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15,000 'CIA Mercenaries' in Syria?

"Russia says there are 15,000 foreign 'terrorists' in Syria.."



US Intelliigence: Assad Firmly in Charge in Syria

"One year after the unrest in Syria started President Bashar Assad is still firmly in control of his country, US intelligence services say, despite their leaders claiming his regime is doomed. Speaking on condition of anonymity, three US intelligence officials have said Assad holds a strong position in Syria and his inner circle is also very determined to back the cause and remain 'steadfast' AP reports.

Intelligence officers noted that the disorganized Syrian opposition is providing little challenge to the regime and that the political leaders of the Syrian National Council do not work as a team and often fight among themselves.."

US Talking Military Intervention in Syria - Report

"Washington has allegedly opened discussions with allies on possible military intervention in Syria, as foreign ministers from the United Nations Security Council nations meet later on Monday to discuss the Syrian conflict. According to the US Washington Post, some US unnamed officials suggest among the possibilities, are directly arming opposition forces, sending troops to guard a humitarian corridor or 'safe zone' for the rebels, or an air assault on Syrian air defenses.."




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