Suport the Troops (or go to jail)! UK MP's want anti-war protesters arrested

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Suport the Troops (or go to jail)! UK MP's want anti-war protesters arrested

Conservative MP's in the UK are working overtime trying to dream up new crimes to repress domestic opposition to their murderous wars overseas.

Last week, Islamic protesters caused outrage when they jeered troops from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment as they paraded through Luton. About a dozen people shouted "terrorists" and held placards saying "butchers of Basra".

[b]Tory MPs called for extremist Islamic protesters to face new laws similar to existing legislation which makes it a crime to incite hatred on religious of racial grounds.[/b]

David Davies, the MP for Monmouth, has tabled amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill, currently going through Parliament which [b]would make it a specific offence to "stir up hatred of uniformed military personnel on official duties".[/b]

He said: "British soldiers should be given the same sort of protection that Muslim extremists currently enjoy. [b]No other country would allow its bravest and best to be insulted[/b] on a homecoming parade."

His call won support from Patrick Mercer, the MP for Newark and a former army officer, who proposed [b]an alternative system in which potentially controversial protests could be scrutinised and approved by a version of the Parades Commission, which operates in Northern Ireland.[/b]

[url= can you tell they don't have a Charter of Rights?[/u][/color][/url]

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Thanks mspector, and i would imagine something like this will be happening here irrespective of our Charter of Rights.