Syria #9: Proxies Fail, Will Direct Intervention Follow/Succeed?

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TNN: The Syrian Civil War and Big Power Rivalry (and vids)

Sami Ramadani: The US and allied regional powers pushed early militarization of struggle as outside powers try to control outcome of Syrian revolution. An overview of its history in two parts.


Syrian Prime Minister Sacked - State TV

"In addition to Riyad Hijab, three other members of Assad's cabinet have defected, opposition forces claimed.."


None of Insurgents Were Syrian: UK Journalist

"A British photographer who was captured by insurgents in Syria has said that his captors were foreign extremists including Britons with 'not a Syrian in sight'..."


Why Kofi Annan Had Enough Over Syria  -  by Jonathan Steele

"...What began as a peaceful uprising and then became local self defence has been hijacked. Under Saudi, Qatari and US leadership, and with British, French, [Canadian] and Israeli approval, it has turned into an anti-Iran proxy war..."


Syrian Army Arrests Turkish, Saudi Officers in Aleppo

"The Syria army has arrested a group of Turkish and Saudi officers in Syria's northwestern city of Aleppo, the state TV says. The officers were arrested Monday amid ongoing clashes.."


Hugo Chavez Condemns West's Financing of Terrorists in Syria (and vid)

Unlike Venezuela, Canada recognizes instead the terrorists...


'We Are Prepared to Do More,' Baird Says...

"We are prepared in Canada to do more,' he said. 'The answer on doing more is yes, Canada can and wants to do more. Our government wants to do more.' Baird's comments came following a meeting in Ottawa with Syrian opposition figures...Baird said Canada's current aid commitment - $8.5 million - is the third largest contribution by any donor country..."

As a member of 'The Friends of Syria', Canada's funds will be used in aid of the foreign-backed 'Rebels' against the regime, The 'opposition figures' Baird met with were representatives of the Syrian National Council (SNC).


Statement From Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar and Deputy Critic Eve Pechet on the Situation in Syria (July 20, 2012)

"...The government must redouble its diplomatic efforts with Russia and China to hold the regime of Bashar Al Assad to account. We regret that the Canadian government has not done more..."




Al Jazeera Serves as West's Trojan Horse in Muslim Countries: Analyst (and vid)

"..fabricating  news to distort the truth of the foreign backed arab rebellion inside Syria..


US, West Support and Instigate Terrorism in Syria (and vid)

"Interview with Ken Stone, from Hamilton, Coalition to Stop the War, Ontario..."


Convoy of Turkish Military Forces Enters Syrian Town of Jarablos

"A convoy of Turkish forces backed by several helicopters has entered the town of Jarablos in a Kurdish area.."


Turkey Attacks Kurds, Threatens Military Action Against Syria  -  by Chris Marsden

"On the eve of an expected major offensive in Aleppo by the Syrian regime, Turkey has threatened to invade Syria, using the pretext of Kurdish groups seizing control of northern border areas. Such a move could pitch Ankara directly into war against Syria, after it has long sought to dictate events through control of the Syrian National Congress and Free Syrian Army (FSA).

This would be done iwth the full support of the United States. Large numbers of trucks have been seen coming out of the US airbase at Incirlik, laden with arms for distribution to the Syrian opposition.."


Washington Green-Lights American Donations to Syrian Rebels

"The US government has permitted its citizens to start donating money to Syria's opposition, paving the way for direct help from US nationals to the rebel fighters. The Syrian SUpport Group (SSG), a Washington based organization clearly connected to rebel forces, has been granted a license by the US Treasury to begin fundraising on behalf of the opposition.."


Death Squad Atrocities in Syria   -   by Stephen Lendman

"Daily it continues down and dirty. Targeting civilians is policy. Washington wants blood and gets it..."

And Ottawa supports it



UN General Assembly condemns Syrian regime:

Strongly condemning continued widespread and systematic human rights violations by the Syrian authorities, the General Assembly today voted overwhelmingly to call on both the Government and allied forces and armed groups “to stop all violence or reprisals immediately”.

Adopting an Arab-backed resolution by a recorded vote of 137 in favour to 12 against, with 17 abstentions, the Assembly expressed grave concern at the deteriorating situation in Syria, and condemned a raft of violations carried out by the authorities, such as the use of force against civilians, the killing and persecution of protestors and journalists, and sexual violence and ill-treatment, including against children.  (For voting results, see Annex)

The Assembly called on Syria to abide by its obligations under international law, and demanded that the Government, in line with the 2 November 2011 Action Plan of the League of Arab States, and its decisions of 22 January and 12 February 2012, without delay, stop all violence and protect its people, release all those detained during the unrest, withdraw all armed forces from cities and towns, guarantee peaceful demonstrations and allow unhindered access for Arab League monitors and international media.



good ol' Babble, the parliament of mankind ... Surprised


see #46 above: "Repressive Al Saud Regime" re: GA Rsolution on Syria Height of Hypocrisy..

"I would point out that this resolution was actually written by the Saudis, written by Saudi Arabia, unbelievable piece of hypocrisy. I don't know how they can do this with a straight face..."


UN Chief Refuses to Condemn Iranian Pilgrims Abduction (and vid)

"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has refused to condemn the abduction of 48 Iranians kidnapped by insurgents near the Syrian capital Damascus.."


As contrasted with the Canadian parliament where all are FOR imperialism...


How sick to kill your own people like this.

The sooner the Syrian rebels oust this Assad monster and his Iranian thug allies from Syria the better.


[url=][size=14]Help stop the media lies on Syria: War is NOT the answer[/size][/url]



We have seen the situation in Syria ratcheted as violence spilled into the streets of Damascus this month. A NATO and Russian military buildup is underway in the Eastern Mediterranean and Iran has threatened to intervene should any external powers attack Syria. Syria clearly is the epicenter of an international confrontation seeing the US, NATO, Israel, Gulf Cooperation Council confronting Russia, China, and Iran.

An intensified media war comes with the battle in Syria to topple the government. The function of the media should not be underestimated.


[url=][size=14]Is America the World’s Largest Sponsor of Terrorism?[/size][/url] American Officials Admit that the U.S. Is a Huge Sponsor of Terrorism


he director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom - noted:

Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world.

Odom also said:

By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation.

Wikipedia notes:


Chomsky and Herman observed that terror was concentrated in the U.S. sphere of influence in the Third World, and documented terror carried out by U.S. client states in Latin America. They observed that of ten Latin American countries that had death squads, all were U.S. client states.


They concluded that the global rise in state terror was a result of U.S. foreign policy.


In 1991, a book edited by Alexander L. George [the Graham H. Stuart Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Stanford University] also argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in Third World countries. It concluded that the U.S. and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world.


Desperate Syria Insurgents Massacre Civilians Near Homs

"Insurgents in Syria have massacred civilians outside the western city of Homs, where the army is chasing foreign backed armed men. The mass killing of civilians took place on Tuesday in Jandar, in the Homs countryside.."


Syrian Rebels (FSA) Execute POWs (and vid)

These are the ones Canada supports...


But don't worry because the Pentagon and American science will soon have a cure for Islamic fundamentalism...Laughing


Stoking the Syria Inferno  -  by Ben Schreiner

"...The destruction of the Syrian state and the slaughter of its people, however, do not represent the grisly 'collateral damage' of US imperial ambitions, but rather a principal aim. After all, a fragmented and war-ravaged Syria presents nothing less than a strategic victory of sorts for Washington in its larger preoccupation with weaking Syria's regional ally, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And any opportunity to target Iran, no matter the costs in human life and misery for the Syrian people, is to be taken.

As a former Mossad chief Efraim Halwvy cooly argued in a New York Times op-ed earlier this year: 'The current standoff in Syria presents a rare chance to rid the world of the Iranian menace to international security and well being.'

And so with the dream of ultimately purging the 'Iranian menace,' Washington wildly stokes the Syrian inferno."


PS: "The sooner the Syrian rebels oust this Assad monster and his Iranian thug allies from Syria the better"

Thanks NorthReport, DaveW. Always good to hear an NDP perspective...


Syrian Civil Servants Come Under Fire From Rebel Attacks ( vid)

"Documents confirm that Syria's armed opposition has a 'hit-list' with scientists, engineers, doctors and civil servants on it.."


Sectarian Slaying: Syrian Rebels Attack Alawites, Christians - Reports

"The ongoing conflict in Syria is becoming increasingly sectarian amid reports that rebel fighters have attacked a housing compound for employees of a power company, killing 16 civilians, mostly Alawites and Christians. The collapse of the Assad regime could lead to the repression of minority groups, former Russian prime minister and Middle East expert Evgeny Primakov has warned in an interview...

'Should the armed opposition manage to oust Assad, it would try to impose a Sunni regime, which would immediately lead to the persecution of Alawites, who comprise a significant part of the population,' he said, adding that everyone who does not share the opposition's religious views would face repression. Primakov also explained that Al-Qaeda is supporting the Syrian rebels because it is a Sunni organization..."


Uprising Against Saudi Monarchy to Ruin NATO's Syria Plans: Tarpley (and vid)

"If Saudi Arabia goes into revolution then you will see the imperialists shift their assets to try to shore up the regime in Riyadh,' Tarpley added. 'This would of course put a monkey wrench into NATO plans for Syria.."


Turkey: NATO's Neo-Ottoman Spearhead in the Middle East  -  by Rick Rozoff

"...Specifically with respect to military attacks inside Syria, Erdogan stated: 'One cannot rule that out. We have three brigades along the border currently conducting maneuvers there. And we cannot remain patient in the face of a mistake that can be made there.' He also stated in reference to fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo, 'I believe the Assad regime draws to its end with each passing day,' and criticized Iran's support, which is to say recognition, of the Syrian government. Iran is the inevitable security target of actions directed by NATO and Persian Gulf attacks against Syria..."


'Israel Supports Regime Change in Syria', Israeli Spy Chief

"The Israeli spy chief says Tel Aviv supports regime change in Syria...'I hope it will happen, even though I don't know when or how,' Dan Meridor, who also serves as the deputy prime minister of the Tel Aviv regime, said on Tuesday.."


Orwellian Ramifications Unfold in Syria

"There is a horrible speculation that the insurgents in Syria may have seized hold of chemical weapons. The situation in Syria is assuming Orwellian ramifications and the possibility to clearly understand or dissect the situation in the country is not an easy task..."


Mercenaries in Libya (and vid)

"Syria is now the destination for terrorists and mercenaries from all over the globe..."

howeird beale

NDPP wrote:

UN Chief Refuses to Condemn Iranian Pilgrims Abduction (and vid)

"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has refused to condemn the abduction of 48 Iranians kidnapped by insurgents near the Syrian capital Damascus.."


Iran pushes for return of 48 'pilgrims' from Syria in diplomatic offensive Tehran admits members of group were 'retired' Revolutionary Guards


The Watergate burglers were merely retired CIA. They just broke into office buildings as a pastime.



France Deploys Troops to Syria-Jordan Border

"France has sent troops to the Syrian border with Jordan..."


When he goes, Assad will be missed just about as much as Gaddafi is being missed in Libya.



Lebanese ally of Bashar al-Assad held in Beirut over 'sensitive' security issue

Arrest of Lebanese former information minister Michel Samaha for undisclosed reason sparks wave of speculation


NorthReport wrote:

When he goes, Assad will be missed just about as much as Gaddafi is being missed in Libya.

Well that's where you're wrong because our excellent Qatari imperialist friends paid for a YouGov Siraj opinon poll that revealed most Syrians support Assad. 

[size=14]Everyone who opposes Al Qa'eda and Gladio terror say aye.[/size]


North Report, do you suspect Al Qa'eda/CIA'da terrorists will murder Assad and his family, like they did the Gaddafis and declare sharia law/terror to oppress the people while stealing the oil from under their feet?

All those opposed to U.S.-backed Al Qa'eda terrorism in Syria say aye,  conscienscious consenters excepted.

howeird beale

NDPP wrote:

see #46 above: "Repressive Al Saud Regime" re: GA Rsolution on Syria Height of Hypocrisy..

"I would point out that this resolution was actually written by the Saudis, written by Saudi Arabia, unbelievable piece of hypocrisy. I don't know how they can do this with a straight face..."


Quite right, we should resist the imperialist doctrine of "Saudi Dynasty Good, Syrian Dynasy Bad" for the much more sophisticated progressive ideal of "Syrian Dynasty Good, Saudi Dynasy Bad"


what's planned and being implemented will be the worst scenario of all. As for 'we resist the imperialist doctrine', I strongly suspect not, nor do such cogitations have any real or practical effect either way...


Turkey Threatens Syria and Iran

"Assad's departure is not in the interest of Turkey, but to the contrary. Syria, just like Turkey, is a country with diverse sects and ethnicities. Today, however, Syria is being divided, which poses an extreme threat to Turkey..."


Turkey Digging own Grave in Syria: Analyst

"A prominent political analyst says Turkey's attempts aimed at bringing about the collapse of the Syrian government will rebound on Turkey itself, 'Turkey will certainly fall into the pitfall it has dug for Syria and the insecurity it envisages for Syria will ultimately recoil against the government itself.."


Israel is just itching to take out Iran's nuclear threat, maybe even before the 2012 presidential election in the USA, so what are Iran's plans for the post-Assad era in the Middle East?


How should I know? And what 'Iran nuclear threat' - as opposed to Israel's very real one?


Israel has a rule: no other country in the Middle East will have nuclear weapons, and who can blame them when they are threatening to obliterate you.


howeird beale wrote:

NDPP wrote:

see #46 above: "Repressive Al Saud Regime" re: GA Rsolution on Syria Height of Hypocrisy..

"I would point out that this resolution was actually written by the Saudis, written by Saudi Arabia, unbelievable piece of hypocrisy. I don't know how they can do this with a straight face..."


Quite right, we should resist the imperialist doctrine of "Saudi Dynasty Good, Syrian Dynasy Bad" for the much more sophisticated progressive ideal of "Syrian Dynasty Good, Saudi Dynasy Bad"

Yeah but is the Gladio Gang opposed to Al Qa'eda and terrorism or not? 

[url= Qaeda Is Not “Benefitting From” the Syrian Uprising … It’s CAUSING It[/size][/url] No, Terrorists Are Not Just Showing Up to “Exploit” the Chaos

All those opposed to U.S.-backed Al Qa'eda terrorism say aye but not aye-aye, Uncle Sam. 


The Anti-Empire Report      - by Bill Blum

"Afghanistan in the 1980s, and 90s or Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s...Libya 2011...Syria 2012...In military conflicts in each of these countries the United States and al Qaeda (or one of its associates) have been on the same side. What does this tell us about the United States 'War on Terrorism'? Regime change has been the American goal [and that of their obedient Canadian doggies] on each occasion:

overthrowing communists (or 'communists'), Serbians, Slobodan Milosevic, Moammar Gaddafi, Bashar al Assad...all heretics or infidels, all non-believers in the empire, all inconvenient to the empire. Why are Washington's closest Arab allies in the Middle East the Islamic governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain? Bahrain being the home of an American naval base; Saudi Arabia and Qatar being conduits to transfer arms to the Syrian rebels.

Why, if democracy means anything to the US are these same close allies in the Middle East all monarchies?"


US Seeks An Excuse to Step Up Military Campaign Against Syria: Analyst (and vid)

"The US and its allies are intent on trying to overthrow the Syrian government, even though there is a potential now for a better policy. Ken Stone of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War: 'NATO is waiting for a pretext to enter'..."


American (Jihadi) Idol  -  by Pepe Escobar

" it is straight from the mouth of the US establishment, as personified by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). How lovely to learn that..

'Free Syrian Army (FSA) batallions are tired, divided, chaotic and ineffective. Feeling abandoned by the West, rebel forces are increasingly demoralized...Al Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.'

First we get rid of the bloody dictator and his evil regime. We save the hand cutting and beheading of infidel Alawites, Christians, Druzes and Kurds for later..."


Full Scale War in Syria  -  by Stephen Lendman

"The battle for Aleppo continues. Government forces cleared insurgents from Salaheddin. They're gaining the upper hand. Nonetheless, clearing them from neighborhoods takes time..."

Syria Insurgents Suffer Heavy Losses as Army Continues Mop-Up Ops

"The Syrian army has attacked armed groups positions across the country, inflicting heavy losses on insurgents fighting against the government..."


UK Sends $5 M to Listed Terrorists in Syria  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"US-UK listed terror organization Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) fighters and commanders are clearly amongst militants underwritten by latest UK funding.."

howeird beale


howeird beale


NDPP wrote:

what's planned and being implemented will be the worst scenario of all. As for 'we resist the imperialist doctrine', I strongly suspect not, nor do such cogitations have any real or practical effect either way...


You may have a point in here somewhere, but it's hard to tell as this sentence fragment is jibberish.


John Baird's Mideast Trip to Boost Canadian Role in Syrian Crisis

"...a trek to visit the teeming masses of displaced people - and announce aid for them - will allow Mr Baird to be seen taking some actions to help the victims of Syrian President Bashar al Assad in a long running conflict that has frustrated Western nations. Mr Baird's visit could also help boost the Canadian image in a region where several governments have been alienated by the Harper government's staunch support for Israel..."


US: Hezbollah Aiding Syria in Civil War  -  by John Ditz

"Faced with an ongoing civil war in Syria and needing someone to blame, the US turned its sights on Hezbollah today, saying the Lebanese based faction is 'directly assisting' the Assad regime in the conflict. The statement, charged Hezbollah with playing an 'integral role' in training the Syrian military and claimed that they had provided 'advice' to Assad regarding the ongoing fight with Western-backed rebels..."


The FSA War Against Freedom of Worship (Vid)

"...some leaders of the 'Free Syrian Army' have been long-standing Al Qaeda officials. It is therefore not possible to completely distinguish the two structures from each other..."


US and Turkey to Consider No-Fly Zones for Syria

"US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu are considering implementing no-fly zones for Syria after holding Saturday talks in Istanbul.."


Turkish Demonstrators Condemn Clinton Visit to Istanbul

"...Police used batons to disperse the demonstrators outside the embassy in the capital Ankara.."


Syrian Envoy to Mauritania Rejects Qatar's Offer to Defect

"...Qatar's ambassador to Mauritania proposed to his Syrian counterpart in Nouakchott a million dollars in cash, a monthly salary of 20.000 dollars for 20 years and a permanent residence in the Qatari capital of Doha..."


US-Saudi Sponsored Al Qaeda Killers in Syria


Image:  Former-US President George Bush and King for Life of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud: "The loving parents of Al Qaeda." From the 1980's to present day, the US and Saudi Arabia have funded, armed, and directed Al Qaeda while performing propaganda campaigns to bend public perception regarding the terrorist organization - portraying them as heroes, then villains, and back again. The "War on Terror" is a fraud.


Western Powers Are 'Antithetical to Peace' in Syria

"...Hillary Clinton's discussion of a no-fly zone over Syria is a violation of the UN Charter and the Geneva Accords, journalist and activist Don DeBar told RT...'The conduct of war against the government on soil where the Syrian people live obviously cannot bring peace for Syrian people. It's intended to provoke a response from the government. The government has the choice of either not responding and allowing armed terrorists to blow up their troops and to execute civilians, or to fight back - which of course means there are parts of the cities that get bombed and there are people that get displaced. These two choices are what are being presented by American policy in Syria..."


Christ Almighty! US Foreign Policy vs Middle Eastern Christianity

"...In Syria the anti-Christian jihad is well underway, churches are being occupied and ransacked by the rebels and Christian communities targeted in a sectarian 'cleansing' campaign. 'Asked whether it was the Free Syrian Army that was telling Christians to get out, Agnes Miriam, Mother Superior of the Monastery of St James at Qora in the Diocese of Homs, said ' was the commander on the ground, Abdel Alam Harba, who decided that there was to be no more negotiations with Christians. She said Christians refused to back the rebels, so the rebels used them as human shields..."


Syrian Atrocity: Bodies of Postal Workers Thrown From Roof (and vid) GRAPHIC

"...RT's correspondent on the ground Oksana Boyko reports that around one and a half million of the country's civil employees have now become targets. Doctors, teachers and municipal workers risk kidnapping or assassinations for simply doing their jobs.."

Canada is in full support...


'Turkey Support for Anti-Syria Terrorism to Backfire' (and vid)

"Turkey cannot align itself with Saudi Arabia and other sectarian regimes with extreme ideologies such as Wahabis, and so on, and not pay the consequences.."



good news for rebels and very bad news for pro-Assad posters above:

rebels seem to be gaining access to anti-aircraft weapons, extremely helpful against regime airpower:

The label on the YouTube video said a group called the Youth of the Land of the Euphrates was responsible, though a commentary on YouTube also described it as “the downing of a MIG-23 by the Grandsons of Mohammed Brigade.”

The rebels have been clamoring for antiaircraft weapons for weeks, and there have been unconfirmed reports over the past two weeks suggesting that Turkey had passed shoulder-fired Stinger missiles to the rebels.

These claims have not been independently verified. But if the rebels managed successfully to fire on and destroy a Syrian fighter jet, it could signal a shift in a war that has been defined by the inequality of force, with the Syrian military outgunning the opposition at every turn.

Some rebel leaders also said on Monday that the insurgents might have used antiaircraft weapons seized from government arsenals.

Omar Idlibi, a spokesman for the local coordination committee, said the rebels brought down the jet with antiaircraft cannon fire, not with missiles, saying the downing of the jet showed how much the rebels’ “war talents have been improved, especially using this kind of cannon.” Sami Nader, an analyst in Lebanon, called the downing of the warplane “a military turning point.” 

Rebels and activists, sharing the video widely online, also described it as a significant achievement.

“It’s a big operation, a big blow to the regime,” said Abu Rawan, a commander with the Free Syrian Army in Homs Province. “It means the F.S.A. is strong and because we can down these kinds of planes, we can institute a no fly-zone without international support.”


... the terrorists now also have the means to use or share with their friends to down passenger aircraft as well...


DaveW wrote:


good news for rebels

You must have meant to say it's good news for the U.S.-backed Al Qa'eda terrorists. Sorry but I'm a stickler for facts.

Everyone opposed to U.S.-backed Al Qa'eda terrorism say aye.

Everyone supportive of U.S./Saudi-backed Al Qa'eda terrorism, well, just say aye-aye, Uncle Sam, may we have more of the same, please!


West Stirs Unrest in Syria to Ultimately Target Russia, China: Analyst (and vid)

"Press TV has conducted an interview with Edward Spannaus, legal affairs editor, Executive Intelligence Review, 'The target is Iran and the ultimate targets are Russia and China.."


Tehran Conference Belies US Remarks on Syria (and vid)

"half the world came together on a pro-Syrian, pro-independence, position..." 

interview with commentator Webster Tarpley


New Initiative Presented to Solve Unrest in Syria (and vid)

"A new initiative for solving the unrest in Syria was presented, only this time by an opposition body. The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change headed by Hassan Abduazim held a press conference introducing its initiative that calls for a truce between the government and foreign backed armed groups and a release of prisoners and detainees by both sides..."


Ex Syria PM says regime now controls just "30 per cent" of national territory:

Le régime syrien ne contrôle plus que 30% du territoire de la Syrie", a déclaré l'ancien Premier ministre au cours d'une conférence de presse à Amman, jugeant que le régime s'est "effondré militairement, économiquement et moralement". "Je vous assure, du fait de mon expérience et du poste que j'ai occupé, que le régime s'est fissuré".

Revenant sur les conditions de sa défection, il a indiqué avoir "décidé de partir le 5 août après avoir perdu espoir que ce régime corrompu et brutal change. Le voyage vers la Jordanie a duré trois jours". Riad Hijab a exhorté les rebelles à "continuer leur lutte contre le régime car le peuple syrien a de grands espoirs et foi en vous".

[Google: He urged the rebels to "continue their struggle against the regime because the Syrian people have high hopes and faith in you."]


The high-level ex-official noted however, that while all responsible regional and world bodies -- the Arab League, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, the UN General Assembly -- had condemned  the outlaw regime, there remained the obstinate holdouts at Babble:

"Their support is crucial, absolutely crucial,  to the Assad regime... and until Babble comes around, I think the regime will take heart and not surrender to the inevitable...", although he noted that the tyrant in Libya had eventually been overthrown despite such support in 2011.


Assad regime kingpins no longer safe anywhere, not even central Damascus... time running out:

It was not clear who planted the explosives, but the blast seemed to show a degree of lawlessness that would have been unthinkable in the Syrian capital before the revolt began in March 2011 to challenge and undermine the iron control of the Assad dynasty.

The blast appeared to be at least the third bomb attack of the week. On Sunday, the authorities reported that two bombs went off simultaneously in an upscale area of the capital, with one detonated remotely as a group of soldiers passed by.

In July, a bomb attack killed four members of President Assad’s inner circle in Damascus.

“Based on my experience and my position, the regime is falling apart morally, materially, economically,” Mr. Hijab, the former prime minister, said at a news conference in Amman, Jordan, on Tuesday. The official fled the country last week, and the news conference was his first public appearance since his defection. “Its military is rusting, and it only controls 30 percent of Syria’s territory,” he added.

He said that many high-level civilian and military officials in Syria — “leaders with dignity” — were waiting to defect. And he urged the opposition to unify and move ahead with plans for a transitional government and “a civilian democratic state that preserves the right, justice and dignity of all Syrians.” 




al-Jazeera's Syria live blog, an excellent live news source:


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