Switzerland "pardons" Spanish anti-fascist war veterans

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Switzerland "pardons" Spanish anti-fascist war veterans

[url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7940963.stm][color=red]From BBC:[/color][/url]


Switzerland's parliament has voted to pardon its citizens who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

Hundreds of Swiss men and women volunteered with the Spanish Republican forces in the 1930s, despite it being illegal to fight for a foreign army.

They often received harsh treatment on their return - many were jailed and stripped of their citizenship.

Switzerland is the last country to lift convictions on its Spanish volunteers, only a handful of whom are still alive. [...]

Opponents of the proposal had said a pardon would be tantamount to rewriting history, says our correspondent.

I wonder whether the Swiss will continue "rewriting history" and start laying charges against their own state for its notorious collaboration with the Nazis and Fascists of that time?