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Saudi housemaid tortured with nails

Treading Water in Sri Lanka

NP Governor wants teaching stopped in war damaged schools in Vanni

Cultural and psychological attack on Tamils in Jaffna

---------------------------English Canada---------------------------
What the Tamils Are Fleeing

A hardening of the Canadian heart

Tamils and Toronto

Tamil Tigers allegedly on migrant ship: Website

No evidence of another Tamil ship

Border officials face long haul to ID Tamil migrants

Ocean isn't the right channel into Canada

Allowing Tamils is a huge mistake

Key talks up boat people threat

Tamils supported with protest

---------------------------French Canada---------------------------

Le Canada est difficile à cerner, selon Amnistie Internationale - La Presse

Le cargo soulève des débats à Victoria - La Presse

MV Sun Sea: des migrants racontent leur périple - La Presse

Le droit de se poser des questions - Journal de Montréal

Les Canadiens peu favorables - Radio Canada


At UN, Sri Lanka Move to Place Alleged War Criminal As Ambassador Questioned

Sri Lanka's presumptive war-criminal to take UN job in New York

On Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Speaks of Gov't Shelling, Casualties, 2 Sides' Propaganda

Colombo "deliberately shelled civilians," accuses UN's departing Holmes

A Tamil widow's journey back to Sri Lanka after decades (starting at 14:45)

Nails removed from 'tortured' maid

Resettled families in Vanni left to suffer in downpour

SRI LANKA: Rape Suspicions Against A Senior Judge

Australia: Rocking the boat on asylum claims

New Zealand: Ruling on Sri Lankan's refugee status claim upheld


Tamils' legitimacy doubted

Tamils can't be compared to Nazis

Tamils taking advantage of Canada? Facts tell a different story

LETTER-Canada, a land of trusting fools?

he ‘Boatophobia' Debate: Dehumanising Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Tamils can call Sri Lanka - free

B'nai Birth: Measures to address Tamil refugee issues recommended

Tamil kids don't deserve jail

Refugees and other immigrants: a drain or a gain for Canada?


Canadian immigration, Conservative xenophobia

Archdiocese of Vancouver: Keep dignity of Tamil refugees in mind during immigration debate


New Zealand Supreme Court decides LTTE a political organisation

Mannar - Tamil misery continues

Sri Lanka cabinet backs change for president

Rajapaksa 'on way to third term'

Resettlement of Vadamaraadchi North uprooted families postponed indefinitely

Tamil political prisoners in A'pura appeal for release

Blind man 'got LTTE training'

80% of resettled families in Batticaloa not paid livelihood assistance

U.S. Military Members Arrive in Sri Lanka for Humanitarian, Partnership Mission

Sri Lanka holds withdrawal of on-arrival visa

Activist seeks international probe


Tamils of a different stripe

Tamil migrant review hears of torture

Lawyer seeks quick processing for pregnant Tamil

In a Bangkok apartment, Tamils wait for a ship to Canada

EDITORIAL - Canada's new Tamil refugees should leave hostilities behind

Migrants' lawyer blasts gov't for lack of evidence

Tamils taking away from legit immigrants

Tamils being met with racism

Canadians welcoming of Tamil Nadu ex-patriot

Tamil Asylum Seekers Deserve Better Reception

Our duty to give refuge

Churches to help Tamil migrants

Feds moved to revoke 227 refugees for lying

Thamilvany interview on CMRTV part 1 of 3

Thamilvany interview on CMRTV part 2 of 3

Thamilvany interview on CMRTV part 3 of 3

Tamils and the difference between immigrants and refugees

The Scope of Canadian Conscience

Toews' message earns rebuke

Not a crime to seek asylum: MCC

Kenney may have lost 'wider battle' to continue ethnic outreach strategy


'Anti-Tamil ideology, international meddling make reconciliation impossible'

China and India: A War of Giants

China warships dock in Burma, rattling rival naval power India

'Ban' housemaids to Saudi

Arrests made in maid's nail torture, Sri Lankan officials say


Kenney may have lost 'wider battle' to continue ethnic outreach strategy

Imagine there's no havens

CBC - The National: Tamil Migrants

CBC - Radio: How Are They?

Daniel Libeskind to design MS St. Louis monument


Nirupama faces civil society outburst in North

Victims Without Voices - Poem by Jay A. Jasan

1215 uprooted civilians abandoned in Visuvamadu in Vanni - MP

Saudi maids 'harassed' for talking to BBC

'Devolution': a Sinhalese political parachute

Counterinsurgency, development conquistadors and economic integrators

China Merchants Holdings in $450 mln Sri Lanka port deal

SL media curbed to publish news on military appointments, transfers

Sri Lankan government's bogus inquiry into the civil war

China's growing focus on Indian Ocean irks India

Government of Sri Lanka to lease out 12 islands to set up hotels and resorts

RI LANKA: Special Task Force illegally arrest, detain and file fabricated charges against a German philanthropist staying in Sri Lanka

A Widow's Journey

Germany indicts three suspected Tamil Tiger leaders,,5961698,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-...

Australia: Fewer boats from Sri Lanka


Refugee understanding appreciated

Suspected Tamil Tigers caged

Four women migrants expecting



A Widow's Journey: Audio Slideshow

Where are those Child rights' activists? How long can Sri Lanka fool the international community?

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution: Process and Substance

SRI LANKA: The 18th Amendment destroying democracy by manipulation of the democratic process itself

Anglican Bishop: 18th Amendment will lead to destructive erosion of democracy

Rajapaksa seeks to lift presidential term limits

Anger Rises Over Torture Case, But Solution Unclear

Sri Lankan fishermen hard hit by peace

Flurry of diplomatic activity between Delhi and Colombo

Nirupama Rao meeting uprooted families in Champoor cancelled

War-weary Civilians Dream of New Homes

More than 25,000 war widows in Batticaloa district alone

Properties of uprooted in Vanni plundered with SLA assistance

Prabhakaran - the Zorro

U.S. Judge Lets Suit Proceed Against Alleged Fundraisers for Tamil Tigers

Australia: People smuggler tells court of bribes

Politics won't influence Tamil migrant case, Kenney says


Tamils want Ottawa to stop making unproven accusations

Sri Lanka's Human Rights Violations Produced Tamil Refugees

From the Komagata Maru to the MV Sun Sea


Sri Lanka's most war-affected community

18th Amendment move reminds of Emergency Bill: Media movements

War-drained Sri Lankans long for peace

World Citizen: Sri Lanka, China Form Strategic Shield against the West

Sri Lanka urged to ensure safety of detained former asylum-seekers

Canada: Ethnic cleansing still going on in Sri Lanka, Markham refugee says

Canada: LETTER-Compassion needed in a shrinking world

Canada: Cartoon presents ‘popular but erroneous' points


Sri Lanka: Ties with Israel Expose Duplicity

"The exposure of Sri Lanka's close links to Israel may help the Tamil people's struggle win broader support among progressive people around the world.."


Sri Lanka is still denying civilian deaths

NJ court dismisses 5 out of 7 charges against alleged fund raising by Tamils

174 Tamil youths disappeared in Vanthaa'rumoolai remembered

Bangladesh Leads Way With International Crimes Tribunal

Top S. Lanka court backs president's third-term bid

UNP walks out as Supreme Court clears the way for change

India PM warns China wants foothold in South Asia

Sri Lanka to offer more oil exploration blocks

Sri Lanka commission troubles


Rights group organizes protest rally for Tamils

Desperate times - Ethnic cleansing still going on in Sri Lanka, Markham refugee says

Ottawa unveils education campaign on human trafficking

Pakistanis, Tamils and the pleas for help

Sri Lankan Tamil refugees spark racism row in Canada

Tough lesson for Tamils

Experts say security reasons may keep Tamils in detention

Critics assail reported refugee clampdown

Marmur: Our duty to welcome strangers

New migrant ship may be on the way

Feds mulling new measures to combat human smuggling

Tories float new laws to keep migrant boats from landing in Canada

Tamil migrants make risky deals to flee Sri Lanka

Tamils in Thailand ready for latest shipment to Canada


‘Terror camps in Colombo'

SRI LANKA: Women take over as breadwinners in north

Sri Lanka is still denying civilian deaths

'Colombo teaches lessons of political culture for South Asia'

Sri Lanka Ends Presidential Term Limits

Sri Lanka MPs vote in sweeping powers for president

Thousands protest while amendments come to parliament

Concern Sri Lanka is sliding towards autocracy

Concerns over new powers for Sri Lanka President

Sri Lanka chief Mahinda Rajapakse gets total power

Sri Lankan 'rope minister' is reappointed

Jaffna to get new prison complex
Sri Lanka Shuns West, Finds Solace in Emerging Powers' Arms
The International Dimensions of the conflict in Sri Lanka

SL government appropriates lands of uprooted families in Maathakal

Some areas in Vadamaraadchi East to be declared HSZ


Tamil boat people: Racism tag lazy

Migrant held on suspicion of ties to Tamil Tigers

Sri Lankan migrant in B.C. deemed potential security risk

Stopping migrants at sea dramatic but ineffective

Prayers for Tamil migrants

Deported Tamil man longs to return to Canada

Tamil refugee claimant rejected

Rethink approach to migrant ships: experts

Ottawa spins on boat people


TNA MP Sumanthiran's submission against 18th Amendment

Residing at Jaffna Railway Station: "Nobody Cares For Us and We have Nowhere To Go"

Sri Lanka's constitutional amendment Eighteenth time unlucky

SRI LANKA: The fatal night that changed the phantom democracy into a complete dictatorship

FMM condemns arrest of printers producing posters against Rajapaksa's amendment

'LLRC lessons advocate permanent subjugation of Tamils'

TNA to relate 'historical facts' to LLRC

Danger of landmines in nearly half of Jaffna peninsula

Amendment 18 'undermines' democracy

Censorship 'mistake', says Island editor

Life in detention 'longer than with LTTE'

SLA obstructs resettlement in Vadamaraadchi East

SL Police arrest 6 traders in Jaffna

President hails charity survey result

Rajapaksa looks to his new era

Commentary on Returns, Resettlement and Land Issues in the North of Sri Lanka

Australia: Tamils beat Afghans during riot: court

UK: Tamil asylum seeker in UK deported to Sri Lanka


Tamil Congress says espionage is behind break-in

Canadian Tamil Congress fears 'targeted' break-in

MV Sun Sea migrants' information stolen from Tamil group's office

Activists show support for detained Tamils outside Burnaby detention centre

B.C. most likely to welcome immigrants: poll

Kenney to learn about human smuggling in Australia

Tamil migrants stymied by government: lawyer

Tell Sun Sea migrants what they need to do to get out of detention: lawyer


Tension in Ratnapaura following attack on Upcountry Tamils

Tamils done with - Sinhalese to be done with

Jaffna peninsula fishermen exploited by SL government men

At UN, Ban Silent on Sri Lanka Repeal of Term Limits, Links, Panel Still Not Started

Sri Lanka heading towards 'a totalitarian state'

Is Sri Lanka Taking A Turn For The Worse Again? Watch The Stock Market

Why the world must stop Sri Lanka's decline

Sri Lanka must be condemned, without ifs or buts

Alternative Development

Nail torture case shines light on Asia's migrant maids

‘Extreme position of appeasement'

Sri Lanka war 'a waste of people's lives' - ex-Tiger

UK 'concerned' over curtails on media

Sri Lanka bans Economist edition

IPI General Assembly Resolution on Sri Lankan Constitutional Amendments and Continued Media Repression

Constitutional Change Undermines Political Checks

Sri Lanka MPs vote in sweeping powers for president

Jaffna MPCS employees agitate against political interference

Observations by Sri Lanka on the US State Department Press Release

SRI LANKA: The mindset of denial is the "It is not that bad" attitude


Tamil congress says dozens, not hundreds, of names on stolen computer

With human smugglers, watching is not enough

Canadians shouldn't forget their compassion

Four Tamil migrants granted release, but three halted by judge

Harper government warned eight months ago of possible Tamil migrants

Toronto Tamils accuse Sri Lanka of burglary

Ottawa rules out invoking notwithstanding clause to stop migrant ships


Sri Lanka lowers death toll from police station blast

70 feared killed in Sri Lanka construction storage site blast

Sri Lanka blast kills up to 60 as explosives go off by accident

62 killed, 100 wounded in Batticaloa blast

At least 60 killed in accidental blast in Sri Lanka

Thousands of Tamil youth 'failed by the legal system

Sri Lanka seeks to boost ties with Iran

Colombo refuses visa to NGO official

Resettled families in Jaffna peninsula abandoned by SL government

China, Sri Lanka agree to deepen military ties

Sri Lanka ex-army chief Sarath Fonseka 'found guilty'

At UN, Ban's 1st Meeting with Sri Lanka Panel Omitted From Schedule, Links Undisclosed

UN Sri Lanka panel begins work

Eastern farmers in need of irrigation - UN

Sri Lanka Tamil party criticizes presidential panel

TNA parliamentarians to visit Valikaamam North HSZ

Properties of uprooted families in Vadamaraadchi East plundered by SLA


Feds challenge immigration board's release of Tamil migrant women

Allowing Tamils is a huge mistake

Resonant support for detained Tamil women, children refugees

Protesters send message to Tamils

The truth about the Tamil Tigers

Canada's treatment of Tamil refugees is a "defining moment," and we're failing

Tamils demand school for migrant kids

Tamil migrant lawyers face money crunch

Hearings for Tamil migrants put strain on legal aid funding


‘Elusive international justice snatches away desire to live'

LTTE's Elilan surrendered to SLA on 18 May, wife tells BBC

TID torture Tamil detainees held under PTA

Sri Lanka bans BBC from covering civil war hearings

Colombo bans BBC from covering LLRC hearings

More than 500 testify on final days of Sri Lankan offensive

If My Story Could Be Yours Too

Tamils done with - Sinhalese to be done with

In pictures: Sri Lanka explosion

Sri Lanka plays down Batticaloa blast toll

Fonseka 'will not lose' parliamentary seat

Sri Lanka's ex-army chief vows to fight back from jail

Sri Lanka's Opposition Party Crumbles in Public

UNP 'undermining TNA'

Australia: Villawood detainees 'isolated, desperate'

Canada's turning immigration tide

Canada adopts Australian anti-refugee policy

Canada: Hundreds of Tamils protest Sri Lankan President's policies, UN visit


‘Norway wrongs by cooperating with Colombo'

President in bilateral talks with Norway

Northern landowners call for compensation

Sri Lanka war panel hears of Tamil disappearances

Sri Lanka's LLRC, a hoax - Vanni war victims

Translation of Tamil newspaper reports on the Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission hearings held in Killinochchi and Mullaitivu


Upcountry Tamils who fled to escape attack live in fear

Container of dynamite parked in Vaazhaichcheanai police station

SRI LANKA: Returnees dream of new houses in the north

Emotional homecoming after 21 years for Sri Lanka widow

Colombo hurriedly readies military colony in Ki'linochchi

Colombo plans to settle Sinhala people in Thiryaay in Trincomalee district

Compensation not paid to uprooted families in Batticaloa district

ASP, 6 policemen arrested in Polonnaruwa

Power grab in Sri Lanka

SL government imposes restrictions on local NGOs in North, East

Sri Lanka Sees Opportunity As China Costs Rise

Q&A: Post-war Sri Lanka

As Obama Is Booed at Fundraiser, Chinese-Only Briefing, Sri Lanka Protest, MDGs

Australia: Sri Lanka-born refugee sentenced to 5½ years in Australia for smuggling asylum seekers

Australia: Asylum seekers end Sydney rooftop protest

Australia: The cruelty and indignity of mandatory detention

Australia: 75 Tamils in stand-off make it to Australia


Australia and Canada: Keep the boats coming, but please, future PMs, keep the Canadians out

Ottawa eyes ‘mass arrival' category for asylum seekers

Prime Minister rejects proposal to detain ‘mass arrival' refugee claimants

Human smuggling plan flawed, say refugee experts

Ottawa's handling of ‘Sun Sea' Tamils just for show

Vancouver Activists Rally in Support of Tamil Refugees

Waterloo man awaits extradition decision in Tamil Tigers terrorism case


Did the Sri Lankan Army use cluster bombs and phosphorus bombs against civilians?

‘Learning Lessons' from those affected by war: Does the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission really listen?

Sri Lankan president urges rethink on rules of war

Video: Sri Lankan President at the UN

Tamil Tiger's wife pleads for help in finding him

Tamil language disserves due recognition

SLA intruder attacked by house-owner in Vanni

SRI LANKA: Anusha Ravichandran, "Please bring my sister back to me"

Sri Lankan government urged to say sorry for war years

Sri Lanka co-accused in Fonseka 'conspiracy' case freed



The old anti-immigrant game

Harper takes us back to our compassionate roots

Three more Tamil migrants ordered released from detention

All options open for refugee boats

Tamils urged to help migrants

Burnaby school district prepares to educate Tamil children


India's reasons for banning LTTE false, fabricated: Vaiko tells Tribunal

Beaten but not Broken: Tamil Women Struggle through Conflict and ‘Peace' in Sri Lanka

ICJ blames Colombo for world's largest detention, cautions donors against complicity

Report: Beyond Lawful Constraints: Sri Lanka's Mass Detention of LTTE Suspects

Rights groups chastises Sri Lanka over rebel detentions

US University calls for Sri Lanka war crimes investigations


Calls for Sri Lanka War Crimes Tribunal Grow

UNROW Calls for Establishment of War Crimes Tribunal for Sri Lanka

As Ban Meets Sri Lanka Rajajaksa, UN War Crimes Panel Not Mentioned

As Sri Lanka Quotes UN Ban Undermining His Panel on War Crimes, UN Questioned

'EU should coordinate powers to bring justice to Eezham Tamils'

SLA replaces STF in Paduvaankarai in Batticaloa district

Police, SLA search for buried weapons in Jaffna

Sri Lanka needs a president, not a demi-god

IMF Executive Board Completes Fourth Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement for Sri Lanka and Approves US$212.5 Million Disbursement

Smuggling ancient religious statues from North to South escalates

Opinion: Sri Lanka holds tight to China

UNP rejects federal solution

US businesses invited to invest

Tale of two families: The stories behind Sri Lanka's war enquiry commission

Canada: The old anti-immigrant game

Canada: Tamil migrant gives birth in detention


Report: European Center for Constutional and Human Rights: Study on Criminal Accountability in Sri Lanka as of January 2009

Environmental concern over Sri Lanka nuclear plans

LTTE detainees will be treated differently

SRI LANKA: Former female fighters strive for a better life

Winning the Peace,1

From Rabble-Rousing to Rubble

Questions over Sri Lanka's Victory

Sri Lanka MP interrogated over 'dictator' posters

SL government appropriates Tamils' lands in Batticaloa district

Fasting Sinhala Buddhist monk admitted to Batticaloa hospital

Australia: What happened to the Oceanic Viking refugees?

Australia and Canada: Authorities on alert for influx of Tamil Tiger asylum-seekers


Canada: Tamil migrant children start school in B.C.

Canada: Cohn: Toronto, Tamil refugees and the Ford phenomenon


A leaked video from a Sri Lankan soldiers mobile phone shows how they treated surrendered Tamil soldier. He was tied to tree and battered to death after.Hundreds of these type videos are believed to be recorded by Sri Lankan military men , have been hidden by military to avoid any war crimes. Miltary men have been threaten to be murdered if they release any such videos. Sri Lankan journalists have been working hard to bring this video to outer world.

HRW got pictures from one of the solider showing him being tortured then shown with his dead body

SRI LANKA: Returnees brace for monsoon rains

IOM Delivers Indian Roofing Sheets for Sri Lanka's Homeless Returnees in North

22 US, UK cities hold Sri Lanka boycott campaign

Sri Lankan president at the UN denies war crimes

Bishop seeks equal aid for Tamil refugees

One-person dominated TGTE decided by narrow margin

UN Blatantly Turns Blind Eye As Sri Lanka Becomes Nation of Totalitarianism

At UN on Sri Lanka, Ban Son in Law Called "Irrelevant," Rajapaksa Relations Still Undisclosed after Tete a Tete Meeting

UN Won't Disclose Ban's 1 on 1 Meetings This Month, Presidents Beyond Sri Lanka?

Lanka Bond issue oversubscribed

Sri Lanka president backs ex-army chief's imprisonment

Seeking the truth in Sri Lanka

SL government neglects war-ravaged Vanni

Sri Lanka seeks help for 90,000 war widows: minister

Police order Kalmunai Muslim youths to surrender weapons

Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister On The Hot Seat

Australia: Hazaras, Tamils at less risk according to leaked papers

Canada OK's most Sri Lankan refugee claims

Canada: The limits of feeling someone else's pain

Canada: RCMP considering human smuggling charges in Sun Sea case

Travers: Fear and loathing keeps voters tossing and turning


On Ban's "Abnormal" Understanding with Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa, UN Won't Answer

How China and India Displaced the West in Sri Lanka,8599,2023178,00.html?xid=rss-wo...

SRI LANKA: War amputees fight for new limbs

Former Tamil Tiger rebels taste freedom after 16 months

Women clear Sri Lanka's landmine legacy

SLA units in NorthEast to be strengthened

Swindler from South arrested in Jaffna

Resettlement in Valikaamam North HSZ not possible - Jaffna SLA Commander



Dublin follow-up on Sri Lanka war crimes

SLA closes access road to resettled families in Vaadmaraadchi Eas

Acute shortage for wheat flour in Colombo due to price hike

'Fonseka blamed Gotabhaya for killings' - Editor

Rudrakumaran 'PM of Tamil Government'

Call for meaningful Tamil resettlement

Australia: Tamils challenge ASIO ruling

Australia: Protesters support refugee hunger striker

Canada: Scarborough-Rouge River ward a community of dizzying ethnic diversity


[url=]Realpolitik Rules in Sri Lanka[/url] March wrote:
Despite the 2002 ceasefire agreement the US has brazenly supported the government against the Tamil separatists. A major factor has been the demonisation of the LTTE who were declared terrorists in 1997, in the now time honoured way, for independence movements that are not in favour. It is ironic that a year later the United States made the exact opposite decision in Serbia by taking the notorious Kosovan independence movement, the KLA, off their list of terrorist organisations to help them break the Serbian grip on Kosovo.

However the US government does not want to seem to be the sponsor of a drastic crushing of Tamil resistance. One Gaza is enough for this year.

In additon they want to make sure the Sinhalese government remains to a degree dependant on them. They are also concerned about the unrest spreading to neighbouring India with its large Tamil population.

They signed an Access and Cross Servicing agreement in March 2007 that allows US navy ships and air force planes to call on the island. In exchange for basing rights, the US government helped equip and train the Sri Lankan forces.

They provided them with the training and high tech tools to win the war.

The Americans have their eye on the strategic harbour of Trincomalee on the north east of the island, the best deep water harbour in the Indian Ocean and one of the best six in the world...

Colder war maneuvering.

Viva la revolucion!


SLA opens ‘luxury' resort in occupied Tamil land

As US Defends Record on Darfur, France & UK Took Lead, Silence on Bashir Noted

SRI LANKA: Reflections on Sri Lanka' Constitution

Opposition launch 'release Fonseka' campaign

Elderly at risk of poverty in Sri Lanka

A disservice to the young Tamils from Jaffna

Plans afoot to eliminate Tamils in Sri Lanka

Comentary on Returns, Resettlement and Land Issues in the North of Sri Lanka

SL government prioritizes tourism neglecting rehabilitation in Jaffna

The European Commission provides €10 million for humanitarian actions in Sri Lanka

Colombo shuns Eastern province TNA parliamentarians

Feast of a President

Canada: Scarborough-Rouge River ward a community of dizzying ethnic diversity


Canada: Cohn: Who speaks for multicultural nation?

Canada - CBC National: Tamil Migrants (Video)


Thanks Fidel!

Inquiry urged into Sri Lankan rights violations

Sri Lanka's Eighteenth Amendment: A Charter for Dictatorship

Sinhala men continue to intimidate Tamil cultivators in Eastern Province

Sarath Fonseka loses seat

Lankan bishops seek Fonseka's release

Sobhitha Thero suspects moves to stop him

Sri Lanka has abandoned all efforts to solve ethnic issue - CPG

Domestic worker abuse increase in Kuwait

18th Amendment: Making a Mockery of Democracy in Sri Lanka

ICJ report accuses Sri Lankan government of violating human rights

Colombo takes control of historic Kanniyaa hot wells in Trincomalee

SLA stops volunteer teachers' demonstration in Ki'linochchi

More Lankans likely to seek jobs in Qatar

Canada: CBSA asks for full media ban on Sun Sea hearings

Canada: Preparations underway for possible second Tamil ship

Canada: Tamil migrant ship MV Sun Sea towed to Nanaimo shipyard

Canada: Govt to unveil law to deter illegal migrants



ICG: Sri Lanka: Deciphering the Constitutional Coup

Disposable People: The Tamil persecution

IUSU demands release of Northern youths detained or disappeared

Rally calling for the immediate release Sarath Fonseka: Video and photos

SRI LANKA: North crying out for more private investment

HRW discusses Sri Lanka war-crimes in Harvard event

Resettled families in Vanni suffer without adequate transport

193 Sinhala families seek resettlement in Jaffna

The Breakdown of the Rule of Law in Sri Lanka: An Overview

Sri Lanka leader to be guest at close of Commonwealth Games

Row over Rajapaksa's invitation to India Games ceremony

Media questions the legality of Fonseka verdict

Peace Dividend Perks Up Economy

Sri Lanka's Future Holds Promise

Saudi Arabia urged to suspend Sri Lankan recruitment

Silencing Sri Lanka's anti-Govt voice

Bread consumption drops by 40% as price skyrockets

Former LTTE spokesman Ilanthirayan's wife bears witness before LLRC

Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger spokesman 'missing after arrest'


Alleged Tamil Tiger redetained

Canada aids in Thai arrest of Tamil migrants

Thailand arrests 130 Sri Lankan Tamils

Canada's role in Thailand arrests queried

Canadian Tamils fear Ottawa had a hand in Thai raids

Concerns raised about Canadian role in Tamil migrant sweep in Bangkok

Canada hunting third Tamil immigrant ship - report


Sri Lanka: Groups Decline to Testify Before Flawed Commission

Sri Lanka: Crisis Group Refuses to Appear Before Flawed Commission

Amnesty demands Sri Lanka war crimes probe

Human rights groups snub Sri Lanka war crime inquiry

Indian Secretary General leads Commonwealth away from human rights

Police instructs Tamils in Colombo to register their presence

Complaints against SLA, paramilitary groups made to LLRC in Batticaloa

SL police fail to protect harassed former Tiger girl combatant in Jaffna

Sri Lankan government to intensify austerity measures

Thailand holding over 100 Tamil asylum seekers: police

JHU calls for resettlement of Sinhalese

Sri Lankan activists oppose plan to train boys as monks

Sri Lanka's defense ministry 2011 allocation increases

Abducted Tamil jeweler released on payment of ransom, in Colombo

SL government sabotages IUSU activities in Jaffna

500 Ex-LTTE cadres set free

Mahinda Rajapaksa's effigy burnt in Tamil Nadu


Canada will urge SL to propose solution to ethnic issue

Tamil refugees got the Canada goose that laid golden egg

Derelict boat stowed in Nanaimo Harbour shows proof of migrants' long journey

Tamil couple changed names, lied about identities, immigration board says


Sri Lankan minister says Tamils seek money not safe haven


Welcome speech for President Rajapakse in Houston by Tamil Attorney leaves everybody speechless, and lost for words. (Starting at 6:03)

New Sri Lankan civil war photos threaten to overshadow Britain visit

US War Crimes Unit receives list of Sri Lanka's missing Tamil surrendees

S Lanka rejects 'atrocity' photos

S.Lanka minister slams 'colonial' rights groups


Sri Lanka: Hague must insist on independent investigation into war crimes when he meets his Sri Lankan counterpart, says Amnesty

Amnesty to begin campaign on SLA execution of Trincomalee students

SLA, police harass ex LTTE members in Batticaloa district

Police arrest 4 youths with T56 rifles in Kiraan in East

SL Police identifies body washed ashore in Wellawatte

As Human Rights Groups Boycott Sri Lanka Panel, UN Ban's Panel Invisible

Colombo accused of 'land grab'

Murdered Sri Lankan journalist's family denied justice

Ten years of impunity for Jaffna-based journalist's murderers

IFJ calls for probe into assault

IUSF stages protest against police assault on journalists in Colombo

Foreign-based Tigers trying to regroup: S.Lanka PM


Birth centenary of V. Navaratnam, pioneer of Tamil Eelam polity

Brothers who tamed the Tigers

Sri Lanka raises defence spending by six percent


Soldiers help 'reduce budget deficit'

Villagers stop illegal sand excavation in Vadamaraadchi East

Mannaar Tamil village faces extinction due to illegal sand mining

Uprooted families due to SLA offensives in East denied assistance

SL Resettlement minister meets Sinahala families claiming resettlement in Jaffna

Contradictions of capitalism

US convicts Singapore man in Tamil Tigers arms plot

Broke no Singapore laws, defendant testifies in Maryland case

ICG Louise Arbour on Self-Determination

Local authorities warn of landmine danger in Pachchilaippa'l'li in North

‘Sinhala Only' imposed on name boards in East

A War Criminal concluding the Commonwealth Games is the best it could go!

UK: Slideshow: Sri Lankans find a home in London


Ocean Lady's live tracking device missing

Students oppose honorary degree for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

"I believe our diversity is our strength!" - George Smitherman

Canada welcomes Thai move on Tamil migrants

More Tamils heading for Canada?

Another migrant ship planning to head to Canada


Reconciliation through ‘Rehabilitation' & ‘Reintegration' of Ex-LTTE members in Sri Lanka: Separating Fact from Fiction

UN panel of experts call for submissions

On Sri Lanka, Stealth Solicitation of Submissions by UN Ban War Crimes Panel Unexplained

SL government to erect star hotels in Vadamaraadchi coast

Vadamaraadchi fishermen complain of intrusion by Sinhala fishermen

Batticaloa Court orders removal of ineligible occupants in Muslim colony

Britain to support call for investigation into Sri Lanka war deaths

Government 'begins probe' on torture photos

Revoke ban on Liberation Tigers: Activists in Tamil Nadu

UK: Foreign Secretary calls for Sri Lanka to work towards a comprehensive and lasting political settlement


S.Lanka reveals haul of civilian gold from war zone


Asylum seekers tell of their journey of death


Canada: Tories to present refugee bill


Canada: PM welcomes new Canadians with tough talk for human smugglers


A one-eyed view of Sri Lanka

'No probe' into 'atrocity photos'

Call to return 'gold seized from LTTE'

UN War Crimes Panel solicits submissions on Sri Lanka

Tissamaharama Tamil Brahmi inscription ‘missing'

Indian government should hear both sides; 'A violation of Natural Justice' TGTE says

Sri Lanka 'pays PR firm £3m to boost post-war image'

Manmohan Singh unworthy to open "Little India" in Kuala Lumpur - MMSP

Canada: Public Safety minister's refugee parents came to Canada just before doors shut


Canada: Harper government to get tough on human smugglers

Canada: Tough new measures target smuggled migrants


Tamil Nadu daily questions lack of solidarity from Indian opposition on ban controversy


India accepts Prabhakaran death


Supporters fight to get LTTE ban removed


Amid Sri Lanka's boom, life for Tamils remains bleak

Sri Lankan state paper highlights 'return' of Tamil refugees from India

At UN, Sri Lanka Panel's Darusman Mulls Requesting Visit, Kohona Says "Let Him Ask"

Unruly Sinhala tourists storm into Jaffna Public Library

Widows Struggle to Put Life Back Together Again

US to build £8bn super base on Pacific island of Guam

President to write to Saudi King on Rizana

Peace means a homecoming for Sri Lanka's Muslims

War-hit countries 'most corrupt'

Tamil union leader in custody

No charges 'for years' against suspects

Parallel Governments: Living between terror and counter terror in northern Lanka (1982-2009)

Resettled families in North suffer without basic medical facilities

SLA soldiers chase away resettled Tamil families in Jaffna


Refugees still going home for holidays

Some smuggled Tamils already rejected in U.K.

Toronto mayoral campaign ends on a hateful note

Nasty campaign signs pop up throughout GTA

Ottawa could learn a lesson from a tragic story

Human smuggling: Crackdown goes too far


Controversy over ICRC employees giving tractors to Sinhala people in North

Sri Lanka: War widows left in poverty

SRI LANKA: Conflict over, but not for widows

Sinhala fishermen invade Mannaar assisted by SLA

SLA targets prominent Tamil businessmen in Jaffna

Jaffna police unaware of whereabouts of abducted Tamil Nadu traders

Thanthai Chelva memorial monument site in Jaffna vandalized

Southern groups accused of vandalism

Sri Lanka court jails Tamil for Kumaratunga attack

Future of Sri Lanka's mental health

6 Village divisions in Mullaiththeevu district declared as HSZ

Uprooted Mullaiththeevu detainees in Vavuniyaa demand immediate resettlement

Sri Lanka follows China's attitude toward Freedom of Expression

Cameron supports Sri Lanka investigation call

Britain reiterates support for independent inquiry into Sri Lanka war crimes

Rajapaksa's big cover-up

Sri Lanka's Military Polishes Its Image - on Reality TV,8599,2027332,00.html?xid=rss-wo...

Sri Lanka eases check points in capital

Report from Danish Immigration Service's fact-finding mission to Colombo, Sri Lanka. 19 June to 3 July 2010

University Students attacked

SLA, SLN take over lands of Muslims in Trincomalee district


Derek Lee on Tamil Community

What Canada's spy agency doesn't want you to read

Guest column: Tory refugee bill would have rejected Einstein

New refugee legislation misses the mark

Murray lambasted for "bigot" tweet

Ont. minister Murray under fire for Twitter comments


Sri Lanka's historic Jaffna library 'vandalised'

War affected women in North exploited by SL ministry agents

Sri Lanka: Thousands of Tamils still detained, torture alleged

Policemen, thugs attack Tamil Village Officer in Batticaloa

Govt 'not acquiring' Tamils' land

Police forcibly evict Muslim resettled families in Trincomalee

Sinhala families to be settled in Jaffna

Campaign Chair voices concern over Sri Lanka's authoritarian trajectory

Eelam war damaged India's reputation: Pinang Deputy Chief Minister

Speaking out against the regime

Denmark Tamils take legal step to file war-crimes charges

Court warns editor over 'white flag case'

ITUC: Sri Lanka: Labour Rights Violations threatening GSP benefits

SLA soldiers try to evict resettled Tamil families in Jaffna

Tamil medium candidates not selected for SLAS


Over 100 Tamils arrested en route to Canada: Kenney

Tamil migrant arrests hailed by Kenney

'Robust' intelligence network aims to deter asylum seekers

On the record: Jason Kenney

Legislation won't stop asylum seekers using human smugglers


Vandalism at library frightens Tamils

Govt.changing demography in North and East-Archbishop

SLA blocks access road to resettled areas in Vadamaraadchi East

Colombo schemes Sinhalicisation of Batticaloa

Southern fishermen occupying Vadamaraadchi accused of sexual harassment

Sri Lanka bishop accuses forces over missing priests

Sri Lankan brigadier charged with killing prominent journalist

Eye-witness to Sri Lanka, summer 2010

Sri Lanka says Mahinda Rajapaksa's UK visit postponed not scrapped

A turn for the worse? Undergraduate protests and unrest in Sri Lanka

Labour minister challenges trade union confederation

TamilNet wartime correspondent from Vanni reaches a free country

If Zimbabwe, why not Sri Lanka?

UN event in Jaffna evokes controversy

Sri Lanka push for roads after ending war: official

The price of ignoring Rajapaksa

Canada: Tamil migrant accused of war crimes held: report


War crimes whitewashed: Why human rights groups reject Sri Lanka's reconciliation commission

Sri Lanka declares war on an unlikely enemy - wheat

Sri Lanka 'pornographers' outed in police crackdown

Sri Lanka: Resettlement, reconciliation in limbo

Sri Lankan president opts out of UK visit after threat of arrest

Sri Lanka president drops out of Britain visit over arrest fears

Ki'n'niyaa resettled Muslims protest against police brutality

Muslim families to be resettled in Jaffna soon - Jaffna GA

4 suicides daily in Vanni: psycho-social consultan

Civilians were trapped in war - GA

LLRC submission: The Citizens' Commission on the Expulsion of Muslims from the North by the LTTE in October 1990


Sri Lanka extends war commission by six months

Massacre of Tamils is just not cricket

Lanka student unrest continues

Sri Lanka Govt trying to use military laws for suppression: IUSF

Marginalization of Civil Society in Sri Lanka leads to suppression of liberty

Government land policy is fair- Keheliya

The difficult process of reconciliation between Sri Lanka's Tamils and Sinhalese continues

SL government accused of abandoning war-affected women

Police "unaware" of prisoners' sensitivities

More than 50 injured in Sri Lanka prison clash


Human smuggling bill endorsements not all they seem

Not wanted on the voyage

Canadian Civil Liberties Association: Refugee Bill Punishes Asylum Seekers

Greens Urge No to Bill C-49


Photos allege Sri Lanka massacre

Sri Lanka blocks BBC from travelling to war commission

Feuds start in Sri Lanka's first family

SLA forced to engage soldiers in civil work in Jaffna

AGA alleged of collecting money to trace missing persons

Bakers suffer as Sri Lanka wages war on 'wheat terrorism'

S.Lanka's 'bread battle' bankrupts 2,000 bakers: industry

A/HINI influenza spreads in Sri Lanka

24th Anniversary of the massacre of 320 Tamils in Batticaloa remembered

Porn stars hunted by police in Sri Lanka

S.Lanka print-media refuse to join porn crackdown


32 Sinhala families allowed to settled in Naavatkuzhi in Jaffna

SLA occupation of school in Poonakari affects students

SLA, police chase away Tamil families from their lands in Jaffna

SL governments accused of deceiving uprooted from Valikaamam HSZ

Jaffna fishermen complain against SLA restrictions before LLRC

Sri Lankan, Russian and Gabonese win 'integrity' award

Against the repression of students in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan minister warns of "insurgency" in universities

Japan is Failing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka appeals for doctors to head north to Jaffna

Sri Lanka passes law to regulate gambling industry

Sri Lanka targets more UK tourists

S.Lanka parliament under water after worst rains in 18 years

Sri Lanka tightens grip on foreign aid workers

LTTE senior official's wife witnesses on SLA war crime

Imelda says she discussed Ceasefire with Gotabhaya

Witnesses before LLRC accuse SLA for disappearances in Jaffna

Australia: High Court throws doubt on asylum regime

Australia: Softer line will spur refugee tide, says Tamil family

Canada: Huge costs of government bill highlighted


ENDLF wants another IPKF to implement 13th Amendment

BBC granted access to Sri Lanka war commission

US, Norwegian Embassy officials observe LLRC proceedings in Jaffna

SLN, EPDP intimidate LLRC witnesses in Jaffna islets

CaFFE and CHR Sri Lanka condemns the systematic intimidation during LLRC sessions at Kaytes Island


Chinese-built port in Sri Lanka fuels Indian fears Beijing is encircling them

Sri Lanka president opens Chinese-funded port

Port is a "White Elephant" says UNP

Indian intelligence think-tank studying China to meet in Chennai

Military fortresses and colonisation in Jaffna choke Tamils, threaten India

China urged to respect Tamil place names

'Never shot surrendees' Maj. Gen. Silva

Daya Master appeals for LTTE suspects

Woman's skeleton found in Naakarkoayil SLA base area

SL government begins income tax collection in Mannaar

Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth Chairman Arrested in Sri Lanka for Supporting a Local Protest

Sri Lanka: Lessons of the defeat the Tamil Tigers

North, East already established as Tamils' Homeland - Prof. K. Sitrampalam

Colombo's commissions have failed to do any good to victimized persons: HR activist

Detainee release racket busted

Man posing as SLA Major arrested in Ki'linochchi for extortion

Tamils in custody for over 15 years

Sri Lankan military operatives disperse JVP-backed protestors in Jaffna

State terrorism rules jaffna says the JVP

On Sri Lanka, UN Says Panel Might Consider New Photos, But No Comment

Demand US to provide war crimes evidence to UN Panel, urges Boyle

UN must produce a Congo-type war crimes report on Sri Lanka, says Prof. Boyle

Post-war women 'need training'

Sri Lanka's 'ignored' non-Tamil Tiger militant groups

‘Quiet diplomacy' does not work with Sri Lanka - Tissainayagam

Tamils in Sri Lanka

How Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was destroyed by Affirmative Action and an Indigenous Language Policy

Sri Lanka to inaugurate leader with 'biggest rice cake'

Record-breaking rice cakes, but at what cost?

SLA intensifies surveillance on ‘outsiders' visiting Vanni

S.Lanka's powerful president in for the long-haul

Sri Lankan president to be sworn in for second term; opponents boycott

Beating the drum


The Sri Lankan way

Video: Sri Lankan president celebrates like a King

Canada: Hearing for migrant accused of war crimes delayed

Canada: Media to get glimpse of war-crimes case against Tamil migrant

Canada: Opinion: What Do We Really Know About Tamils Or Ship Crews in News?


This is a struggle for all of us: Vikramabahu tells Heroes Day congregation

Heroes Day - 2010

Why Sri Lankan Tamils won't remember war dead this year

Burma: Sri Lanka Connection Key as Ethnic War Fears Grow

Truth and Justice within and beyond Sri Lanka: the continued repression of the Tamil diaspora

Colombo censors Tamil Nadu magazines, articles

Ex-Liberation Tiger combatant student in Jaffna University attempts suicide

SLA active in grabbing strategic lands in North

Sri Lanka gains from Indo-Chinese supremacy battle

Who benefits from Chinese loans to Sri Lanka?

Coming Contradiction

Indo-Sri Lanka ties not at risk over China-India's formin

India calls again for political settlement to Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict now that war is over


Indian FM harps on failed 13th Amendment in Jaffna

Consulate opened in Jaffna

There must be an authoritative Sri Lankan war crimes inquiry

'War criminal' gets a UN job

At UN, As War Criminal Posted as Sri Lanka Deputy, Will Panel Interview Him?

On Sri Lanka, UN Can't Confirm Will Talk to White Flag Silva, Or Report Will Be Public

UN post confers no absolute immunity from war crimes prosecution

Icy reception for Rajapaksa at Heathrow

CID launches investigation into JVP-Lebanon Hisbulla connection

Parameters for international investigations into Sri Lanka's war

Sri Lanka police send 'mass grave' ashes for testing

Leaked diplomatic cables will include 3325 from US Embassy in Colombo

Wall Street Journal skeptical about Sri Lanka promises

SRI LANKA: ICRC to close in north

Sri Lanka orders Red Cross to quit former war zone

No notes, no integrity and no hope

'Rajapakse not needed in Nepal'

Sri Lankan clothing exports withering down

One country, two nations

Sri Lankan budget implements IMF austerity measures

Rains flood low-lying areas in Jaffna

SLA in Vadamaraadchi East pilfer properties of uprooted people

Welfare centers sheltering Champoor IDPs under rain water

Sri Lankan Accountants Lure Global Outsourcers

Sri Lanka: Squandering The Peace

Australia: Asylum seekers are put in no man's land


More than 50,000 determined Tamils in Toronto pay homage to heroes

Tamil migrants prefer Vancouver

Sri Lankan refugee acceptance rate plummets after migrant ship docks

Tamils concerned as more refugees rejected

Cohn: The politics and price of human smuggling


Channel 4 News reveals new footage of the alleged massacre of Tamil prisoners which promoted a UN investigation last year, as the Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse arrives in London.

Naked body of woman in Channel-4 video identified as Journalist Isaippiriya

President Rajapaksa to deliver lecture at Oxford

War crimes lawyers seek arrest of Sri Lankan president in Oxford

Australian MP calls for Independent Inquiry into Sri Lanka war crimes

Amnesty urges Britain to examine Rajapakse war crimes allegations

Wikileaks on Sri Lanka: A breakdown and implications

Properties robbed say uprooted Tamils in Valikaamam

Australia: Two Sri Lankans ruled security risks


The United Nations tells Channel 4 News new footage of the alleged massacre of Tamil prisoners in Sri Lanka "deserves more investigation", as Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse visits London.

Channel 4 News can reveal for the first time images of the men caught on camera apparently taking part in the execution of Tamil prisoners in Sri Lanka. Can you help identify the men involved?

Bell Pottinger and official communiqués of the Sri Lankan government

Tamils call for Rajapaksa's arrest

Channel 4 News uncovers a WikiLeaks cable which appears to show the United States believes responsibility for alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka rests with its leaders, including President Rajapakse.

Full text of US embassy cables relating to Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa shares responsibility for 2009 Sri Lankan massacre

WikiLeaks cables: 'Sri Lankan president responsible for massacre of Tamils'

UK: Wikileaks cables: David Miliband focused on Sri Lankan war 'to win votes'

UK: Loyal defender of Sri Lanka's realm

Leaked video shows LTTE commander Ramesh in SLA custody

Oxford Union cancels Sri Lankan president's talk as Tamil groups protest

Oxford Union calls off appearance by Sri Lanka's President

Japan's leadership test in Sri Lanka

Whose reality in Sri Lanka?

Doctors Put Life During Conflict Under Microscope

Sri Lankan detainees "resettled" in appalling conditions

Canada: Karygiannis requests submissions on alleged violations of international human rights in Sri Lanka to present to the United Nations


Interview/articles - Sri Lanka never killed any civilians as such: Rajapaksa

UK protests 'threaten freedom of expression'

Rajapakse endures brickbats and snowballs in London

Sri Lankan protesters try to storm UK embassy

Tamil activists apply for arrest warrant for Sri Lankan general

War crime suspect in Rajapaksa entourage plans charted flight escape

Too close for British comfort

Gotabhaya's ministry to act against opposition MPs supporting Tamil diaspora

Sri Lanka video contains evidence of war crimes, says ICTY legal expert

One did not fly over

SLA guns down trauma affected male in Thenmaraadchi

Britain urges Sri Lanka civil war probe

Canada: Playing politics with refugees


R. Subendran: Sri Lanka's forgotten horrors (Canadian Related)

Channel 4 News can name a woman journalist as one of the victims in the Sri Lanka execution video along with damning new details of the date and location where the video was filmed.

A leading war crimes lawyer tells Channel 4 News the video apparently showing men taking part in executions in Sri Lanka is "astonishing evidence" and the United Nations must act.

The Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence claims 53 Division troops killed Isaipriya, one of the female bodies shown in the video screened by Channel 4 News. But who are they and who was their commander?

As calls for an international probe into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka increase, the Sri Lankan Government tells Channel 4 News its domestic inquiry must be allowed to "achieve its objectives".

Next week, the UN panel looking at alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka finishes gathering evidence - but it is difficult to see how any international inquiry could operate there, writes Ben De Pear.

New evidence emerges on war crimes committed on Isaippiriyaa

Suspect Sri Lanka war-criminal in UN post under US media spotlight


Dual citizen Kohona falls under ICC jurisdiction on War Crimes

HRW: Sri Lanka: Army Unit Linked to Executions

Suspect War Criminal flees UK, escapes arrest

Sri Lanka war crimes probe demanded by rights groups

David Miliband's gift to Sri Lanka

21 year-old poor Tamil lady hanged and beaten in the Busa Army Camp

LLRC learns of dissapearances in east

Disappointment at LLRC at Trinco

Sri Lanka: Deported asylum seekers face torture, jail

Defending WikiLeaks

Sinhala settlers in Jaffna rob rain-affected Tamils

Colombo plans to close UN offices in NorthEast

Torrential rain adds to woes of Batticaloa resettled families

Sri Lanka's displaced: Numbers dwindling, says UN

SRI LANKA: Menik Farm closure unlikely by year-end

Political activists and journalists attacked at airport

Sri Lanka government calls opposition MP a 'traitor'

Sri Lanka's porn star witch-hunt 'reveals a naked drive for power'

India: Pro-active foreign policy vital

Promise of devolution

Caritas builds jungle homes for displaced Hindus

Thailand: Thai police arrest 45 Sri Lankan migrants

Australia: Poet and painter in Villawood detention centre

Canada: Confusion on human smuggling


Apocalypse in Our Time: Ravikumar

Liam Fox's Sri Lanka trip makes Foreign Office furious

Liam Fox cancels Sri Lanka trip amid claim in cables of Colombo's war crimes complicity

Opinion: Wikileaks and US frustrations in Sri Lanka

US embassy cables: Sri Lankan government accused of complicity in human rights abuses

US embassy cables: Human rights abuses by Tamil Tigers

US embassy cables: Sri Lankan doctors released on bail after charges of false civilian casualty reports

Colombo denies North Korean arms purchase

Sri Lanka minister denies Tamil national anthem ban

SL cabinet decides to abolish Tamil version of ‘national anthem'

Sri Lanka frees 'pro-Tamil Tiger' doctor T Satyamoorthi

JDS: State sponsored brutality against opposition

Pakistan Punjab governor big player in Sri Lankan share market

World Bank removes Sri Lanka from underdeveloped list

IMF praises Sri Lanka's fiscal changes, seeks more

US Senators call for Independent International Investigations

Commission Calls for Consistent Australian Position on Human Rights

Amnesty International: New video evidence of alleged Sri Lankan war crimes requires UN investigation


'LTTE ordered killing of surrendees'

War crimes ignored in East, focus urged on ‘killings' at Eastern University

Support for an UN Advisory Panel in Sri Lanka

ICG: Human Rights in Sri Lanka in the Post-Conflict Period

Australia: Statement by Senator Hanson-Young on Sri Lanka

UK urges Ban to sack Nambiar, appoint full-time Burma envoy

At UN on Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel Deadline, Secretariat on 2 Week Vacation, Ban Ki-moon Silent on Discrimination

'Post-Tsunami failure of Co-Chairs promoted Colombo on genocidal war path'

At UN, As Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel Rejected Evidence, UN Promises Extension

More than 100,000 persons affected by rain in the North

SLA tightens security in Jaffna

Legal limbo Tamils beg for mercy or trial

Just a statistic: tortured and forced to orphan her children and now fighting for asylum

Colombo cripples traders in Jaffna to bring in Sinhala trade

Southern traders reaching Mannaar reveal organised activity

Fund Shortfall Slows Post-War Development

In Brief: Food security in northern Sri Lanka remains fragile

Colombo directs closure of Northern UN, ICRC offices

FEATURE-Suspicion slows aid work after Sri Lanka war

Sri Lanka: Leaders trumpet coming prosperity

Fifty thousand deserters to be rounded up

India-China contention benefits Kashmiris, Tibetans

India and the Civil War in Sri Lanka: On the Failures of Regional Conflict Management in South Asia

Thailand: Tamil detainees not terrorists, police say

Australia: Sri Lankan group in legal limbo

Australia: Busting a Vessel

Canadian Tamil submission to UN focuses on international investigation

Canada silent on Sri Lankan war crimes


Food security 'fragile' in north

Sri Lanka's leaders complicit in forced prostitution and child sex trafficking

Forced prostitution, sex slavery with GoSL complicity - US cable

Sri Lanka warns US over allegations in WikiLeaks

US donates ambulances to aid SLA demining efforts

World Bank backs Rajapaksa

Sri Lankan war crimes suspect gets post as representative to U.N

Nambiar, UN, undermine war crimes investigation on Sri Lanka, Burma

Sri Lanka allows UN war crime visit

At UN, Ban Says His Panel Will Travel to Sri Lanka, Extension Not Confirmed

UN Extends Sri Lanka Panel Entry Deadline to End of 2010, Trip Before Jan 15?

Sri Lanka invitation to UN panel opposed

UN's Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel "Broader than LLRC," Travel Unclear, No Q&A

Ultimate subjugation by making Tamils lie to themselves

160 'Tamil Tigers' remanded in custody

Tamil applicants discriminated in civil service: Inter-religious group in Ampaa'rai

Not a rebuff on Sri Lanka; a rebuff to the Rajapaksa regime

Sri Lanka apologises over false claim on Nepal peace

Berghof Peace Support Report: Luxshi Vimalarajah and R. Cheran Empowering Diasporas The Dynamics of Post-War Transnational Tamil Politics

On this edition of MASALA CANADA I talk to David Poopalapillai, the National Spokesperson of the Canadian Tamil Congress about reports of the destruction of Tamil cultural artefacts

Canada: Female migrant suspected of Tamil Tiger links, refugee board told

Canada: Sun Sea migrant recalls a journey of fear and hope

Canada: Tamil boat refugees settle into life in Canada

Canada: Waterloo man granted bail in Tamil Tigers terrorism case


'Fear still prevails' in Jaffna

Boys 'abducted' in Kilinochchi

Father of five reported missing in Koapaay

Sri Lanka: 2011 dawns with killings and abductions

Jaffna marred with killings, abductions on New Year eve

Sri Lanka Tamil national anthem row reignites

Sri Lanka: Director education in Jaffna shot dead for speaking out

Violence escalates in Jaffna

Tamil Tiger releases hit by rehabilitation problems

Sri Lanka erases colonial name, Ceylon

Released Tamil Tigers 're-arrested'

SL Navy deny assaulting Indian fishermen

Swine Flu and floods cause deaths

Dream holiday turns to nightmare

US emergency food aid amid WFP fears for 2011

Sri Lanka considers banning mini-skirts

Sri Lanka bans BBC again from war inquiry panel

As Sri Lanka Speaks of "Conditional Visas" for Ban's Panel, UN Switches to "Potential Visit," No Answer on to Whom Ban Spoke

Ending internal displacement: The long-term IDPs in Sri Lanka

Ghosts of Christmases past haunt Sri Lankans

So, It Is Christmas!

US cable demonstrates Sri Lankan government's collusion with paramilitary death squads

Economy Going Nuts

Plans to import coconuts suspended

Camels, ostriches to fill Sri Lanka food gaps

Pigs of HSZ harm crops, youth electrocuted in Jaffna

SRI LANKA: Stray cattle threaten livelihoods in north

Killed Tamil youth of postal department was an environmentalist

Environment endangering life in Jaffna

Sri Lanka delays local polls for World Cup

Sri Lanka's attempt at illegal arms deal with Iran, N.Korea exposed

Tamils heavily victimised at Colombo airport

Sri Lanka's 'Highway of Death' Becomes Tourist Hot Spot,8599,2039271,00.html

Liam Fox should not let unthinking fashionistas decide British foreign policy. Sri Lanka needs rebuilding


Probe both sides in Sri Lanka

Rehabilitating Tamils in Lanka

Sri Lanka prohibits UN war crimes investigation

Australia: Immigration Department rejects Brindha

Australia: Amnesty pleads for Tamil asylum-seekers left in limbo

Canada: Tamil ship's crew members face hearings


Sri Lanka: Former Tamil detainees speak to the WSWS

SRI LANKA: Refugees want to return, says UNHCR

Sri Lanka refugees 'returning home'

Abductions shock Mannaar, relatives of victim confront white van

Tamil jewellery shop in Colombo burgled

Lawmakers: Violence returns to northern Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka seeks weapons from rogue states, earns U.S. ire

Sri Lanka's stocks: a closer look

Sri Lanka army becomes vegetable vendor as prices rise

First land, now food: Sri Lanka's powers-abetted genocide progresses unabated

Canada - SRI LANKA: AHRC tells the Canada-based Sri Lankan intellectual to stop distribution of false and defamatory material and a death list

Canada - SRI LANKA: Further correspondence on unjustified listing in a Canada-based website


Gotabhaya-led team responsible for killings, abductions in North

Audio: Sri Lanka's Long War

Thousands displaced by Sri Lanka floods to get UN help

Floods ground Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa

1,232,000 acre crops destroyed in Batticaloa flood

Batticaloa flood relief diverted to Kudumpimalai SLA camps

SRI LANKA: Record rains increase urgency of climate change adaptation

Battle to reach thousands of Sri Lanka flood victims

Hundreds of thousands displaced by floods in eastern Sri Lanka

CARITAS: War survivors in Sri Lanka now face floods

A slumbering LLRC: The image of reconciliation in Sri Lanka?

146,679 Vanni people missing within a year of war: Bishop of Mannaar

Military presence criticised at LLRC

LTTE former commander Yaan's wife witnesses on SLA war crime

Sri Lanka's war panel arouses strong emotions

Extra-judicial killings, abductions, burglaries haunt Sri Lanka's north

Colombo attempts to divert attention from increasing lawlessness in Jaffna

Five of six Mannaar abductees released, Colombo involvement exposed

Colombo hurriedly appoints Sinhala civil officials to North

Fatal blow on Eezham Tamil fishery follows Indo-Lanka ‘defence' agreement

Arujuna Sivananthan: Sri Lanka must be subject to punitive economic sanctions unless its government accepts an independent war crimes inquiry

Price rises deepen discontent in Sri Lanka

Proud to be Lasantha's daughter

Newspaper editor's murderers still at large two years later

No one has been charged

To:Media minister honorable Keheliya Rambukwella & the former Media minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardana


SLA commanders target women in North for garments industry in South

Sri Lanka recruits record number of Tamil police

NorthEast Local Election circulars printed in Sinhala only

Law College initiates probe on 'exam cheat'

Tamil villages of Katpiddi Peninsula are for sales by Colombo

Suspected Tamil Tiger members held in Switzerland

SLanka opposition demands end to state of emergency

People smugglers prey on India's Sri Lankan refugees


Acceptance rate for Sri Lankan refugee claims up

Tamils likely safe from persecution in Sri Lanka, Refugee Board says

Fear of persecution - not then, but now

Refugee board bulletin smacks of political interference in Tamil cases: Critics

Federal court orders Tamil migrant to remain in custody

Gov't will need help on Bill C-49

CANADA/SRI LANKA: 21st Century Canada or 19th Century England?


Report: Minority Rights Group International (MRG) - No war, no peace: the denial of minority rights and justice in Sri Lanka

Report: Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC)- Norwegian Refugee Council: SRI LANKAIDPs and returnees remain in need of protection and assistance$File/full_report.pdf

Report: Sri Lanka 2011 Flash Appeal

Sri Lanka floods provide chance for government, Tamil Tiger reconciliation

Sri Lanka flood victims vent fury

Lives in turmoil after Sri Lankan floods

Troubled waters in need of bridges

Disease, hunger and mines threaten flood-hit Sri Lankans - UN

UN seeks $51 million for Sri Lanka flood victims

'No visa on arrival' to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka denies responsibility

SLN firing on fishermen: Delhi protests, Colombo denies

Can't India prevent attacks on fishermen, asks Jayalalithaa

Further oppression expected as SL Army takes over islands off Jaffna from SL Navy

Five children orphaned as 'abducted' father found dead

Rajapaksa claims credit for British-aided causeway and bridge to Jaffna

'Pentagon blighting Tamil cause may turn counter-productive to US interests'

50,000 army deserters, trained to be violent, some with weapons, at large in Sri Lanka

Media workers demand justice

Sri Lanka media, opposition march to protest attacks

Ban Says Panel "Finalizing" Sri Lanka Dates, "Will Be Able" to Talk B/y LLRC

UN Gets Sri Lanka Visa for Fundraising, Not War Crimes Panel, Doormat for Despots

While UN's Sri Lanka Panel May Not Go, Bragg Won't Convey IDPs Tales

Sri Lanka alcohol healthcare restrictions criticised

Sri Lanka's Tamil test

Sri Lanka is wasting the peace dividend


SWISS: Tamil Tigers return to legal spotlight

Canada: Smugglers seeks ship for Tamil refugees

Canada: Workers processing Tamil refugee claims getting more work space

Canada: Tamil rebels may be using Canada as base of operations: Official


Video: A Sinhalese Women (Nimalka Fernando -attorney-at-law and women's rights activist from Sri Lanka) speaks about the plight of the Tamils

Video: Parliamentary debate on deterioration of human security in the North of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's minorities 'live in fear'

Sri Lanka's war-scarred minorities 'in fear': Rights Group

SRI LANKA: Health workers head north

UN official meets Sri Lanka's war victims

SLN blamed for murder of female teacher

Sri Lankan floods could leave 400,000 children without enough food

SOS in Sri Lanka Moves Displaced Children to Jaffna

Sri Lanka aid appeal launched by UN

Galle festival controversy

Pamuk, other writers 'legitimising S. Lanka suppression

Nobel winner pulls out of Sri Lanka book fair

Lasantha--journalist, activist, citizen--deserves justice

Amnesty International Calls on the United States to Investigate Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapksa During his Surprise Visit to the United States

Sri Lankan president under scrutiny for war crimes

Admitting Rajapakse into US criminally similar to allowing-in genocidaire Karadzic, says Boyle

Congressman renews call for international investigations into Sri Lanka war crimes

Rajapakse, a war-criminal in hiding

On Sri Lanka White Flag Murders, Nambiar Raised by Magazine, Dodged by UN

With Rajapaksa in US Why Wouldn't Ban Ki-Moon's UN Panel, Blocked from Sri Lanka, Seek an Interview with Him?

Without Witness and Victim Protection, No Hope for Justice in Sri Lanka

Eelam War: WikiLeaks revelations: TNA silence & Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka needs to regain its trade concessions but workers must benefit

SL military, southern traders, encourage child labour in Vanni

Canada: Human smugglers broadening bases: Toews

Canada and Thailand: Thai police make arrest in Sun Sea case


SL navy kills 539th another TN fisherman today 23 01 11

Fisherman's killing sparks anti-Lanka anger in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi's insensitive defence approach triggers off trouble in Palk Strait

Sri Lanka suspects third party role in attack on Tamil Nadu fishermen

'Ensure safety' Lanka urges India

Sri Lankan army accused of making parts for landmines

Killings Set Back Sri Lanka Ties


Sri Lanka: life after the floods

Sri Lanka floods destroy crops

SRI LANKA: Food security and livelihoods hit in flood-affected east

Militarization of policing announced in Jaffna

Tutorial colleges burnt down in Jaffna

Controversial Judge Defends Human Rights At Stanford

Sri Lanka: Stonewalling on Wartime Abuses

Tamil war widows must have justice

Amnesty International makes accusations against Sri Lankan forces

TAG to file civil case against Rajapakse in Texas Federal Court

'Inmates killed' in Sri Lanka prison shooting

Sri Lanka: Terror campaign against Tamils reemerges

Lanka govt forces fail to curb violence

Lawyer: Lives of Sri Lankan Tamils still the same

Rights group urges boycott of Sri Lankan book fest

Festival says visa granted for Pamuk

Exclusive: Ban's Sri Lanka war crimes panel stuck in New York

UN Belatedly Re-Confirms Ban Panel Blocked by Sri Lanka, Is Not Asked About Ban's Claims: No More Questions

With Ban Called Weak on Sri Lanka, UN Claims Unfair to Judge, Unanswered Questions

With UN Panel Blocked from Sri Lanka, Visit Now Called "Not Essential"

Australia: Tamils urge Australia to reject diplomatic nominee

Australia: Choice of Sri Lankan envoy is questioned

Canada: 15 Tamil migrants accused of war crimes, terrorism or smuggling

Canada: Cohn: Global politics now local politics


Hunger and despair in Sri Lanka

Batticaloa fishing casualty of floods

TNA MP protests against ethnic subjugation of Eastern University

S Lanka literary festival discusses journalist's plight

Prageeth missing due to 'chemical weapon probe'

Sri Lankan elites crave "normality" post Tamil massacre

Sri Lanka website's office torched after government criticism

Government accused as Sri Lankan news office is torched

Sri Lanka eyes tourism boom but challenges lie ahead

Hasty Sinhala colonisation wedges north and east at Kokku'laay

The Sri Lankan army is selling vegetables

Taking Tea with Torturers

India: Tamil Nadu fishermen protest against killings by Lankan navy

India: Are ghosts killing our fishermen?



India: India Looks to Sri Lanka

India: Save TN Fishermen

USA: Controversial Sri Lankan official speaks in Framingham

USA: Rajapaksa sued in US Courts over war-crimes, plaintiffs seek $30m in damages

USA: Ambassador, an honest man sent to lie for Sri Lanka, responds Fein

USA: US legal effort to seek justice for son's killing - Dr Manoharan

New Zealand: Objection to Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia

Canada: NEWS FEATURE: Out of the line of fire


Sri Lanka offers amnesty to 50,000 army deserters



US warned Sri Lanka about Iran - wikileaks

Clinton backs 'just, democratic' Sri Lanka

US State Department plays ‘ultimate saviour of genocidal Colombo'

SLanka journalists protest arson attack on website

Mob attacks Sri Lankan opposition protest

Rajapaksa celebrates Independence Day, but some speak out against dictatorship,-bu...

Sinhala colonization threatens fishermen of Vanni

‘Archaeology' unearths skeletons in Jaffna fort

Sri Lankan guards shoot protesting prisoners

Sri Lanka: IMF commends performance and approves loan

Sri Lanka: UN, partners launch scheme to rebuild lives of thousands of war victims

Sri Lankan President Sued Under Torture Law

High food prices in Sri Lanka as fears grow about the cost of rice

Colombo ignores uprooted Tamils of Champoor in IDP camps

Lankan reality, Indian conundrum

100,000 displaced, 7 die in second wave of floods, Ampaa'rai worst hit

Strike two: weather worsens again in Sri Lanka killing 3 and displacing over 100,000

TamilNadu Fishermen : Blood In Sea Waters

Paris's Tamils thrive despite defeat at home

Australia: Watchdog hits out at government over Christmas Island


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