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Kaspar Hauser

George: The Cold War rhetoric was itself structured by a pre-existing anti-Illuminati/anti-Freemason ideology.  Check out Robert Fuller's Naming the Antichrist: A History of an American Obsession.  It fleshes out the ideological foundations of what would become the Tea Party movement rather well.

George Victor

Is iit the intellectual "condition" of YOUTH, who are of course exposed to Conservative ideology, being reviewed/lamented here, Doug?  It is a condition that I have worried about for a very long time now. And is this "conservative" contrite? Concerned? Ebullient? The "ersatz" conservative being one who believes in debt, there's no tomorrow, etc unlike the traditional?

I just had to lay out that speculation before reading it, Doug.   The affirmative.    That Atlantic piece was a grerat find.    But notice the kind of all-over-the-map speculating about the source of "conservatism"? Up here were arrived at his findings some years ago.  Bet he isn't a reader of historical work, really, just calls up some names that conservatives have depended on in the past......but I'll read on.  Thanks again.

George Victor

Jeez. Then maybe I'll find the beginnings of Bageant's folk and the mystery will all be lost. :D  But I'll try. And did you ever pick up a copy of Deer Hunters?

Have you also read David Hackett Fischer's  Albion's Seed?   That is an attempt to explain the snarkiness of those hill folk, their readiness for battle. An interesting thesis...and at least a good backgrounder about settlement patterns.  Very tempting explanation.

Kaspar Hauser

George: No, I'm still looking for a second-hand copy of it.  I'm trying hard to wean myself off of buying new books, as it really puts a dent in my wallet. 

George Victor

Demand that your inter-library service come through.

Kaspar Hauser

I'm sorry, but I have a book fetish. On principle, I won't read it if I can't own it. It's a stupid principle, but it's mine and I'm standing by it.

George Victor

I use the library to check 'em out and decide if I really want to buy .  Some get short shrift. That leaves me with leftovers to satisfy my need for food and drink . 

George Victor

double post


To Thomas Gallowglass... I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  There are still things that pop up in unexpected places as triggers.  I won't go into details as they are not relevant to the thread.

People have discussed this sort of thing on babble in appropriate threads and we try to make a safe environment to do so.  This is probably not an area of this forum where such disclosures would be productive.


To everyone else...closing for length.


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