Alleged Subaru Car Ad In Israel Shows “Power” By Running Over Palestinian Children

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Alleged Subaru Car Ad In Israel Shows “Power” By Running Over Palestinian Children



Fake ad - is it supposed to be a shot at Israel, Subaru or the Palestinians? In any case, posting it as if it were real just adds to the fuel of those accusing rabble of being anti-Semitic. Nice going. 

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The video and the ad are two separate things occurring a year apart, if you bother to read the linked thread from the top.

That said, there is no particular Subaru dealership named, and I'm doubtful there's only one in the whole of Israel. I'd want to see the fact of this "ad" substantiated before posting it anywhere. Any asshole can use Photoshop.

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Not surprisingly, the Subaru importer denies any knowledge of the ad.

However, this is surprising:

She added that the company did not plan to take any action over the advertisement, as it has no idea where it originated from.

Which seems to me to indicate that they know its origins are Israeli rather than Palestinian.

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The Palestine source didn't claim it had appeared in any mainstream publications.  If Subaru thought it came from them I am sure they would not be so quick to drop it and would be taking legal step. Now as to the content of the ad.  

Can you imagine running children down in the streets and being caught on camera and not being charged?  That is what happened and what needs highlighting.  Whether or not some racist settler photoshopped it into an inside joke ad for the high end settler market is unclear but the injustice is glaring.

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It's completely consistent with the prevailing zionist doctrine of overwhelmingly disproportionate retaliation, isn't it?

"Throw a rock at my car for stealing your fields and water, or just inconvenience me by getting in my way, and I will casually try to kill you - and no one will care enough to do anything about it."

... and seemingly, we don't.


Since there is absolutely no evidence that this is an actual ad, never mind who created it or why, I've changed the thread title to something more responsible and less inflammatory. 

I'm hoping that this thread doesn't go to hell, as most Middle Eastern threads tend to.  If I see anything that exposes to accusations of libel and/or anti-semitism, I'm shutting down the discussion.


ETA: By accusations, I mean serious allegations that could lead to legal action against rabble.

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I've read at least one claim that the "ad" aspect of this clip is fabricated. I haven't been able to confirm that.

However, WYSIWYG; that IS an Israeli settler running over Palestinian kids.

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A new advertisement in Israel, meant to show the "power and durability" of the Japanese Subaru car, caused outrage after showing a Subaru driven by a Jewish settler striking two Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem.

Selling Cars by running over children

Video of ad: Warning: violence against children actually shown.

ETA: the incident really happened but I've since seen a claim that the ad is made up.

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Looks like an internet spoof using a photo of the actual incident.  

This just hit the internet and a quick search right now is showing the only sites currently carrying it are pro Palestinian/anti-Israeli sites at the moment. I'm sure more information on the origins of this "ad" will be forth coming. I doubt it's a real advertisement. I suspect it's dark humor (poor taste as it is) in the form of a fake ad and then posted as a real ad somewhere for whatever reason you care to come up with. The internet is loaded with tons of this stuff if you look around for it.


On the positive side if this stirs debate on the Palestinian issue as NS pointed out it could have some positive uses.

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Edited to say: Having watched yet again, I find it interesting to see how my memory re-worked the video.

I had the kids running away from the vehicle in my recollection, and the stone that was thrown by one of the victims was missing as well. OTOH, the fact that there was no attempt to evade or apply the brakes was very clear in my mind.

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These things have to be investigated more than by a quote from an Israeli publication. For example, when the Zionist regime allowed the crossing to be 'opened" last February, there was a catch. It was in one direction only.

This time the limit is 300 a day. What other restrictions are there? etc