politically motivated'

Australia: Asylum seeker move a 'freeze on fairness'

Indonesia: Mixed signals on asylum seeker stand-off

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Sorry, I did not get back to this thread soooner, and thank you for your response....

Do you think a class revolution within the Sinhalese community would help the Tamils? As I am not quite sure what you meant with that comment.

Hear the higher Canadian dollar, is helping the disapora, from many countries, to send more actual money home.


New party to be launched in Tamil Nadu with Leaping Tiger as its flag

TNA MP: Low turnout reflects Tamils losing faith in political system

A worldwide boycott of Sri Lanka

One year on, life slowly returns to the Tamil Tigers' shattered stronghold

Rajapakse wins again, but battle for unity remains

TNA 'open for dialogue' with Govt.

'Respect mandate' world urged

Ups and downs in Sri Lanka elections

Northern Sri Lanka Emerges From Conflict But Challenges Remain

Australia: Elections 2010: a festival of cruelty towards refugees?

Australia under fire over asylum seeker clampdown

Human rights groups angered at Australia's asylum decision

Australia: Asylum seeker policy causing distress


Indonesia praises Kevin Rudd's new asylum-seeker policy

Australia: Abbott ignorant on boat arrivals

Indonesians to move Merak Tamils

Australia: Sri Lankan tells of asylum death voyage

The boats will keep coming, say traumatised Tamils



The last time their was an attempt on class revolution (JVP insurrection of the late 1980's), the poor section of the Sinhalese people were just brutalized with anyone with facial hair being shot or disappearing and their family going through torture. I am not sure if a class revolution will really help Tamils as Sinhalese chauvinism is widespread and precedes everything.

In my view, The Tamil Diaspora does not want the Sri Lankan state to be generating any kind of revenue or getting aid from other countries to maintain their military, planned colonization of Tamil areas, maintain the information blackout on the Sinhalese people, etc. Especially, since there is no LTTE to counter all these problems.
Sri Lanka: A revealing breach of the constitution

Teen-age girl recovered dead from well in Jaffna

Diaspora and Tamil Nadu have to play their cards

Sri Lanka vote will help unify the nation: US

SRI LANKA: Very low voter turn-out among IDPs

Rajapakse calls for unity

Post-election Sri Lanka turns on critics

Notice issued to DNA leaders

Film actress accuses UPFA for defeat

Australia: Sri Lankan official expects fewer refugees to try boat crossing

Australia: Refugee obligations violated

Australia: Refugee suspensions turns victims into criminals

Australlia: Policy on Sri Lankans ignores the dangers people face

Indonesia: Merak asylum seekers flee after visa rule change

Indonesia: UN denies promise to fast-track refugee claims


Tamil Representative Fails To Win Seat In Sri Lanka's Parliament

Post-election related violence continues in South, one killed

New Year celebrations dull in North

Rajapaksa's dharma

Chinese Inroads into Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Red Cross Red Crescent launches appeal to support displaced people

Dreams die in palace of lies

'Action' against religious attackers

EU urges probe on poll violence

US : Migrant boat docks in Miami Beach

Indonesia: 30 Tamils flee Merak camp after Australian policy change

Indoneisia: Jakarta frets over future of tentative agreement

Indoneis Tamils ponder escape as deadline approaches


SLA constructs big bases in Vanni

Global consortium of Tamil corporates needed to address Eezham question

How great was my victory

Refining India's Policy in Post-War Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: Uthayakumari, "There'll be no New Year until I find my daughter"

BBC programmes on SLBC again

Letter to Australian Minister of Immigration Chris Evans on Processing New Asylum Claims from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

Australia: Promptly Process All Refugee Claims


Entire country celebrates Buddhist and Tamil New Year, but forgets the North's refugees

Thousands of Displaced Sri Lankans Need Help to Rebuild Lives

US urges respect for human rights in Sri Lanka

Mano Ganesan complains on violence in Nawalapitiya

A landslide for Sri Lanka's ruling party

Sajith urges reform in UNP

S Lanka accused soldiers freed

$150-mn ADB emergency loan to Sri Lanka

Australia and Denmark: Danes deny refugee ban on Tamils

Australia: Remandating VR, a unique opportunity to address Australian refugee crisis


Sri Lanka's Low Voter Turnout: A Sign of Coming Class Battles

"The record low turnout in last week's general election in Sri Lanka provoked consternation in Colombo ruling circles because it highlights the extent of popular hostility to the entire political establishment. Barely half of registered voters - just 52% - filled out a ballot...In the war torn district of Jaffna, voter turnout was just 23%.."


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

Sri Lanka's Low Voter Turnout: A Sign of Coming Class Battles

"The record low turnout in last week's general election in Sri Lanka provoked consternation in Colombo ruling circles because it highlights the extent of popular hostility to the entire political establishment. Barely half of registered voters - just 52% - filled out a ballot...In the war torn district of Jaffna, voter turnout was just 23%.."

End of the road for Sri Lanka's left?

Just remember that there are 50 000 + sinhalese soldiers located in the Jaffna alone with thier families. The individuals voted in the election might add up to 23% in Jaffna but if you look at the Tamils who would have voted would be in my guess be at 1% or less in Jaffna.


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

"The record low turnout in last week's general election in Sri Lanka provoked consternation in Colombo ruling circles because it highlights the extent of popular hostility to the entire political establishment. Barely half of registered voters - just 52% - filled out a ballot...In the war torn district of Jaffna, voter turnout was just 23%.."

Ironic - Canadians' federal turnout in 2008 was [url=]only 59.1%[/url]. And I personally know some households of workers where the turnout was 0%. Didn't cause any consternation in Ottawa ruling circles.



Unspoken Genocide: Convention on War Crimes and Genocide in SriLanka

Sri Lanka: No end to human rights abuses

USA wishes joint celebrations, engages in joint operations

JNU convention condemns Sri Lanka war crimes

Mr. Viraj Mendis is the chair-person of the International Human Rights Association in Bremen Germany - a refugee based organization. The Indian govt denied him a visa to participate in the "Unspoken Genocide: Convention on War Crimes and Genocide in Sri Lanka".

"Sri Lanka sets precedent for internationally acceptable genocide model"

India refuses landing to Pirapaharan's mother

Tamil Nadu police arrest protestors against Namal Rajapkase's arrival in Chennai

Uproar in TN State Assembly over India's refusal to allow Pirapaharan's mother to land in Chennai

Prabhakaran's ghost returns to haunt DMK

Sri Lanka set to get new Cabinet

A heated election in a cool city.

Resettlement continues says Govt

'Boost' for Jaffna industries

UN concerned about Australia's asylum freeze

Sri Lanka war wounded face long fight to recovery

S.Lanka's ex-army chief back in court as MP-elect

Former SLRC employee in Vanni complains of death threat to HRC Jaffna

Wellawatte police blamed for long-term neglect in investigating disappearance

Australia: Tamil vote on pressing case for homeland

Australia: Rudd's refugee ban: illegal and dishonest

Australian asylum suspension is "inhumane", say aid workers

Australia re-opens detention centre

Australia: Refugees at air base

Indonesia, Australia relocate Tamil refugees to isolated detention centres

Australia: Asylum seekers facing uncertain future

Video: Indoneisa: Asylum seekers standoff ends

Indonesia: Indonesia moves Sri Lankan migrants

Indonesia: Sri Lanka migrant stand-off in Indonesia port ends

Indonesia: Merak stand-off close to ending as 122 head into detention

Indoneisa: Tamils agree to leave camp at port of Merak after standoff

Canada: Rohan Gunaratna, Professor Terror

Canada: The Tamil boat mystery

Canada: Toronto's Tamil Community receives recognition and support from Corporate Sector at Tamils' Chamber Awards Gala at Fairmont Royal York


Repeat vote in two Sri Lanka seats

Sri Lanka's jailed general likely to attend parliament

Advani demands report from Congress government on Pirapaharan's mother refused entry into India

SLA blocks Hindus performing rituals in Keerimalai

Australian Tamil referendum attracts media, provokes Colombo's envoy

Indonesia: Refugee standoff ends in tears and entreaties

Indonesia: Many asylum-seekers have absconded in Indonesia

Australia: Rudd no different to Howard: Tamils

Australia: An act of cowardice


I appreciate the news here, thank you.  It seems that the Tamil diaspora communities are particularly important now for the future of the situation in Sri Lanka.  And everyone needs to continue to call for war criminals to be held to account.


Senior LTTE cadres held to be produced in High Court for trial

Final Sri Lanka vote count confirms Rajapaksa triumph

Sri Lanka ruling party records landslide win at polls

SLA blocks Hindus performing rituals in Keerimalai

Young woman abducted, sexually abused in Jaffna

Muslim author released

Sri Lanka delays Cabinet swearing-in

Indian aid to resettled Vanni civilians left undistributed along A9 road

In conversation with Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu

2 men abducted for ransom in Jaffna

Sri Lanka's New Parliament Must Drop Emergency Laws, Says Amnesty International

Chennai High Court calls for clarification on deportation of Pirapaharan's mother

Australia: `Viking' Tamil to challenge ASIO's security threat ban

Australia-Indonesia: Merak girl Brindha beats ban on refugees

Indonesia: Detention centre like a prison, say Tamils


Sri Lankan defence secretary proposes further security laws

Sri Lanka president tightens grip on power

US asks Sri Lanka to pursue 'healing process'

ANALYSIS: Follow military win with political solution, Tamils say,analysis-follow-military-...

Elderly man abducted, killed in Jaffna, 9-year-old girl killed in Vavuniyaa

Sri Lanka parliament opens with brotherhood, enmity

Sri Lanka president names party veteran Jayaratne as PM

Detained opposition leader in Sri Lanka parliament

Sarath Fonseka rails against ‘injustices' at opening of Sri Lankan parliament

Amnesty International-Free Sri Lanka of Draconian Emergency Laws

Australia: 99.4 percent vote for Tamil Eelam in Australia

Australia: 'Security risk' refugees left in limbo

Indonesia: Sri Lankan asylum-seekers `hoodwinked' by Indonesians


Sri Lanka: anatomy of a tragedy

Senior ex-LTTE cadres under pressure to confess

3 suspects in recent abduction for ransom arrested in Jaffna

Don't forget healthcare services in east

Fonseka leaves cell for Parliament

Jailed opposition leader uses day in parliament to attack President

Malaysia admits arresting and deporting Sri Lankan rebels,malaysia-admits-arresting...

The Toady's Throne in Jaffna

Australia: A member from The Australian Tamil Congress asks Kevin Rudd to comment on tamil asylum seekers from Sri Lanka

Australia: Asylum seekers fight 'unfair' processing regime


Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov't

Liberation Tigers' Ira'naimadu runway used exclusively by Indian Air Force

Police administration in North continues in ‘Sinhala Only'

INTERVIEW - War over, Sri Lanka hails return of diaspora cash

Sri Lanka to expand first post-war cabinet

GSP+ relief depends on Human Rights

Gen Fonseka 'further detained'

As Sri Lanka AG Met With UN's Ban, War Crimes Panel Unnamed for Six Weeks

The UN and its Mail, on Free Press, Sri Lanka and Middle East, True Believers

Suspects in Navaali abduction to be charged under PTA

Sri Lanka considers ending emergency laws

IIFA, Amithab to Sri Lanka's damage control

UK: British Tamils must pick candidate, not party

Australia's Tamils Voice Visa Suspension Concerns to Top Officials in Canberra

Australia: Freezing claims 'unlikely to stop asylum seekers'

Malaysia: Sri Lankans detained after 57-hour deadlock


Tamils have no voice in Sri Lanka

British candidate calls Tamils victims of genocide

RSF - Gang boss known for hostility towards journalists appointed deputy media minister,3...

Press rights group asks Sri Lanka to remove aggressor from media post

'Order police' to show Prageeth

Netherlands arrest 'LTTE suspects'

Bachchan 'to discuss' Tamil protest

Amitabh Bachchan wants IIFA shifted out of Lanka due to Tamils??

SRI LANKA: Selvanayagam Selvantha, "Imagine being with traumatised people every single day"

All in the game in the name of archaeology


'Reforms to allow S.Lanka president to retain power'

Jaffna Civil organizations accuse Colombo financial institutions of exploitation

SRI LANKA: Peoples anger against bad policing and governments excuses

Men claiming to be SLA intelligence personnel abduct, sexually abuse young woman in Jaffna

Sinhalese language prioritized in the North

7000 IDPs return to Vanni

The Long Reach of Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa Dynasty,8599,1984484,00.html?xid=rss-wo...

M.I.A. music video elicits strong online response

Mulligan (Opinion by Roy Ratnavel)

Indian corporate to build high-rise buildings, apartments, in Jaffna

Jaffna undergrads held as prisoners, charges IUSF

Buddhism with monsters

UN calls for war crimes tribunal into Sri Lanka

Australia's young lawyers to document Sri Lanka's war-crimes


An indicator of what comes next for Sri Lanka's media

Sri Lanka's war: time for accountability

The Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan State

Indo Sri Lanka Maritime Issues: Challenges and Responses

Farming, Fisheries Offer Hope to Former Battleground

New Sri Lankan cabinet likely to continue frosty relations with West

Jaffna MP accuses EPDP of illegal sand excavation in Vadamaraadchi

Jaffna Mayor allows star hotel in historical sacred site in Nalloor

All IDPs will be resettled within six months

Cannada: Toronto Tamils vote on transnational government to gain voice


International war corporatism continues silencing Eezham Tamils

Chinese corporate worker arrested for rape in Nuraichchoalai

RSF protests new media minister

Sri Lanka rebel leader's home is destroyed

Sri Lanka: New government threat against the media

Sri Lanka must listen to its people

SRI LANKA: Muslims and Tamils deal with the pas

Sri Lanka: Ready For Business

SLA reimposes road checks in Jaffna peninsula

Garment Woes Dampen Labour Day

Interview Louise Arbour/ YOICHI FUNABASHI, Editor in Chief: Protection more effective than intervention to deal with conflicts


Nearly 50,000 widows in the east

President accused of 'fiscal terrorism'

Relatives call for disappearance probe

SL Military Intelligence men issue death threats to Thenmaraadchi journalists

IUSU demands detainees' names made public

Sri Lankans celebrate May Day amid unemployment and exploitation

Colombo plans Buddhist vihara in Mullaiththeevu town

Sri Lanka pardons jailed Tamil editor: minister

Sri Lanka: In Honor of World Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2010

Sivaram showed how Sri Lankan state was dependent on oppression of Tamils: Prof. Whitaker

Sri Lanka suspends Fonseka court martial

MIA spreads genocide message through video, album

Born Free: Political Brutality

M.I.A. "Born Free" video pulled from YouTube: The Aftermath

Final nail on APRC's coffin

Diaspora goes to poll to structure Transnational Government

Canada: Thousands of Tamils turn out to "transnational" election

Canada: Tamils' transnational elections ‘an experiment in democracy'

Canada: Thousands of Tamil Canadians vote for ‘government'


Sri Lanka must respect memory of war

SLA destroys Liberation Tiger war heroes tombs in Uduppiddi

Sri Lanka to scale back emergency laws: minister

Colombo relaxes some provisions of Emergency Regulations

No threat SL state sovereignty, no need for emergency, says Fonseka

Pardon of Sri Lankan journalist welcome, details needed

Pardon 'welcomed' but questions remain

FACTBOX - Key political risks to watch in Sri Lanka

Long struggle for displaced Sri Lankan Tamils

Fonseka court martial halted

UK: Sri Lankans 'united' in UK elections

UK: Tamils' cause finds support amongst candidates from all three British parties


Sri Lanka government relaxes war-time emergency laws

Armed men keep six girls in unconscious state in Batticaloa

Education revitalizes displaced communities in Sri Lanka

UN failed to protect Tamil civilians - Lord Patten

"To tell the truth is crime in Sri Lanka" - wife of disappeared Sinhalese journalist

INTERVIEW - IMF urges Sri Lanka reforms to get loan moving again

Sri Lanka cricketers told to shun Dalai Lama over China ties

Fonseka begins fast as military prevents attending parliament

TN 'to look after' Prabhakaran's mother

English language journalist assaulted in Colombo

Sri Lanka: Why Sustain The ‘State of Exception'?

UK: Sri Lanka joins international issues in British parties' focus

Australia: Palriment of South Wales - Tamil Refugees

Australia: Dramatic drop in Sri Lankan boatpeople

Malaysia: 75 Sri Lankan asylum seekers end stand-off in Malaysia


Sri Lanka fears revival of war crimes charges

Sri Lanka to probe wartime rights abuses

Colombo announces reconciliation commissison classifying 1,350 LTTE POWs as criminals

On Sri Lanka, As UN's Ban Delays on Panel, Pascoe's Trip Delayed For "Goodies"

8 political prisoners assaulted by Jaffna prison personnel

SRI LANKA: Moves to boost livelihoods in former combat-zone

Sri Lanka's main opposition faces leadership question as it attempts to regroup

Monk Areested Over Alleged Abuse of Orphaned girls

SRI LANKA: President to take over Attorney General's Department will further damage the rule of law

EU demands release of Fonseka, Colombo told

Explaining China's Growing Influence in Sri Lanka

UK: Why Genocide is an issue in the British elections

Canada: Accused terrorism-financer expected to plead guilty in Vancouver court


Roma Tearne: 'Sri Lanka's writers must remember and speak out'

Sri Lanka ex-army chief vows to expose war crimes

'Expose and punish war criminals' Fonseka

SRI LANKA: The Asian Human Rights Commission cautiously welcomes the move for the appointment of a commission for truth and reconciliation

Sri Lanka not given conditions for GSP renewal, says EU

Rebuilding Sri Lanka's north - Winners and losers

Justice Minister of war crimes government appointed as UN human rights official

"Threat to country shifted from battle field to diplomacy" - SL Foreign Minister

Dispute but not insult - new minister

Need of the hour is consensus and collective leadership

Jaffna after the war: Observations by a visitor


Sri Lanka: Government Proposal Won't Address War Crimes

Colombo adopts failed Sudanese ruse to deflect war crimes charges - Prof. Boyle

On Sri Lanka, UN Soft Peddles Humanitarian Law, Still No War Crimes Panel for Ban Ki-moon after Gota Rajapaksa Threats

Sri Lanka calls on West to crack down on rebel funding

SL Defence Ministry blocks international media persons visiting North

SLA builds base on demolished LTTE War Heroes' Resting Home in Uduppiddi

A Tamil group arrested in Italy say they were sent to Europe on a SL Defense Chief's mission

Sri Lanka risks losing the peace

Colombo accelerates Sinhalicisation of Madu

TGTE member from New Zealand speaks on Vaddukkoaddai Resolution

Tamil leaders call for day of mourning to mark 'catastrophe' after Sri Lankan war victory

Arumugam Rajeevan (Australian Tamil whose attempts to raise money for humanitarian aid in Sri Lanka found him being convicted of raising funds for the Tamil Tigers.)

Australia playing "political football" with refugees: Amnesty International

Austrlaia: Trade Unions slam Australia's treatment of refugees

Australia: Five asylum seekers feared drowned


Sri Lankan defence ministry begins evicting poor in Colombo

As UN Delays on War Crimes in Sri Lanka, New Ambassador Criticizes Press and "Blogging Privilege," Colombo Style

SL government stages hidden agenda in Jaffna peninsula - Jaffna MP

US welcomes Sri Lanka commission

Opinion: Sri Lanka - Cat and Mouse game of a supercilious government

Australia: Sri Lankan boatpeople who swam for help feared dead

Australia: Five Sri Lankans lost amid big sharks

Australia: Sri Lankans 'panicked' in rescue bid

Canada: Tamil Tiger case puts spotlight on laws against financing terrorism


Jaffna peninsula people gripped in shock, fear as abductions escalate

India calls for 'effective devolution'

Sri Lanka's Turnaround Could Signal New Beginning

Arbour to campaign for independent war-crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka

Cancellation tactics make potential candidates withdraw from TGTE elections

You can die at sea, Tamils warned

Australia must ratify Tamil referendum results: Greens MLA

Australia: Costly exercise: asylum seekers' private jet flights cost $5.6m

Canada: Tamil Tiger fundraiser pleads guilty

Canada: Ontario man pleads guilty to raising funds for banned Tamil Tigers rebels

Canada: Crown seeks two-year sentence for terrorism financing


On War Crimes Experts, UN Waits for "Sham"Sri Lankan Panel, Hiding Behind Rice

US welcomes Sri Lanka's dud commission

REFILE-Sri Lanka war crimes probe says lacks legal powers

Pirapaharan's mother admitted to VVT hospital in Jaffna

In cynical gesture, Sri Lankan president pardons journalist

Explosion in SLA Point Pedro camp causes tension

SLA junior officer recovered dead in Jaffna

Chinese embrace may prove costly to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Gen Sarath Fonseka denies incitement charge

Recalling Prabhakaran's end

Third party required to resolve TGTE election dispute in France

Canadian Tamil Congress holds May Remembrance inside Canadian Parliament


Sri Lanka says puts own terms for IMF loan

Land in the Eastern Province - Politics, Policy and Conflict

Europe's Storm Could Toss Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka hunts for Tamil Tigers operating overseas

On Sri Lanka War Crimes, US' Rice Supports UN's Ban, So Panel Without Delay?

SL Cabinet approves establishment of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission

I was a writer and dramatist even as a militant: Shobasakthi

Pirapaharan's mother admitted to VVT hospital in Jaffna

Sri Lanka's Tamil expats try to revive separatist movement with 'government in exile'

California street fair embraces Sri Lanka boycott message

Lest We Forget: Children affected by Genocidal War Crimes of Colombo

May is the another Black July for Eelam Tamils


NESoHR: Except Dublin, world remains without action on Colombo's War Crimes

SLA soldiers deployed again in road checks, patrol in Jaffna peninsula

Sri Lanka: UN must investigate human rights violations

Sri Lanka wary of Tiger revival abroad

Tamil women denied the right to live in peace

A clueless regime's parade for glory with a bumpkin polity

SLA tears down Tamil Heroes memorial monuments in VVT

SLA converts Tiger Heroes Resting Homes into bases in Vanni, Jaffna

Former caretaker of Uduppiddi LTTE Heroes Resting Home found dead in Jaffna

War by other means

"I don't know why Kalaignar Aiya sent me back": Parvathi Amma

Swiss Tamils observe May Remembrance, highlight geopolitical injustice

Tamils commemorate Vanni massacre at Lincoln memorial

ICG Executive Summary: War Crimes in Sri Lanka

ICG Full Report: WAR CRIMES IN SRI LANKA Asia Report N°191 - 17 May 2010

Sri Lanka Forces Blamed for Most Civilian Deaths

S.Lanka slammed over civilian deaths

On Sri Lanka, ICG Calls for Investigation of UN Inaction, Ban Panel Still Delayed

One year on, Sri Lanka still divided

Resettlement of uprooted civilians remains rejected in Jaffna

Thought crime, torture and kingly fiat

‘War and Peace' and the APRC Proposals1

Austalia: New asylum boat adds fuel to policy debate

Canada: Six months in jail for Tamil Tiger fundraiser too lax, Liberal MP says

Canadian coalition urges international inquiry on 'war crimes'


Colombo, SLA 'poking spear into an unhealed wound' : JUSU

On Sri Lanka, UN Can't Say How Many Died, Nor If Ban Called for Ceasefire

UN warns of Sri Lanka 'donor fatigue'

Commission on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation

A call to investigate war crimes

Tamil Nadu Police denies permission to Muthukumaran statue

SLA instructs public on celebrating its Mu'l'l'ivaaikkal victory in Jaffna peninsula

SLA blocks May remembrance events in Jaffna, journalists threatened

Sri Lanka under fire for killing thousands

Call for probe into human rights abuses in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka accused of war crimes in final onslaught

One year after war Sri Lanka asked to account for alleged "war crimes"

Sri Lanka faces new calls for Tamil inquiry

Sri Lanka one year on from war ( Desmond Tutu and Lakhdar Brahimi)

Valikaamam HSZ resettlement issue remains unresolved

TGTE inaugurated in transnational way, Ramsey Clark stresses importance of history

Sri Lanka's Vindictive Peace

Accounting for 2009 will define Sri Lanka's future - editorial

Rains delay Sri Lanka victory parade, 200,000 displaced

Australia: Asylum plea for Sri Lanka war crimes witnesses

Australia: Report damns Tamil returns

Canada: Canada urged to probe Sri Lankan war crimes


Sri Lanka Tamil killings 'ordered from the top'
Exclusive: a senior Sri Lankan army commander and frontline soldier tell Channel 4 News that point-blank executions of Tamils at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war were carried out under orders. One frontline soldier said: "Yes, our commander ordered us to kill everyone. We killed everyone."
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Sri Lanka former Tamil Tiger 'mass wedding' planned

Ex-Tamil Tiger fighters held in limbo

CPJ Special Reports: In Sri Lanka, no peace dividend for press

CPJ Special Reports: A year later, still failing to fight media attacks

CPJ Special Reports: Jaffna editors navigate minefield

S.Lanka's aborted victory parade 'sign from gods'

On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Answer Questions, Its IRIN Censors Criticism of Ban?

Sri Lanka's ethnic divisions still deep and dangerous

A year after the defeat of the LTTE, human rights are still pivotal in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Civil War Legacy One Year Later

A fragile peace

SLA soldiers force Tamils to hoist Sri Lankan flag in Jaffna peninsula

SLA releases 495 Tamils detained in special detention centres in Jaffna

SLA to hold Vesak celebration in Jaffna next week

UK: New British Government urged to help Sri Lanka's war displaced

Australia: Returned asylum seekers killed, jailed: advocate

Canada: NDP - Tamil - Days of Remembrance

Canadian Tamils in black mourn victims of 'war crimes

Canada: Empowered by Arbour report, Tamils demonstrate at Ontario legislature

Canada: Hundreds of T.O. Tamils gather at Queen's Park


NYT - The Lede - New Accusations of War Crimes in Sri Lanka

New political party in Tamil Nadu vows to fight for Tamil Eelam

Mass grave discovered in Naachchikkudaa, Mannaar

As Sri Lanka Names Its Own Palihakkara as Investigator, UN Panel Would Not Look at UN's Role in War Crimes

Critics accuse Sri Lanka of using scorched earth tactics against Tamils

Report: The Sins of Sri Lanka's Great War Victory,8599,1990299,00.html?xid=rss-wo...

One year on, conditions worsen for war-displaced Sri Lankans

May remembrance observed in Jaffna amid SLA intimidation

Post-war Sri Lanka searches for 'just peace'

ICRC requests access to the rehabilitation camps

Sri Lanka failed to build on war victory: former general

S.Lanka vows to prevent Tiger revival

Colombo steps up Sinhalicisation in Trincomalee

UN Human Rights Council's Resolution on Sri Lanka is a bounced cheque

Opinion: A year on, Sri Lanka suffers

Presidential Election 2010-Consolidation of Sinhala Constituency or Harbinger of Ethnic Reconciliation

A Tiger Safari

UK: British MPs call for war crimes probes at Mu'l'livaaykkaal Remembrance

Canada: Government of Ontario - Day of Remembrance


Sri Lanka: New Evidence of Wartime Abuses

Rights groups say new evidence suggests Sri Lanka war crimes against Tamil Tigers

Jaffna: One year after the end of the war in Sri Lanka

On Sri Lanka, IMF Calls War Crimes Report Of Concern, Tranche Turns on Budget?

Sri Lanka rebounds after rebel defeat, but scars linger

Sri Lanka's bitter peace one year on

"The Sri Lanka option" - Friends like these

Sri Lanka's powerful president - Putting the raj in Rajapaksa

Tamil Nadu Film society to shun IIFA Festival in Colombo

TGTE constitution to be drafted within 3 months

106 schools closed, 60000 students deprived of education in north

CPJ protests against the repression of media

Opinion: Tamil Issues Are Wider Than The Borders of Sri Lanka

Australia: Deported Sri Lankans 'beaten and killed'

Canada: Tamil youth stand in solidarity to make a difference in Sri Lanka

Canada: Sri Lankan diplomat dismisses war-crimes claim

Canada: Toronto Tamils remember the fallen on one-year anniversary


Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam- seems like a very good idea, drawing up a constitution for this government in exile.


Amestey International Video - Sri Lanka - Finding the Killers

Camouflaged ban on Tamil Eelam by New Delhi, Chennai

Is the U.N. complicit in Sri Lankan war crimes?

Sri Lankan president tightens his grip

SLA demolishes Valvai Monument for victims massacred by IPKF in VVT

Taking stock on the first anniversary of Internationally abetted genocide

Sri Lanka and Its Journalists -- A Country Going Wrong

The deadly cost of peace in Sri Lanka

Congressman's war crimes call to Clinton to dog Peiris's visit

GL in US

Peiris US bound amid war crime calls in US Congress

Government planning to bring Sinhalese colonists again to Ma'nalaa'ru in Vanni

How Beijing won Sri Lanka's civil war

Sri Lanka, no Indian Ocean paradise

International groups call for war crimes inquiry after new photos

Demise of LTTE commanders and its implications - Opinion

NP Governor orders priority to Southern contractors in Northern development tenders

Jaffna SLA blocks efforts to reopen schools, government buildings closed due to war in North

Sri Lanka's Peiris to Meet Ban, Nambiar and Select Press, War Crimes and Internment Camp Questions Not Taken

In Waldorf, Peiris and Kohona of Sri Lanka Spin Selectively, War Crimes Defense Tour Begins Behind Closed Doors

On UN Role in Sri Lanka War Crimes, Ban Rejects Then Denies Rejecting Allegations

As UN Ban Ki-moon Hosts Sri Lanka Peiris, Press Banned Even from Photo Op, "Turn That Camera Off"

Kokilai nature reserve 'bulldozed'

'Name the detainees' Govt. urged

Missing persons' relatives hold demonstration in Vavuniyaa

Sri Lanka struggles amid 'worst natural disaster since Boxing Day tsunami'

Half a million affected by floods

Sri Lanka steps up pressure against foreign war panel

Rights group calls for war crimes probe in Sri Lanka

Probe war crimes in Sri Lanka

Youth activists favoured in TGTE elections of Australia

Wife of victim in Channel-4 photo identifies husband

GRAPHIC MATERIALS: Video: New Evidence of war crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka

Canada: Head off the phantom Tigers' Canadian base


Vanni in the year after war: Tears of despair and fear

Sri Lanka Rejects War Crimes Accusations

Sri Lankan CID to record statement from UN representative over Fonseka interview

NP Governor accuses Jaffna NGOs of malpractice in assisting resettled Vanni families

Garment Sector, Gov't Optimistic about Trade Pact with EU

Protests in Sri Lanka over proposed trade pact with India

Sri Lanka urges US to focus on business, not just rights

A Year After Defeating Terrorism, Sri Lanka Embodies Hope and Change

War-Affected Women Bewail Their Plight

Fast-disappearing treasuries the pick in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka Spins, UN Slow and Silent on Why Stopped Counting the Dead

Canada: Charity Without Terror

Malaysia: Detained SL asylum seekers in Malaysia launch hunger strike

Venezuela: How can one trust a brutal government that has no respect or tolerance for the media?

Australia: Aboriginal Passports issued to asylum seekers prevented from entering Australia


Sri Lanka wants U.S. to focus on more than just human rights

On Murders after Surrender, UN's Nambiar Muses on Crossfire, Speaking With Kohona

On Sri Lanka, UN Did Not Recuse Nambiar, UK Supports Ban Panel, Peiris Waits

SLA occupies 80% of agricultural land in North

Central land authority to colonize Vaanaa'ru Muslim village with Sinhalese

Amnesty International: The State of the World's Human Rights
2010 Report:

UN human rights bodies ineffectual: Amnesty International

Amnesty's report condemns 'politicisation of justice'

Amnesty: G20 frustrating human rights progress

Asian conflicts exact heavy civilian toll in 2009: Amnesty

States block progress on global justice - Amnesty

Protests in Sri Lanka over proposed trade pact with India

Indian push to finalise trade agreement sparks protests in Colombo

U.S. State Dept lifts travel warning on Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger child rebels go home

Former JVP MP questioned by the CID over meeting with Vanni parents in Colombo

M.I.A.'s Agitprop Pop

Australia : Coalition to insist refugees work for keep

Australia: Amnesty International takes Australia to task on human rights abuses

Canada: Winning Justice for Suresh

Canada: Justice for Suresh

Canada: A9 Memories (Justice for Suresh)