Strange goings on in the latest Gaza relief convoy

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Strange goings on in the latest Gaza relief convoy

DRAMATIC VIDEO Gaza Activists Taken to Sea Against Their Will Now Held at Gunpoint in Greece"


We may be going to jail according to one of the officials onboard the ship. In the meantime we remain confined" - Ken O'Keefe

(SALEM, Ore.) - Stories are circulating the world about the Gaza convoy activists who were taken captive aboard a Greek freighter that had been chartered to transport the Convoy from Derna Port in Libya.

Ken O'Keefe photo by Dexter Phoenix

A good deal of information is being directed to our newsroom and this is my attempt to add clarity to what is actually taking place.

This is important because propaganda is already circulating the discredit the activists.

One of those being held against his will is our writer, Ken O'Keefe, a former US Marine who today is an Irish citizen. Ken recently completed an international speaking tour in the NW US and Canada with

The activists say they were kidnapped at the Libyan port of Derna, by the Captain and crew of the Strophades IV.

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